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Chat log from R1 of 2018: Richmond vs Carlton

Chat log for Richmond vs Carlton, R1 of 2018

RGriffen: No late changes
RGriffen: Giants wtf. Patton named as ruck and Lobb and Simpson on extended bench
frenzy: woo hooo, game on, let’s go
frenzy: preuss not even emergency, hehe
J.Worrall: Footy’s back!
colin wood: evening gents!
chinkas: come on blue
Burnsy03: carn dowy if from his home town his broter goes to my school
RGriffen: shocking umps call
LuvIt74: will it be curnow to kick the first
JockMcPie: hope carlton win by 10 goals, pop that tiger bubble
LuvIt74: Goallllllllllllll
LMartos: high scoring game here
LuvIt74: Bloody hell Richmond think this is still JLT
frenzy: pedal harder m0nty
colin wood: vc on cripps first gamble of the year lol
heppelitis: blues to win by 53
LuvIt74: whats with the score Carlton 124 to Richmond 71 could that be a prediction… Imagine if it was the final score
Umpirespet: If that is the final score M0nty I want saturday’s x-lotto numbers m0nty
han solo: wheres the live supercoach scores? sad face
DMS774: nothing happening with stats on mobile either!
han solo: richmond free run is over
JockMcPie: prediction looking accurate so far…
Burnsy03: does sc update live on app now?
TheBoy89: Boys how are we
Umpirespet: Monty is not peddling ;( he’s smoking his cigar
LuvIt74: Tigers suffering with the granny ]hangover
Chelskiman: Errr, what the hell?
luke394: No SC scores anywhere atm 🙁
NewFreoFan: Oh well my tips are already shot for the season, guess time to start preparing for 2019
blashtroko: Pumpkins for richmond
Burnsy03: they are live on the app
LuvIt74: Cheers all, who wants a Carlton Draught
JockMcPie: Yeah maybe should have gone Curnow in SC after all…
Chelskiman: I’m going to put $100 on Carlton winning the premiership.
Gotigres: Oh Dear.
LuvIt74: Was that free against Grigg?
chinkas: its alright everyone, everything back to normal… tigers are pathetic again
dipstick: top 4 in the bag
original: that free for reiwoldt jesus
duckky: Cripps you dud
JockMcPie: Liking Carlton’s aggression early tho, really different feeling around the Blues, only early though
J.Worrall: mint0 peddling madly!
NewFreoFan: been a few soft frees. Is chat not auto refreshing for anyone else?
HawkAussie: Well that has screwed my predictions for this week.
Chelskiman: Ok, the Blues have had their fun, let’s get back into this match.
StuL: I got a hangover, whoaaa. Yeah OK, to get so probably still win.
han solo: umpires are cheats
LMartos: SC scores are on gameday right now
han solo: still cant believe that jack riewodlt free kick that was a disgrace
Breezey: Blues got excited for a brief second. Tigers starting to move now
LMartos: think they’re slightly inflated though
StuL: Sorry I doubted you simo.
LuvIt74: Seriously soft as butter
NewFreoFan: bloody hell, endless free kicks
JockMcPie: Soft frees I agree…
Chelskiman: What a goal by Jack!
runt: normal service has resumed
LuvIt74: Anyone know Dusty’s & Cripps SC score?
dipstick: so much for a break out year… bend over and flower your own face weitering
RGriffen: all on the SC page Luv
runt: I slipped WQeitering into my team with Lambert…I will be patient
JockMcPie: Did Daisy Thomas just try and knock out his own teammate…
RGriffen: 29 dusty 19 cripps
runt: of mental institution
LuvIt74: SC page?
Gotigres: Thanks LMartos and RGriffen
RGriffen: like the SC site have live scores now
penguins00: Martin on 29sc according to sc live stats
LMartos: yeah not sure why but you can see them on gameday
Gotigres: It might be a sc gold thing
LuvIt74: ok yup got it, is SC gold the usual $20 a season?
LuvIt74: Garlett scoring ok thus far
luke394: Cripps you rat
Chelskiman: I see the umps are still against us. How was that a throw? lmao
JockMcPie: Oh Cripps…not like this…
RGriffen: yeah SC stats is free for up till round 3. So thats why everyone can get it so far
Gotigres: Yes, i think so LuvIt74
NewFreoFan: Cripps lol
Burnsy03: wait y is there no sc ??
NewFreoFan: Yes Chelskiman, it’s a long stnading conspiracy against the tigers
frenzy: could Rance get dropped pls.
LuvIt74: yeah its saying SC stats for $19.95 I’ll be happy with that
RGriffen: anyone who doesn’t have Dusty in SC can lose now
LMartos: pretty sure SC stats doesn’t include scores though
NewFreoFan: More goals this quarter than an entire round of AFLW
han solo: can i reverse my cripps seletion on back of that kick
Burnsy03: isthat new wasnt there last season
RGriffen: gonna have deductions from SC scores. They are massively high atm
LuvIt74: Martos then what other stats would we need it would have to include scores. It used to be SC Gold in the past.
