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Chat log from R10 of 2019: Sydney vs Collingwood

Chat log for Sydney vs Collingwood, R10 of 2019

BigChief: Wet conditions in Sydney.
Yelse: grundy VC?
OhSoRozee: should b alot of ball ruck contests if dewey
Apachecats: no Grundy yelse so gone Macrae into Tim Kelly.
Apachecats: but if I had Grundy I would definitely VC him.
Apachecats: Big Chief been dry all day and radar looks all clear.
Sixty656: Pies always go missing down back when they play buddy, he’ll kick a handful.
Yelse: trust buddy to be back when playing pies injury ravaged team
OhSoRozee: nah bud is back for indigenous round only
Yelse: i can’t field a full team, so many injuries and outs
Apachecats: just got Pendles in this.
Apachecats: Any points for winning the toss?
BigChief: @Apache Bucks said the ground is wet from the dew
OhSoRozee: just me or is this still prematch
frenzy: anyone need a coach
GOOD: has the chain come off the bike minty?
Yeehaw: I’ve got Collingwood by 47
Dondeal: What’s going on Monty?
pcaman2003: Buddy is baaack!
Sixty656: here he goes
Zee94: Majak lmao
LetItBe: Did BT just call Allir Majak Daw?
J_Herer: lol called Aliir Majac
J_Herer: lol called Aliir Majac, nice BT
OhSoRozee: wills looks like bont with that headband
J_Herer: Fanta-cya BT
heppelitis: haha that just made my weekend
OhSoRozee: bad team 2night bt and basil yuck
Gelly: Bt confirmed racist
J_Herer: Quality East Freo product Aliir, love him
BestCoast: Frenzy Brad Scott
OhSoRozee: collingwood 2 buddy concious 3 on 1 in the air
DrSeuss: Get Treloar back on Bucks
pcaman2003: Gee! Lloyd’s score dropped down quickly.Missed HB as well doesn’t help
BestCoast: BT confirmed FLOG
BestCoast: Carn VC Grundy
Heater: Danger game for the Pies…
TheMessiah: Is JPK on the bench?
pcaman2003: Grundy to go huge. Even his crap tap outs scoring well.
OhSoRozee: wow 2 cp to lloyd!
Bennyherb: What’s the go with llyod 10 touches 20 points is a this right
Apachecats: very slippery big chief
Gandhi: Lloyd should have his own seagull icon
OhSoRozee: CD just hate sinclair any ruck who plays against him gets xtra 1 pt added on any play
Apachecats: Go Pendles you wee ripper!!
BigChief: Wow Sidebottom. Did you stay in Melbourne?
frenzy: I wanna bring home Simmo @ bestcoast
Raspel31: Evening all- burp. No Danger, no De Goey, no Moore and so many more. Stuck firm- just Moore to Lloyd.
BestCoast: frenzy them fighting words lol
BestCoast: Frenzy he would be good for the Roos has a lot of heritage there
pcaman2003: Lloyd will need 50+ touches to ton up tonight.
J_Herer: the old double tag, sidey eating at Dunken Donuts
frenzy: I rate him as one of the best, I’d take him in a flash
Gotigres: nice Pendles
Apachecats: went Gus Brayshaw to Pendles ,go you good thing.
BestCoast: He is definitely right up there only ever hear glowing endorsements about him if we go back to back you can have him
Raspel31: Intrigued anyone would bring in Pendles with so many better options- but, okay, tonight.
Yelse: grundy should be more SC a few to advantage last 5 mins
Stu7: Grundy will go big tonight!
Breezey: Go you good thing Wellsy
Stu7: How does Blakey not get dropped?
Yelse: geez wells we missed you
J_Herer: North needs Wells back
Yeehaw: Awesome seeing Wells back but bring back Sier </3
OhSoRozee: i think being a friday game 80% vc will b grundy vc
JockMcPie: I love Wells
Yeehaw: He gets gifted games as bad as some Carlton players @stu
pcaman2003: Sinclair embarrassing by getting a Grundy flogging.
