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Chat log from R7 of 2020: Geelong vs Collingwood

Chat log for Geelong vs Collingwood, R7 of 2020

Pusti: Collingwood have got their big Cox out.
Ash777: must of decided to go small because of the weather.
frenzy: small Cox, because of the cold
Apachecats: Still got the VC on Grundy any one? i’ve stuck with him ,probably lots of ball ups because umps can’t make a decision.
frenzy: ChiNoble to go off
m0nty: that is a terrible nickname Frenzy, I love it
BestCoast: Who has bought in Simpson
BestCoast: Apache stuck with VC Grundy as well hopefully a huge one
Ash777: I still have noble in my team except as emergency so I hope he goes good and can loop him in.
BigChief: How about Noballs @m0nty? LOL
Apachecats: Bought Simpson Best Coast.
frenzy: Has to be Bart, for Simpson
BestCoast: Simpson & Rakine for me double down.
BigChief: @frenzy it could be Jessica
frenzy: Marge Simpson
exatekk: Havent reversed a trade after a late in for a while. LOL
Gotigres: Brown out, Simpson in.
frenzy: pies are all cox and noballs, Chief
BestCoast: Buttons on a fur coat
upweydons: Shiel and Fyfe out Menengola & Treloar in
wadaramus: Yep, Green out, Simpson in.
Ash777: I bought in day n rankine this week.
BestCoast: upweydons Menengola gutsy
upweydons: Looking for a pod
Apachecats: Grundy 2 tap outs straight to his man.
scboy123: Evening lads
scboy123: Crisp and Simpson for me tonight
Grimes Jr: so good to hear a crow
BestCoast: scboy23 greetings
Dead_Ned: chose to get Gawn over Simpson this week. Please stay low Simpson.
Baldfrog: Don’t think I’ll need neale the way Grundy is going
Apachecats: Yeah Baldfrog ,going to do my loop soon by the looks.
Legix: Grundy is on tonight
duckky: I hope so BAldfrog, – I forgot to change captains tonight before it was too late
Yelse: maynard and simpson please get involved
DrSeuss: My two number 37s certainly starting on Fire this game
Silz90: Evening everyone! Need some luck tonight. I need Mihocek and Rohan to kick a goal each. and collingwood to leading at ht
Ceema: A touch would be nice simpson
Stu7: Each year I get worst at this game
scboy123: i started the round down 3 players lol
Apachecats: 3rd leg looking good Silz
boxy36: Need Maynard to lift tonight
Silz90: and mayne 15+
AuroraBore: Good to see us finally playing the conditions properly
Donzoes: I had selwood 20+ touches, amazing
pcaman2003: Hi All! Gr8 to hear a real crowd instead of a canned crowd. Go Grundy!
Stu7: Come on Simpson move ffs
beerent11: Bad for Selwood good for simpson
Dondeal: Someone tell Baz to shut it
boxy36: Filthy, reset a trade at the last second and forgot to put the VC on grundy
Stu7: Boxy36 bugger
clfabre: Quaynor wearing number 3?
Yelse: wtf i did the treloar trade in on the app when i got home it didn’t work
Apachecats: Who dropped that Pendles pass ,cost a goal.
BestCoast: boxy36 done that last week
DrSeuss: Grundy on the bench, Simpson up forward and Maynard deep back – not ideal
ajconodie: Nice tackle Little Joffa.
boxy36: Stu and BC, worst part was the trade was to bring in Adams – lost confidence at the last second and reversed it
Stu7: What injury did Bubblewrap boy get?
scboy123: Having a crowd there makes such a difference
scboy123: @yelse thats rough, who were u tryna trade out
BestCoast: boxy36 everytime I have second guessed it has led to egg on face
exatekk: The app stinks as usual….
Stu7: boxy36 story of my year – full of back fires 💨🔥
bhg26: Keep going Grundy and Simpson
boxy36: Will just have to bring him in with the double upgrade next week!
pcaman2003: @Stu7. Frontal lobotomy
Apachecats: Rage trade brewing here.
Donzoes: Maynard decides to not tonne up ever again after i brought him in
Stu7: Get started Simpson or another 1 game high scorer
Stu7: @pcaman2003 ha ha – another one!