LMartos: if you press on an article on the lobby page it comes up with what each package has and SC stats doesn’t include scores
luke394: Cripps going alright he’s up to 30 and has done bugger all
heppelitis: glad i put capt on lambert
JockMcPie: Gee Dusty’s good
LuvIt74: @han solo Cripps scoring ok thus far on 34
han solo: tigers are getting away with everything. this is embarassing
NewFreoFan: And heppelitis with the inaugural bad captain joke
frenzy: we just need m0nty to renew his subscription
penguins00: Dusty up to 54 sc
LuvIt74: Glad i got the VC on Dusty
Breezey: 3pts Deeeeeee. Martin
heppelitis: lol had to get in there first
Chelskiman: Is this U9’s? Carlton are getting FK’s for everything.
Chelskiman: Also, that kick went about 7m, not sure how it was a mark.
Burnsy03: yeah loophole martin for sure already
han solo: LMFAO carlton are getting frees? that dusty push and riewoldt first goal was a disgrace
Ash777: martin vc fyfe c atm
han solo: chelskiman on the ice. umps are giving richmond EVERYTHING
Smurf_x: @Cheliskiman Carlton getting free kicks for everything? XD Did you see Riewoldts first goal?
Chelskiman: Jog on, mate.
Brenno_173: Exactly. Han solo
zadolinnyj: Howdy lads and ladies if Wendy’s here
LuvIt74: m0nty will SC scores end up being shown and updated like the DT scores on here soon?
Gotigres: Anyone know Nanks or Simps sc scores?
Brenno_173: yeah sorry it is true Cheliskman
casey22: m0nyu, again this year, change the red on pink to the blue script
carlton_99: Theres been some bad decisions to both sides but those going to the tiges have lead to two shots on goal
Gotigres: or sps?
JockMcPie: simmo 47 nank 32
carlton_99: Has lambert even been on
han solo: these one eyed tigers supporters swear to go. can get 99 free kicks for to 1 against and will complain all day about it
original: one of my mates just brought in lambert before the bounc, the other mate weitering. only got two mates. the end.
Brenno_173: i know right, han
Gotigres: Thanks JockMcPie
Chelskiman: Carlton frees for 10. Richmond 6.
luke394: Nank 33 with one posse love it
Gotigres: Yay! Sc scores!
Breezey: Free Kicks Carlton 10 Richmond 6
Heizenberg: Hi all, hope everyone is well
Chelskiman: It’s far from 99 frees to 1. Spud.
han solo: blues shouldve had about double that.
Gotigres: for 8 seconds
Brenno_173: then stop giving away frees if you want more
Gotigres: Saw Conca on -10sc
NewFreoFan: Chelskiman has come in hard round one with the real angry stuff
Brenno_173: yeah
pietime: No sc scores noooooooo
han solo: another free against richmond not given
Brenno_173: true
circle52: Just come home ato check and see my POD forward Lambert on 0 points from 87% TOG, WTF, Looks like sameold SC for me.
frenzy: garlett will ton up because I forget to E him
LuvIt74: @pietime its on SC site
NewFreoFan: Typo there circle52, think you meant POS not POD 😉
han solo: another one not given. push out in ruck
the worm: not complaining when tiges had 5 extra free in the granny though
han solo: throw richmond not given
han solo: unrealistic attempt riewoldt not given
vartic: It’s alright Circle we can suffer together
LuvIt74: @circle52 Lambert has ran more than anyone just hasn’t touched the leather at all, i suggest u get rid of him prior to R
LuvIt74: Round 3
han solo: shame champion data doesnt record the bs free kicks given/not given
kangawalla: My wife told me the Blues property sreward must havebwashed their white shorts with the dark jumpers.
han solo: as i typed that another bs richmond free kick
Brenno_173: Exactly. Han solo
Breezey: You must be really bored Solo
LuvIt74: Caddy looked great during JLT and looking good season proper
han solo: another tiger goal on back of very questionable decision.
carlton_99: thats three bs frees in a row totigers and another goal
han solo: just rather a fair league with equal rules for everyone tbh.
Smurf_x: Dangerous tackle? Excuse me, what?
RGriffen: cya in round 3 SPS
Gotigres: that’s funny kangawalla
heppelitis: cripps killing the contested possession stat
BigChief: WOW Richmond have been given some very soft free kicks already.
carlton_99: @smurf exactly i thought thats how ur siupposed to tackle
carlton_99: @wheres chelsk now????
Roksta: Glad I haven’t got Kane lolbert
han solo: dont tell them that BC according to them theyre getting screwed
Chelskiman: Right here. The holding the ball was questionable, but that sling tackle was dangerous.
kangawalla: Thanks GoTigres. Still can’t explain the two dark patches on the back of the shorts
Smurf_x: @carlton_99 like, this is a contact sport…right?
RGriffen: Kennedy cya in 8 weeks
duckky: kennedy looks a poor investment
BigChief: Was that after he threw the ball Chelskiman?
duckky: IS CAddy teasing again?
