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Chat log from R7 of 2020: Essendon vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Essendon vs Western Bulldogs, R7 of 2020

missmagic: hate both teams,but picked phillips in my ultimate teams,hes run into grundy and goldy,so all is excused so far
missmagic: but tonight is the night
CozzieCan: Sneaky C on Bont tonight .. look out
bhg26: What was your round rank Cozzie from last week?
frenzy: again Cozzie
bhg26: I have a B Smith, Macrae, Bont, Saad, Ridley and Smith
Dead_Ned: Dev smith hopefully more mid time without Shiel
Ash777: bont up forward
Gandhi: Eddy sounds sick, but then again Collingwood played last night
Migz: how the fuck do you fuck that up
MercAm: yeah lol @ghandhi
cmperrfect: Langford you tosser
Gotigres: Fox Footy having camera troubles. Viewing the game from the boundary
scboy123: Macrae, Baz, Ridley for me plus a cheeky bet on the doggies
Raspel31: FFS- Dunklet, Howe, Stewart, Rowll, Heeney and now Fyfe. Carb Bombers.
Ash777: smith was very poor in the midfield last week
Migz: nice footage you freaking dweebs
scboy123: WHat in gods name is going on with the broadcast
Bezzina: this broadcast is terrible
MercAm: Loving this camera angle haha
Legix: being filmed with a potato
Silz90: Broadcast issue with channel 7. Comon ridley
exatekk: Fox Footy is garbage, but the 7 coverage is also glitchy
beerent11: Channel 7 is fine
BestCoast: Super coverage rookie hour
Migz: i cant decide whats worse, the audio or the video
Ash777: the ch7 broadcast is horrible
Apachecats: Chinese hacking the coverage.
boxy36: Dev smith – ouch
Grimes Jr: go doggies
Spifflicat: Dev got 23 touches last week and butchered about half of them
BestCoast: Devon poor man’s ham
frenzy: hehe bestcoast
cmperrfect: Any1 got McCrae?
beerent11: I’m in 6 leagues and both Ridley and b smith are my uniques in 5
BestCoast: Luncheon Smith rise you noob
Baldfrog: I have Mccrae and smith
Stu7: cmperrfect yep got Macrae
BestCoast: Cmperrfect that a big yes I have him have you seen him
StuL: Here we go again. Dud Smith. Doesnt matter. Most have him
Apachecats: got Macrae
Grimes Jr: macrae unusually inconsistent this year
beerent11: Polony smith here in wa
casey22: pop up ads again, m0nty???!!!!
Baldfrog: Lucky I’ve been to the pub for a snitty and beer or I’d care
Apachecats: Smith is dumb.
beerent11: Go riddler
BigChief: I put Dud Smith on my bench. Unfortunately he is the loop for Grundy as C
Skyarm.: why are my 2 players in this game ridley and smith literally highest and lowest
BestCoast: Berrent11 it’s Willagee ham
Apachecats: yeah Casy but they’re not every 10 seconds
DrSeuss: Just logged in – my only player in this game…Devon Smith
Baldfrog: Grimes Mcrae danger and Whitfield have had inconsistent year
casey22: Agree, apache
original: That bounce may as well have been another free kick to wbd lol
Silz90: dev starting in the center square – get your hands on the footy buddy
cmperrfect: Cape for Ridley m0nty
BestCoast: The Riddler
pcaman2003: Got rid of Smith for Simpkin,fortunately. Have Macrae and Ridley in this.
Silz90: he needs to stop hand balling and start tackling and kicking the footy.
BigChief: @cmperrfect not until 1/4 over. Could lose points.
Patty19: Macrae did this last week, let him work his way into the game
MrGmax: Go, son!
Baldfrog: Is that Dale weightmans kid?
exatekk: ripper kick!
pcaman2003: @Patty19. Yes! He had a very good 2nd half.
biggs2dujj: Time to dump turd Smith
boxy36: Ridley off to a flyer
BigChief: @Baldfrog no relation as far as I am aware
Yelse: Macrae and smith lift ridley keep going
cmperrfect: Good point Chief
BRAZZERS: lmao no he’s not his kid lol
Baldfrog: Thanks Chief
original: Can’t wait to trade you dev
pcaman2003: Bruce and BT annoying as usual. Might have to go to mute button again
NugzNiggle: It’s time to go… Macca.
StuL: Grear qtr Smith. How about getting a point?
SwaggyP: Dogs are gonna throttle us ffs
MercAm: Sigh, need Macrae to get 20 and Daniel 15, lift guys. Also is Macrae maybe worth trading now
BigChief: Loved not having BT when the cameras died. LOL
Legix: @MercAm Macrae was quiet early last week too. Then turned it around
frenzy: carn Jack
pcaman2003: macrae attending centre bounces and not tagged. Should be scoring freely,but isn’t
Grimes Jr: the richmond influence on essendon is so obvious lol
Apachecats: big black pop up that won’t go away mOnty
Baldfrog: I don’t see Bombers sulking and complaining Grimes
BestCoast: Smith you bumbling booby
Grimes Jr: nah, its good to watch, they play an exciting brand of footy
amigaman: Sound turned off. Good game. Garbage commentary
pcaman2003: @Apache. Stop being racist.
