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Chat log from R1 of 2018: St Kilda vs Brisbane

Chat log for St Kilda vs Brisbane, R1 of 2018

Hadouken: hi all
Ladbrokes_: hi hadouken
Ladbrokes_: ready to see savage have a stinker? ive got him, lets hope he doesnt
Ben_Gogos: Looking forward to the @EvanBryce commentary
Snarfy: Only got Savage on the park today. Who you got running around fellas?
Hadouken: billings, stef, zorko
cusch1: Clarke, Billings, and Rayner
Snarfy: What only 1.7million dollars today Hadouken!
BigChief: Beams and Billings both 125+ today.
RGriffen: McStay forward today whoever is doing icons
Chelskiman: Actually got a fair few in this game. Armo, Billings, Zorko, Christensen, Raynor, Stef.
RGriffen: this is nearly a decoy job from McStay trying to take Carlisle away from floating in front of Hipwood
Hadouken: @snarfy lol
Hadouken: @snarfy actually 2.174 mil
Snarfy: Sorry mate I’ll send the remittance through after the match!
tommy10: Have Billings, Savage, Bundy
Hadouken: no worries snarfy, just dont let it happen again 🙂
Haydo: I have billings stef and clark
lukat: Got Daniel Rich in the side as a pod, hoping he performs
RGriffen: yes Armo <3
Hadouken: zorko, 800k well spent thus far..
RGriffen: Longer just hanging off Stef. Stef gonna beat free kick record today
Lewysport: Don’t jinx him Hadouken!
DrSeuss: Billings started so well….don’t stop now
original: stef sccore a little low? 2 FF, no his hitouts havent all been good 🙁
Lewysport: Adelaide missed Charlie last nite!
RGriffen: Acres pressure acts crazy good
JockMcPie: haven’t even noticed armitage once…
korza: Good luck all this season. I started well with Merrett in all 3 comps. Thank you
Beast_Mode: lol at all the muppets with rayner
RGriffen: lol he has been everywhere
Chelskiman: Wanna get a move on, Zorko?
penguins00: Time to visit the Optometrist then @jock
JockMcPie: Yeah might need to, can’t tell these st kilda players apart anyways
RGriffen: damn I need Billings in SC
Haydo: whats the difference between the muppet face and clangers
DrSeuss: Stef doing well just wasn’t getting his usual posies earlier
JockMcPie: Nothing, they’re the same. CL is clearances
Hadouken: ffs zorko ya flog
lukat: Tempted to swap fyfe for neale before the game starts. Feeling kinky
original: does it not count as a free against you if you get pinged holding the ball?
tommy10: Yes Billings. Pick it up Savage!
Chelskiman: Is Zorko getting tagged, or just not getting amongst it?
GOD: S. Savage lol!!!
Haydo: good billing better stef
pcaman2003: Hodge kicks point for Saints,but not a clanger?
TheOnyas: Onya newnesy
Rush: Put Billings into my side 5 mins before deadline, and i also took Merrett out as well. Used up all my luck round 1
original: knew rayner should have a FA hehe
kano: GOD for the burger
God_: What did I do?
Chelskiman: 50 point quarter from Zorks would be nice.
AngryRyno: Nathan Brown with more DT than Jack Steele, wowza
RGriffen: Andrews shoulder. Rich down too
original: zorko LOL
Pokerface: where’s Bell playing?
duckky: Bell is playing as the Witches Hat Poker
kano: About 2 graders higher than he should be
kano: Grades*
original: please dont less that be a sharked hit out and a turn over for martin
vamos77: I reckon Hipwood would make a good drag queen
original: vamos..high cheek bones
Pokerface: lol duckky
kano: Zorko dropping a deuce.
original: christensen was due to finally get a kick that went where he wanted lol
Migz: not watching game, da fuq happening to zorko
MattyZ: Witherden pls
man0005: MattyZ who’s this Evan Bryce kid? Are you being shafted mate?