Ash777: wow casbolt is slow at getting rid of the ball
han solo: lmfao no 50. but after this goal watch for tiger free
Ash777: no caddy is continuing his late season form
han solo: richmond free kick centre bounce coming in 5..4..3..2..1…
duckky: I’ll give him another weer
han solo: called it
duckky: I’ll give him another week
Brenno_173: haha
Smurf_x: Han solo, that one was there though
han solo: yeah i know lol. just wanted to be right.
Apachecats: yeah SC scores
luke394: Nank and Dusty could prove to be a great point scoring combo
duckky: Geez – Cripps is 93% contested
frenzy: thanks m0nty
Apachecats: The cream always rises to the top -Martin and Cripps
NewFreoFan: Almost picked Simpson late this arvo
hbui35493: Can’t believe Simpson is 34
JockMcPie: Simmo did this to me last year…great first round score and not great after that
duckky: Simpson is looking good
LMartos: Cripps 15 CP is cooked, going for the record surely
han solo: another week might do corrective trade to him.. but dont think he has 22 in him
Smurf_x: I wouldn’t mind if the umpires just actually let some things go aye.
NewFreoFan: yeah that’s what made me hold on him. lets see if he can keep it up
Breezey: Spot on Smurf and just pay the obvious
Chelskiman: We just can’t get in front.
han solo: Yeah game should only be stopped to protect the players and for obvious frees. would move much faster
JockMcPie: Ffs umps it’s not all about you…
han solo: Weird how these frees come when tigers are in troubles
luke394: Daisy would have to be the most overpaid under achieving spud going around
carlton_99: and theres another dubious free and a goal
Umpirespet: Another free goal to Tigers
BigChief: Lucky to be this close Chelskiman. Umpires keeping Richmond in it.
Brenno_173: crap goal
han solo: how many shot on goal is that for something given/not given? 5?
Ash777: now that was BS
carlton_99: how was that a throw
kangawalla: Daisy unorthodox handball WAS a handball!
TyCarlisle: 4th richmond goal to come directly from a free kick
Gotigres: Lambert playing as a decoy midfielder
duckky: That was a textbook handball… what the???
Brenno_173: we should be leading by atleast 4 goals
Smurf_x: Chelskiman, still think carlton are getting all the frees?
Apachecats: That goal was a gift from the umpires , nice kick though.
RGriffen: not even a tigers supporter. The umps got blues 4 goals up to start with
han solo: spoil? he chopped arms so hard it was amputated
NewFreoFan: This has been insanely over officiated, weak free kicks to both sides
Brenno_173: this game is rigged
duckky: Thomas didn’t pay his protection money this week
BigChief: Umps hating Daisy.
Ash777: poor daisy
han solo: tunnelling
zadolinnyj: Hand ball decision terrible. Not paying mark= hopeless
duckky: Cotchin should be cited for tunnelling
carlton_99: omg
Umpirespet: Now I can see why u picked RGRIFF as your username with statements like that
NewFreoFan: Jones you muppet hahahahahaha
Smurf_x: Agreed, NewFreoFan.
carlton_99: i honestly cant believe what im seeing
han solo: this game so bias i want team i hate the most (blues) to win.
zoomba23: Screw you Kade Simpson you would score 90 in a half after I traded you out thinking you wouldn’t even manage 80
carlton_99: and a push by nak on kreuzer
BigChief: How was that not a free to Kreuzer for in the back?
TheOnyas: onya crippsy
RGriffen: Nank didn’t touch him lol
han solo: yep was in back
RGriffen: Dusty wtf have the shot
carlton_99: @rgriff look at the replay not attempt to go for the ball both hand in the back
Chelskiman: We’re keeping them in it with poor kicking.
Breezey: A lot of people obviously haven’t been watching AFL very long. No idea on the rules
BigChief: Watch it again RGriffen.
NewFreoFan: jeez nobody wanted to kick the goal for the tigers
han solo: Says the pies supporter. who gets looked after like this every week.
han solo: theyre calling umpirewood for a reason
lisapizza7: Carlton getting shafted
JockMcPie: Both teams getting soft frees, would prefer the umps call less, but they’ve probably all been there
NewFreoFan: i love it when rancid cheer squads lose their minds over a decision
Breezey: Your a first class flog mate. Do your research before you type rubbish
han solo: free kick richmond
carlton_99: @jock u must be jokinbg
Keeper27: took Simmo out this arvo. 🙁
BigChief: AFL can’t have the reigning premier beaten by a bottom 3 team from last year.
Brenno_173: collingwood fans lol
Keeper27: took simmo
happytimes: As a blues supporter I can’t complain about the 1st half
han solo: lol head in sand. Collingwood get cheated for. have been for years.
han solo: Collingwood make free kick hawthorn look like a fair match
carlton_99: the prior oppotunity has to be cleared up by the AFL.
Heizenberg: Hi all, how is everyone?
LuvIt74: Dusty & Cripps AWESOME and happy with Garlett on bench.
happytimes: But I will. Weitering has been poor
Heizenberg: Great first half.
