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Chat log from R17 of 2019: Western Bulldogs vs Melbourne

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Melbourne, R17 of 2019

BigChief: Go huge Gawn and Harmes.
Ben_Gogos: Petracca looking very fit today
BigChief: Just us 2 here Ben 🙂
Migz: he only gobbled 2 sausage rolls before the game today
Burnsy03: Whats the AFL hitout record
Ben_Gogos: @Migz small steps
Natopotato: wouldn’t mind seeing a Dunkley v Dunkley matchup
Migz: haha
BigChief: Gawn on target for 350ish LOL
Burnsy03: Perhaps without Pruess Chief
DrSeuss: Obviously should have captained Dunkley over Macrae
Catatafish: Bont muppet
DrSeuss: I need to trade out Brayshaw – killing me again already
Migz: honestly mind boggling i had to trade dunkley out after rnd 4 because he wouldnt play him mid
pcaman2003: Go Dunks! 300 from you would be handy
StuL: GOD has the C on Gawn AND Dunkley!
Ben_Gogos: Marcus Bontempelli receives the muppett after that horrendous decision to play on!
Apachecats: Seuss I had the VC on Danger then found I couldn’t work the loop ,fits the rest of my round .Now have C on Macrae.
NthsFinest: Bont 12 points for bundling a certain goal. Oh SC…. Never change.
original: Was gawn not 40+
Chelskiman: Dammit, I went Macrae as C, opp has Dunks.
DrSeuss: Macrae picking up now so don’t mind him. Brayshaw still on my team is the one that really hurts.
NthsFinest: This isn’t the same Brayshaw as last year, is there someone else under that helmet? Avoids it like the plague.
Drak: Goodwin is a potato. One of the best inside contested players in his team behind Oliver…. and plays him on the wing
Apachecats: yeah Suess he got stuck on the bench for a long time ,so should be higher.
DrSeuss: Goodwin has ruined Brayshaw and Melbourne – should be gone
BigChief: Doc how have you not traded Brayshaw already?
pcaman2003: Get your DE up Dunks and take off
Drak: He is playing Lewis on the ball
Drak: Genius coaching
Burnsy03: best decision all year to dump him for t kelly
pcaman2003: Hoping Brayshaw stays down to give me a glimmer of hope
Drak: I reckon Schache has come good over the last couple of weeks
zoomba23: Keep going Dunks xx
Burnsy03: needed to step up after t boyd headed off
DrSeuss: I keep getting injuries and he somehow makes the cut each week – believe me its not lack of trying
Catatafish: ffs Bont
DrSeuss: Macrae on the bench again…
pcaman2003: How long before Dunks cops a tag?
Catatafish: And here was me thinking Dunks wouldn’t get to his BE to pick him up this week…
Chelskiman: Jesus, what a quarter from Dunks.
FlyinRyan2: what scores we all looking at this week
Stikman35: Harmes been on dunks the whole time?
Breezey: The sooner the better Pcaman2003
Stikman35: Harmes on him end of qtr
DrSeuss: Between Brayshaw and Dunkley – together they are heading towards a huge score lol
Vogesy69: bont should have 2 goals and 45 SC points rn ahahaha
amigaman: 1908 + Gawn, Mcrae, Bont,Neale , Boak, Answerth
thesilentl: About 2500 sc flyinryan, expect some big ones though
DrSeuss: Brayshaw starting in the middle
zoomba23: Any chance Brayshaw gets played in his natural position?
DrSeuss: Started there Zoomba – see if it changes anything – or is maintained
pcaman2003: @Zoomba. Doggy?
Burnsy03: brayshaw hurt now
DrSeuss: Forget that Zoomba – Brayshaw now injured – F off
dipstick: brayshaw is wo wo worse then woe woe woedin
Apachecats: Brayshaw big corkie.
dipstick: stay down pinklipski
Migz: Oliver looks like he could be in a cyberpunk game with that haircut
Apachecats: looks OK walking the boundary though
Chelskiman: Just once I needed Brayshaw to do something. He’s gone next week, even if it means I get a 0.
Catatafish: Bont got a touch!
duckky: Any time now Capt Bont
original: Stay low bont. Oh catatafish if he got a touch I’ll prep for a +30
duckky: And Bont hobbles into the rooms…
DrSeuss: Brayshaw looks ok – probably still won’t get a touch – but looks ok
pcaman2003: @Original. No trust in CD? lol!