Stu7: Come on Lloyd pedal on the metal!!!
frenzy: Old man is in the coaches box @ Stu7
pcaman2003: Heeney still getting FA TOG.
heppelitis: you should get a point for a clear punch/spoil in dt
StacksOn: had to play aish on field this week due to so many outs, how screwed am I?
Yeehaw: Blakey lol
Heater: Pies should be miles in front!!!
Raspel31: Stack- all upgrades out the window this week with no of outs.
Yelse: Yeah sir needs to get a run soon, best time with adams out
DrSeuss: Get involved Treloar
Raspel31: Come on Sydney- shouldbe miles in front!.
Breezey: Adams will be back next week.
Stu7: Say what frenzy???
StacksOn: boy that wont be letting roughy back in the ruck after that!
StacksOn: raspel – I’m double downgrading until the byes and going massive on trades
Bennyherb: Pendles or kennendy who’s better
Grimes Jr: Kennedy easily. Not an arrogant flog either
Raspel31: Smart Stackson.
Yeehaw: Pendles
Apachecats: Hard to find downgrades this round though.I went early on Fort (ZClarke out)
Bennyherb: Agree
pcaman2003: @Grimes. That’s a bit harsh
cmperrfect: Hey Heeney, it’s the yellow thing mate. Find it!
Grimes Jr: Kennedy gets the job done seamlessly. Pendles loves himself a little too much for my liking
J.Worrall: I reckon a lot have gone early on Fort – I have, but Esava is biting his heels!
StacksOn: i went oskar baker and robbie young. dont trust scott with fort
Raspel31: Clever Apache- no Grundy or Max in the bye- hoping Clarke comes back.
BestCoast: Dependlebury eats Kennedy over career no comparison
OhSoRozee: fort will hold his spot till after bye atleast only need him for that
Bennyherb: Kennedy more consistent prob polled more votes to
J_Herer: Fort goes next week
BigChief: Pendles 180 votes, Kennedy 125
J.Worrall: Why so sure, Rozee?
Stu7: Lloyd ummm do anything even something!
Breezey: Pendles
OhSoRozee: rat is doin bugger all fort done more in 1 game than rat did in 1st 8
Breezey: I’d say 55 more votes is a fair margin.
colin wood: Grimes calls Pendles an arrogant flog yet his captain is Trent Cotchin king of flogs lol
OhSoRozee: i can c stanley/fort playing well together
BestCoast: Pendles 3x Anzac 5 x All Australian 5x F&B Norm Smith
BigChief: I would take Pendles every day of the week.
OhSoRozee: get more out of stanley/fort fwd rotations than stanley/rat or stanley/abbott
Gigantor: Fort useless in the byes if you have Grundy/Gawn
J.Worrall: Esava is apparently well regarded at the club – dunno about Fort.
Planking: grundy cape
BestCoast: BigChief agreed 100%
J_Herer: fort no cover in byes, one more week of weak opposition, then he goes for Santley
OhSoRozee: fort is cover for me
OhSoRozee: stanley is already in fort is playing 2nd fwd option
BigChief: B. Scott has agreed to leave Nth.
Apachecats: TLynch out tomorrow.
BestCoast: Brad Scott taking the lucrative job at wonthaggi next year
J.Worrall: Lots of interesting opinions on Fort. Thin on evidence sometimes.
J.Worrall: Don’t knock Wonthaggi!
BestCoast: What wonthaggi and lucrative don’t go in the same sentence
OhSoRozee: wat other cover u gonna have in rucks then
StacksOn: crazy that b. scott is going, possibly soon as tomorrow
Apachecats: They call Wonthaggi Moe-by-the -Sea
StacksOn: straght swap b. scott for bolton!
BRAZZERS: lol that news dropped like 5 hours ago
J.Worrall: Cape Paterson is closer to the sea, and you can find coal on the beach!