Pokerface: whereas essendon do the cheating all by themselves
J.Worrall: most of you have been going cold turkey for too long!
heppelitis: d must have lambert…3 touches and gets 25 sc points
kangawalla: Han solo seems hell bent on slagging off everyone in the FF chat room
NewFreoFan: No room for that nice talk Heiz, everyone’s keyboard warriors in here tonight!
heppelitis: cd
han solo: lol that queens birthday game few years back make peptides look like childs play
LuvIt74: Anyone who has Garlett in their forward line at Emergency if he scores 75+ here is a tip bring in Robbie Grey NOW
TheOnyas: onya wrighty
Heizenberg: lol new freo fan
chinkas: this weitering. needs a spell in the under 12s
Breezey: D- for grammar
Pokerface: hand solo
han solo: haha just calling out cheating and people pretending all is fair KW
heppelitis: im fairly sure Carlton99 is Han solo
NewFreoFan: LuvIt74 I have Garlett on my mid bench – and not emergency 🙁
LuvIt74: Those who are fortunate to have Garlett forward as (E) would benifit big time by bringing in Grey now if Garlett scores.
carlton_99: yeh nah
zadolinnyj: Hey heiz. Happy new year mate
han solo: dont mention carlton 99
kangawalla: Separated at birth Hepp.
Umpirespet: Robbie Gray lovit
han solo: dean wallis 🙁
zadolinnyj: Correct Luvit
Pokerface: why would they benefit when grey (sic) scores horribly as a forward
the worm: not sure how a 500k dud helps anyone
LuvIt74: @NewFreo same here m8 but i wish I had him in my forward as (E) coz id be bringing in Robbie Gray straight away
Heizenberg: Hi zad, thanks, nice to see you man
han solo: Grey missing two games first 10. went without him. post bye upgrade
Heizenberg: Help didn’t say hi, hi hepp
zadolinnyj: To be honest carlton_99 has always been vocal when Carlton plays. Love the white line fever and accepts the feedback.
carlton_99: plus gray has that rd 10 bye
Heizenberg: Didn’t*
LuvIt74: @Poker Robbie is a midfielder and will average from 90 to 110+ as a fwd thats huge
zadolinnyj: Can Carlton play 2 more 1/4s out Carlton_99
heppelitis: Hi mate..must be rapt with you’re heart tonight
carlton_99: @zad exactly its a place to voice ur opinion but it doesnt look like im alone. And if a ess supporter is agreeing with
carlton_99: me something im saying must be right
zadolinnyj: Occasionally he will go big as well @Luvit
stuballs: Ahhh! Swapped Garlett in the very last second and forgot to put him on the ground! RIP
Heizenberg: Man I sure hope so, I reckon they can make it a game all the way
BigChief: I doubt Gray will play mid too much with Rocky and Motlop coming into Ports team.
Pokerface: he played more forward last year and more again this year.
han solo: yeh blues are getting destroyed
LuvIt74: @han Solo u didn’t read what i said, if u have Garlett in FWD line as emergency & if he scores 75+ then bring in GRAY
carlton_99: I have no clue, we did alright in the second half against the hawks fatigue wise but the tigers arent going to stopcomin
Heizenberg: @hepp, definitely man, been really exciting to watch, the Young’s
zadolinnyj: No E on him @stuballs?
circle52: I brought him in as well on bench but forgot to put e on him in SC. On field though in DT. Garlett that is.
Heizenberg: young guys been great*
han solo: yeah nah i agree. just saying missing two games in first 10 is too much
LuvIt74: That then means u take Garlett’s 75+ and effectivly he will take Grays points, having Gray in would be a massive POD
Umpirespet: @ 117k and guarenteed to play why doesn’t everyone have him?
han solo: especially if youre starting with danger (like i am). had gray but rd 10 bye put me off
Heizenberg: Why does that question mark keep coming up when I type?
Umpirespet: 2 games Hans only suspended for 1?
heppelitis: not missing Gibbs at this stage..Cripps has been fantastic
Heizenberg: This quarter will be say a lot in the game I feel
BigChief: Can’t afford to keep Danger as a bench option. Better to get another premo
carlton_99: hes got the rd 10 bye @umpirespet
zadolinnyj: Hey Monty. Thanks again for another year of fan footy. same request as every year, bring back the purple name game pleas
MajorMash: If you make a trade now does it count as your 30? Or do you have until end of round 1 for unlimited trades?
han solo: umpirespet i mean round 10 bye
zoomba23: Screw you Kade Simpson
Umpirespet: I see now
han solo: BC, last season started without danger. jumped on him right time. but dont think ill be that lucky next time
Umpirespet: Hepp they will if Cripps gets injured
colin wood: those who picked kade well done. just gets better with age
NewFreoFan: Big call Heizenberg, 3rd quarters not known for being important
han solo: MajorMash rolling lock out. you can trade for free. carlton tiges players are locked
Chelskiman: Won’t count, but can’t trade Tigers/Blues players.
zadolinnyj: To Cyril or not to Cyril?