Apachecats: Bont rolls the ankle now ,Armageddon today.
Apachecats: Armageddon pi55ed.
Burnsy03: thats the stuff for brayshaw owners
pcaman2003: Tackle Dunks! Stay down Brayshaw.
DrSeuss: Nice work Oliver handball to Brayshaw – no shepherd, no warning
Catatafish: Jesus Dunkley. And to think that Bevo kept playing him forward.
Migz: brayshaw should have kicked faster.
Migz: do you think josh told him that his dad fucked his mum
Natopotato: Kyle kicks a goal with Josh on the mark lol
NthsFinest: Matthews made a funny joke but the channel 7 PC brigade didn’t give him anything.
DrSeuss: Brayshaw about to get a kick – bring it back for a penalty
zoomba23: Bit of irony in the Dogs fans crying foul about the umpiring… they usually get it pretty good
pcaman2003: Keep going Dunks.
original: Thoughts I’d be safe in draft league taking a low score from either selwood Murphy brayshaw or mundy. Thanks brayshawFFS
Chelskiman: At least get to the 40, Brayshaw.
Chelskiman: For the match I mean.
Burnsy03: @ Ben Gogos Mclean is ff for the game
DrSeuss: Brayshaw takes a mark – out of bounds FFS
Ben_Gogos: Thanks @Burnsy03
Chelskiman: This Dunkley performance has ruined me. I needed Macrae to be doing this, not him.
pcaman2003: Happy Dunks scoring,but free against Gawn a joke.
BigChief: No number for K. Dunkley Ben?
Catatafish: Alright Dunks, settle down.
Burnsy03: Now HTB for Dunks
Schillaci: Keep going Dunks.
pcaman2003: 200+please Dunks.
zoomba23: Surely 200 for Dunks
DrSeuss: Give Brayshaw the cape – + 10 in about 90 seconds
m0nty: 16 less DT in Q2 for Dunkley, if that trend oontinues he will end up on 144
colin wood: Dunks should be 120. Absolutely smashing them to pieces what’s half .
Danstar: Zoomba: 4 of dees goals
Danstar: Zoomba: 4 out of 6 goals from Dees have been from frees
pcaman2003: Dunks needs 10 more to reach proj. Nice!
Danstar: Have been from Free kicks
dipstick: brayshaw doe NOT deserve that pretty coloured icon so give him the icycle
Catatafish: Dunkley so good he’s getting possessions at half time
wadaramus: Dunkley is covering for Cogs, and looking after himself, 220 would be great 🙂
zoomba23: Danstar you got an armchair ride from them all the way to the flag. Probably shouldn’t be complaining about them haha
pcaman2003: @Catafish. Except his score dropped from 114 back to 100 after 2 disposals including a dubious clanger
frenzy: is Bont cooked, or will come back on
Stikman35: Interesting supercoach is about effective disposal and Dunkley is raking up points while his team isn’t.
Burnsy03: especially with 50% de stikman
Ben_Gogos: @frenzy he’s back on
frenzy: ta Ben
GobChuck: not a bad week to have dunks duryea hunter and viney in moneyball eh
Pokerface: it’s not all about effective disposal stikman, its all about influence. 14 contested possessions in a half ..
Stikman35: Yes poker. He has been good, just not as brilliant as his score suggests is was I’m saying.
Chelskiman: Keep pushing, Macca!
DrSeuss: Need the Blue Moon on Duryea
Pokerface: he’s half a shot to take the contested possession record Stik..
Pokerface: that’s pretty brilliant
Stikman35: Fyfe scored that with half. He needs to be better Dunkley to help his team more than he does.
Pokerface: throw in 9 tackles to near half time..
Burnsy03: 32 is the record for CP in one game to Cunnington
Stikman35: That’s my point poker. You prove it. How effective is it with 6 goals on the scoreboard.
VodkaHawk: Dunks can bugger off now, Bont can have a 100 point half now
Stikman35: I think he’s a gun. He’s been in my team for two years. I was just pondering the frailties of supercoach.
Pokerface: huh? so if the guys in the square don’t finish it off, dunkley hasn’t been influential?
pcaman2003: I love you Dunks. My hero!
Pokerface: that makes no sense
Burnsy03: Dunkley hit his BE with that at 141
Pedsy: Why is little piggy Oliver not so much of a piggy this season?
Stikman35: Ask tony locket that question. Arrr you can’t because forwards don’t exist.