Haydo: we have a roberton, robertson and a robinson playing today
DrSeuss: Zorko seems to be playing behind the ball – not around stoppages
MattyZ: Evan’s a good boy @man0005
Haydo: off to a good start to sc have cripps laird dodee fogarty and now stef and billings
DrSeuss: Zorko now moved to half forward
Umpirespet: Armatige playin well for his price in SC
Umpirespet: Have the same Haydo
RGriffen: I missed Armo and Billings in SC 🙁 still flying after having 6 capt for 730
korza: Someone do me a favour tell me you had Z.Merrett
penguins00: I had Merrett 🙁
Umpirespet: Yes I did
RGriffen: only in AF
circle52: I did Kirza
duckky: I had Zerrett … and I have Bell
barlowlove: loving zorko and merrett POD midfield 🙂
TheLegend6: You deserve it for having Bell
original: wow shock horror zorko shoots at goal instead of passing
Umpirespet: Roger Merrett or Zac Barlow lol
RGriffen: my RDT team. Zorko and Lambert haha
duckky: Would like Rodger Merrett
zadolinnyj: had acres till 2 mins b4 game. silly swap
SilverLion: At the game, anyone see what happened to Rich? I missed it
circle52: Kicking costing us again. Good to see we are ahead in CP and Clearances
Umpirespet: Hurt his shin they said Silver
SilverLion: Cheers ump
LuvIt74: Nice to see Armatige & Christensen do ok
circle52: Really the only umpiring complaint I have was the 50 metres not paid after Robbos free/Mark was 50 any day of the week.
TheMessiah: I have Zerrit and Zorko. FML
TheMessiah: Glad I also too Bell over bundy. My PODs are working out a treat
TheMessiah: @SL he did his ankle
valkorum: Mundy one of my POD as a forward
circle52: Take it back that was a shocking free to Saints,
AngryRyno: no bias in that one valk?
valkorum: oops, wrong chat room
TheMessiah: Anyone know here Zork is playing?
valkorum: no ryno, just didnt feel confident in D Smith or McLean. Mundy same price and will avg 85 easily
circle52: Being tagged and 6 clangers not helping.
spawnrzc: bench by the look of it
Umpirespet: Glad I got billing’s now was a tossup with Heeney
AngryRyno: ringa ding ding lions in front
TheMessiah: Come on Zork…. Atleast 70 please
duckky: Armatage stoppedd
RGriffen: Bundy and Armo have hit a wall after not playing for a year
Haydo: whos bundy?
AngryRyno: Bundy = Christensen
RGriffen: Christensen
pcaman2003: Armitage only 12 pts since first qtr.
Haydo: righto thanks
Umpirespet: Saints lose this and every footy show will spend the hour on the saints
Keeper27: Hope armo gets 90+ and Bell gets to 80+
RGriffen: saints might as well rebuild. Lost their best 2 players from last year
RGriffen: Bell 80 haha. Will be lucky to make 60
AngryRyno: is that before or after the hour on the crows loss? @umpirespet
duckky: Keeper … I’m just glad Bell got to 50
Umpirespet: Lol angry we had 3 first gamers and 3 that hadn’t played for over 12 months
TheLegend6: If Rayner can get 65+ I’d take it
circle52: Another siftr free kick will gift Saints a goal. you can attack within 5 metres.
Umpirespet: Ess was pretty well full strength angry
AngryRyno: so was the 20pt lead, or so i thought
original: great come back from bell
RGriffen: can we get a spud or something for Zorko? He’s hit like 2 targets the whole game and can’t find the ball
Umpirespet: Zork is being tagged Griff
jezion: full strength.. beleive theyn were player down for 3 qtrs
RGriffen: ying yang for Bundy. Useless quarter
cusch1: Adelaide supporters have to be the saltiest in the comp. You lost, move on. Now watch Brisbane match STK
Umpirespet: I said pretty well or can’t u read?