BigChief: trades still free until rd 2
colin wood: MajorMash – no, each team just gets locked as the games progress for the weekend
heppelitis: you can trade all day tomorrow..still will have 30..just not tonights players
BigChief: Cyril is over-rated.
han solo: 3rd qtr gonna start with 10 free kicks in a row to tigers. guaranteed.
heppelitis: please dont jinx cripps umpires pet!
MajorMash: Thanks guys!
Umpirespet: I wont I have him to Hepp
LuvIt74: You can trade all along without burning a buy but you just cannot select players who have commenced playing in R1
han solo: what happened to liam jones super defender. that was too easy
Heizenberg: I know I kind of stated the obvious new Freo fan but
han solo: smack talk aside. great to have competitive rnd1 game. been a while
Heizenberg: It will be especially with Kennedy’s injury
han solo: 2 out of 10 in a row so far
Hannibal: going early on liam jones there han solo, but i guess u always do shoot first
BigChief: Murphy looking under done.
JMC23: Hahaha always shoots first
Chelskiman: Wright always destroys us.
zadolinnyj: That hand ball from Simpson’s over the closer target opened that up. Great play
NewFreoFan: great end to end footy
TheLegend6: Thats a great goal by the blues there
RGriffen: Graham <3 6 touches still scores
RGriffen: Dow been garbage
JMC23: I’m a bit rusty…. spent so many hours on SC team… forgot about the C
BigChief: Kreuzer injured now.
Haydo: Come on tigers, onya vc cripps
han solo: Dow bit of stage fright. maybe few games in VFL coming up
Umpirespet: Kruz done a groin
JMC23: Thankyou Dusty!!! Saved me!!
Gotigres: Simpson more aerodynamic without his beard
han solo: game over for blues. wont have legs to stay with richmond who are too good for them
Breezey: Dusty Dusty Dusty
TheLegend6: Everyone gonna be loopholing Dusty if he keeps going?
Heizenberg: It’s his first game, give him a break, poor Dow
Yelse: which player is everyone using as their zero
frenzy: Lobbe anyone? or Phillips
anthsill03: shut up han solo – flog
NewFreoFan: Every season I’m reminded how annoying BT is
cusch1: Riewoldt snapshot from directly in front, nobody bats an eye. Daniher does the same, and the world ends *sigh*
RGriffen: already made Cameron capt thats how certain I was at qrt
BigChief: Casboult is a dud.
heppelitis: danger yelse this week
han solo: isnt darcy cameron named?
zadolinnyj: Cameron for my loop hole too
circle52: @Yelse I am using Olongo at R3 as my floating donut this year. Eagles have 14 late games out of 22 so a no brainer there
NewFreoFan: Casboult momentarily confused by the object he held in his hands. What could it be?
Yelse: yeah @circle52 i was thinking of an eagles player as well. prob need to get ryder replaced due their bye
TheLegend6: Refs changed sides haha
han solo: blues should swap weitering and casboult. casboult could be decent CHB. can mark. just has yips
RGriffen: DC couldn’t even make the 26. Towers second ruck and Sinclair main ruck
cadelcamac: nothing quite like the round 1 dusty loophole
heppelitis: Dow not hitting many targets
han solo: square up cheap fk goal.
BigChief: Amartey loophole for me.
duckky: Nank … just remember you are playing on an uncoordinated opponent
NewFreoFan: Dow not looking like a cow
Ash777: dow will probably go back to vfl for a few rounds
Apachecats: didn’t even bother with tho loophole cadelcamac ,just put the c on him.
BigChief: That is twice Jones has been tunneled.
Heizenberg: Damn jones, gotta stay down then
han solo: dow = relton roberts
NewFreoFan: did Jones just kill himself in a high jump record attempt?
RGriffen: had to VC with Fyfe back firing imo
frenzy: titchell into Gaj
han solo: tbh umpiring has been MUCH better and MUCH fairer
the worm: @han solo, thought i was the only one who classes rookies as guns or reltons
RGriffen: umps jsut paying too many frees let it go a bit
NewFreoFan: yeah umpires have definitely relaxed
han solo: say that then the whistle comes out
NewFreoFan: …..I saw as another 50 is paid
Chelskiman: This protective zone rule is bs. Who needs a 10m radius to kick a damn ball?
han solo: Relton is a gun
BigChief: Rance dropped the ball, no free against the AA captain.
JMC23: What a game! Blues doing great… I had Tiges at 30+
RGriffen: should be 5m
han solo: Protected zone needs to come with common sense. if player isnt even looking at ball kicker then no harm
FordyHawks: Does it annoy anyone else when Bruce keeps saying ‘stops and props’?
Burnsy03: whats martin on in sc
frenzy: wheres Breuzer
NewFreoFan: blues skills letting them down at the moment badly
zadolinnyj: Simpson ate his coco pops this morning. Looking like Benjamin button
NewFreoFan: Kruezer in the rooms with a groin @frenzy
Breezey: Most of what Bruce says annoys me Fordyhawk
Chelskiman: Rance, wtf.