Raspel31: Bolton’s better than that StacksOn- my granny?.
Apachecats: nice RACV resort down there worrall
BRAZZERS: hopefully heeney gets more TOG
Breezey: Scott leaving because he has other options on the table. He will be at the Saints, Blues or Essendon next season.
frenzy: hope cc-j is ok, ruck cover would be great
J.Worrall: Yep, Apache, just down the road towards Invy.
J.Worrall: My mate collects at an egg farm near the resort!
BestCoast: Brad Scott options has delivered nothing he must have two couldn’t be that silly playing with one
pcaman2003: C’mon Lloydy,do your thing man and get me some points.
Raspel31: Heard he’s going to Geelong- they can take every 2nd week off and who knows?
OhSoRozee: clarke tagged out higgins and sidebottom
pcaman2003: Wells done already?
Gotigres: Wells injured
MONEY TALK: vc on grundy going well, and my new signing lllloyd
Raspel31: Poor, poor Wells.
Ash777: stick a fork in wells
Yelse: i think his knee cap dislocated
SwaggyP: Wells:(
J_Herer: Theres the hammy
BRAZZERS: lmao, why becuase he trapped his knee like cresswell? lol. He wouldnt be able to walk at all.
OhSoRozee: it was side of his knee he popped it back
BRAZZERS: tapped*
BestCoast: Wells down what happened can’t catch a trick
Apachecats: tapped knee aparantly.@BC
DrSeuss: Missing a few Treloar tackles
J.Worrall: Lloyd not seagulling yet. Get yer ass in gear son!
BestCoast: Feel
Stu7: Finger out Lloyd!!!
OhSoRozee: @worrall he doesnt like soggy chips
BestCoast: Cheers Apachecats poor bloke has been riddled with injuries his hole career
J_Herer: @DrSeuss agree, last centre bounce he tackled and they gave it to Mayne
StacksOn: happy with hewett off, pendles back into gear
stemy1243: What does Grundy score from here. I 161
MONEY TALK: is greenwood on drugs wtf
stemy1243: *reckon
OhSoRozee: 187 my pred
pcaman2003: Lloyd needs to learn to tackle and apply pressure.Keeps looking for easy touches.
Jackwatt$: I don’t even bother loopholing anymore, Grundy captain every week!
Apachecats: I’ll go 152 for Grundy.
Raspel31: Come on Grundy and come on Sydney!
MONEY TALK: imagine being that dumb perswon who traded grundy lol
SwaggyP: Jpk wth man get moving
Jackwatt$: Is the purple name game back on? Please say it’s true m0nty. I guess 150
OhSoRozee: grundy should get a 60 pt last qtr
Yelse: geez reid and sydney been accurate today
Ash777: Reid is giving Howe a bath.
frenzy: 144 grundy
Apachecats: No ones climbed the post tonight.
MONEY TALK: lucky to get a goal because that was htb on treloar
Stu7: 143 for Grundies!!!
Fatbar5tad: What do Swans need to do to get a HTB?
OhSoRozee: wow a mills ton in 3rd qtr wowzer
pcaman2003: Grundy for 160+
Stu7: Collingwood self choking coming on!!
OhSoRozee: it actually hit him on the foot even tho didnt go far
Oddsy5: cant believe i was worried about starting grundy n gawn..
Apachecats: A bit more precision required pca.
MONEY TALK: #freekickcollingwood lmao
Jackwatt$: Grundy will never not be in my SC team until he’s 35
Oddsy5: did one of the commentators call Heeney retarded?
Gebz: Unlucky sidebottom. That clamp is harrrrd
Jackwatt$: When a player is retarded it can also mean dispossessed
MONEY TALK: some jurno said reid will kick 6 wow good prediction
Donzoes: seriously Oddsy?
Crowls: left gawn out, comes in this week. huge sense of relief
Gandhi: Finally having reid in my keeper team pays off lol
cmperrfect: ffs Heeney.
