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Chat log from R9 of 2019: Western Sydney vs Carlton

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Carlton, R9 of 2019

thiccgucci: Sadly have to field gibbons due to coniglio being out. give me something respectable please
thiccgucci: Sadly have to field gibbons due to coniglio being out. give me something respectable please
dipstick: sadly have to field CVoniglio to get C grundy with 21 point aintswerth shit on as E
GobChuck: sadly had to field setterfield cos drew got dropped, please just beat parker. All i ask.
Gotigres: i sadly fielded Setterfield ahead of Balta
Pokerface: sadly have to field josh kelly after trading him in for libba
original: LOB is not an afl footballer yet. Get him OUT match committee ffs
GobChuck: setterfield the aim is to go up, not down bud
Donzoes: Guys I think GWS might win this one
poolboybob: like half of the Carlton players should not be playing AFL
OhSoRozee: carlton need to get those spoons out and smack some sense into their players should b enough for 1 spoon per player
Pokerface: phew, i tipped them donzoes. yay!
gazza39: Is Kelly on the field??
hinsch: I had to put Setterfield on the field has anybody ever finished with a – score
Pokerface: josh wtf
Stu7: Who’s in Cripps?
OhSoRozee: de boar
Chelskiman: Opp has Taranto C. At least 130 for him then.
hinsch: GWS are going to get sick of walking back to the centre circle soon
beerent11: Any rookies worth going early on this week so far? Need a downgrade option
Stu7: Thanks OhSoRozee
original: Some free to Phil Davis there. Some joke
Stu7: Fort
Pokerface: robbie young beerent
Stu7: Darcy Fort Geelong
Pokerface: naa darcy is gone as soon as stanley is back
ajconodie: GWS will kick more goals then there are people at the game.
OhSoRozee: @poker nah abbot will go out fort come in for rat to play fwd
OhSoRozee: abbott come in for stanley
J_Herer: They should rest Whitfield now
OhSoRozee: i did say whitfield would get his be
original: That being a free you are KIDDING
Schillaci: @hinsch Joyce finished with -3 v Port last year
J_Herer: 177 in AF, was hoping he may get 110 or something, sold him at injury
beerent11: I’ll have a slab on him not getting there rozee
cmperrfect: Welcome back Whitfield
Chelskiman: Taranto absolutely fucking me here.
OhSoRozee: awesome start from williams
NoneyaB: mummy in trouble or accidential?
ajconodie: Same Chelskiman – So is Setterfield!
pcaman2003: Very happy with Williams
OhSoRozee: spewin cuningham come out stuck with answerths e
Schillaci: Williams is a keeper
Stu7: Come on Mummy!
wadaramus: Whitfield straight back into it I see. Got to get him and Hurn in my team1
wadaramus: Tough week for rookie scores this week, Setterfield gonna hurt!
thiccgucci: Keep going gibbons. Need 60 i beg of you
OhSoRozee: bloody tarana on track for a 240 dt game
pcaman2003: 15 players under 20 pts for Blues. Wowee!
lukefield9: so happy i started with taranto, looking like a beast
ajconodie: This is like a bush game in the gulf between good and bad.
OhSoRozee: carlton would have been better bringing in extra midfielder for macreadie
Chelskiman: I don’t wish injuries on players, but this is getting out of hand. Somebody stop Taranto!
poolboybob: Setterfield try hitting a target, you dud
jwv92: SC this week has been a week to forget. Cogs out, Mcrouch out. Screwed my loophole and benched MacRae. Fuck me.
poolboybob: The note on Macreading says he’s at fullback on himself, which would explain why he’s not getting any of the ball
jwv92: At least I have my premos right. Got Hurn, got Whitfield + the top 4 miss currently.
Catatafish: A medal to whoever knocks out de Boer
Pies20: Got taranto in for Walsh last minute trade might win my $league keep going tt
NoneyaB: go whitfield!! this is why i kept ya!!!
beerent11: One of my opp has Cripps cap and Whitfield vc
NoneyaB: i thought mummy was fine? and it was a knee not an arm?
Wends: Arvo all. Think there’s many who empathise @jwv92. In the same boat re Cogs & Mrouch
OhSoRozee: looks like ill have to hold o’brien longer if mummy gets weeks
pcaman2003: Williams great score for backman in this game
NoneyaB: nothin in the mummy mrp??