Pokerface: he’s not in my team, and i wish it were not true. On track for CP record. on track for tackle top 10. fairly clear
NoneyaB: got dunkley in for kelly this week
Pokerface: ok stikman ill leave you to it. dunno what you are crowing about tony lockett for. nothing to do with dunks.
jbjimmyjb: macrae and oliver lift, be more like dunkley
Pokerface: but if you feel the need to not be wrong thats up to you
zoomba23: Pants off for Dunks
frenzy: Petty crime
DrSeuss: I agree JB – Macrae – more like Dunkley
Chelskiman: I’m going to lose one of my match ups in which my opp has a 0 and a 16 all because of Dunks.
Stikman35: I’m talking about supercoach. Maybe he should be on 300 by now.
upweydons: Dunkley and hunter making up for my 0 fit Cogs
Burnsy03: GOD definitely left the C on Dunks even with VC on Danger
DrSeuss: Brayshaw – you can get involved again now. You too Macrae
travo: whats dunkely qtr by qtrr break down ? anyone done the cape x 4
wadaramus: Dunks on track for Grand Slam of Superman Capes.
Oddsy5: dunkley 58 first q1. 51 points q2. 54 q3 so far
DrSeuss: WTF Macrae are you just standing around watching Dunkley do everything?
colin wood: Lol look at bonts score jump up 😂.
Vogesy69: dunks got 55 in the first and 55 in the second, already got 53 in the third
VodkaHawk: And Dunks -2 in the 4th
travo: might need a new icon Monty
Catatafish: I think everyone is standing around watching Dunkley do everything today
DrSeuss: Brayshaw won’t even get 50 in a game lol
V@lks: Yep Travo. Thanos’ glove with all the infinity stones for Dunkley. Controlling the universe.
Oddsy5: think dunkley got 48 that quarter, close enough to cape
OhSoRozee: 1.9 wont win u games
FlyinRyan2: Dunkley about to break disposals record
Buddy Guy: If Dunkley gets 4 capes Monty you are going to have to come up with a Thanos glove
Breezey: Normally everyone would be cheering Maxy on. That 98 pretty ordinary today apparently
jbjimmyjb: everytime I give Macrae the captaincy he lets me down, I just need 110
Drak: Its tough when someone drops a 159 at 3/4 time
Drak: Whats the CP record?
travo: godd idea v@lks
breadly: Cunnington has the record with 32
Drak: Unless Dunkley gets possies here, he will start scaling down
jbjimmyjb: lol macrae just got 19 SC in 1 minute
frenzy: bring it home Dunks
Breezey: A nice little Cape from Brayshaw, Bont and Maxy would be nice about now
drfrazzll: C on dunkley, playing cameron over larkey, everything is going right this round
colin wood: Dunkley getting cont possessions and going down. Bont getting ineffective sand going up makes sense..
BRAZZERS: lmfao, you dont seriously have Gus surely
original: Flower off bont
jbjimmyjb: hunter’s TOG is crazy, I thought Macrae was the fit one
original: CD love child
Breezey: You cannot always just move players on when others are injured or not getting picked.
Ash777: congrats dunkley captains
pcaman2003: The amazing Mr Dunks. Boom!
VodkaHawk: 30 points off Dunks and added to Bont would go ok
OhSoRozee: dunkley gonna b a mid only next yr but he will b 1st picked in my mids
frenzy: Lol Brazzer
Chelskiman: Brazzy! Good to see you, mate!
Migz: time to learn some fwd craft big gawn.
DrSeuss: Macrae and Brayshaw just finish with a little rush – would be great
jbjimmyjb: macrae needs to get off the bench first
OhSoRozee: how about a unique superman icon reversed colours red with gold S
wadaramus: Dunks not finished yet, can he get to the double hundred?!
JRedden: dunkley is the king of tackles
OhSoRozee: good old C on dunk in draft
OhSoRozee: but got hunter on bench =(
colin wood: Surely CD reward him with a double ton what a game
Monfries96: Cya at the Casey Demons Brayshaw
colin wood: Bahaha look at the Bont mark up.. just dumb..
frenzy: some game by Hunter aswell
FLOG: where’s GOD
Yeehaw: Macrae scaled under his over/under Sportsbet line…. righed
Vogesy69: 67 points of scaling to come
wadaramus: Some scaling should get Dunks the 200 in SC.
Breezey: Counting up all his points @FLOG

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