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Chat log from R23 of 2019: Richmond vs Brisbane

Chat log for Richmond vs Brisbane, R23 of 2019

jocka: Grimes is playing? 1.5q before going down
jocka: Throw goal assist. So obvious.
frenzy: Balta playing, lol
thiccgucci: good game from houli please
Tig-Train: Choo chooo
circle52: This can get ugly unless we man up – too much space for Tigers
lukefield9: Jack riewoldt tryna stop lynch from winning the coleman?
Chelskiman: Good first quarter! Gotta keep pushing though as we need to win by 63.
BigChief: If Rich win by 11 goals they get 2nd spot
Yelse: lions could loose home ground… how much they need to lose by?
thiccgucci: where will 63 points get u?
thesilentl: My paid league gf is down to houli vs walters+2….both looking at 2850 as well
BRAZZERS: 2nd spot on the ladder gucci
BigChief: Who said yesterday it would be an Ess v WC GF? LOL
Danstar: Robinson killing me. Get a touch please
Danstar: Lol bigchief. Someone did say that
amigaman: Serious question. Gardiner 100% DE no FA but 1 clanger. How does that work please
Manowar: Lift Chopsticks!
lukefield9: @amigaman could be a free kick against him
lukefield9: oh wait misread that
lukefield9: maybe like a dropped mark or something
frenzy: could have given a 50 mtr away ?
amigaman: I said no FA
penguins00: dropped mark is a clanger
duckky: Could be a dropped uncontested mark or giving away 50
BigChief: Dropped mark maybe, or something like that.
amigaman: Haven’t seen him do either, but fair enough
OhSoRozee: giving away 50 doesnt count as fa stat
thiccgucci: get on the ground houli!
Chelskiman: Come, Tiges. We always seem to let teams back in.
Grazz: Anyone elses scores keep going blank
pcaman2003: @Grazz. Mine does often when reloading
Chelskiman: That’s better!
thiccgucci: yeah they do @Grazz, come back after a refresh tho
Chelskiman: Yeah, every now and then, Grazz. I just refresh.
thesilentl: Slow down houli
amigaman: @Grazz yep been happening a lot
thiccgucci: mccluggage is really good
CozzieCan: Irrelevant but lowest sc score I’ve seen for Charlie Cameron all year
pcaman2003: Neale having some sort of game.
thiccgucci: love the kick ins houli
Chelskiman: Terrible decision against Lynch.
pcaman2003: 2 fwds Cameron and Lynch only 3 points between them. Wowee!
Trindacut: that meredith umpire is a cunt
Trindacut: reckon he can’t find the whistle is it’s a FF richmond, but rips out the worst free if it’s a FA
Trindacut: cow = see you next tuesday haha
redwallis: meredith is typical ma990t scum
Ash777: Lions seem to be slow starters
OhSoRozee: no cameron no lions
Chelskiman: Fuck off, Zorko.
Ash777: game on.
StuL: Ditto Chelsiman
thiccgucci: here come the lions huh
OhSoRozee: didnt think grimes would get up for this game
Ash777: McCluggage > Mcgrath
Chelskiman: At this rate we might get the home final anyway.
pcaman2003: Neale is killing them. Why no tag?
Gelly: had no idea balta was playing
OhSoRozee: attenion all passengers team is heading for finals pull ur finger out or u will lose ur spot
OhSoRozee: think he come in for chol?
Yelse: why bring in balta if you not gonna give him TOG
The0Grrr: Houli and Neale making up for Boak and Fyfe
OhSoRozee: gonna be interesting rematch at the gabba
OhSoRozee: just realised bulldogs 3rd highest score for who woulda thought with all those behinds
frenzy: Caddy has been good
BigChief: Can Neale get 200
Chelskiman: Right, boys, 8 goal to 0 last quarter!
BigChief: Can Neale get 200?
megawatts: @chelskiman and if brisbane score 3-0 then richmond are out of top 4
Chelskiman: Technically we would win by a point if they kicked 3.0 😛
VodkaHawk: Who is everyone going for (apart from your own team) to win this years flag? Brisbane for me, GWS 2nd choice
VodkaHawk: *who I want, not necessarily who I think will win though
Chelskiman: Fuck GWS, I don’t want them to win one. If Tiges don’t win then go the Lions.
pcaman2003: WB then Tigers for me.
Grazz: Yeh Brizzy or GWS for me also
BigJovo: Dawgs
Chelskiman: Lynch has just had one of those days.
OhSoRozee: dogs and lions
Chelskiman: Well if it wasn’t already settled it is now. We’re off to Brisbane!
thommoae: Why the grief for GWS, Chelski? We’re nice guys up here.
OhSoRozee: hate all the others but if i had to pick out of the other 6 itd b pies
LuvIt74: You would think Lions had a free pass with this and not wanting to win purposely to see how tigers go
Chelskiman: Neale brings up his 50.
Tig-Train: If neale knew how to kick he would get a 300 today
BigChief: 51 disp for Neale.
amigaman: Rayner getting multiple possies and a tackle. CD giving him nothing
feralmong: Lions will win no finals kicking 8.
BigJovo: Still about 250 to be allocated.
Manowar: Rich has been Poor today!
BigChief: They will beat Rich in Brisbane feral.

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