Apachecats: Z.Clarke to Fort next week to cover Mummys holiday.
Wends: Whitfield to get close to his RDT BE??
ajconodie: I think Setterfield has already been crossed off next week’s teamsheet.
poolboybob: Pretty impressed with Shitterfield’s 10 touches for 7 SC
wadaramus: 10 possessions for 7 SC, sometimes CD just doesn’t let you get back in their good books.
OhSoRozee: he has 5 kermies
OhSoRozee: think he got 2 kermies from 1 fa
megawatts: fucks sake i hate the non-swearing rule here
cmperrfect: Kelly accumulating nicely…
Hawks_13: how bad is mummy’s report? Weeks? Didn’t see it
megawatts: f u c k this censorung
cmperrfect: Cripps have a mare so far
Apachecats: ZWikkiams hamstring Foxsport.
ajconodie: Well Murphy is off to hospital @Hawks_13 but it looked incidental.
Catatafish: Fuck off Williams
megawatts: fukk off williams
NoneyaB: wtf williams? when did qtr3 happened?
cmperrfect: Yep, Williams is cooked
th3rio: is this the beginning of the end for bolts?
Yeehaw: So much for being able to nab Whitfield for 500k or less
OhSoRozee: spewin williams was going big
Hawks_13: Thanks @ ajconodie
Catatafish: Soft cock is always injured
OhSoRozee: need kelly/mummy/cripps to go big to cover williams now
pcaman2003: This game is a disaster. Call the SES
cmperrfect: Has an AFL coach ever coached the same team twice? Is Ratts a chance to get a 2nd stint?
BestCoast: Bolton is a
poolboybob: GWS have twice as many SC points as Carlton. Incredible
BestCoast: Bolton is a dead
ajconodie: @cmperrfect – Pretty sure David parkin coached Fitzroy twice.
Fatbar5tad: While fucking round is a disaster. A fitting finale.
BestCoast: Bolton is a dead man walking ffs
MercAm: What is the story with Williams?
BestCoast: The stutter text
Catatafish: He’s soft
LuvIt74: How bad did Z Williams hammy look?
ajconodie: Carlton sorry
BRAZZERS: lol i have williams, also murphy in afl fantasy fml
Gelly: might be a williams to whitfield trade on the cards
BestCoast: Ajconodie Carlton twice
Jackwatt$: Alan Jeans coached Hawthorn twice with Alan Joyce on the middle. I think David Parkin coached Lions & Blues twice
Gelly: balta got a ton
OhSoRozee: was gonna get rid of walsh b4 m.crouch was out so only thing worked out for me really
Wends: Of course Williams hammy happened… Mcrouch, Cogs, Menegola; Tkelly, Constable, Parker- my worst sob story in years…
GobChuck: Setterfields up to 11! Huge! Probably time for a lot of witches hats to come out soon too
thiccgucci: anyone else having trouble with SC website? says i dont have a team
OhSoRozee: just happy williams got the score he did b4 hammy
OhSoRozee: my sc wont reload so yeh having trouble
Chelskiman: Williams to Whitfield next week it is.
hinsch: might swap over to the soccer GF more goal there than Carlton can score
Catatafish: His score will drop further
hinsch: Williams to Hurn might be a good trade
GobChuck: i’ll happily restart my team. Captain Balta here we come
Raspel31: Should I have stuck with Whitfield all those weeks? Disappointing scores
Wends: Wonder how bad Williams’ hammy is tho?
hinsch: I need Setterfield & Gibbons to get around 60 total not looking good
Yeehaw: Time to rest Whitfield I think, 70 point lead GWS don’t take risks
Schillaci: Williams isn’t a keeper.
BRAZZERS: Might keep williams if hes only out for 2-3 games. MIght just ride it out
frenzy: cant trust GWS and injuries
beerent11: Witches hats can’t be too far away
Wends: Agreed Yeehaw. They need to wrap him cotton wool.
original: Holding the ball dead they said. Not with calls like that!!
