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Chat log from P2 of 2018: Fremantle vs West Coast

Chat log for Fremantle vs West Coast, P2 of 2018

J.Worrall: Lycett blowing early?
SilverLion: Ryan off to a flyer
Snarfy: Anyone know how bad Hanley’s dislocation was?
circle52: was immediately put in by Doctor – But we need to see results of scans to confirm.
PureSwag: I just put Lycett in my team and now look.
SilverLion: Any chance of getting a Yo-Yo symbol for Yeo this year m0nty?
J.Worrall: not at all sure that Lycett is the ruck solution …
m0nty: Negatory.
Sunday2810: Last year Eagles had too many rucks…now they rely on Lycett lol
J.Worrall: NicNat to start R1, Sunday
Snarfy: What about a manhole icon for Holman?
StuL: Brayshaw still a magnet.
frenzy: Lycett is the new Lumumba
StuL: Lycett -5. Abandon ship!
SilverLion: Aww
J.Worrall: Yeah, aww m0nty!
frenzy: great everybody jumps on sandilands
SilverLion: He’s 35 Frenzy… Hard to pick him
StuL: Everyone knows Sandi will break down. Still on Gawnstein.
J.Worrall: How old was Harvey?
frenzy: he’s tearin lycett a newby
Umpirespet: Gawn & Martin for me
Umpirespet: Wish Neale would slow down tho
J.Worrall: Sandi can do that to anyone when he’s fit …
NewFreoFan: Yeah expect some turf toe time off around rounds 6-7 for Sandi
Umpirespet: Sandis big toe is as big as fyfes hand tho
Sunday2810: NN wont play till round 4
JockMcPie: Mundy vs Walters, who would you choose?
Umpirespet: Walters by a mile
NewFreoFan: Good to see our kicking is as wayward as ever
J.Worrall: Good ol’ turf toe!
J.Worrall: Who says that, Sunday?
J.Worrall: Ryan sure slowed down …
NewFreoFan: Waiting for Meek to inherit the ball…
SilverLion: Traffic Cones for WC
StuL: What happened to the Eagles? GF is looking a distant memory.
TheLegend6: Is Yeo tagging Fyfe or just going head to head at contests?
Snarfy: So much for Redden filling the gap left by Priddis and Mitchell. 4 possies
SilverLion: Hmmm Brayshaw at M8 is looking like the go
SilverLion: Also Banfield not doing his Rd. 1 chances any harm
J.Worrall: How come this L. Ryan bloke plays for both teams?
StuL: Nearly every Eagle has a bad to woeful SC score.
J.Worrall: Even Shuey the duckman is in trouble
RoughRed: @JWorrall – it is a sneaky West Aussie trick
J.Worrall: Can we add their scores together, @RoughRed?
Haydo: J worral freos l ryan is luke ryan and west coasts is lachie ryan
Ladbrokes_: west coasts liam ryan*
SilverLion: Pumpkin for Redden
StuL: Brayshaw is a ready made gun
J.Worrall: Thx Haydo, I had no idea!
TheOnyas: onya nealey
pcaman2003: Shuey = Pooey
AngryRyno: are WCE worse than i thought or Freo a little better than expected
J.Worrall: Pooey indeed – what’s the deal there?
Ash777: all that experience loast from wc is going to hurt them
TheOnyas: onya fyfey for the hundy
Ash777: wow 17kicks @ 100 accuracy for Luke R
AngryRyno: CD conflicted with Ryan, zero CPs and clearances but 100% DE so they can’t mark him down too harshly
Sunday2810: shuey dirty little c&*t
frenzy: Sandi hit the shower about a hour ago
pcaman2003: Shuey 11 clangers….Oh dear!
StuL: Neale the forgotten SC pig. Didn’t he get the most posies in a season a few years ago?

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