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Chat log from R8 of 2019: Port Adelaide vs Adelaide

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Adelaide, R8 of 2019

Umpirespet: Carn the Crows
OhSoRozee: 1 person in my league had oliver and not my opp =)
OhSoRozee: he had brayshaw instead
wadaramus: How did Oliver get to 175? 6mins to play I went to get curry and came back to see that!
Juzzo: Why do the power fans sing that INXS song anyway?
wadaramus: Because Port Power and Port Magpies will never be torn apart.
Pies20: Great start drew
masterhc2: Tossing up between upgrading drew and walsh, went with drew. Looks like bad decision
Yelse: wines out good for drew
MercAm: Who did you upgrade drew for???
OhSoRozee: nice disposals m.crouch
beerent11: The wines injury
OhSoRozee: lol commentator called brad crouch brad scott
beerent11: The wines injury will be good for drew
J_Herer: Hope Rocky can get to a 70 at least tonight
Seiya: got rid of drew for cameron hopefully it doesn’t come back to bite
beerent11: Great minds yelse
Umpirespet: Gee the precious power are booing everthing already
dipstick: Where’s butters?
OhSoRozee: bench warmer atm
OhSoRozee: butters got dropped
blonde0na: rocky gone back to his 2018 role of half a quarter on the ground?
OhSoRozee: they are going to hard at the free ball slow down
pcaman2003: You can get the ball any time you like Sloane,
original: Rockliff was just smh at no game time. IMMEDIATE impact hehe
J_Herer: Rocky looked cooked last week, if he doesnt perform tonight, he is gone for me
Seiya: Imagine if this game was on FTA, channel 7’s worst nightmare
OhSoRozee: collingwood were to quick for rocky last week he will score good against slow teams all year and shower on quick
Seiya: no ad breaks if there’s no goals, the real reason showdown is on fox
pcaman2003: Sloane plenty of TOG but haven’t seen him near the ball.
pcaman2003: There he is,knocking the ball OOB. Useless!
DrSeuss: Finally bought in Boak – looks like I broke him 🙁
StuL: Boak crashing back to earth
original: Cmon crouchys
J_Herer: @OhSo, lets see, i wasnt sold last week with all that strapping
OhSoRozee: theres pressure in their heads and not much actual pressure
jaypeee: sorry boys i brought in Boak and made him captain
OhSoRozee: kick and short kick tempo footy for 5 mins
duckky: Boak was made Captn by Port again this week
Blahsta: i picked a great week to upgrade drew to boak!
original: Every rushed mcrouch kick is a turnover lol
duckky: Is danger playing tomorrow?
OhSoRozee: port rookies up for the fight
pcaman2003: Sloane touched the ball. Woohoo! Hopefully he’ll score over 50 tonight.
OhSoRozee: only heard thompsons out for debut curtis taylor from that game so far
StuL: Ffs hoff you are such a spud.
runt: Boak is a wheezing old hack. There you go, he will top score now
Yeehaw: Amon yikes
Catatafish: Getting fisted by the SC scores for Crouch, Duursma and Laird so far
Stu7: Sloane only needs 26 now pacman2003
pcaman2003: @catafish. Crouch would better if he cleaned up his sloppy disposals.
Stu7: So glad a ditched Westoff aka Jackoff weeks ago
wadaramus: AFL has now turned into an utter scrap. Bring it down to a base level where skill is irrelevant.
Pies20: Goldy to obrien4weeks ago has been the best trade I’ve done all year
cobrakai00: matt crouch pick it up you flog
MONEY TALK: lmao all those ppl who traded drew
Fatbar5tad: AFL isn’t crap, Adelaide is crap. Terrible side to watch.
BRAZZERS: Lol at the muppets that traded drew
Pies20: Agree @fatbar
Catatafish: Both Crouchs need to
dipstick: I stopped watching AFL years asgo. Its only bearable on radio these days
wadaramus: I said scrap, not crap.
Breezey: Earth to Westhoff.
StuL: Oppo is killing me cos he got dunk. Traded drew to get him thiygh
dipstick: Should get SC points for throws and laying eggs it happens so often
StuL: Hoff looks like hes never played football before
pcaman2003: Hoff looking awful this year. Have no idea why.