Snarfy: Put the VC on English tonight as a bit of a punt!
Bezzina: Smith spudding up
circle52: Apache click play and then you can close after about 5 seconds. Worked that out.
Yelse: seriously macrae lift ffs get to 120
Baldfrog: Amiga you have 20years of BT yet
Ash777: andrew phillips is a dud it seems
Apachecats: thanks circle ,got an ad with a nice redhead at side of screen now.
Apachecats: haha PCA just saw your post.
SpookFraser: apache if you’re on chrome or firefox, download an ad blocker, seems to do the trick for me
frenzy: worked well Yelse, do it again
pcaman2003: Cheers Apache!
pcaman2003: Macrae slowly warming up and making his move
Nuffman: Legend has it that Essendon will get a free kick…
boxy36: Need both Smiths to lift now…
Apachecats: thanks spook ,don’t mind the ads too much now that the frequency has gone way down.
Grimes Jr: better macca
NugzNiggle: Old English going massif.
Yelse: ridley stopped again?
BestCoast: Hot English Mustard
bhg26: Not looking like it Nuffman
BigChief: Cmon Ridley do something.
pcaman2003: Ridley gone backwards this qtr by a point.
BestCoast: Ridley sweet FA this quarter lift please
DrSeuss: Massive thanks to Clarko – holding the ball has gotten ridiculous
casey22: Got Ridley in but reversed it when Noble got a repreieve & took another route.
frenzy: wake the flower up Bont
beerent11: Bailey smith is butch Ing the footy
Apachecats: Jeez Townsend fumbles a lot.
bhg26: Devon Smiths 32 point quarter has propelled him to 33
MercAm: Wow just realised English’s score, does anyone here have him?
Gotigres: OMG…English on track for a double ton
Apachecats: Mistake of the year went English to Pittonet after round 2.
BestCoast: MercAm believe someone has the C on English
MercAm: Apach nooooo lol
MercAm: @bestcoast whoever has that has balls of steal and is gonna be happy now lol
Apachecats: Havvn’t heard from GOG lately Best coast -not complaining though.
pcaman2003: @Ap-ache. Did the same thing thinking English was a spud. Ouch!
Ash777: I kept english. he showed glimpses of this last year so took the punt.
Snarfy: I’ve got the VC on English and I’m not God!
BestCoast: MercAm more ball than a bean bag
BestCoast: GOD is sorting out the Covid19 with Joffa
BestCoast: Snarfy nice work mate paying dividends
The39Steps: When are Bailey West, Bailey Wynd, Bailey Grant, Bailey Johnson eligible for Dogs Father Son?
Ash777: dogs have 6 father sons, 4 are playing atm, 1 is rylee west & 1 is isabelle grant for AFLW
Silz90: Dw apache I traded brayshaw (freo) to Heeney. Master stroke
Ash777: father son/daughter
pcaman2003: Macrae’s TOG a bit of a concern.
BestCoast: Everyone enjoying some refreshments tonight
Apachecats: thats just plain bad luck Silz.
Apachecats: On the straight and narrow BC , break out coming up tomorrow night.
scboy123: Baz 12 disposals 40 points :/ ik hes been inefficient but damn
BestCoast: I’m just having a tipple tonight
Apachecats: Not a lot of fun in ln lockdown BC ,going to be in it for a long time two ,at least the cellar is well stocked.
CozzieCan: @Kidult you around mate ?
Apachecats: Cozzie if he was hear you’d know ,believe me.
BestCoast: Apache can’t wait for it to finally be over missing my Melbourne souva fix
StuL: I need a drink BC
Patty19: Macrae getting his favourite double handballs, here he goes
BestCoast: StuL I’ll poor you one right now
StuL: Just VB and Beam tonight. Going kid drinking years roors
Crippa9: English gonna double ton in SC?
DrSeuss: Devon Smith – will this be the week I can finally trade you out….
circle52: and in one league I am playing obviously a doggies suppoerter VC on English
circle52: Then has Daniel. Bont. Macrae, Bruce and Smith
Mandolor: speak a no is killing it tonight might be a trade target next week
Silz90: C’mon riddler . Need 15+ tonight from you.
StuL: Looks like bombers suck again
Ash777: dogs seem to kill rebounding defenders. first doc now ridley
DrSeuss: Its ok Dev – you just stay sitting on the bench – no need to try getting more touches
BestCoast: StuL led by Smith the flower shower bunt
BigChief: Dogs just have Essendons number.
cmperrfect: Same wins as your mob Stu, and a game in hand.
boxy36: Dev Smith first trade out next week
Bezzina: Give smith the Muppet
Gotigres: Smith you idiot. Does Macrae get points for that?
poolboybob: Mare for Devon Smith
MercAm: Wow that was such a flop
V@lks: Ess approaching witches hats icons m0nty
bhg26: Poor Macrae, surprised he got up after that crunching bump
DrSeuss: Smith = Muppet, Macrae = Flop / Actor
Silz90: Surely Townsend gets dropped this week
Apachecats: useless Silz ,got to go.