RGriffen: wtf was that Rance
BigChief: Charlie Curnow will be a gun.
Burnsy03: wait my sc is up now
luke394: Nank doing worse since Kreuzer went off lol
han solo: yeh try to not pay attention when bruce is talking. just give mic to BT
FordyHawks: Lol, good point Breezey
NewFreoFan: The old stop and prop is delicious Fordy
han solo: bad turn over cripps there
DrSeuss: Put Dusty back on the ball FFS
NewFreoFan: damn why don’t I have Cripps
zadolinnyj: Thinking of listening to SEN while watching. BT rubbish. Bruce not special
BigChief: BT is a flog. I prefer Bruce any day.
RGriffen: Bruce goat
han solo: BT is a god. lighten up people
han solo: need to listen to saturday rub
RGriffen: BT is a legend
JMC23: 2nd Bruce is god…. But love the “not speacial” call
RGriffen: no one is good as DRuss though
BigChief: God of what? The muppets?
NewFreoFan: Butler looks like an extra from the original Karate Kid. Just something 80s about him
Breezey: I offered Kreuzer in a team to team trade in my Draft League. Geez I hope he accepted before the match started
han solo: get a sense of humour. BT is the best out there since cometti left
TheLegend6: Umpires are being trash here
FordyHawks: Could be worse…. could have daisy Pearce commentating
JockMcPie: Not another soft 50…cmon umps
zadolinnyj: umpires please swallow the whistle and let them play
Breezey: Rubbish 50mt there. Lighten up umps
Umpirespet: Cant stand BT or that 10yo girl thats commentating
NewFreoFan: This protected area nonsense can sod off
carlton_99: @The Legends that was a 50 no need for him to go around that side of the player
Chelskiman: This rule seriously needs to be looked at. The penalty is brutal just for being within 10m of someone.
anthsill03: rules are there for a reason.. such a cheap player caddy
Umpirespet: Zad umps don’t swallow m8
han solo: yeh agreed. potential even up for bias first half to richmond
duckky: Sad that CAsbolt is pantsying Nank
Ash777: shouldn’t of put his hands up
zadolinnyj: Love when Leigh Matthews and blighty commentate. Intelligent
carlton_99: agree it shouldnt be a 50m but what can u do 25m?
StuL: There’s always a crackdown on something for the heck of it. Protected area this year.
BigChief: Gerard Whateley is the best caller going around.
Pokerface: leave daisy alone. i will marry her one day
Chelskiman: That’s holding the ball every day of the week.
han solo: do you hate bt because of lever leaving?
NewFreoFan: Bring back Cometti
Umpirespet: nope his voice is irritating
runt: I wish Kellie Underwood was the commentator. The only thing that rivals her during a game is the train that always blows
carlton_99: the reasoning chelsk was that simspon actually handballed it out but he was already over
zadolinnyj: Lol @Umpirespet. They make a few supporters spit though
carlton_99: This yr the rule is holding the ball and the 10m
Breezey: Exactly right there Stul. They’ll be on to something else next week and forget about what they done this week.
Heizenberg: Gonna be a cracker last quarter!! Wish me luck hepp and zad
TheBoy89: had vc on cripps let’s go!
runt: its air horn as it goes past Kardinia park
RGriffen: geez Astbury SC score
Roksta: Chels take ya tiger glasses off
zadolinnyj: Very random Han Solo. Crows have been losing chb’s Since Nathan bock. Don’t care.
Breezey: This week Carlton99. Next week it’ll be something else
heppelitis: good luck Heiz!
zadolinnyj: Good luck mate. Edge of seat.
Heizenberg: Please
carlton_99: exactly breezey theyve always been inconsistent next week it will be a push in the back or the old favourie thedeliberat
han solo: not that random. BT was championing Lever a lot in Melbourne media
BigChief: Oh crap I have Kennedy and Dow on the ground.
carlton_99: hope kreuz can get back on
LuvIt74: Well done Carlton regardless of the outcome you have done very bloody well. Hope they get up for the blues fans
han solo: something we can all agree on. hate those ultratune ads
TheBoy89: paddy dow was a bust
heppelitis: 26 degrees and Lambet still has an icicle…fml
luke394: get Dusty on ball Dimma ffs
Umpirespet: Hans Levers live on the same street as BT m8
JMC23: team selectors listen to BT?!?!?! dont think so
carlton_99: its just does possession has got 5 tackles in three quarters and 8 disposals. If he was 80% hed be50ish (sc score)
stuballs: C. Curnow. Inspired pick by this happy coach
NewFreoFan: Yeah I’m sure recruiters were like “Lever? Don’t know him, but BT talks him up we should check it out”
FordyHawks: Han Solo…. but van damme and mike Tyson
frenzy: Byrne a bigger bust
carlton_99: dows
zadolinnyj: I live in Melbourne. Maybe I’m thrown off by an Essendon fan pushing banta.
stuballs: Deciding to sit and see on Cripps however..
