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Chat log from R8 of 2019: North Melbourne vs Geelong

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Geelong, R8 of 2019

GobChuck: Who else can’t wait to see 30 more late changes by the cats?
OhSoRozee: danger probz gets a knock early and sits out the game ud think they would rest him the way they been resting rookies
OhSoRozee: especially where they sitting on the ladder and their opponent
wadaramus: Danger to make amends for last weeks deplorable offering.
Apachecats: Really surprised Danger got up ,looked absolutely Boghart last week at end of game.
OhSoRozee: swapped ross to constable on field
OhSoRozee: danger has his own sideshow when it comes to his injury and when he gets reported
OhSoRozee: wonder hm will take a donut with menegola out
OhSoRozee: and who those who gambled with the c on him as their only vc loop option
OhSoRozee: constable that is
Umpirespet: Who would of thought Danger would get up the Prima Donna
th3rio: christ Rozee you’re on every game lol
OhSoRozee: danger should carry the muppet icon into games after injuries
jappleby: how do u get the player icons when the game hasn’t even started and some players are starting on the bench like clark??
OhSoRozee: only every game ur on th3rio
Umpirespet: And if no one is on th3rio he is happy talking to him self
Raspel31: Phew- been sweating on Danger- otherwise Parker’s dismal 25-phew.
OhSoRozee: comments linger till u come in =)
th3rio: just worried about your work/life balance Rozee
OhSoRozee: goin roo’s upset by 17
Umpirespet: Well played rozee
Gelly: so gablett back in the mids hmm
BRAZZERS: Damn I forgot to swap Constable on the field for cousins smh
Umpirespet: Geeeelong by250
OhSoRozee: there is no life when the footy is on weekends i enjoy the game
Apachecats: same Brazzers but it might work out ok.
th3rio: no complaints here with that life man! go catters!
wadaramus: Patty D underway 🙂
th3rio: bloody hell, had rohan first goal lol
HappyDEZ: Dramafield is another one of those players that is better off 55m out than 30m straight out in front.
jappleby: nice start danger
Raspel31: 250 ambitious Umpire- I’m predicting 247.
OhSoRozee: constable will go low coz i fielded him last minute over ross
Gelly: well looks like zielbell is now a tagger
Umpirespet: Soz raspel I’ll try not to over exaggerate in future
OhSoRozee: duncan had jet fuel for breakfast
Hadouken: yay kelly….
jbjimmyjb: rozee do your jinx thing on kelly so that he stays at 500k for me
OhSoRozee: @jimmy nty got him
th3rio: what the hell telly
OhSoRozee: ziebell 34 be been good since he moved mid couple weeks back could b handy unique
Bennyherb: Kelly wtf ?
Stu7: I’m hearing you OhSoRozee I did the same I’m SC cursed
jbjimmyjb: norf all over geelong atm, should be 3 goals in front
OhSoRozee: umm ok 1 hball 1 cp 1 kermie for 6 on taylor
Apachecats: Lucky Danger got that 1 kick.
Gelly: muppet for rat
Seiya: Rozee it doesn’t show 1% such as spoils there are hidden stats this website doesn’t show
Umpirespet: Dwayne geelong don’t have RS contenders only Rozee and Walsh can win it
OhSoRozee: some1 at cd loves taylor watch this space
th3rio: dog esava
JRedden: stay down stewart
OhSoRozee: @seiya yeh i know the scoring was just pointing out 1 hball 1 kermie at 100 de and no fa
th3rio: does tellys handball not count because it was smothered?
DrSeuss: Kelly, Stewart, Danger – not a great start
Raspel31: Kelly in the black- on fire- groan.
HappyDEZ: Telly owed a handball I reckon from the HFF 5 minutes ago.
Apachecats: Stewart spent 10 mins on the bench Suess.
th3rio: Happy, thats what Im asking too, i think maybe because it was smothered doesnt count a a disposal?
DrSeuss: Cheers Apache
HappyDEZ: Clean handball I reckon th3rio. Only smothered b4 it got to Gazza.
Gelly: umpires need to revise the rules
th3rio: hope so! need him to hit 25 _
Catatafish: Come on Constable, earn your place!
StuL: Boo
th3rio: is ziebell playing fwd or mid?
original: Constable higher please
megawatts: got cam guthrie, dahlhaus, goldy and cunnington reasonably happy so far
original: 2 marks, 3/4 effective disposals (3 kicks 1 hb
Yelse: just logged on… omg constable is playing and i traded him 🙁
Patty19: Missed the first QT, how does danger look? In disbelief he’s playing, thought he was cooked last week.
