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Chat log from R8 of 2019: St Kilda vs West Coast

Chat log for St Kilda vs West Coast, R8 of 2019

OhSoRozee: only 1 had oliver in my league just glad it wasnt my opp
Apachecats: 4 out of 10 had him in my SC leagues Oh So.
Apachecats: I have Brayshaw free to a good home if anyone wants him.
Apachecats: *home doesn’t have to be that good actually
frenzy: great my op had ollie and salem
MercAm: Only have Petruccelle here, want a 75+ score from you mate, YOU CAN DO IT
J_Herer: Just Hurn for me
thommoae: Traded Petrucelle for Naughton this round; figured if he scored peanuts at home v Suns …
Gelly: naughton lol
beerent11: Need a nice quiet game from yo-yo so libba can be him next week
beerent11: Hurn and Parker here
GobChuck: only opponent with Oli this week was the cash league. Thankfully he had Gawn C.
GobChuck: Hurn and Marshall here, Parker on bench
dipstick: Traded ptrucelle for tkelly
cobrakai00: Petruccelle at F6 tonight.. go you good thing!!
Pies20: Got petrucelle and maybe parker if danger doesn’t play tomorrow
Stu7: Are St Kilda on the ground yet?
hinsch: STU stuck in a lift hahaha
DrSeuss: Let’s go Pet and Marshall
Stu7: Newnes…. wake up!!!
original: I love you hurn
Stu7: Sucks to be Kennedy!!1
MONEY TALK: wats the icon on hurn
Evan_Bryce: The Hurn icon is the ‘Kick-in’ @MoneyTalk
BRAZZERS: why don’t read the section where the icons are explained? Instead of wasting ppls time..
MONEY TALK: im on my phone it wont show me the icon explained
Stu7: Can anyone shed any light on what Newnes is doign? Apart form nothing???
MONEY TALK: gotta love female umpires
Stu7: = Kick in taker (goalsquare). This player takes a lot of kick ins after points, and often plays on for cheap fantasy st
masterhc2: Where’s the donut for jjk
Oddsy5: got in hurn this week. hopefully pays off
BRAZZERS: this slapper, is the worst umpire in the history on the game
masterhc2: st kilda crashing back to earth, didn’t get all the hype when they had beaten absolutely noone
Umpirespet: Bugger put Parker on field and petrol on the bench
DrSeuss: Keep it up Big Marshall
OhSoRozee: sheeds scored well after i got rid of him but was only gc and stkilda opp
Ash777: Worse than Razor ray? That’s pretty hard to do.
MONEY TALK: umpires r amazing
Gandhi: That’s a soft one
thommoae: Bruce could do worse than learn to kick right-footed. His left is a 50/50 proposition.
DrSeuss: Couple more before HT Marshall
dipstick: Damn, you forget how ugly lingy is. Got a great head for radio
Umpirespet: Parker still need 1 for ur BE
StuL: You better play Danger. Parker you donkey
StuL: Petru finally gets more than 40. Could have kept him
Raspel31: Atta boy Petro- Chemical- only player in this game.
MercAm: Come on Petruccelle get to a ton you good thing
pcaman2003: Great goal! Keep going petrol
pcaman2003: Keep going Marshal,going great.
MONEY TALK: HAHAHAH howsw that a behind
Oh8ball: These umpires are fucked
NoneyaB: off hurns boot money
TheLegend6: loopholed setters onto field for petch just because I was happy to take a 67. This isn’t good haha.
poolboybob: Starting to think the umpires in the AFL might not be very good
Apachecats: Time for the cameo Parker goal.
Umpirespet: Parker is making money now
thiccgucci: need hurn to hit his projected badly
dipstick: My partner wants to know why eleniis umpiring a prof men’s sport. Any help
Raspel31: Parker’s actually had a really influential game apart from not touching the ball and doing nothing.
Raspel31: Tell him we’re stumped too dipstick.
MercAm: Petruccelle please touch the ball!!!
Apachecats: Wish I’d looped settters 67 for Parker.Going to cost me.
OhSoRozee: how is darling and kennedy goalless against st kildas defence
hinsch: dipstick, probably best not to go there, just because is the best answer
Umpirespet: Looks like Yeo is back
Apachecats: Yeo is a yo-yo.Plays a blinder then nothing.
Ash777: Yeo played a blinder all last year.
Ash777: sounds like there’s about as many eagles fans as there is saints
jayshi: i get it wrong every week, pick parker=petrol scores big, pick petrol=parker scores big
DrSeuss: Come on Marshall – big finish big fella
Raspel31: Well petrol didn’t touch the ball last qtr jayshi- not setting the world on fire.
Ash777: wow does mcgovern look out of shape
hinsch: Raspel Petrol will probably get managed next week, these players are professional wish my job had such a thing week off
pcaman2003: Score some pts Marshall and ton up
Ash777: He’s got chicken wings…
Raspel31: I think because he’s fat Ash.
hinsch: Parker has been on 16 for ever
dipstick: Yes malady
Ash777: parker took a mark!
jayshi: Parker 2 kicks in a minute
Raspel31: Parker killing Petrol 2nd half- 2 touches to 1.
Breezey: I nearly took a punt on Battle this week. Nearly I say. No guts
DrSeuss: Marshall get some possies to finish off the game…please
Gotigres: Petrol out of gas
Yeehaw: Traded Battle out like 3 weeks ago
StuL: Parker outscoring Westhoff still.
pcaman2003: A quick 10 pts now Marshall,please
MONEY TALK: saints lost that game in the 2nd being so inaccurate, but i think we deserve some credit

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