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Chat log from PF of 2018: Richmond vs Collingwood

Chat log for Richmond vs Collingwood, PF of 2018

runt: Chris Mayne is a ridiculous looking unit
Gotigres: Go Tigers!
pcaman2003: You mean Sideshow Bob?
Ash777: nank is all over grundy
Gotigres: Grimes fantastic so far
pcaman2003: Dusty quiet so far too.
runt: Tigers very rusty
TheLegend6: Grimes should’ve been the first defender in the AA team
Ash777: a bit of ping pong going on there lol
pcaman2003: Can the Pies keep this up?
TheLegend6: Hows that not a free agaist Sidebottom attempting spekky without getting near ball?
runt: Tigers have the week off fumbles. They will get better as the game goes on
Ash777: they’re letting a fair bit go it seems
runt: Lingy on the helium
pcaman2003: Boom Boom!
original: Nank getting killed
pcaman2003: Tiges looking panicked.
runt: Tigers very very rusty
TheLegend6: Fingers crossed we come back here, I couldn’t stand pies in the granny as a neutral next week haha
Gotigres: Damn, Collingwood are playing well.
runt: Mrs Hardwick will be spewing
Ash777: is she pregnant with dusty’s baby?
pcaman2003: Big Cox shafting the Tiges.
StuL: The old Richmond are back. Big trouble.
TheLegend6: We’re getting smacked by a better team atm
casey22: Saw some tigers fans leaving already!
StuL: One tuplets.
wadaramus: Big Cox!
The0Grrr: Cox goin off!
StuL: No way
Gotigres: Richmond getting screwed by Cox
Ash777: I hope the week break before finals doesn’t get blamed again.
The0Grrr: Ugh! I got a hangover
StuL: The week off i tell you, you dont want it!
poolboybob: Pies supporters must be grinning through their tooth right now
The0Grrr: Pagan obviously onto something!
TheLegend6: What’re the stats behind having the week off? Based off this, Dees will win tomorrow
StuL: Dees can win it now.
The0Grrr: Thanks. I’ll take that!
StuL: If the tigers dont come back in the next 10 mins, its over.
TheLegend6: Commentator bias is doing my head in here haha ahhhhhh
StuL: Shane Ellen Cox.
TheLegend6: Game over boys, see ya next season!
Ash777: wow that was poor defence from tigers there
pcaman2003: Cox triples Tigers goals. Oh boy!
dipstick: my plan has come true. tiers to lose and suffer… and then pies to lose in another GF and suffer… excellent
The0Grrr: Hardwick another coach with no plan B?
dipstick: someone needs to knock big cox on the head
runt: What the bloody hell was the Coleman medallist doing with that shot?
StuL: Its Dee time i tell you. I still dont rate the pies. A pie win is adv Dees
runt: Tigers not even fighting back wtf
dipstick: cox proving why AFL will never be global. hasnt even played 2 years and he’s dominating in a prelim LOL
Ash777: did bucks get in a fight before the game? 😛
runt: Who would have thought a coaches beard could make so much difference to a team
Ash777: umm Cox has been in the system longer than 2 years…
LuvIt74: Tigers are stuffed they aren’t composed at all and look shocking…
runt: Pies pressure and tackling is draining the tigers resolve
pcaman2003: All over rover! Gonsky!
fonzie: tigers are done
StuL: Pies are in the GF! What? Come on Dees!
original: Conca been woeful. Too many tigers who have been coasting getting found out (caddy etc) graham nowhere
runt: Tigers will be able to let their hair down at the Brownlow at least
dipstick: ohh fuck.. tigers one year… pies the next.. now all we ned is bombers in GF next year
LuvIt74: Tigers may as well have no defence in this game
Ash777: as a neutral atleast we dont need to watch the 2nd half lol
jfitty: Spud for Rance, how can he let De Goey beat him…
fonzie: pumpkins for the tigers
casey22: Another blow out final, history repeats
runt: What the bloody hell is going on here?
TheLegend6: Minor Premiers, 2017 GF winners, we’ll take it
The0Grrr: Bloody 6 day breaks!
Gotigres: Game Over
LuvIt74: damn i hope the dees win
LuvIt74: @Gotigers no shit Sherlock…lol
StuL: WC Pies GF would be awful
runt: Tigers have no space and no clean finishing
LuvIt74: Yup StuL I wont be watching a pies vs WCE granny…
LuvIt74: I’ll only watch it if Melbourne win…
runt: Best half of Finals footy I have seen for a while. The Tigers dominate the MCG
Sixty656: Tiges will win by 3 goals
SilverLion: rance you star
SilverLion: If richmond win from here im not watching the grand final
Sixty656: Tiges win by 4
StuL: Settle down Bruce. Tuohy, Keneally and Hanley all better footballers than Cox. He’s just having an Ellen.
pcaman2003: Treloar and WHE no impact at all.
Gotigres: Well done to the pies. They have developed a game plan for when Grigg is in the ruck.
TheLegend6: Rucks proving to be so important this year re: Gawn and Grundy for Pies and Dees
Fizzy343: the most no deserving all Australian is killing it with his fwd handballs
TheLegend6: Who @Fizzy?
Fizzy343: Shane Edwards
TheLegend6: Hahaha okay mate take it you don’t watch much richmond
Fizzy343: i take it you’ve never seen Yeo or Coniglio play
TheLegend6: Incorrect, but Edwards one of the elite of the competition, keep being one of those stats guys though xx
Fizzy343: Neale, Beams and Macrae all deserved t more too biggest joke selection i’ve ever seen
Fizzy343: really showing what a star he is tonight
Sixty656: Tigs been resting, now they pounce and win by 3 goals.
SilverLion: Cox for star regardless of result
TheLegend6: Guys I don’t think we’re a chance but thanks for thinking we are haha
pcaman2003: Treloar,WHE and Aish need to step up.
TheLegend6: shut up @pcaman hahahaha
pcaman2003: Sorry Legend. Bad habit of mine.
fonzie: cox b.o.g
Gotigres: Hopefully a Pies V Demons gf
Pokerface: kill the pre-finals bye
StuL: Id’ be crying blood if I was a tigers fan. GF minimum was a pass.
SilverLion: How the flower is cox not bog?
runt: A nation weeps. Pies into a Grand-Final…
fonzie: tigers blew it
Pokerface: still unhappy about your draw eddie
StuL: Fwds can’t win b.o.g. Midfielders medal only.

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