Yelse: why does ratugolea get a game? doesn’t do much each week
OhSoRozee: id b worried about that hball ratio on danger normally kicks terrority
HappyDEZ: Looka fine Patty19. Started forward. Played the last 10 mins or so in the mids.
OhSoRozee: injury last might restrict his kicks 2day
jbjimmyjb: patty he looks fine tbh kicked a goal from 55m out
Umpirespet: Well done to the lady who turned 100
Gloryhound: Constable on track to get his BE of 39 at this rate
NoneyaB: ni ni gaj
Apachecats: Atkins sore 774.
OhSoRozee: hm of u got dahl?
Hadouken: lol atkins, just needed one more week….
original: Constable (me) v Clark a crucial battle for me ffs
Yelse: comnnn kelly lift ffs
Apachecats: Got Dahl and stewart OhSo.
StuL: Constable might make Seargeant yet
OhSoRozee: opp has goldy/danger/stew vs kelly/constable for me
StuL: Got rid of Clark so he will finally come good
Apachecats: Atkins went back on ,maybe cooked now.
Apachecats: Abletts got his elbow in action again ,can’t keep getting off.
Raspel31: Not enough contact Apache.
HappyDEZ: Yep TV for Gazza. Maybe red cross for Atkins.
original: Slow down clark
Apachecats: Thanks Rasp ,just going by radio guys ,fine again maybe,
Gelly: david king would be so proud of himself for that call
itsduftime: my boy Miers getting it done
Raspel31: Kelly coming good after the slowest start.
Hadouken: not watching game, is Atkins still playing or done for the day ?
Gelly: i think atkins is cooked, 48 tog, been on bench last 10 mins
zoomba23: Keep going Miers
Hadouken: ok thanks Gelly
NugzNiggle: Real good Miers. Making good cash. Anyone else had him from day one? He’s been sneaky good.
zoomba23: Any chance of Goldy doing something?
zoomba23: Traded him in when Setters got suspended Nugz. Haven’t looked back
itsduftime: Picked Miers from the start. Only picked him beacause he was selected. Sometimes you get lucky
Gandhi: This is pretty much the best goldy can do now, not sure what you expect
Stu7: He’s got to make corporal first StuL
Trindacut: Gelly, ya cooked as
zoomba23: Gandhi: Was on like 45 at QT. Would’ve liked a little more from him that qtr
NugzNiggle: Good stuff @duf. Nice move @Zoomba. Been a good little cash cow.
megawatts: convinced by guthrie yet?
Hadouken: @Nugz, yes i grabbed Miers from the start
Raspel31: Bummer- Isaac Smith late out for Hawks- only got him in draft but no cover.
NugzNiggle: Who’s in for Smith?
leorosman_: Harry Morrison @nugz
NugzNiggle: Cheers mate. Miers BE of 24 too. Should make cash for a few more weeks yet.
NugzNiggle: By the way, Anyone else confused by Constable? Wasn’t he initially rested weeks ago? Then he’s a late inclusion today.
Hadouken: I reckon atkins was 24 also, prob -15k now if he doesnt come on
Hadouken: Atkins was 21 i meant
NugzNiggle: My brother fielded Atkins over Constable which was fair enough. Until he was named haha.
lisapizza7: Atkins be is 18
Hadouken: looks like a straight trade from Atkins to Dunkley this week
Donzoes: My game is coming down to goldy vs Grundy. Might be close
OhSoRozee: ablett should defs get a week now that 1 was more deliberate than the other
Apachecats: Stewart KO ,oh no.
th3rio: ouch
Apachecats: Concusion test and sore neck.
Hadouken: stewart in round 14 🙂
blonde0na: pathetic NM supporters boo’ing
Stu7: Any predictions on Dangers score today gents?
OhSoRozee: unlucky if stewarts out especially if people had m.crouch 2
Apachecats: They’ll boo if he keeps elbowing players.
Stu7: Stewart looks sore!!!
bushranger: Rozee – thats me . Two red crosses hurts
OhSoRozee: hopefully not much more than 80 on danger
Apachecats: Stewart no a common Oh So ,I’m in 10 SC leagues and I’m the only one who has him .Groan!
