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Chat log from R1 of 2018: Port Adelaide vs Fremantle

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Fremantle, R1 of 2018

Hadouken: rocky 150+
Hadouken: so weird seeing rockliff surrounded by port names
God_: Get that spud ready for ballas
AngryRyno: did pretty well against your mob @God__
Haydo: where is walters playing?
Umpirespet: Bonner is goin alright
God_: @AngryRyno Fair call
barlowlove: was that a goal? cheer squad liked it…
RGriffen: damn I normally field guys like Banfield but had one less rookie mid so he missed out
Hadouken: gut said to not get rockliff…..why didnt i listen….
AngryRyno: same deal @RGriffen, Conigs at M6 meant only Brayshaw and T.Kelly on field. ah well, doesn’t do his JS any harm
MattyZ: Holy crap go banfield! Forced to play him in a keeper and he’s pulling his weight for sure
Breezey: The Pearce’s going well
RGriffen: Bonner you legend
circle52: Like the others Banfield on the bench Brayshaw and Kelly on field but JS and cash generation looking good.
JockMcPie: Oh Fyfe get involved
Umpirespet: Banfield out scored Kelly in jet tho
circle52: Fyfe in midfield will help Dockers
RGriffen: wtf was that pass Fyfe
valkorum: afternoon everone
Umpirespet: Geez the frees are soft this year ..Hey Valk
Haydo: wow bonners a jet
valkorum: only just got home from kids birthday party. Only just started watching the game
AngryRyno: Bonner searching for the first cape of the season
RGriffen: Fyfe sc wtf
LeFtBehinD: Talked myself out of bonner before season start FML
Umpirespet: 42% eff tho Griff
JockMcPie: Bonner at D3 doesn’t seem so bad anymore…
TheMessiah: Bonner!!!
Umpirespet: Only 1 game tho jock
God_: Bonner my boy!
JockMcPie: Yes I know, early days
TheMessiah: Port will have a siolid year I think
TheMessiah: Neale is a Machine
AngryRyno: Brayshaw could do with an uptick in TOG, help him out Ross
DrSeuss: Brayshaw and Banfield on the pine this quarter?
AngryRyno: Banfield 92% TOG, i’m guessing not
Pokerface: get in there Rocky
RGriffen: Banfield seems to be able to play forward. Giving him some extra tog
duckky: Whats going on with Barry?
RGriffen: all 3 power recruits with goals… Already shown the bombers ones up… watch them come
m0nty: Barry matched up on Hill on a wing, spending a fair bit of time chasing
TheMessiah: Walters dissapointing
colin wood: Bonner the best buy in SC fir 2018. Kid can play.
RGriffen: Walters nothing quarter. Expect this when dockers get smashed imo
RGriffen: Bonner always been good. Need to see what happens are round 6 now when Pittard and Broadbent are back
Umpirespet: Can’t see him getting dropped he has pace Griff providing he keeps his form up
colin wood: Agree RGriff. But he’s past broad bent and quicker and more efficient then Pittard.
RGriffen: not dropped but they use him all the time. That won’t happen in 6 weeks
Pokerface: atta boy Sandi
Umpirespet: True teams will tighten up on him
Umpirespet: Pittard free agent too rumours he wants to go back to Vic
Waspy79: Port’s only free agent will be Westhoff. Pittard is signed up.
Umpirespet: Oh is he I have heard he wants to go home?
RGriffen: yeah Pittard re-signed and Hoff will too probably since his family live here too
Waspy79: Pittard is signed up for another couple of years. He was a free agent end of last season.
Umpirespet: Ok better have a word to my Port mates lol
Jackwatt$: Bonner is appropriately named as having him in my side is giving me one so far
RGriffen: anyone but me got Sandi in AF?
Umpirespet: Not me Griff
RGriffen: thats goal of the year
Hadouken: should never have got on rocky….
DragonLass: My first regret of the season – jack watts. For some reason thought he might be less lazy at port
RGriffen: man Brayshaw wtf is this
luke394: who’s tagging Fyfe?
Umpirespet: Is A Brayshaw still on only 7 points since 1st qtr
the worm: i try to avoid 120kg rucks with foot problems who play on hard grounds
Breezey: Loving Dougals score thus far
Pokerface: i have him in sc Griff
NoneyaB: Ryder is gone monty ice to achilles/ankle back of dug out
Umpirespet: Who is that female commentator/ boundary rider?
RGriffen: Erin Phillips. Crows AFLW star
AngryRyno: try to hide your Bonner thanks @umpirespet
Umpirespet: Thought it was her
poolboybob: Potato for Kersten
DrSeuss: Neale, Brayshaw and Banfield looked amazing after Q1. Slowed down a lot since
Umpirespet: Wasn’t me angry lol
MONEY TALK: first zerret now ryder nice (:…
Chelskiman: Wish Neale would kick more. He’d be fair flying if his handballs and kicks were swapped around.
RGriffen: Neale and Matt Crouch need like 40 touches to reach 120 only reason I don’t have either