DrSeuss: Maynard – Do something. Also not sure why – but cant stand watching Phillips play football
Silz90: wowza treloar. whats his d/e?
Bezzina: treloar is everywhere
ajconodie: Checkers got checked there.
Migz: @silz 60
The39Steps: I’ve seen 🐛 quicker than o’connor.
Silz90: thanks migz, score seems a little low. the bloke is everywhere
frenzy: Dodged a bullet not going Simpson
Ash777: bt needs to stop saying squirt.
MercAm: What is this umpiring
Stu7: Big mistake buying Simpson
pcaman2003: Silz90.Has 9 cont poss too. Flying!
DrSeuss: Simpson killed it in the middle last week – this week Scott plays him forward – Genius Coaching
Raspel31: Evening all- been partying in Melbb’s CBD. what are you doing on the pitch Noble
Ash777: who would of thought scott wouldn’t stuff up simpson.
Apachecats: lol Rasp ,any fines?
scboy123: Isnt melb in lockdown
Silz90: rookies so tough this year. i wouldnt be suprised if rankine scored under 50 this week
pcaman2003: Loving Grundy’s work. Just smashing it.
CozzieCan: Simpson on bench lucky me
Raspel31: 28,000 brought Simpson in this week Tough titties.
Bezzina: Simpson will get injected into the middle after half time
Apachecats: Collinwood a coxless 22 tonight raspel.
pitchster: nuffies talking rubbish about a guy whos gonna go up 50k on his 12 points anyway, yeah bullet dodged
NewFreoFan: What is Maynard doing
Bezzina: @pitch spot on lmao
AuroraBore: Why is that nobody keeps track of HTA during the game?
BigChief: I didn’t pick Simpson because he has a dud coach. Scott has no clue about players.
BestCoast: Young & Jackson Raspel
pcaman2003: 12 pts won’t win you games though.
Raspel31: Happy tp say no fines Apache,
NugzNiggle: Evening all.
Apachecats: Brucey loves Maynard.
AuroraBore: HTA being Hitouts to advantage
Ash777: I have a feeling maynard’s role has changed somewhat and is defending more than attacking.
BestCoast: Chris Scott has still got a job that’s mind boggling
cmperrfect: glad i have Simpson on the bench
DrSeuss: Surely Simpson goes into the middle soon. No Jelwood – they need someone in there to win the ball
Bezzina: Simpson will work himself into the game, if you expect another ton youre a nuffie
AuroraBore: @bestcoast Young & Jackson is an excellent pub
exatekk: I didn’t pick simpson as everyone else did. Points chasing gets you no-where. Consistency rating players are the key
Migz: aurora. Champ data do that, but its part of the premium package that us plebs arent entitled to view.
JRedden: Simpson had the lowest BE, he was an obvious pick for cash generation.
Stu7: At this rate Selwood is going to outscore Simpson
Raspel31: If you’re 85 BestCoast/
Dead_Ned: @exatekk. Wouldn’t really call it point chasing since he’s a 123k rookie
casey22: Simpson is a no brainer cash cow opportunity.
AuroraBore: ah cheers Migz
Silz90: simpson will make you a bit of cash, you cant be serious?
pcaman2003: Crisp has had a huge qtr
BestCoast: exatekk it’s called making money to upgrade to premos
pitchster: Simpson is also working his way into the game nicely, you compare him to other rookies if he gets 50-60 youre happy
pcaman2003: Not sure how Crisp has 100% DE after king it into opposing players.
scboy123: yeah pca not a bad first half for Crispy
JRedden: people who didn’t pick simpson will regret.
AuroraBore: Couldn’t get simpson in because Rivers wasn’t selected, had to go to McPherson instead. Pretty happy now though
BRAZZERS: you muppet, what a comical comment
Ash777: just because he makes cash doesn’t make him a cash cow
beerent11: Well won’t have to pick a captain this week by the looks
DrSeuss: Tossed up between trading in TKelly and Danger – chose Telly – lets hope I wasnt too wrong
Silz90: rank these coaches (who has killed your sc team): hinkley, scott and bevo.
Ash777: what be was rankine?
CamT: What’s your definition of a Cash Cow, Ash777 ?
