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Chat log from PF of 2017: Richmond vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Richmond vs Western Sydney, PF of 2017

pcaman2003: First goal doesn’t come much quicker than that.
pcaman2003: Ominous is right m0nty!
SilverLion: Umps already getting sucked in by the crowd. Why wasn’t that 50 on himmelberg?
SilverLion: Settle down guys, the crowd can only do so much.
pcaman2003: Hi Silver! Quiet here today.
zadolinnyj: As a crows supporter let’s go gws
duckky: Cotchin in trouble?
zadolinnyj: That was definitely Shiel head
original: Don’t rate that move from cotchin
zadolinnyj: How’s the run from defence to goal
pcaman2003: Now we have a game on our hands after the fast start.
original: How much of a liability is shaw these days
zadolinnyj: Big time @original
original: @zado 2x fumbles 2x slip overs
SilverLion: Arrogance front richmond there
SilverLion: Starting to pick up now pca haha
zadolinnyj: Yep
SilverLion: faa this crowd is so annoying. Want gws to stick it up em so bad
cusch1: Tigers crowd seem to only know 2 chants; Boo and Ball
pcaman2003: Patton..Doh!
pcaman2003: @cusch. Spot on !
SilverLion: Aight I’m out, cya guys. Recording this for later. Hopefully it’s a close one with GWS on top!
TheOnyas: Onya shawy
pcaman2003: Bad defence.No opposition. Wake up GWS.
poolboybob: Why do supporters shout for free when a defender belts a high ball out of bounds? Learn the rules tossers
cusch1: Josh Kelly is better than any young player in the comp. Might even be better than any player in the comp
pcaman2003: Love watching Kelly. Champion!
zadolinnyj: Wish he kicked that
zadolinnyj: Jacket on sheil
pcaman2003: C’mon GWS!Flog these pretenders.
zadolinnyj: They are guessing concussion
pcaman2003: Someone knock Cotchin out,please
zadolinnyj: Tribunal may do it for you
pcaman2003: Tiger forwards all on their own. Why?
zadolinnyj: They better be consistent with that
pcaman2003: Justice prevails.
duckky: Will the umpires put the whistle away – too many soft frees for stuff all
zadolinnyj: Rance a princess just then. Get him a tissue
pcaman2003: Rance is precious! Toughen up ya goose
pcaman2003: @dukky. Agreed. Some dodgy frees
duckky: Why no review warnings on Cotchin and Stevie J?
duckky: Though taking Stevie J off the ground now whould probably benefit GWS a lot
LuvIt74: Is the AFL site playing up?
LuvIt74: Has it been confirmed whether Shiel has sustained a shoulder injury or concussion?
zadolinnyj: Confirmed as delayed concussion by the club doc
pcaman2003: He held his shoulder so that could be it. Concussion unlikely.
cusch1: Held his shoulder immediately after impact, but was graded as delayed concussion
LuvIt74: damn some soft free’s to Richmond even though I hope they win
pcaman2003: The softest. Umpires helping I think.
LuvIt74: @pcaman unfortunate but i agree.
zadolinnyj: If this is a goal the fans will boo even though it’s accurate
pcaman2003: Ferals like booing. That’s all they know.
cusch1: #notdeliberate
pcaman2003: Umpiring is biased. and costing GWS. Shame
zadolinnyj: Deliberate even though touched b4 line.??? AFL wants vic team in
duckky: Blue moon for Rioli
duckky: Tigers taking control since Nankervis lifted
MattyZ: Did GWS just decide to quit after Stevie J’s two blunders
pcaman2003: GWS losing the plot now. Defence way too loose
MattyZ: For all the talk about tomlinson being an athlete he’s completely spent his petrol tickets in the first half
zadolinnyj: Just turning it over gws so nobody in position
zadolinnyj: Cotchin should miss next week but afl may stop that happening
pcaman2003: Wonder how much more the umpires will assist Tiges?
wadaramus: Dusty with a fist full of Heaters shirt, result = free kick to Dusty! Is it that hard to see things right?
frenzy: In all my years of watching footy, the last freebie to dusty is the softness of all time
pcaman2003: Pity Miummy wasn’t there to clean up Cotchin
LuvIt74: @zadolinnyj it was a perfect hip and shoulder by Cotchin, he will only be in strife if Shiel got concussed from it.
pcaman2003: Fat Lady well and truly singing. la lalala la
LuvIt74: If its a shoulder injury he will be totally fine and rightly so.
LuvIt74: In all fairness though the giants play very ordinary away
pcaman2003: Even though he still got hit in the Head Luvit?
BigChief: This is the worst umpiring I have seen ever. What a joke. Umpires making a mockery of a great sport.
zadolinnyj: Concussed confirmed by club doctor. Head contact made and Cotchin pulled in shoulder to hit
BigChief: Cotchin must be suspended. Hit the head and it’s a 3rd strike.
pcaman2003: Too right Chief! His usual cowardly hit
LuvIt74: if there is head contact and if he got concussed then he has to go
zadolinnyj: When Brereton says he’s in trouble it’s a bad sign
zadolinnyj: Delayed concussion 100% confirmed
BigChief: Deff head contact and deff out with concussion LuvIt
zadolinnyj: Patton has been more useless then hawkins
LuvIt74: if thats the case then he gets rubbed out.
zadolinnyj: At least Whitfield won’t remember the game
wadaramus: B.Ellis too by the look of it.
duckky: Barry Hall precedent will be invoked
BigChief: Another scum missing next Rich game. (Rd 1 hopefully)
pcaman2003: Cotch and Ellis to go now. lol!
LuvIt74: its a bs rule this, if their concussed they get rubbed out yet if not then there cleared.
BigChief: So you think it is ok to hit someone in the head LuvIt?
zadolinnyj: His problem is even a fine means 1 week
wadaramus: Cotchin had no eyes for the ball, was totally focussed on taking Shiel out.
LuvIt74: @bigchief no not intentially have u seen the replay, your talking a hundredth of a second its impossible for anyone to
LuvIt74: change the tackle is what im saying, it wasn’t intentional, same with the dangerfield tackle.
LuvIt74: The AFL may as well make it a non contact sport, its slowly getting there.
BigChief: @LuvIt Cotchin never looked at the ball though.
pcaman2003: GO the Crows next week. Knock off these rabbits
LuvIt74: @wad i disagree from the reply i seen as i didn’t see it on TV so im only going by the replay i seen
LuvIt74: @bigchief if his eyes werent on the ball then how did cotchin grab the ball within a millisecong
pcaman2003: It wasn’t a tackle though,but a bump
LuvIt74: millisecond
jocka: If you decide to bump and not tackle, and they get hit in the head, you are gonski
jocka: Times two
LuvIt74: Yeah it was a perfect hip & shoulder
LuvIt74: @jonka yes if they end up concussed by any tackle, hip or shoulder or anything now they get rubbed out
BigChief: Spot on Jocka and the ball hit Cotchin after he hit Shiel. That’s how he got it.
LuvIt74: @jocka what are ya talking about even if ya tackle and a concussion results from it your gone ergo Danger

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