Apachecats: Reid and Reid ,20 and 20 ,bookends.
pcaman2003: FFS lloyd too.
Apachecats: hardly a follicle between them.
Gandhi: Lol Apache, good calls
cmperrfect: Lloyd still has seagull potential.
StacksOn: aliir is elite, just not fantasy relevant
original: Anyone else keeping track of how many times Ben Reid dives to try get a cheap free kick. Huge flops. Feet disappear
wadaramus: Grundy u legend.
pcaman2003: @cmperrfect. Unfortunately plays bruise free footy.Needs to do more IMO.
Hadouken: no a big fan of Blakey, has a real arrogance about him
Stu7: Lloyd 23 possessions 61 points 😡
StacksOn: blakey going for the fantasy points there, kick to tackle
cmperrfect: Who does @pca?
Raspel31: Think I might be the only player in the comp to put VC on Grundy- but not settling for less than 200.
J.Worrall: Gogo Grundiji!
Patty19: Llllllllift lllllllllloyd
J.Worrall: FFS, llloyddd, do that seagulling thang!
The39Steps: Brad Scott to the Blues next year is my tip. Should ensure they wont play finals until 2030.
wadaramus: Think i’ll lock in the Grundy VC now.
cmperrfect: Hey Sydney fans on the back pocket fence, start throwing your chips over the fence
Sixty656: Swans by 19
heppelitis: great game s reid
cmperrfect: Blakey looks like Beaker from The Muppets
J_Herer: Pies looking trash
Raspel31: Pooh- looks like Kennedy gone gain.
Apachecats: Kennedy knee on ice.
dipstick: Fuck no…no bscott at carlton
gdshifty: I think its safe to put the red cross on Wells too……
Donzoes: Is it me or is Rampe getting called for everything now haha
Fatbar5tad: Brown gets a kick from the third row
J.Worrall: Pooh is a bear of very little brain, Raspel!!
J.Worrall: zno biscuits for the Blues?
Apachecats: Looks like another Friday night tipping disaster coming up.
Raspel31: Just call me Piglet Worrall.
Apachecats: Grundy looking very tired .
MONEY TALK: i tipped swans last minute hehe
bones351: FFS JPK has screwed me good. Late out last week when I brought him in and know done a knee 🙁
Dondeal: Me too money, changed with 30 secs to go
runners47: Def no Brad Scott at the Blues – Pagan had his turn – no more ex-‘Roos washed up coaches
Ash777: no moore or langdon has crippled the pies back line
Donzoes: The week I bring J Lloyd in
cmperrfect: Lloyd and Heeney have flowered my round
Dondeal: lol me too bones, exact same. Brought him in last week
Raspel31: The story of your success is rivetting Money Talk.
Oddsy5: thought heeney would come good with franklin back…seems not
StacksOn: jeez wills is a handsome bloke
bones351: And brought Lloyd in this week. He has some work to do.
Fatbar5tad: Ha ha ha Rasp. Collingwood will get up here.
Oddsy5: not a bad goal
cmperrfect: JPK off, Heeney still can’t find it
Fatbar5tad: Yeah Odds, same!
The39Steps: Sinclair – for someone who has been soundly beaten – is scoring ok.
dipstick: @hones he got you grabbin your ankles
BigChief: How far is Brown allowed to run? Went about 25 metres
The0Grrr: And who tipped the Swans now?
J.Worrall: Sounds like plenty like me are disappointed with our recruit, Llllooyyyyddd!
Jackwatt$: GOD has Sam Reid captain
cmperrfect: Brown ran too far surely
Struda: Treloar seriously fucking me off, Heeney too. Lloyd dirt cheap after the byes 😍
Gandhi: Mayne is underrated, knows his limitations and gives 110%
Ash777: no free for running too far
J.Worrall: Grundy, Hey!
Manowar: Grundy ya given up? need more from you! Lift
Raspel31: They miss Kennedy in the power house.