BestCoast: Chris Scott will get another 5 year contract
boxy36: This no vc on Grundy is really going to bite me…
casey22: @ash777: your logic escapes me! Buy $123k, sell $300k +/- = cash cow in my book
Raspel31: Exatekk- isn’t building the point of the game? Not exactly shallow to trade at an optimum. I salute your sense of loyalt
pcaman2003: Adams having his best season. Been rock steady this year. Tons every game.
spdysaint: Don’t see why you are complaining about a player priced at 123k
LuvIt74: Gutted I didn’t VC Grundy but wrapped Noble was a late inclusion coz I would have only had 5 defenders with Laird out
BestCoast: spdysaint totally agree
Gotigres: I will be happy with 40-50 from Simpson rather than a donut.
Yelse: if smpson gets 50+ doable and selwood out for 2 + weeks its a win = cash cow
Ash777: cash cow = player that generates alot of cash quickly.
benzammit: Is Laird out? They haven’t named teams yet?
ajconodie: Clark could be a sneaky POD. Probably the year for an awkward pricer.
Donzoes: Noble is a saviour this week
pcaman2003: @Luvit74. Laird out?
Breezey: Simpson has been on the list for many years. Rankine more likely to back up last weeks efforts. Plus quality of opponent
Spifflicat: JS was always his issue, not cash gen
Ash777: monday teams not named yet.
Raspel31: So Yelse- in plain words you’re coverering bringing Simpson in
Ash777: wouldn’t be surprised if simpson is dropped after next game.
BestCoast: Laird info?
Yelse: @ raspel i am happy with simpson on bench for tyler brown
Gotigres: Crows website says Laird to lay his 150th
Pokerface: how long duncan out for
Gotigres: *play
CozzieCan: Thank god Noble played , I would of been stuffed this round
Pokerface: and with selwood hamstring, simpson probably safe for now
benzammit: VC on Grundy is a no brainier against Fort surely.
ajconodie: @gotigres – Half his luck!!!
Raspel31: So, 95 enough at half time? Time to take the VC off Grundy? Confused,
LuvIt74: Sorry not sure i was just going by no green light on laird as I thought all teams were out… SORRY to all..
benzammit: He will play, Laird that is!
Ash777: next week probably duncan back
Stu7: I missed Noble f*cken Afl site had no updates that I could see
LuvIt74: @Raspel sarcasm doesn’t become you…
Gotigres: lol @ajconodie
cmperrfect: Saints must be spewing they traded Steven
benzammit: I had to search teams , when I seen no icon on Laird n King.
Pokerface: he was a late replacement stu
benzammit: Why cmperfect? He was homesick, Geelong being so far
Pokerface: i saw it on the afl website
Stu7: Pokerface – cheers
CniglioSsn: Annoyed. Was trading in gawn this week, and greens not playing. So i had to in the geelong mid rookie
BestCoast: Stu7 the AFL site is absolute garbage need total overhaul
cmperrfect: Haha benza
dipstick: why would simmo be dropped if duncan and jelwood are out?
BigChief: @stu it was there. Cox was the headline. And Pendlebury in tracksuit out of game
StuL: We’re no chance. Back to the rubbish Geelong
CozzieCan: Pendlebury jacket on ..
frenzy: Pendles trackie on?
Ash777: duncan will be back next week. simpsons js is still shakey.
MercAm: Wait what, Pendlebury please no…
Silz90: twitter is great for updates
ajconodie: Always wears his jacket.
boxy36: Pendles jacket back off
Raspel31: Quickly picked BigChief
Breezey: Pendles back on.
BigChief: Ok Pendles not out. Was just keeping warm. My bad.
Dogs5416: Pendles looks okay
BestCoast: Ash777 who vares after the year most of us are having
Ash777: if simpson doesn’t perform this half expect him dropped for parsons/constable/cockatoo?
cmperrfect: Bombers ran over the Pies in the drizzle, maybe Cats could too
DrSeuss: Was just keeping warm in the jacket
MercAm: Just made Grundy captain, no brainer there
beerent11: Tuohy reminds me of peaky
beerent11: Blinders
cmperrfect: Did someone say they got Menegola in?
Raspel31: Enormousy proud of your perspicatity MerCa,
Gotigres: Don’t suppose you can repeat that half Noble?