OhSoRozee: bloody clark after i get rid of ya
Hadouken: atkins back on
bushranger: Could have Whitfield and Stewart on the bench next week. Oh joy
OhSoRozee: @apache yeh im sure theres a couple out there who went both
original: This week clark shows up ffs
OhSoRozee: loving kelly after 1st 15 mins
Apachecats: Just shows how much luck is involved in SC.
Gelly: Atkins at FF limited mobility
Tig-Train: Fuck stop touching the ball kelly
BRAZZERS: forced to keep clark, had to trade liber and butters last week. Keep it going!
Apachecats: I’ll go 94 in Danger nearest the pin.
DrSeuss: How is Stewart? Still on the ground??
Oddsy5: got kelly in last week. paying off big so far! keep going
Apachecats: Just hoping Stewart can get back on.
thiccgucci: Need constable to get near 80!
Ash777: nooo why did they have to bring constable in. he was my vc loophole 🙁
Ash777: I had cripps as vc.
Apachecats: Constable at least earning himself another game .Don’t know why he was dropped anyway.
OhSoRozee: happy with 73+ from constable as long as ross doesnt outscore that
The39Steps: tv for Gaz?
OhSoRozee: @ash unlucky but was very likely inclusion this week if danger or some1 else didnt get up
noobcoach: just remembered this game was on – atkins still on the field?
BestCoast: Apache 102 for me
OhSoRozee: @noob sounds like he dug a hole at ff and is sitting in that
MONEY TALK: cmon dahlhaus keep up with telly
SwaggyP: Ugh goldy why u do dis
penguins00: Cats defence looks disorganised without Stewart
MONEY TALK: @Apachecats they wern’t happy with his outside work and defensive running
noobcoach: Wonderful, that takes away some cash gen 🙁
Apachecats: Stewart coming back on.
BRAZZERS: north a chance here especially with geelong being 2 men down
Ash777: give stewart the zombie
Bennyherb: No Tom stewert they get flogged
itsduftime: Stewart bacl 🙂
Apachecats: Miracle.
BRAZZERS: spoke too soon
Hadouken: Rohan out cold
MONEY TALK: i want stewart to be cheap noooo
Ash777: oh there’s no such icon
BestCoast: Carn Norfs do it for Rooboystu
Hadouken: Rohan off, atkins to come back on ? fingers crossed
brano: BestCoast!
penguins00: Nth fans are trash can’t believe you’d boo someone who’s coming off the field after being knocked out off the ball
Raspel31: Kelly done and dusted after qtr 1- what a champ.
BestCoast: Eagle Power top of the day to you
NoneyaB: yep on 98 good fight back
original: Constable Please beat clark
NoneyaB: well done kelly!
duckky: OK – did anyone captain Kelly?
NoneyaB: no but i have him
MONEY TALK: im going to lose because my oppo has kelly and oliver
Raspel31: I have Kelly and Oliver Money- your opp is a wise man.
OhSoRozee: @mega do u have goldy ruck?
Nigma97: Would you guys take Constable or Stack at this pace?
Nigma97: my loophole is hately in the next game
OhSoRozee: i go constable
MONEY TALK: my oppo is fluking lmao
jappleby: the kelly contract/trade saga at end of the year will be interesting. he’d be close to a top 10 mid in the league now!
NugzNiggle: What’s going to win the highest score of the round?
megawatts: @rozee i do
Raspel31: That’s a diffy Nig- prob Constable- bird in hand.
Nigma97: opponent has Stack but I’m chasing, so I’m hoping I gain the advantage out of this
Oddsy5: if youve held onto oliver through the storm id say u deserve the 175 😂
OhSoRozee: @mega miers -constable – danger(vc) – guthrie also?
dipstick: like is aid yesterday, Tim Kelly in for pretucelle 😎
Raspel31: Yep- there were many moments where the finger hovered Oddsy
megawatts: @mega only danger and guthrie
megawatts: woops @rozee
crusherop: Wasn’t Goldy like 50 at qtr time?
StuL: Kelly would be winning the Brownlow
MONEY TALK: west coast really wishing they got kelly
Oddsy5: knew hed come good @raspel. except hes gone down 80k so woulda been a good pickup at his low price
jbjimmyjb: dammit rozee, look at kelly, i needed you 🙁
OhSoRozee: west coast ultimatum to kennedy paycut to play on so we can grab t.kelly
duckky: @ Rozee – are you not a doggies supporter?
