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Chat log from R17 of 2018: Western Sydney vs Richmond

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Richmond, R17 of 2018

Apachecats: Reckon Dusty will go huge tonight.Just striking form in 2nd half last week.
Chelskiman: I hope so. If ever I need a huge game from him it’s this week!
TheOnyas: onya joshy
original: How’s good is Shaws kick counting as effective. Direct turnover lol. I have him and need those points
Chelskiman: We look flat early. GWS up and about.
pcaman2003: Caddy to under perform again no doubt
MONEY TALK: got cong and kelly
Chelskiman: We can barely get it to half way. ><
Apachecats: Take back what i said about Dusty .looks disinterested ,hanging back at the bounces.
Apachecats: 3 of Dusty’s 4 kicks have gone straight to the opposition.
StuL: Tigers not so great playing one of their 3 games away from the G
original: Caddy trying to get highest score possible with no disposals
pcaman2003: @Original. Caddy is a huge spud
Chelskiman: We needed that goal!
original: Pcaman yeh I know but I’ve still got him lol
Sixty656: Kelly been way under par the last few
Wends: Chelski, are you in a FF RDT league? Think we might be vs each other 🙂
DrSeuss: Cogs – Great. Kelly and Taranto – pick it up!!
Chelskiman: Wends, yeah I’m in 9 FF leagues, so chances are we are up against each other!
pcaman2003: @Original . So do I. Worse is I have Guelfi on bench and no E. He’s killing it.
Wends: We were both Gawned….
Chelskiman: Yeah, I’m probably going to lose all 10 of league games this week. 🙁
original: Should be a free against reiwoldt imo lol
Apachecats: Last straw Dusty .You are gone.Sold for Macrae.
Apachecats: Greene needed a run in the two’s.
Pinkman: my two richmond players both suck.
pcaman2003: Dusty?? Has his role changed that he’s playing so bad this year?
pharace: Yeah it has pcaman – now highest paid player
Chelskiman: He’s not really a midfielder or a forward right now. Kinda just floats around.
Sixty656: Dusty you sook
painkilla: when was the last time a dusty dont argue come off, so predictable
pcaman2003: Incredible transformation in 1 year.
Chelskiman: That was terrible from Castagna.
Chelskiman: Dustyyyyyyyyy!
Chelskiman: Why, Rioli?
CamT: OI put HShaw on the bench for Doedee. Could cost me a Top 10 result for the week.
HappyDEZ: Same CamT. Except I wasted my 3rd last trade to get Heater to D7 instead.
Ash777: dusty playing well tonight
original: Lol CamT will be something huge scores This week
Sixty656: Playing well in the last 10 mins maybe
feralmong: I think its short, caddy and higgins taking a bit of dusty’s ball. more even load now.
Chelskiman: Castagna needs to fix his radar.
CamT: I think the weekly winner will have 2,800 plus this round.
HappyDEZ: one ump got it right the other one overuled
twinpeaks: I have Doedee, Fritta, Gibbs and Simmo so I won’t be winning anything this week in AF
pcaman2003: Greene taking lessons from Duckwood.
Raspel31: Wow- just home. Humble me is predicted 2700- will be some huge scores!
LMartos: how is Coniglio getting 5 touches for only 6 points this quarter
Apachecats: Dust 30 SC in 15minutes since my little pep talk.
DrSeuss: Do Richmond ever get called for HTB or incorrect disposal??
twinpeaks: Yeah Kelly
colin wood: Kelly only plus 7 for that goal?? Come on CD!
pharace: Richmond have a huge Free Against differencial Apache, so yes I’m tipping they do
Ash777: dusty best half in sc since the start of the season
LMartos: think Kelly got 13 could be wrong
pharace: Sorry, that was to Suess
Roksta: Simpson 2 possies 73 pts
pharace: Someone at CD traded him in this week Roksta
TheOnyas: onya shawy
Ash777: the expense bill for the giants every year must be huge
ajconodie: How many of his hitouts have gone to advantage? That’s the difference.
painkilla: 5 of those 2 possies have bin contested too
Ash777: geelong probably starting to regret getting rid of him
Ash777: is there any giants supporters in the crowd? all I see are tigers
DrSeuss: Get Taranto on the ground
Raspel31: I’m hoping that’s a typo Ash- sigh, the youth of today.
Sixty656: Please go large Cogs, need you to equal Titch
pcaman2003: Scintillating game Caddy. MVP material.
mattpanag: @DrSeuss are you psychic?!
Raspel31: Tiggers certainly do not travel well- but that’s fine by me.
Gotigres: Richmond in big trouble. Time to do something Dusty.
Sixty656: oh piss off toranto ffs
pharace: Thanks Suess
pharace: What out for Daniels next season maybe – been handy what he’s done
poolboybob: Keep going Taranto
Gotigres: You have reached your projected score Shaw so you can stop now.
pcaman2003: FFS Caddy,at least touch the flowering ball.
Ash777: that was very soft
kano: castagna is garbage
Gotigres: Richmond wasting chances
poolboybob: Cleaver for Castagna
ScootD: Haha Tigers are usless outside of Victoria, havent won an interstate game all year
twinpeaks: Doedee -> Whitfield or Brayshaw, and who should I trade Apeness to to gain the cash to do so?
TheOnyas: Onya Wardy
DrSeuss: Kelly and Taranto get involved
pcaman2003: Wow! Nank from 56 to 80 in a minute.
boges11: @Twinpeaks Apeness might get DP this week so can trade him to Abbott
DrSeuss: Why is Taranto’s TOG so low.
Gotigres: Great inspirational game from Cotch
twinpeaks: Traded big O -> Abbott this week
Sixty656: Thanks for nothing Kelly. Get Stuffed.
kano: trash
Raspel31: Well, with titch, cripps, danger, Gawn, Oliver etc you can forgive kelly a bad game.
pcaman2003: Caddy! lol! Quick as a tortoise.
DrSeuss: Kelly is getting pulled and grabbed with no calls
JockMcPie: Cmon Giants…
Ash777: calling it now constagna to mark the ball in the 50 on the siren
pcaman2003: FU Caddy.14 point 2nd half is garbage.
Raspel31: Oh, what a pity Tiggers
poolboybob: If only Castagna had kicked 3 more behinds, Richmond would have won
Gelly: only got ourselves to blame for that one, too many misses
pcaman2003: Good call Poolboy
pharace: Thanks for your heartfelt thoughts Raspel

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