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Chat log from PF of 2018: West Coast vs Melbourne

Chat log for West Coast vs Melbourne, PF of 2018

frenzy: west coast to win
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
pcaman2003: Come on Dees.
Umpirespet: Go Eagles
Gotigres: Doesn’t look good for Melbourne
StuL: I have this feeling going for my team when its forlorn hope.
pcaman2003: Eagles being allowed a lot of space. Too easy sometimes.
original: 27 degrees over there. lol good luck dees
pcaman2003: WC supporters boo just about everything. So feral!
StuL: Terrible disposal Melb
original: hows that not a throw against jetta
StuL: Looks like we’re very grudgingly pies supporters next week.
pcaman2003: This is looking like last night
hinsch: who would have been the last Brisbane ex player to coach in a AFL grand final beside Nathan Buckley
Gelly: god sake melb, dont do a richmond
Gelly: nathan jones and viney need to get physical, both have been as soft as butter so far
StuL: Chris Scott?
Pokerface: Scott would be
StuL: Roos if you count Fitzroy
StuL: Actually no i think. Distracting from the horror here
Apachecats: Darn ,looks like I’ll have to barrack for Maggies in the GF.
StuL: Imagine travelling to Perth for this?
original: melbourne are already exhausted
StuL: Cant ever go for these btards.
original: petracca loves kicking long. mcgovern loves it
pcaman2003: Fat lady has already sung this one. Goodnight Dees.
StuL: So the rest helped wc but put Richmond to sleep. What to make of that?
StuL: Melb are like we were against them. Forgotten how to play.
shaker: I thought the Tiges played bad last night but the Dee’s are having a real mare
StuL: Pumpkin for Weideman
Umpirespet: Fed square deserted yet?
Torpedo10: Hardly Weideman’s fault their midfield has been junk.
Apachecats: Dee’s fans heading for the airport.Sad really, was hoping for them.
Umpirespet: Umps have to give demons a goal
Umpirespet: Lol a point I mean
StuL: Just butt hurt that he killed us and the gulf is so big from that to this.
poolboybob: Cleaver for every Melbourne player
SilverLion: WC dont lose if JJK and Darling play
oc16: the great comeback ever is on the cards
oc16: greatest*…
shaker: Dee’s making Eagles look good go and get your tattoes Pies fan you will sort this mob out
pcaman2003: Pies to win the big dance next week.
SilverLion: WC beat pies 2 weeks ago, and beat them at the G with nicnat on the bench for a half
SilverLion: Wouldnt chalk collingwood just yet
Umpirespet: What a goal
Umpirespet: Maybe Gawn should do less Google ads?
pcaman2003: @Umpire. Hahaha!
Umpirespet: Wow no star today even Minty is flat

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