Ash777: Poo I bought in Westhoff this week. Jinxed him
J_Herer: Boak getting very busy
OhSoRozee: westhoff already had a hex on him
StuL: So.youre only the second stupidest supercoach ash
Breezey: Boak getting busy alright. In DT not SC
dipstick: No. He is #1 stupidest coz he chose to bring him in
nick2397: Boak is busy butchering it.
Catatafish: Is Boak kicking Adelaide’s goals?
Donzoes: Glad I kept B.Crouch over Libba for this week
StuL: I didnt think it was possible for a senior player to get 3 in a half
Pies20: Hoff played well last week but has been shower this season i don’t have him
Blahsta: matt crouch inj?
OhSoRozee: picked the wrong crouch =(
pcaman2003: Keep going Smith. Game not finished yet.
Ash777: send westhoff to defence hinkley.
OhSoRozee: bs free and 50
StuL: Hoffs BE is 30. He will lose money
poolboybob: Jesus Christ Boak hit a target
DrSeuss: Rocky getting cold on the bench? That TOG is ridiculous
Pies20: Yep @rozee shower decision
pcaman2003: That’ll hurt Boak owners.
OhSoRozee: @drseuss he come on at with 10 on clock in 1st qtr
Dondeal: Boak going at 10%. Fark
OhSoRozee: heeneys score looks like a steal compared to boaks
Raspel31: Evening ladies. Gawn a bit sad as cap but no complaints about Oliver. And well done Drew.
Raspel31: And Rozee.
TheLegend6: Rocky growing
biggs2dujj: The week I trade Boak in. Fuco
nick2397: How to stop a runaway horse, bet on him (or in SC make him C)
pcaman2003: Get going Smith and get pts.
beerent11: When Rocky’s around the ball is not having any trouble getting it
Dondeal: Hoff looking like napoleon dynamite when he carries on like that
Catatafish: Stay still Smith and fuck off
OhSoRozee: good thing boak is gettin it tho should still get a respectable score
pcaman2003: How is Lycett on 50? Kicked out on full and gets pts.Poor DE and ordinary stats. Don’t add up.
OhSoRozee: m.crouch hip problem
Gotigres: mrouch off injured
J_Herer: front contact to Smith, he protects with his leg and its his fault and free, stupid
OhSoRozee: @herer lycett was pushed into smith
J_Herer: thought they paid what I said, madness lol
OhSoRozee: m.crouch is back on btw
J_Herer: O’Brien going backwards tonight
pcaman2003: B Couch has stopped.
Raspel31: Won’t touch him – but 61 with 8 touches- Sloane a tackle machine.
tankin: wtf happened to boaks sc
JockMcPie: 50 penalty @tankin
Blahsta: 23% d/e not helping either
StuL: I cant understand how u can trade that bad
OhSoRozee: marshall and hoff need to go out for frampton and move dougal fwd with jonas back
pcaman2003: Need big half from Sloane,B Crouch ,Smith and O’Brien
jaypeee: c’mon captain Boak
MercAm: Need big half from Drew, Boak, Duursma and Laird
OhSoRozee: flowering rockliff but more on motlop not goin the ball
Apachecats: Wouldn’t mind some of whatever they gave MCrouch for that hip.
Gandhi: Drew spending plenty of time on the pine now
DrSeuss: What’s happened to Brad Crouch? Was on fire early
Yelse: why are scores so low?
OhSoRozee: yeh they had to throw big guns in mid
OhSoRozee: dew on the ground @yelse
pcaman2003: Crouch,O’Brien and Smith stinking it up.
NoneyaB: m crouch = gone
pcaman2003: Drew quiet for long time too.
NoneyaB: m crouch red cross
OhSoRozee: tracksuit on m.crouch
BRAZZERS: rocky any chance hitting a target? thanks
jaypeee: c’mon boak FFS
Gelly: im tanking so hard in the ranks this week, having a shocker
DrSeuss: Drew and Duursma gone a little quiet this half
Umpirespet: U take Rocky Rozee?
Donzoes: This has been a bad week so far bar Oliver
OhSoRozee: motlop must b sore doesnt want contact
J_Herer: on track for a great score, now m.crouch, dam
OhSoRozee: @umpires yeh
OhSoRozee: balls just falling to adelaide in every situation now
wadaramus: Smith stinks tonight.
pcaman2003: Go Sloandog. Please score huge tonight.C’mon Smith and do something useful
OhSoRozee: htb u flowering ump
Hawks_13: Come on Duursma, haven’t scored since the first quarter
Haydo: How many weeks for crouch
Umpirespet: That’s why we don’t bring back JJ
pcaman2003: Watching Smiith and he’s only spectating lazy sod.