Ash777: should of took berry
Umpirespet: Cusch did ur mum let u on the comp ?
cusch1: We also had 4 B22 out (less than ADE i know) plus Zerrett out for the majority of the game
RGriffen: I know that Jez but the bloke is going at 23% thats awful for an “elite” midfielder
Umpirespet: Did u have ur drugs last night Cusch…. it’s an Essendon thing to do
pcaman2003: Armitage last 2 qtrs added only 20 pts. Disappointing.Christensen ordinary too.
cusch1: Id ask if you had any salt today, but the answer is rather obvious
TheLegend6: Adelaide fans still struggling with the GF loss last year!
Umpirespet: Nope I’m fine it is only the first round and cusch acting like a flog last night
cusch1: TheLegend, dont you think it was nice of adelaide to disappear in the last quarter in tribute to Tex’s GF performance?
circle52: Just remember though Bunbdys first game for 18 mths
Ash777: dons are first round specialists
the worm: go easy on cucsch, he’s only a kid
Umpirespet: And legends if we go by the Tigers we have another 30 years b4 we have win another
circle52: Would be happy with 50/60 for first game back for him.
Umpirespet: Cusch u need friends now?
Lewysport: Cheap shot Umpire, that joke is 5 years old, can’t think of anything yourself mate?
TheLegend6: Mate we won the flag last year, you don’t see me complaining!
Umpirespet: Worm ok didn’t know
Umpirespet: When b4 that legends?
duckky: Acres looking good this year
Umpirespet: Don’t need to lawy afl still covering it up
the worm: anyone who says “salt” cant be older than 15
AngryRyno: couple of tackles and Savage wouldn’t have such an underwhelming score
RGriffen: no one cares about bombers or crows. Talk about the game neither of you are winning a flag this year
cusch1: Anyone who blames the umpires for their team losing cant be older than 15 either mate. Oh, and I was 15 a long time ago
the worm: man i hope alot of peope get suckid in to trrading in mitch robinson
Lewysport: No brain no gain Umpire.
Pokerface: couple of tackles and it wouldn’t be Savage
TheMessiah: I dont think there is any coming back from picking Merrett and Zorko 🙁
TheLegend6: Savage will be a top 6 defender this year
RGriffen: in SC Legends? Not any other game no chance
Pokerface: Perhaps for the saints.
RGriffen: watch Billings go 140 this week and next. Then not break 80 for 4 weeks
TheLegend6: Burger for McCartin
circle52: Geebumps are whire hot on moving off line this round
JMC23: RGriff…. bet u said Tiges couldnt win last year or Dogs couldnt a few years ago…
Hadouken: oh well, better to have zorko this week than zerrett.
DrSeuss: Finish strong Beams and Martin
Lewysport: Who do you support RGriff?
JMC23: Not saying Dons or Crows will win but you have no idea who’s gonna get it
luke394: cmon Arma ffs you were on 54 at 1/4 time
RGriffen: the umps so yeah dogs and tigers were a shoe in to win 😉
Breezey: Arma is a little more injured than a bandaid I reckon
Lewysport: Sounds about right, no team would have you hey.
RGriffen: mate stop being a wanker
penguins00: Yeah Armitage is out there but he’s clearly struggling. Not running like he was before the knock
Lewysport: Got him yes!
Breezey: A late flurry from Seb Ross. Love it
MONEY TALK: when u want steven but u have too many saints
Chelskiman: Anyone else get annoyed at commentaters when they call Steven Stevens?
Hadouken: zorko, youre fired
Breezey: Seb Ross 59 Point last qtr DT
DragonLass: I had the same problem Money Talk, had both Billings and Acres in my forwards and decided I couldn’t have both.
luke394: Zorko gonna be cheap in a few weeks 🙂
the worm: gonna love seeing the zorko rage trades…and then his 160 next week 😀
Pokerface: not really, his score only affects one round of prices not 3
Chelskiman: Have Zorko and Merrett. Not the best of starts///

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