Ash777: BT is serious ear rape atm
BigChief: It would be nice @GoTigres.
DrSeuss: Be great if Maynard could get a touch or 15 this ha
cmperrfect: Grundy’s put the cue in the rack this qtr
BigChief: Really BT? It missed did it? Idiot.
heppelitis: Get to 200 Grundy to make up for my other 2 potatoes
NewFreoFan: For real DrSeuss
VodkaHawk: Yes wake up Maynard, at least get to 11 this quarter
BigChief: You wouldn’t have Duckwood and Simpson would you @hepp?
heppelitis: Worse Big Chief….Simpson and Kolodjashnij lmao
BigChief: @hepp Jake better SC than Joel at least LOL
DrSeuss: Maynard playing a role on Rohan – Crisp playing a more loose role up the ground it seems
heppelitis: took him half the game to get past Selwoods score lol
LuvIt74: Simpson wont even get to 40 at this rate…
cmperrfect: Cmon Grundy, lift
casey22: Noble a bit more effective than the big texan
poolboybob: Pumpkin for Simpson
boxy36: Should’ve pulled the trigger on getting Adams in, this score is ridiculous
CozzieCan: Grundy double ton possibly
duckky: Who fell for the Simpson trap?
scboy123: come on simpson
Spifflicat: Clark cooked, that may save Simpson
BigChief: Clark don’t look healthy
Bezzina: Simpson for goal, shush nuffies
Gotigres: Simpson Goal!
Silz90: the boy has lifted! 30 pt goal – its a close game lol
ajconodie: Shame – I really rate Clark.
Dead_Ned: and just like that Simpson has a good score
BigChief: @cozzie yes if he is your C
Ceema: I dont think simpson is a trap, will make good money regardless of his score
Jontdawg: @ducky no trap he just getting into his work
CozzieCan: Haha @Chief .. was a little quiet last week so making up for it
Raspel31: As someone who brought in Jy Simpkin ahead of Simpson – suffer. Oh, and he just scores.
CamT: A mature aged midfield rookie who is rated by the coach and gets 100+ on debut, hardly seems like a trap.
BigChief: Sorry Cozzie I couldn’t help myself.
CamT: * rookie priced and effectively a debut
Rilian: In Ultimate I had Selwood’s score (<20% TOG) to be replaced by EMG Clark…
Silz90: all good non-simpson owners, you can still bring him in next week
MrGmax: A cove ton, at that.
CozzieCan: Love your humour @Chief haha
Apachecats: Nearest the pin on grundy ,Ill go 146 sc
Rilian: Clark replaces Selwood in Ultimate due to TOG…. sigh. Also had bet on Clark getting 15 disp..
JRedden: grundy is going monster tonight.
CozzieCan: Grundy get this man some milk !!
exatekk: 162 Apache
Pokerface: ooh is this png on grundy??
Apachecats: darn should have gone higher.
dipstick: @silz yeah but simmos price will go up a fair bit
MercAm: Grundy 167
Spifflicat: Grundy 161
spdysaint: adams would have been such as nice POD
spdysaint: still is actually
MinXz: grundy 154
BigChief: Grundy 139
frenzy: grund 142
V@lks: Opp has Adams VC vs my Grundy :/
Jontdawg: Grundy 159
CozzieCan: Grundy 189
NugzNiggle: What’s with Parfitt TOG?
Silz90: @dipstick hes a trap dont chase points lol hes already going up 50 k if he stops on 50
VodkaHawk: Grundy 151
Ash777: I’m fine with no simpson.
pcaman2003: Crisp 9 pts at qtr time,then took off.
benzammit: Wow Grundy got shafted that qtr
Gotigres: Grundy 145
MercAm: @spdysaint yeah traded him in this week feel like he is really underrated / great POD
ajconodie: @spdysaint – 127 breakeven and will probably smash it. Might be a very good time to bring him in.
Dead_Ned: Danger going at 40% DE. gotta lift
Apachecats: Jeez I hope so Cozzie
JCal66: As someone with Parfitt this is his usual TOG
MercAm: Come on need Hawkins and Mihocek to kick a goal in my multi please…
CamT: Grundy 156
Baldfrog: Grundy 146
boxy36: spdy I had him traded in and reversed it with 1 minute before lockout… This hurts
VodkaHawk: Would have been confident on a Hawkins and Mihocek goal before the game started
CozzieCan: @Apache would be a great start to round 7
spdysaint: boxy, that sucks
rupertmarn: Glad I traded in Simmo
Bezzina: What’s adams BE?