Yelse: my super coach already shot. ryder zerret murphy rich
Hadouken: as long as port win by 39 or less hehe
JMC23: Freo will finish top 2….. of the WA clubs
AngryRyno: Crouch had 41 last night for 105
Umpirespet: Only have crouch in fantasy as he scores better
cammo92: Is Kersten tagging Bonner now?
Umpirespet: Yelled u have rich?
Umpirespet: Yelse* sorry IPad
RGriffen: 123 Crouch had
Breezey: Fair to say Motlop enjoying being at a new club
RGriffen: Banfield is everywhere yet only on 40
TheOnyas: onya nealey
Pokerface: same with Mitchell. that’s not a reason not to pick him either
RGriffen: Rocky owners worried he might be put on ice? He obviously not 100%
RGriffen: Frampton to come in for Ryder next week?
AngryRyno: yuck, DT talk
J_Herer: Very happy with Bonner as my mid-pricer
RGriffen: can’t wait for people to bench Brayshaw next week and he has a 90 in DT
AngryRyno: need a lift out of Fyfe, sub 100 isn’t good enough
mpollock: How is Howard on 76?
Umpirespet: Is Rocky tagging Fyfe?
the worm: i think rocky is tagging a patch of grass in the forward line somewhere
Umpirespet: The Rocky pocket
the worm: that pocket wont get a touch, rocky will dominate it
J_Herer: Rocky might be a good swap for a rookie in a few weeks
the worm: vc on fyfe….not good 🙁
Waspy79: No Frampton next week. He’s not good enough and we won’t need a ruck on the SCG against Swans hehe
Umpirespet: who is ur C worm?
the worm: still tossing up between pendles and gawn
Umpirespet: Mine is Gawn atm but weather in vic horrible isn’t it
Waspy79: Rocky unfit. No pre-season
Waspy79: Ryder could be gone for season FFS
Umpirespet: There goes my after bye swap waspy
the worm: at the moment its fine, not raniing but overcast
Umpirespet: Good to hear worm Gawn needs it dry
m0nty: nominations for star please
colin wood: would love Brayshaw and banfield to get another 15-20 each 🙂
leorosman_: The Hoff
colin wood: westhoff star, x factor motlop
Umpirespet: Boner M0nty had 27 possies
colin wood: cherries bonner
zadolinnyj: Rookies not great this year so far
God_: Bonner was strong early when the game was in the mix, but Hoff has had more impact in general
zadolinnyj: Robbie gray for star.
Umpirespet: Thought GOD was a Carlton sup?
the worm: no changes tonights games according to SEN
Ash777: bonner for star. rising star nomination that is
luke394: Love Bonner at d3 🙂
zadolinnyj: Good fyfe
colin wood: Freo a good chance for the spoon this year they look horrible. Can’t get the pill.
BigChief: Freo will be a different team in WA
RGriffen: Freo to play finals
LuvIt74: Wish i had Garlett in my forward line as (E) coz I would have brought in Robbie Gray dispite him missing R1
Waspy79: Ryder achilles injury
RGriffen: I did that in RDT for lols
SilverLion: Get to 65 Brayshaw cmon
colin wood: monty got a garbage bag/bin symbol for kersten?
LuvIt74: That still means Freo have zero chance at winning the flag any time soon if they cannot play decent away from home.
Waspy79: Foxtel just shat itself
RGriffen: not for me
Chelskiman: Fox is fine for me.
LuvIt74: So bloody glad I didn’t chose any of the high priced rookies apart from Naughton all my others are $124k or under
Waspy79: Foxtel GO just cut from Port game to North pre-game and then lost transmission ffs
Umpirespet: Oh you have go waspy I have satellite
Gotigres: Foxtel working fine for me.
RGriffen: can’t wait for foxtel go to be like watch espn.. Oh wait that won’t ever happen. I refuse to use it unless I have to
Umpirespet: And it is fine
MQuimby: Crazy seeing a ton at the bottom of the player list… good play mr howard
Gotigres: Dougal Howard 21 spoils. Equal afl record.
han solo: yeh working fine for me at home as well. you port fans, whos backup for ryder? westhoff gonna ruck?
Chelskiman: Ton up Neale!
the worm: does rocky look hurt or just underdone?
han solo: has rocky ever not looked underdone?
RGriffen: under done but is playing foward too so hard to tell
Waspy79: Rocky underdone
Chelskiman: Almost jumped on the Rocky train. I would have deleted my team if I had as I have Zerrett and Zorko too.
Gotigres: Howard AFL recoed 22 spoils
StuL: Barry 21 touches for 42 points? At least he should hold his spot.
Chelskiman: What a weird goal that was, haha.
Waspy79: The real shame with this is Ryder. Port structures will be thrown out of kilter. No obvious replacement.
Raspel31: Well Mr Fyfe-that wasn’t what we hoped but we are happy with you Mr Bonner
LuvIt74: Top 2 rucks now Kruzer & Ryder injured
BigChief: OMG it is flooding Nth v Suns ground
Chelskiman: Will take a 100 from Neale, but with 38 touches he could have gone huge.

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