OhSoRozee: is there a reason why goldsach not gettin game at pies
Apachecats: You can stop now Grundy.
jocka: 24 steps for that goal. How 3 umps missed it is mindblowing
poolboybob: Feel bad for the 12 people who didn’t have Grundy as vice captain
Fatbar5tad: Will Heeney attend this centre bounce?
salver11: imagine if they made kicks go that far before they paid a mark!
dipstick: Yeh,pull ya finger out grundy
J.Worrall: Yes, sad for the downcast dozen;)
Stu7: Lloyd better
feralmong: 59 is where top 20 hit outs in a game starts. Grundy almost there.
Raspel31: But, the eternal question, Is Grundy’s score high enough to keep?
Fatbar5tad: ….waits for Rasp sledge.
Manowar: Agree with CD, Treloar overrated
J.Worrall: Yeah, I’m in 2 minds about that VC score … Not!
dipstick: GOD didn’t risk Grundy’s 144 last week so took Whitfield’s 170
Raspel31: Lol dipstick.
MONEY TALK: glad me and my opppo have the vc on grundy yay
gdshifty: why doesnt Wells have the red injury icon? Hes clearly done for the night
cmperrfect: Beaker!!!
V@lks: Probs tombstone for Wells m0nty.
Oddsy5: heeney lloyd n grundy last few mins been good
original: Someone help me figure out why Blakey’s shoulders and neck look so weird
Manowar: 20 points off Grundy for that pathetic defensive effort!
J.Worrall: mint0 must be having a quiet snooze.
Struda: Fucking treloar jesus christ
Dondeal: He’s got a double jointed neck
Stu7: Go Lloyd you good thang!!!
frenzy: my assistant beaker, Lol
OhSoRozee: 18% kick eff by treloar lol
hinsch: a lot of unknown rookies getting C statas again this week
frenzy: m0nty’s on auto pilot
OhSoRozee: all those hballs have hit the target to put him that high de
J_Herer: Go Captain Grundy go!
Donzoes: I look away for a minute and Lloyd gets another 30 points
Apachecats: Goodnight Brodie.
Yeehaw: Ya kidding
runners47: What’s the record for hitouts in one game?
original: Wow did AT sc just jump crazy?
dipstick: Grundy got a broken beaker
OhSoRozee: 82 or something runners
J.Worrall: The Llloyyddd bakes worked!, Well done crew!
runt: Blakey has narrow shoulders and a long thick neck. This gives him the giraffe look
cmperrfect: Lloyd raises the bat 🏏
NoneyaB: ni ni brodie keep an eye on those stars
feralmong: grundy now 12th for most hit outs.
OhSoRozee: 80 ho to goldy in 2015
PlungeMe: Will Hayes making his debut as captain
original: How’s the throws AT gets away with
J.Worrall: Mayne!
Raspel31: Well, those missing 5 minutes Grundy- you’re dropped.
Fatbar5tad: Fuck off lloyd ya crab.
original: @runt thank you. Yeh was thinking he must be narrow chested
runners47: Tks OhSoRozee – give Grundy a shot at Goldy’s record some time this season.
J.Worrall: You’d think Rampe wants to lose …
pcaman2003: Very costly Rampe.
OhSoRozee: @runt is the alien warlord look from falling skies
The0Grrr: Has this guy got a brain at all?
NoneyaB: rampe u idiot lol fair dinkum
frenzy: get back on the goal post Rampe
Ash777: Rampe for biggest muppet 2 weeks in a row
cmperrfect: Wow Grundy. Put on a clinic tonight
Monfries96: 2-3 this quarter alone @original
runt: players outright cheating with throws these days
Hoot: i saw that jump by AT as well
Fatbar5tad: Ew…Papley sniffing the fringes.
runners47: Feed gone to sleep??
frenzy: always showers itself m0nty with 2-3 minutes to go.
MONEY TALK: should still be some good scaling left
original: How AT gets media gigs I’ll never know
J.Worrall: Lloyd did his thang in the end.

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