Sloan4Pres: port making adelaide look good
J_Herer: Westoff lol he was being held
pcaman2003: WTF O’Brien? Amateur stuff!
beerent11: Almost upgraded rocky this week but with wines injured might make it to the byes
hinsch: Mcrouch is going to kill me this week
Apachecats: Impressed with MCrouch putting on 4 SC since he went off.
Umpirespet: I need 5 trades this week
beerent11: Smith 76 breakeven not likely
DrSeuss: Drew and Duursma really slowing down now
twinpeaks: Hi all, what was the nature of M Crouch’s injury? Going to be weeks?
wadaramus: Corked hip I reckon.
beerent11: This boak scores great for us that don’t have hom
wadaramus: Duursma and Drew, stinky stinky. Bad week for rookie scores this week.
OhSoRozee: wasnt a cork so probz a few weeks minimum
Umpirespet: Think it could be twinpeaks
StuL: Hoff to f7 as pointless ruck cover for the rest of the year. His career is probably over anyway
NugzNiggle: Duursma was going well @Wada. Just had a minus 3 quarter after a 46 first half. Spewin.
wadaramus: Same as Drew,done nada since the first quarter.
NugzNiggle: Hopefully they hit their BE’s.
DrSeuss: Drew and Duursma both out of gas after big firsts
OhSoRozee: i jinxed ports rookies saying they up to the fight led all the scores after 1st qtr
dipstick: @stu don’t risk him at f7. Make him r3 and get a fwd rookie later
dipstick: Yeah, like those who thought pettrecelle was gonna get a good score also
pcaman2003: O’Brien you lump of uselessness,do something good FFS
StuL: I’ve given up any hope Hoff can get a kick, ever
OhSoRozee: @dipstick he probz has bines to swap westhoff and him as cover
OhSoRozee: and vc looper
OhSoRozee: instead of wasting another trade after bringing him in f7 sounds fine to me
StuL: Yea. Stupid herald sun wtf would they know?
Hawks_13: Hulk for Rockliff
dipstick: @rozee doesn’t always work that way. Can’t loop the ruck for a late vout if ones already played
jbjimmyjb: this week has been terrible for scoring geez what is going on
jaypeee: boak get to 100 at least pleaseeeee
NugzNiggle: Onya Duursma.
beerent11: If boak gets 100 port will be winning jaypee
Danstar: M crouch gotten 5 points being on bench
pcaman2003: Go Sloaney! C’mon Smith and catch up a bit.
Breezey: Flower Duursma
NugzNiggle: Surely Port…
LuvIt74: how long to go in this game?
BRAZZERS: game on!
Catatafish: Me thinks that Duursma compared to Rozee is fair bullshit
Danstar: 8 minutes
Torz: 8 mins
DrSeuss: Lets go Boaky
OhSoRozee: rozee is wanganeen esc and duursma judd esc
beerent11: Smith is my only disappointing player so far this round
beerent11: Sounds like a few too many sherbets rozee
Ash777: westhoff finally moving but only too late 🙁
pcaman2003: Lycett score is BS. Stack of pts for SFA
J_Herer: Rocky proved me wrong nicely, well done son
Umpirespet: God I hate last qtrs in showdowns
LuvIt74: Bloody hell who’s in your team beerent11
beerent11: Nothing special luv it just the only one this far below their average
jbjimmyjb: boak, heeney, moore, walsh, lloyd, smith all bad this week for me
beerent11: In saying that his score has just rocketed up
OhSoRozee: lycett’s Ho have been to advantage to cl and his cp
masterhc2: good rocky
Raspel31: Beware hubris beerent.
Umpirespet: Was hoping Walsh could stay till byes not sure now
beerent11: 40 possies the return of the pig
beerent11: I’ll just a dictionary raspel and get back to you
Raspel31: Walsh to fyfe for me UMP.
J_Herer: m Crouch hip -3
dipstick: Walsh shouldn’t be traded until you have 10 trades left and full premo.
beerent11: Good thing you’re here raspel. Keeping everyone in their place
Struda: Walsh should be traded when youre completing your midfield tbh
Catatafish: Not sure what chicken bones bollocks they use to calculate these SC scores.

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