Gotigres: Setterfield 11 disposals for 11 points lol
beerent11: Hilarious people calling for Whitfield to be rested. Obviously don’t have him
OhSoRozee: carlton just went to $1.01 for the spoon
heppelitis: just another 89 posies to go then
Yeehaw: Cripps Walsh setterfield Whitfield combine for 350+ I think I’m in trouble
Tig-Train: Can’t really rest with 3 on bench for half a game… lol
Ash777: what a train wreck
Raspel31: Once again beer it’s called irony- when you grow up your mummy will explain.
Stu7: Feel sorry if for those who have C on Cripps
beerent11: They’ll be looking to get some run in his legs too
beerent11: Geez you’re a knob raspel
Ash777: I have the C on cripps 🙁
J_Herer: i am playing a C Cripps this week, thank god
duckky: HI all – what’s Mummy done now?
Yeehaw: Couple 50m penalties against him wouldn’t go astray either
OhSoRozee: u know ur having a showzer game when ur tagger is outscoring u
Wends: Oh and forgot to add I took the VC off Grundy last minute 😐 What a schmozzle
cobrakai00: who in their right mind would have the C on Cripps?
Apachecats: Most would have dodge Cripps C due to De Boer factor.
OhSoRozee: got the c on cripps in draft so not all bad
Gelly: i think alot had v oin gawn/grundles/neale right?
LuvIt74: I had the VC on grundy and couldn’t utilize the loophole so got Cripps ffs
JRedden: this is a joke, carlton need to start from scratch
Pies20: Totally agree @beer on that call
Ash777: where are the witches hats for carlton
poolboybob: Dammit, I wanted Whitfield to be cheap as chips in 2 weeks
pcaman2003: Is Bolton a gonner now?
OhSoRozee: love williams creeping
wadaramus: Carlton have been trying to start from scratch for 5 years.
Apachecats: Right Gelly for most the C was done and dusted early in the round.
Ash777: I suspect bolton to be dropped mid season
Wends: Raspel no point explaining ironic posts to some o/
Raspel31: It’s okay- beer has been tucked in- hallo wada, original, pcaman et al
OhSoRozee: williams went down 2 pts at ht and crepped 5 since
Gelly: its a shame williams couldnt hang around for this sc fest
Raspel31: Ah Wends- missed you.
Apachecats: I get irony.
beerent11: Keyboard warriors
Catatafish: Whitfield may get his 210 breakeven if he jumps another gear haha
Monfries96: Can’t believe I thought I’d get Whitfield in cheap
teddyt: was williams injury bad?
pharace: Be a few coaches liking their lips at the prospect of being Carton coach as they have some talent to work with.
Vintage: Is Cripps on the pine this quarter?
Gelly: the higher whitfield scores, the more likely i will straight swap williams to him
pharace: Same Monfries, though that too
Wends: Hola raspel. Whoever it was who had C Cripps, my oppt C’d Cripps & is still killing me.
Lawls: Whitfield has a BE of 210, he’ll still lose a good chunk
Raspel31: No beer- just intelligent, rational people- not little angry boys. Stop now.
CPotatoes: why is greene’s score going backwards? they’re not clangers, they’re contested
Vintage: Has a team ever doubled their opponents overall DT/SC score before?
Sixty656: With Williams injured I need Jelly to get to 130 to win…
wadaramus: G’day Raspel, you rascal…
Pies20: @raspel chill
OhSoRozee: @sixty might get it this qtr he gulled end of qtr 2
wadaramus: Carlton are insipid, just not able to even be semi-competitive.
faisca7: Whitfield with the triple double already
Hawks_13: I think Brendan Bolton might be in big trouble after this loss
OhSoRozee: and whitfield only 4 cp
Wends: Which team has the youngest ave age – is it Carlton?
Raspel31: Ha Wada and Wends- golly it was worth keeping Whitfield.
wadaramus: I was just wondering how many held and how many sold. Should have started him instead of Laird.
Apachecats: Whitfield gete his possesions before they get a chance to become contested.