LuvIt74: Don’t get to many high priced rookies people they dont make the coin…
Chelskiman: At the end of the day we simply haven’t kicked straight enough so if we lose we only have ourselves to blame.
carlton_99: Kreuzer back
Chelskiman: We should be 25-30 points up easily.
LuvIt74: Well done stuballs nice POD
han solo: Fordy but those plastic ex strippers..
Umpirespet: Kruz is back
han solo: also how coked up does JVD look on the ultratune ad lol
StuL: Don’t know why anyone would pick Dow. Doh.
han solo: Thrown off by banter yeah. BT talked a lot about lever leaving on rub is what i meant
RGriffen: this is a joke
JockMcPie: Another 50….this game is stupid
BigChief: Now that 50 is soft.
duckky: This game must have set the reccord for 50’s
Chelskiman: This umpire is clearly a Carlton supporter.
Breezey: Dow was too pricey for my liking
zadolinnyj: Bring back the 25 metre penalty for that rubbish
JMC23: JCVD was the business in the 90s
TheLegend6: Umpires ruining this
NewFreoFan: oh ffs
Ash777: that 1 was soft as
LuvIt74: I had zero high priced rookies until ALL the players were named & made changes to bring in Naughton & Brayshaw but not
BigChief: All the others were there, but not this 1
carlton_99: it is a jokebut u cant argue he was within 10m
StuL: FFS umps. Let’s kill the game with rubbish AFL.
LuvIt74: sure on brayshaw in all honesty
han solo: lol blues are getting tiger treatment niw
heppelitis: im selling my shares in my sc team…dow jones is plumeting
Chelskiman: Come Sunday they won’t even pay it.
StuL: It’s an AFL Directive. Stupid crackdien
circle52: This 10 metre rule sucks. 50 metre is too much and 5 50 metre penalties for it as well.
carlton_99: agree with u chelsk no consistency
zadolinnyj: We new previous year that lever was going. We were also expecting McGovern to go. Rumour was he would go to freo
StuL: Down
Keeper27: @heppelitis LOL, off the Dow wagon already
Pokerface: lol heppelitis
Umpirespet: Lamberts score has killed any chance of winning SC 2018
duckky: What odds a draw?
anthsill03: 50 m penalty is too harsh! change it to 25
TheLegend6: Blues have scored 24 points from 50m penalties lol
NewFreoFan: Yeah I’d heard that too zadolinnyj
cusch1: Whats a worse rule? The “Protected man” rule, or the below the knees rubbish?
RGriffen: no one wants to play for a club that is so selfish therefore crows lose players
Breezey: Whether the 50mts are there or not they won’t officiate like this every week. Pick a rule from the hat and over officiat
BigChief: 500/1 duckky
carlton_99: the legend uve got like 5 goals from dubious free kicks
Keeper27: left the (C) on Dusty, thought he was gonna go 130+ easy. NOPE
LuvIt74: come on garlett score 75+ ffs so u can be Danger otherwise Danger goes on bench & ill risk playing banfield or Barry
JMC23: ansthill…. i agree but that would be the AFL admitting its a sht rule
the worm: maybe they should make them 70 metre penalties cos 50 doent seem enough to deter them
carlton_99: The AFL will never admit a mistake on rules
zadolinnyj: Was surprised saints did not get Coffield in yet crows picked Murphy. Strange
RGriffen: Dusty cost himself 3 goals. Hasn’t been that good imo but if tigers win he gets 3 votes
LuvIt74: @Keeper Dusty can still score a 130+
JMC23: yeah it wont happen C99
NewFreoFan: Maybe a few weeks in the VFL with Dow for Cotchin
zadolinnyj: Lol worm. Maybe bring in the ice hockey punch on then 2 minutes on the bench instead.
TyCarlisle: cripps gets 3 votes regardless of who wins…
LuvIt74: @Zadol you dont have Murphy as bench cover?
RGriffen: Caddy ahaha
Chelskiman: I think we forgot how to kick over the summer.
BigChief: Can anyone on the ground hit a target?
zadolinnyj: Yeah but got Doedee as well which makes laird, 3 crows
TheBoy89: pretty happy so far dusty 107, cripps 111. satisfied with garlett but not happy with dow big trap!
han solo: i miss aflx
NewFreoFan: Everyone’s forgotten basic footy skills this quarter
duckky: Gartlett has stood still since 1/2 time … but has better job security than most rookies
Chelskiman: Finally we get a goal!
LuvIt74: There ya go Dusty
TheBoy89: that’ll boost his score majorly
BigChief: aflx is dead and buried.
m0nty: Dusty remembers.
anthsill03: dow was never going to be a juicy cow.. so many better options at his price
bongidongi: onya captain dusty, simpson contributing nicely as well
NewFreoFan: Jones goes to ground waaaaay too much
han solo: why even try to tackle dusty? just trip him and take the free lol
Keeper27: @boy89 pretty happy with Dusty (C) and Cripps, but left Garlet on the bench with no (E)
valkorum: guess we aren’t VC loopholing dusty
BigChief: I bet Martin gets 3 votes.