BestCoast: Be very very surprised if Kelly not at Eagles next year it’s almost a certain what I’m hearing
StuL: You’ll need a mill now and we have it apparently.
StuL: You’ll need near a mill now and we have it apparently.
OhSoRozee: @ducky i am but anything outside the dogs i just enjoy afl
BestCoast: Nic Nats contract is where it’s at he knows he is going to lose a big chunk and has agreed to it
OhSoRozee: pls mr policeman chase kelly
Ash777: I don’t think money will be the factor for kelly.
thiccgucci: go constable go! Get to 90
BestCoast: Kelly just wants home full stop
Wends: Afternoon all… so far Petch to Daniel over larkey working out a treat 😐
MONEY TALK: give brown the muppit
SwaggyP: Kelly will go to GC. Dude wants the money, he has a family to look out for.
OhSoRozee: rise of fremantle might actually sway kelly to a certain lock for wa next yr
Raspel31: Think anyone with the danger just happy he played- beats Parker’s 25.
Oh8ball: Kelly ain’t stayin at cats that’s for sure
StuL: Kelly will stY
LuvIt74: Had Constable on field yesterday but took him off to put stack on and wish i didn’t now
BestCoast: Also hearing Cripps will run out his contract and head west as well
StuL: Why go to a nothing team? Ablett was sold hope at least. No hope at GC now
banners87: Sorry boys, late to the party here, but do we know why Menegola was a late out?
BestCoast: OhSoRozee Kelly mo Freo he has already stated that
Apachecats: Heart for Stewart please mOnty
lwillo: Cripps is going no where lol listen to the interview he did this week
Wends: Apparently knee was official word Banners…
StuL: You’re full of it. Cripps said he wants to win a flag at the blues
Oh8ball: Cripps ain’t going anywhere that’s just ridiculous haha
casey22: on up Charlie
Hadouken: come on atkins, 4 quick goals…
BestCoast: Cripps win a flag at the blues so he plans on playing till he is 60 lol
Raspel31: Wow Kelly- 10 after 1st qtr?
lwillo: Any chance Charlie gets dropped this week. Nothing surprised me anymore
OhSoRozee: @bestcoast he said in the trade last yr that but early this yr did change his mind on the actual situation of going to
OhSoRozee: fremantle early this season
banners87: Cheers Wends 🙂
Ash777: I think it’s SPS that is moving back west from blues.
BestCoast: What said and what happens 2 different things I do know a little about what’s going on believe me
Stu7: Go Danger onward and up!!!
Hadouken: lol wrong way atkins !!
lwillo: #fakenews but you might be a journo lol
Wends: You’re welcome banners. You had him too? V frustrating!
original: Clark 5 turnovers cmon
dipstick: cripps will lead the blues to multiple flags starting 2021
duckky: Go out of the room and Goldy jumps 12 points… I’m going for a bit
OhSoRozee: cmon charlie get the ton
banners87: Yeah I did! Thought he’d finally turned the corner after last week.
BestCoast: No just a person who comes from a family that’s been involved in WA footy for over 70 years
Ash777: SPS is the 1 I heard that is being targeted by clubs him and Weitering.
casey22: Charlie gets 100 plus. Emergency next week?
original: About time constable kicks a goal…
Burnsy03: Glad I went Brayshaw to T Kelly and accidently fielded Clark over Moore this week..
Raspel31: Quiet game Gazz- except for four goals when it counted
duckky: Stay down Charlie, too many of my opponents have you as C
original: Lol Dahl was on 58 halfway thru the second qtr. piled on a massive 25 since
Wends: F%$# the po-lice (in a good way).
BestCoast: Dipstick I hope so Ken Hunter was like my dads 4th son seen the blues win a few back in the day at the G
ozziekev: had atkins on bench to cover danger/constable…when both playing put atkins on field..fml !
OhSoRozee: still surprised at hm people held clark after last week
OhSoRozee: but i think thats coz they had force changes elsewhere
OhSoRozee: stewart done well after 15 min concussion
Oddsy5: hows stewart coming back n getting a good score…oppo has him 😂
Wends: (I rarely swear but Constable worth it 🙂
Burnsy03: Rozee I dumped Butters and upgraded Brayshaw to kelly
Stu7: 20 more Danger
OhSoRozee: gonna b some huge scores this round
BestCoast: Danger raises the bat
Apachecats: you got nearest the pin covered Best Coast.
BestCoast: Apache could be some adjustments

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