OhSoRozee: gc suns is youngest
CamT: Finlayson started the game $151 for the Coleman. Now he’s @ $21
Stu7: 100 mummy
Gelly: should make a crowly v2 symbol for de boer
original: Cmon Walsh. Only need 15 a quarter from u after that first half
cmperrfect: My op has Cripps as C… What a shame.. lol
Apachecats: Setters score hurting with Baltas 101 sitting on the bench.
aussie59: I still love matty de boer, hard honest player
Sloaneyyyy: Crows have next years #1 pick in the bag
Sloaneyyyy: I almost feel sorry for the blues
Lawls: Williams scaling up slightly is great
Lawls: I feel like Williams to Whitfield is a waste
OhSoRozee: crows might have to give pick 1 to pies for grundy
aussie59: was peeeeeeeDDD off when he was cut in 2016
wadaramus: I think the Aldinga Sharks might put up a better show than Carlton.
Stu7: Was is a Williams score going up?
heppelitis: sorry sloaneyyyy this is topping off a good weekend
DCmate: What is Williams injury?
aussie59: lol, @Lawls my opp has willians, gone from 66 to 72 since going off field
OhSoRozee: yeh williams was 65 down to 63 at ht then up to 72 now
Raspel31: Obviously not happy with Cripps but Whitfield- wow- you’ll single handedly carry us over the line,
Sloaneyyyy: Easy wads… The blues aren’t THAT bad
hinsch: Do you think Cripps would go to Geelon Collingwood WCE if offered
Tig-Train: Grundy is worth more than a pick 1 imo…
wadaramus: Fuck me, Whitfield is everywhere.
jbjimmyjb: go away whitfield
Donzoes: hammy @DCmate
Schillaci: Keep going Williams. Hahaha.
wadaramus: OK, but not far off Sloaney!
Wends: Giants play Dees Rd 10 – does De Boer go straight to Clarry?
GobChuck: whitfield mate settle down, i won’t be able to afford u otherwise
faisca7: Whitfield was the best junior i ever played with. Good to see him living up to his potential
Stu7: Gooooo mummmy ya good thang 😃
GobChuck: defintiely wends, he’s doing too good a job not to
Schillaci: And another point Williams. well done!
Gelly: scary to think there is 1 qtr to go, sc scores looking finished for gws
Sloaneyyyy: Wtf Cameron. How can he not kick a goal against this defence
Raspel31: True falsca?. Tell us about it 3/4 time.
Tig-Train: With scaling maybe Williams gets to 100 haha
CPotatoes: that greene handball in the back 50 was apparently uncontested
lukefield9: @faisca haha my mate said he was a massive flog who was arrogant as hell, he can’t stand him
Wends: I think it’s wine time…. these scores are traumatising.
wadaramus: Time for some lamb vindaloo…mmm
OhSoRozee: cameron is just amused at macreadie standing himself
original: Need a combined 33 from Walsh and stocker this quarter. Please SuperCoach gods please
heppelitis: good job cripps..tonned up for me…with the help of a C next to his name
heppelitis: cheers to ya Wends
Raspel31: A sneaky Shiraz me thinking Wends- your thoughts?
Sloaneyyyy: Guesses at how many gws players will get 20+ possessions?
OhSoRozee: 22 players for 20+ including williams
Stu7: About 11
Wends: Cheers hepp, here’s to you. And spot on Rasp – nice Tamburlaine pres free shiraz
penguins00: I have Cripps and Williams vs Whitfield and 28 and I’m going to get spanked
Phasir: Is Williams still out there?
Wends: Cheers to Hawkey.
Stu7: Phasir – No
The39Steps: How in the hell did the AFL allow this rabble to trade away a first round pick, now certainly a number one pick?
Tig-Train: There is 700 odd SC points still
Stu7: Mummy 100 is sight!!!
Wends: Wld love the stats on ave scores of De Boer’s oppts. Guy’s Rains/Crowley like
Stu7: Get back in your box Setterfield
Stu7: Can anyone tell me why Williams score is going up?
GobChuck: Wends: Zerrett, Yeo, Dusty, TKelly,Luke Parker all well under 100 against him, add cripps in to that now
Raspel31: Golly gosh- much as I love women I will have your children Whitfield.
Wends: Sounds about right @Gob.
GobChuck: there’s still like 500 sc points to give out……
Gotigres: scaling Stu
Haydo: Because all of carltons scores are so low there is need for pregressive scaling stu
Stu7: 9 gws with more than 20 posessions
Natopotato: just get setterfield to 40 and i am happy
Wends: Gibbons alive! Stocker having foot problems for anyone who brought him in.