PowerBug: m0nty your matchcentre is showing Quaynor as number 35 when he’s now wearing number 3
MercAm: @Vodka ikr, come on please…
beerent11: Let’s go Grundy. Don’t want to risk Neale with deboer
DrSeuss: See if Scott is smart enough to put Simpson back in the middle.
dipstick: @silz hes not a trap. he’ll play plenty of games with all these injuries. and i have him
boxy36: bezzina it’s 127
Yelse: should i get neale for fyfe? or wait after the deboer tag?
beerent11: Don’t forget how hard the pies are to score sc against. Simpson will be a good rookie.
Apachecats: Nearest the pin closed -13 entries.
Gotigres: Adams breakeven 127
MinXz: fyfe injured
BigChief: @Seuss I doubt he is that smart.
dipstick: why arent there any cats players with ton flame?
Silz90: sorry mate for context people were bagging him all game. i was attempting to be funny 🙁
Pokerface: fyfe should be back next week
dipstick: cmon parfitt. flame up.
Yelse: geez pies and their constant mistakes and turnovers leading to goals
Ash777: ew bt orgasmed
Donzoes: talk about a couple weeks off for him i thought pokerface
MercAm: What the flower was that. Come on Collingwood
scboy123: game on, come on geelong
BigChief: Pies are gone.
LuvIt74: Glad to see Simpson lift
beerent11: *cutoff?
Spifflicat: Fyfe was 2-3 Poker
BigChief: Freo don’t play until Mon week against Cats, so Fyfe might be available
The39Steps: Shocking free kick count against Geelong, much of it due to soft free kicks to Grundy.
Apachecats: 2 legs in for that multi ,what was the 3rd leg? Was it Mihocek goal?
Donzoes: and random HTB crappy calls
Stu7: Who reckons Geelong can steal the game?
Bezzina: Terrible round the corner kid
MercAm: Oh my flowering god what was that
BigChief: @Stu7 100% they can. Pies have gone back to hotel.
dipstick: who picks fyfe? couldnt play a full season if he tried
VodkaHawk: That sucks Merc
heppelitis: Kolodjashnij means stepladder in dutch i think
Silz90: @apache yeh mihocek to a goal!
boxy36: @Stu7 I certainly hope so
spdysaint: should i look to get treloar or adams next week?
Gotigres: Umpires getting everything from umps
Stu7: BigChief that’s what I’m thinking
frenzy: Lol Hepp
boxy36: @spdy I think Adams is better priced, and hasn’t gone below 100 all year. Treloar will increase in price again this week
Stu7: spdysaint – Adams
BigChief: @Hepp Jake and Simpson improved a little for you mate.
Gotigres: Maynard’s score has crept up nicely
Rilian: I don’t normally complain about umps, but it’s 20 players vs 25 tonight. 3x FA to Coll, and a bunch not called at all.
Ceema: Nice little stat pad there simpson
StuL: Umps are raping us.
Donzoes: Really has Rilian
spdysaint: Thats what I was thinking boxy, Imagine how good treloar could be though if he kicked straight
MercAm: What a flowering goal for De Goey. Up the pies
Stu7: Simpson’s score is on the Viagra
heppelitis: They respond to a spray Big Chief… I will spray them at the first bounce next week!
pcaman2003: Finally they give Crisp a clanger. Long overdue.
MercAm: Oh yeah Maynard come on Tom up
CozzieCan: Geelong don’t deserve to win , playing rubbish
shaker: #freekickcollingwood bloody disgraceful
OnTheRocks: Go for the hundo Simpson
Donzoes: Has Noble touched it since half time?
Migz: how the hell does anybody like BT commentating. awful. my poor ears
Ash777: cats sloppy in the conditions.
pcaman2003: Grundy gone to sleep. Going backwards now.
cmperrfect: Star for Treloar
BigChief: Umpires have helped Pies tonight for sure.