BestCoast: Smith is stamped never again
StuL: Woof woof!!
bhg26: Premiership player Townsend, showing why
poolboybob: English is a terrible tap ruck but pretty handy around the ground
pcaman2003: Ridley only 19 pts last 2 qtrs. C’mon kid and fire up last qtr.
CozzieCan: English’s score worrying for 3Qtr time , wowwee
Apachecats: You know you’re having a real bad night when hurley and McKenna are at the top of the list.
pcaman2003: To think I got rid of English earlier on. Please kick my hiney.
feralmong: went townsend to rankine. glad i’m out of that.
nick2397: Haven’t seen a SC score like English’s since the day Franklin kicked 13
CozzieCan: Cmon Bont move your flowering ass
cmperrfect: Icicle for Townsend
pcaman2003: Correction! Ridley score now adjusted.
BigChief: @poolboybob have you watched some of English’s hitouts tonight? He has been awesome.
feralmong: next is smith. two really crap decisions i made.
Apachecats: Turd for Townsend.
VodkaHawk: Get to 15 Ridley ya punk
Yelse: how english score so high
original: Not too late to come to a good team DShiel
VodkaHawk: Dogs kick 5 behinds, Ridley plays on 5 times.. lol, simples
beerent11: I went ceglar to rankine 500k for upgrading next week
poolboybob: Bombers still have twice as many hitouts even though Phillips and McKernan are crabs
Sloaneyyyy: Shutdown Tippa = no bombers run
cmperrfect: Just give English the cape now m0nty, been super tonight
Apachecats: Gotta like Weightman.
BigChief: Gun, Star, cape, x all for English tonight. BOG by a mile.
pcaman2003: English no brainer for the cape.
Gotigres: Just checked. Thankfully neither opponent has English.
BestCoast: Bombers getting walking day
beerent11: Definite tactic by wallisto drag Ridley up the ground working
Apachecats: Het Gotigres you were posthumously awarded Nearest the Pin last night after SC got adjusted ,well done!
Silz90: I’m a little sad Hurley took the kick in.
CozzieCan: Bont to go 130
frenzy: you want the T shirt back Apache, Lol
poolboybob: McKernan cleaver. Shit player
Apachecats: sorry about that frenzy ,haha.
pcaman2003: Macrae a lot better now,just need Ridley to get going
The39Steps: Hope Grundy takes English’s score as a challenge.
Ash777: looks like wallis has learned to be a forward from gia
CozzieCan: Cmon Bont step it up !!!
MercAm: Come on Merret, need him to get 3 more disposals. Guys does he get it
Apachecats: Reckon Whoosha will be happy to hand this lot on.
Baldfrog: McRae is like my old kingswood slow to warm up but goes alright when he does
BestCoast: Smith is urine
Apachecats: MvKernan running at 14% with his disposals ,don’t think I’ve ever seen that.
Gotigres: Thanks Apachecats. Finally I win something Supercoach related. 🙂
BestCoast: Apache have heard rumours about Woosha at freo assistant or football manager
BigChief: @Apache he is part of the problem though right?
Apachecats: frenzy will send you the Tshirt.
pcaman2003: Relieved I dumped Smith on Thursday. Feel better about it now.
Apachecats: BBig Chief these set ups never work ,look at Malthouse/Buckley. debacle ,and took years to come right.
beerent11: Is it just me or is there a lack of consistent promos this year?
frenzy: have’nt taken it off yet
BestCoast: Come on English double ton it
Gotigres: That’s nice of you frenzy lol
beerent11: Premos not promos
Baldfrog: You really want norf germs Gotigres?
Apachecats: No beerent apart from LNeale they’re very thin on the ground.
pcaman2003: Ridley was 49 at qtr time. Should’ve hit the ton ages ago
BigChief: @Merc did he just get the 3 needed?
Gotigres: You’re probably right Baldfrog. Maybe you should keep it frenzy afterall
Baldfrog: Usually Frenzy bites
Silz90: Any chance Ridley will get 1 more touch for me
Dead_Ned: Started English, then traded him out.. Now he’s on FIRE
Stu7: Hit 100 Ridley come on
frenzy: really Baldy, lol
BigChief: @silz no chance at all now.
Bezzina: No way Smiths just pulled that off
Baldfrog: Smithy
Grimes Jr: ahhhh thanks for that d smith
pcaman2003: Blimey! Smith did something positive then. Miracle!
GOD: GOD has the C on Tim English tonight!
DrSeuss: Devon with some nice junk time
Stu7: Goooo Smitty
The39Steps: Bad hit to Bombers %.
Stu7: Come on Smelling get a sniff of it
bones351: I needed the same thing Silz. For a $245 win. Dammit!
BigChief: Who left the door unlocked?
Silz90: Can’t win them all bones. Ridley was on fire in the first quarter. Unlucky
frenzy: mustard double ton
Gotigres: English scores 200+!
CozzieCan: Surely more scaling to come
MoreMidTim: Cozzie does seem like they need to redistribute the score a bit better
CozzieCan: @Tim surely Bont goes up to 110 , he had a clearance not paid yet in sc

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