Gotigres: my sc team is almost as bad as Carlton
Tig-Train: Cripps 10 disposals for 56 is a load of crap
Stu7: Cheers Haydo thank you
Chelskiman: Taranto – Stop, stop they’re already dead!
Stu7: Hearing you Gotigres 😫
GobChuck: bring out the witches hats!
Yeehaw: VERY unimpressed with Whitfield and my $$$ plans
hinsch: hopefully GWS bring it home now and smash them
Breezey: The only good thing out of this round is 8 grabbed Finlayson in Draft this week.
Tig-Train: Witches hats would put up more of a fight to be fair
Yeehaw: Also pretty happy to have Coniglio on the bench in a game like this
ajconodie: Please get to you BE Walsh. It’s all I ask.
Raspel31: Sat on Whitfield for ed. All repaid now.3 weeks Yeehaw- my finger hover
thiccgucci: I reckon even i would have tonned up today against carlton
Breezey: I grabbed not 8
Stu7: Come on Mummy stop fvcking around lift!!!
original: Walsh +6 but only up 4 cmon!
megawatts: whats the record for marks a game?
Wends: Whitfield just made up for 3 weeks of rookie scores in one game for those who held.
Raspel31: My key board is stuffed- meant to say= wow- glad I stuck with Whitfiekd through doom and glom.
GobChuck: records 24
OhSoRozee: i think this performance makes ominous signs for coniglio to play more fwd
Wends: Those Williams to Whitfield plans now straight down the gurgler.
thiccgucci: coniglio better be bloody fresh for next week
OnTheRocks: at least Carlton are winning 3 of the statistics, HO, FF and Clangers :S
GobChuck: toby greene pulling 32 disposals today is a worry for those cog owners.
Chelskiman: I’m 30 points up but opp has Taranto captain, Cripps and Haynes on field to my nothing.
OhSoRozee: yeh whitfield only gonna drop like 15k at worst now and his be for next week will go lower
heppelitis: ok roos..silvagni going at 40%..give him a tick
Raspel31: I’ll sell him for a good Shiraz Wends.
LuvIt74: Why wouldn’t ya stick with Whitfield he has only had the 1 bad score
m0nty: Whitfield on for a possible 200
OhSoRozee: cripps is gonna drop 40k
Yeehaw: What does Whitfield get from here, 180? If I lose to this I will be saltyyyy
pharace: I hope Bolts at least gives his players a Participation Ribbon!
OhSoRozee: and a massive be next week
Chelskiman: LuvIt I think most of us traded him out to make money and then planned on getting him back when he dropped in price.
original: Can Walsh and stocker get 7 more points?!?
Chelskiman: Nobody expected 190 from him.
Raspel31: Agre I did- just tough to leave all that on the bench.ed Luvit and
Wends: Have been keeping one for a special occasion Rasp; it’s a deal.
Breezey: Blues got the Saints next week. Any hope or flower all
ajconodie: It’s pretty sad when a player who went off injured at half time has a higher SC score than 18 opposition players.
original: Stocker +8 for that gather and handball please
LuvIt74: I’m glad i waited to bring in Hately, I’ll bring him in this week if named and swap Williams to Whitfield
9inch: to think I figured Whitfield would have a quiet game back…. damn gonna be expensive
Raspel31: Ah- my key board is stuffed. I stuck with Whitfield and benched him for weeks- tough call when you want to make money. B
Wends: Surely Dees won’t give up as many points next week? Might be a bit of point chasing after tonight…
LuvIt74: although if its nothing serious and only one game I’ll hold Williams
OhSoRozee: give carlton some love and scale cripps/walsh to tons ty
original: Can stocker and Walsh combine for a +1or +2 scale pls
LuvIt74: @9inch Whitfiels breakeven is 219
GobChuck: scaling give mckay 100 because you can please
9inch: Got Kelly instead lol
Wends: Donzoes post at start of chat prophetic.
LuvIt74: Teams that shut Cripps down, Carlton are screwed big time
Donzoes: I made the error thinking Hately was playing. Good on me

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