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Chat log from R23 of 2019: Port Adelaide vs Fremantle

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Fremantle, R23 of 2019

Gelly: may as well just cancel this game
thiccgucci: brought in lycett. give me something special big boy
m0nty: one last chance to savour Dwayne Russell’s commentary
pcaman2003: Muppet coach cost me my finals when he dropped Lycett. Hope Port get rid of Hinkley now.
thiccgucci: so fyfe and boak looking like only stars to let us down this round
Tig-Train: Omg boak wtf are you doing… if this prick costs me 1200$
Gotigres: Can’t believe Lycett was dropped. Cost Port Adelaide a finals berth
OhSoRozee: crows need freo to win this by 6-7 goals push blues out to pick 9
thommoae: Did we ever find out why Hinckley dropped Lycett? Cost me an unwanted trade when I had more pressing backline biz.
The0Grrr: Fyfe and Boak starting Mad Monday early
OhSoRozee: it was coz ladhams had good form in 2s and lycett had 2 “shockers”
OhSoRozee: ladhams only got the 2nd game coz he played well
OhSoRozee: looks like my opp having westhoff finally gonna pay off
StuL: Fyfe and Boak.going to cost 2700. I guess that’s only par today
thommoae: Right. “Shockers” …
OhSoRozee: poor boak has to play on to get his 2019 paycheck in 2020
hinsch: Boak keep going my opponent has him this could give me the win
pcaman2003: OhSoRozee. The game before Lycettt was dropped he played well. No one understood why he really dropped him.
duckky: Of course Westhoff would be on fire when on the bench!
Gotigres: great qtr Boak
StuL: Of course Hoff is on fire when I got rid of him! I half expect he still won’t get a ton but he can’t miss surely?
Chelskiman: Old man Boak running out of steam in the last few rounds.
penguins00: Come on Boaky I just need you to get double figures for me to win
Danstar: Wth boak
StuL: Wtf hoff? Hasnt got a ton for 3 months!
pcaman2003: The unpredictability of SC comes to the fore.
Gotigres: The canon hasn’t been used for a while
StuL: Come on Boak. You’re costing me 2700
Danstar: I was going for 2800
pcaman2003: Houston,we don’t have a problem.
BigJovo: Boak hurts, especially with Jezza’s 153 on the pine.
StuL: 2761 predicted. Not now.
hinsch: there will be 3000 SC points this week lots going big
OhSoRozee: got boak vs chol and westhoff looks like hoff gonna win on his own
dipstick: Surely 1 team will be pushing the max 3300 score in SC this week
Danstar: Omg. Need boak to only score 57 to win
italz: cmon fyfe and boak, get me to 2800 lads
The0Grrr: 2735 with Boak and Fyfe to come.
Danstar: Get off the bench boak!!!!
Danstar: And kick it to someone. Not man on mark!!!
StuL: I haven’t even seen fyfe.
OhSoRozee: hale sent him fwd see if dockers have an identity in the mid without
StuL: Squeaky bum time Danstar. You should win
Danstar: Stu. He’s struggling lol and when he does get a touch. It’s a Clanger
Danstar: Another touch that went to a freo player
Danstar: Points are going down 🙁
pcaman2003: And to think Port may have made the 8 if Muppet Hinkley hadn’t dropped Lycett.
OhSoRozee: early bye made boaks age catch up
StuL: Freo have put the cue in the rack.
thiccgucci: brought in lycett this week. go for 150 please big boy, make up for fyfe and boak
megawatts: if freo dixon scores 80 more i get 3100
StuL: The ball has spent all qtr in there. I don’t know how Boak is racking them up?
pcaman2003: If Lycett gets 345 more,I’ll be up with you.
OhSoRozee: thought that was the last qtr lol
megawatts: are odds still available for coleman?
jamin2813: in 3/3 GF’s, finished in the top 1000, lost all my games today by less than 50 points because Neale was the unique 🙁
Danstar: 10 more points boak. Come on!!!
megawatts: sandi just moved to gold coast
OhSoRozee: be weird if port kick 10 goals to 0 in this woulda leaped hawks if dogs lost
Danstar: Omg. Holding ball boak :@@@@
thiccgucci: idk if he will get it danstar, hope he does but he been pathetic
Danstar: Damn. Missed!!!
Danstar: One more
Danstar: Yesssssss
thiccgucci: ANy chance for 140 lycett
StuL: You’ve got it danstar.
thiccgucci: congrats danstar
Danstar: Thank you baby Jesus hahaha
Danstar: Pay for my trip to Sydney in 2 weeks.
thiccgucci: closer than it shoulda been danstar. not boaks best game by any stretch
Danstar: I thought I was done deal. Didn’t check scores till after qtr. time. I was like wtf going on!! Lol
zoomba23: Needed 88 from Boak to hit 2700. Pull your finger out campaigner
Danstar: Funny thing is. Opponent had r. Gray. Traded him out for worpel. Smart move
OhSoRozee: dixon as a very very unique as my last trade just coz vs freo
thiccgucci: come on lycett get back on and get to 140 for me
Danstar: I’m on track to get 2810+
thiccgucci: my projected is 2970, but with fyfe and boak will drop down
Stikman35: Is harley going to get chaired off?
StuL: Screwing up my last trade cost 100 however we are premiers!
Danstar: Nice
OhSoRozee: won mine with a greene donut
BRAZZERS: how long left?
Stikman35: Runners up by 21 pts. Bloody hell
thiccgucci: 1 minute left
PowerBug: 59 seconds when Dixon kicked the goal
BRAZZERS: cheers
StuL: Only play 1 league. Only 1 matters.
The0Grrr: Agree StuL
thiccgucci: And its a wrap! See you next year 😀
BRAZZERS: yes bitches, prems again 4 years straight
BigJovo: Won the granny but lost overall points by 20 pts in my cash league.
Manowar: Yeh, won the flag again…6 in a row!
StuL: Thanks for the year everyone and thanks Monty for all the work.
beebo88: Lol and I thought I had a chance to be top 3
StuL: I won a few before SC existed. Happy with 5. No one else in my league has won more than 1.
beebo88: Not if gucci is getting 2970
thiccgucci: will be closer to 2930 beebo, you?

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