VodkaHawk: Not many complaining about Simpson anymore 🙂
beerent11: 90 point ave Simpson $$$
heppelitis: @shaker it would be even if Selwood played more than 5 minutes.
Crowls: yoo are so right shaker, umps just picking out what they want. fng terrible
LuvIt74: Think I’ll try take Simpsons 73+ and field either Robinson or McInery
Apachecats: Shocka Migz
Silz90: finish strong grundy plz!
Ceema: De goey X factor symbol
heppelitis: Migz the tinnitus in my ears is comparatively pleasant.
spdysaint: Grundy isnt quite getting the score everyone guessed at 3qt
BigChief: Agree with cmperrfect.
Spifflicat: Simps looks great as a pure mid, leave him there
boxy36: @spdy Treloar could be a beast to pick up though if you’ve got the cash to spend and happy to take the risk on him
Stu7: Fort has died in the rear end
Yelse: what do we do with grundy is the big question
scboy123: geelong player takes mark, umpire gives free kick instead to get the numbers up. gotta love it
Stu7: Grundy dissapointing last half
ajconodie: I will have no hesitation in bringing Simpson in next week. His price is irrelevant.
Donzoes: Taking Grundy C
MercAm: Neale captain now, unless Grundy gets 147+
Bezzina: Where’s all the simpson sooks gone?
colin wood: De goey X factor
CozzieCan: Dangerfield been good last 3 games .. 3 tons in a row finally
Ceema: Neale on de boer though
BigChief: I not sure yet @donzoes. 127 not huge.
boxy36: Huge tap from Grundy just then will be good sc points
Grimes Jr: glad i went neale into gawn
Apachecats: I’ll take 130+ yelse
cmperrfect: Grundys goal
CozzieCan: @Merc Neale =Deboar tag .. risky
Breezey: Goodnight. Grundy says Game Over
exatekk: wow. what happened to NOT take 127+ as captain.
Migz: still 400 points
Gotigres: Noble huge 2nd half. 6 pts
Stu7: Bezzina – simmo simmo simmo 😂
Nuffman: Noble died in the butt after HT
Crowls: mark my bloody arse. total bs
bones351: Haha how do they pay that a mark
Apachecats: frenzy looking good for NTP on 142
Rilian: crab icon for Ratugolea..
Donzoes: idk if i can risk a neale clamp by De Boer
beerent11: De boer prob goes Zorko imo.
LuvIt74: I put the VC on Neale and C on Gawn
poolboybob: Jack Steven is old and slow
exatekk: in years gone BC, you’d take 127
boxy36: @Ceema will de boer go to Neale though? Or does he go to someone like Zorko?
Spifflicat: Grundy will round up to 140+ why would you bother with Neale?
LuvIt74: I’d be taking grundy’s score if i VC him
boxy36: @LuvIt74 same plan here
ajconodie: Grundy will go 150.
Pokerface: great point boxy. zorko is very taggable
Migz: if you arent taking 130 + you are nuts. even if neale gets 150 its a difference of 30 with a chance of a 1st qtr injury.
Ceema: @boxy neale leading brownlow so far, i would personally tag him over zorko but thats my opoinion
Grimes Jr: neale into gawn every day of the week
CozzieCan: Anyone have Treloar & De Goey ? Wow
Ash777: wish I had the vc on de goey.
Ceema: Happy with grundy adams crisp simpson
pcaman2003: I think I’ll stick with Grundy’s score.
frenzy: closest to the pin, goes to ?
Apachecats: Nearest the pin won by frenzy on 142 ,2nd was GoTigres 145.
beerent11: Brander skippers the yeahnahs this weekend
Dead_Ned: @ash777. I wish I had the C on Mills last week
MercAm: Wait scaling already happened that was quick
Yelse: prob gonna be 145+?
CozzieCan: Grundy deserves 150 Sc
Silz90: multi down the drain but we will try again tomorrow.
BigChief: J. Brander my C this week. Should get approx 141
BigChief: Should I take Noble or Starc score?
benzammit: Grundys scoring hampered by De Goey 2nd half.
CozzieCan: @Chief Noble for sure
CozzieCan: Starc 30’s two games in a row useless
bones351: Think I’ll leave Noble on the bench just in case of a late out after Starc plays.

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