LuvIt74: @duckky there are a ton to pick from in the guts but in fwd line Garlett looks promising
TheBoy89: take dusty’s score or captain mitchell??
Pokerface: katie brennan was robbed
zadolinnyj: Anyone using Rayner
JockMcPie: nah I’ll take the dusty vc
cusch1: What a goal fron Stringer Junior
StuL: Good effort but goodnight blues I think.
Breezey: Magic from Butler. Gotta love that stuff
TheBoy89: @Keeper27 nice
LuvIt74: @Boy89 stupid question mate
NewFreoFan: Rayner is my F5
valkorum: I was talking DT for vc loophole (not SC)
han solo: if dusty breaks 130 take the loophole
Umpirespet: Lambert is redeeming himself
BigChief: No one plays DT anymore.
zadolinnyj: Towny seems to get 3 goals every game. Would be a safe bet on betting sites
NewFreoFan: Hey valk 🙂
Pokerface: the correct answer is captain ablett
circle52: Lambert redeeming himself a little after donuts in qtr 1.
cusch1: Whats happening Rex?
LuvIt74: Glad i didn’t spend the coin on Kruzer
cusch1: The fat lady is singing fellas
JMC23: Take Titch boy89…. I have dusty and like the idea of having 1 up on your team already
valkorum: Fantasy actually but was easier to type DT
Chelskiman: Townsend is such a dead eye!
JMC23: now HE was the best commentator cusch1!!!
anthsill03: such a cop out @luvit
BigChief: Well no one plays AFL Fantasy either.
LuvIt74: Carlton played a good 3/4 but thats it.
Breezey: Hey Chief 117000 people would disagree about DT
han solo: betting companies in trouble this game. wouldve paid out h2h for both sides
Raspel31: Finally home-happy New Year all.
LuvIt74: Dusty will score 140+ are u guys ok?
RGriffen: it use to be 200k so I agree with BC
Keeper27: Caddy looks like he’s back to his usual tricks… kills the JLT and turns into a scrub
BigChief: Carlton need to dump Casboult and play McKay or Kerr.
zadolinnyj: Martin walking after Weitering. Spent his poo tickets
Keeper27: anything over 125+ is good enough for (C)
heppelitis: RIP Bolten
heppelitis: aww..he is ok
zadolinnyj: Hey Raspel. Merry Xmas as well
BigChief: Shai or Brendan hepp?
LuvIt74: @Keeper I agree totally m8
TheBoy89: so for loop hole do i pit nic nat on the bench and give him emergency and give darcy cameron Captain? is that howitworks
Raspel31: Cheers Zado-Martin and Simpson looking good but no wow from Dow
BigChief: Yes TheBoy89
heppelitis: Brendan haha
zadolinnyj: Yes @TheBoy. Hope nicnat actually plays
han solo: wait for final teams friday
Burnsy03: yep make sure nic nat is emerg though
Chelskiman: lmao, Joe Dirt in the crowd.
LuvIt74: Danger comes in handy even when he’s not playing… Captain Danger…lol
BigChief: Nic named 1st ruck, so he will play.
TheBoy89: thanks im new to supercoach
NewFreoFan: Come on Tiges, I put you by 32 in my tips
han solo: game not over mathmatically. more minutes than goals
BigChief: Can Blues get 100 for 1st time in 3 years?
zadolinnyj: P seton should join the tigers cheer squad with the hair
heppelitis: Cow Paddy is fantasy manure
han solo: but martin to jack r doing as they please
Keeper27: spewing i dropped Graham for Armo, hope he tons up
Costanza: game over
frenzy: lol hepp
zadolinnyj: Casboult binning it up
han solo: Cripps needs to be more clean when kicking for goal
TheBoy89: cripps hurt
han solo: Cripps down! but looks poke in eye
JMC23: Cameron Ling says the dumbest sht….. If Tigers kick a goal here they get 6 more points
zadolinnyj: Had Marchbank in yesterday then second guessed. Next year I’m picking whole team 10 mins b4 first game
BigChief: That’s his only weak part of his game han solo
cusch1: I hope Aaron Francis is watching Curnow’s performance tonight…
banners87: You’re kidding yourself if you don’t have Cripps as best on. Absolutely monstered it.
Ash777: taking the martin vc loop hole
gdshifty: give Silvagni the crab icon
BigChief: Blues battled hard, just not good enough.
Chelskiman: Site not updating?
Costanza: go Bombers
han solo: cusch1 i hope aaron francis is enough to be fit to play. and yeah go dons
Raspel31: Did the same zado-dropped Marchbank for Witerung-sob
LuvIt74: Don’t know if its worth having Cameron as R3 – I took him out & put Olango in and pocketed $20k
Beast_Mode: back 2 back is a lock
McSpud: lock
intergaze: Jack Graham 🙂 You beast 🙂
Steve89: lol as if

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