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Chat log from R17 of 2019: Gold Coast vs Adelaide

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Adelaide, R17 of 2019

Breezey: Hello is there anyone out there
hinsch: brezzy nope just you and me, goodnight
Chelskiman: Hey, Breezey.
NugzNiggle: G’day Jeffro.
NugzNiggle: How are we lads?
Breezey: Finally. I was gunna have to ask myself who was tagging Laird
pcaman2003: Hi Lads. Need my POD’s Sloane and Laird to go huge to make up for Sicily and Cunnington
NugzNiggle: Not sure myself.
original: Get on the ground mcrouch ffs
pcaman2003: Where is Sloane playing? Hardly sighted him anywhere near the ball.
pcaman2003: Lift Laird and Sloane FGS.
Breezey: Flogging coming
NugzNiggle: Big trouble here early. #raisethebat
Lynch_MOB: lol if Laird and Sloane have Cunners type games pca will be on suicide watch
FLOG: i sure am
Chelskiman: Got the VC on B. Crouch in RDT so I’m liking this start.
pcaman2003: @Lynch. Too right! lol! Very tempting at the moment.
Chelskiman: lmao, Flog.
thesilentl: Tagging laird makes no sense, better off having an extra in the contest
Lynch_MOB: Laird wo’t have a good game tonight, won’t take hardly any marks which will hurt
Chelskiman: Nice work, Brouch!
original: Mcrouch cmon mate
LMartos: is Brad Crouch had good ball usage he’d be a top 8 mid
Breezey: Big Witts
Breezey: Big Witts looks too good for ROB at the moment
original: Gifting sloane points with those “intercept” marks
pcaman2003: Just move Laird so I know you’re alive still
TheOnyas: Onya Wittsy
Breezey: Sloane fans will love that. NOT
BigChief: FFS Laird, break the tag.
pcaman2003: I have Sloane and this epitomizes my weekend so far in SC.
Breezey: Some embarrassing play by the Suns. Kermit’s everywhere
pcaman2003: Are GC tanking by chance? No team can be this bad can they?
duckky: O’Brien turning in a Mummy tonight?
BigChief: 22 kermits for Suns @m0nty
circle52: or witches huts
pcaman2003: Lift Laird you Sloth
Sloaneyyyy: Holy Shipballs! Stewie Dew looks like he’s eaten a whole pie cart
pcaman2003: @Sloaney. Including the pie seller.
Breezey: Laird on the move now.
DrSeuss: Piss off Laird – downhill skiing
PlungeMe: sam jacobs adelaides best in sanfl today – o’brien might want to lift
circle52: Pathetic effort from Suns 3 basic errors cost goals.
pcaman2003: Some more kicks and tackles please Sloanedog.
thesilentl: They let the laird tag go to put more in the middle
Breezey: Brouch 8 tackles thus far.
original: Mcrouch this is unacceptable
Ash777: I would eat a whole pie cart too if I was coaching GC.
simonck111: You would ya fat cunt
Ash777: not cool man
jbjimmyjb: come on VC sloane, 140
pcaman2003: Time to move Laird and earn some points.
Stikman35: Cows might eat a veggie pastie but that’s it.
original: Time to move mcrouch on. Surely brad isn’t better
Breezey: Right on cue @ Original
pcaman2003: FO Mrouch!
original: Hehe I’ll be back in 8 mins to set mcrouch alight again. Back to other game hehe
BigChief: Is Laird being tagged still?
original: DO something mcrouch
Stikman35: Fairly typical game for laird this year
BigChief: m0nty this isn’t Stengles 1st game, it’s his 3rd
Searly34: Apologies if anyone’s already pointed out but why does Stengle have the L plate? He played a couple for the Tigs
pcaman2003: Move it Sloaney. You’ve moved back 2 pts. At least ton up
xjumpman23: Still 730+ points up for grabs this qtr…
arbel: Huge bonus anyone plating gc this time over heart
original: Cmon mcrouch do more
arbel: Of year… Huge percentage boost opportunity
Grimes Jr: stay down sloane
pcaman2003: Crikey Sloan! You don’t have to HB everything when you have a shot for goal
original: Crouch brothers both do more. Do less sloane and laird
pcaman2003: Do more Rories and Brouch. Do less Mrouch
Catatafish: Surely B. Crouch has the worst DT to SC ratio. The bloke must be colour blind looking at his DE almost every week.
Lynch_MOB: give ROB the ying yang or the vulture
Raspel31: This game could still go either way. Exciting stuff.
Catatafish: The Suns are completely broken..
BigChief: Cmon Lairdass. Get a move on FFS
Seiya: imagine complaining about your defender not scoring when they’re 100 points ahead
original: Mcrouch get a few goals lol
Nuffman: @seiya: in fairness, Laird has 28 disp.
heppelitis: Lairdass Lairdass Lairdass lol
Seiya: @nuffman yeahh so his score seems fine to me. GC not exactly contesting the ball in their forward half
beerent11: Bsmith loves playing shit teams
berch: m0nty time to give out a few trash cans for this 2nd half junk
BigChief: @Seiya explain the difference between Milera and Lairds scores then?
V@lks: Spuds or witches hats for entire GC team?
Pokerface: Laird didn’t touch it until crows were 50 points ahead BC
circle52: Milera also kicked a goal which is worth a few extra points.
Ash777: Suns need to be given a COLA so they can lure some better players
Pokerface: all his possessions were junk time
NewFreoFan: 16 tackles is ridiculous
Pokerface: wasnt milera half forward?
JockMcPie: 150 points of scaling to come oof
original: Mcrouch unfairly binned. Lol game was over VERY early and he had plenty stats early jm2c
Catatafish: Pressure acts and score involvements? That’s the only real difference.. But 30 touches with a tag against GC I’ll take

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