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Chat log from PF of 2017: Adelaide vs Geelong

Chat log for Adelaide vs Geelong, PF of 2017

man0005: Chances of Cockatoo doing a hammy in the first 5 minutes?
pcaman2003: C’mon puddy cats,stay calm
pcaman2003: Cocky for Parsons. Good swap.
pcaman2003: Shocking turnovers cats. Costly!
fonzie: i dont think its gonna go well for us tonight
pcaman2003: The Cats giving opposition a lot of space.
fonzie: we need at least 2 goals to stay in the game
LuvIt74: Cats look very ordinary, I feel a Cats vs Richmond game about to happen. Actually even worse.
LuvIt74: Fonzie the way your mob are playing, I think even 6 straight goals wont help the cats mate
LuvIt74: Crows killing them all over the ground
fonzie: sounds like geelong
MattyZ: I’m watching this on fox footy while the rest of my work watches on 7 and their 5 second delay is doing my head in
LuvIt74: Danger hasn’t done much so the whole team crumbles.
fonzie: geelong cant expect danger to do everything others need to step up
LuvIt74: Fonzie thats correct but every time dangers opponent shuts him down which is rare, geelong get smashed
pcaman2003: 7 players under 10 SC pts. Wow!
duckky: I can hear the Fat LAdy warming up
LuvIt74: its as good as over for the cats, they jumped them big time
LuvIt74: Great tackling and forced pressure by crows thus far
pcaman2003: Cats are gone. Can’t see them winning this one.
duckky: The Fat Lady sings …. Laaa Laaaa Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
LuvIt74: GONE i tell ya absolutely GAWN they are. This could be a 80+ point demolition
fonzie: well done crows geelong didnt come to play and crows are just too good
LuvIt74: Only another 7 unanswered goals Danger
LuvIt74: Now just 6
LuvIt74: oh shit its raining
fonzie: if geelong pull of a miricle which they wont it would be a big choke from crows
duckky: Can someone stop the crows supporters behind the goals from all blowing in the same direction?
Ash777: quack quack
Ash777: the fat lady lost her voice
Raspel31: Ah ye early doubters-bite in the Cats yet.
poolboybob: Blue moon for Seedsman
pcaman2003: Cats keep spoiling each other.No talking.
fonzie: game over
Zeratul: Keep trying Justin Schmitt (17) You can do it!
Rilian: @m0nty – Menzel needs a Mare icon asap..
LuvIt74: Just another 8 with 15 minutes left, watch the pussies come Home with Danger kicking 12 in last 10 mins. lol
LuvIt74: @Rilian the entire Geelong side deserve horse heads.
LuvIt74: Now 10 goals and I said 80+ in the first quarter.
Rilian: @luvit – Everyone except Motlop and the Selwoods perhaps..
LuvIt74: Motflop you mean. He is crap although his last 2 games have been ok
billybeer: Man Geelong have been embarassing tonight
LuvIt74: Scooter deserves 3 mare heads.
Rilian: Scooter has played the whole game with one hamstring, takes guts.
LuvIt74: How the fruit cake did he miss that
LuvIt74: @Rilian he hasn’t done his hammy and if hes not able to run & stretch out then idiot Scott should take him off
LuvIt74: I’m suprised it wasn’t the cockortoo’s hamstring that went TWANG
LuvIt74: They were taking bets as to what quarter will Cockortoo do his hammy…lol
pcaman2003: Can someone headbutt McAvaney?
LuvIt74: Welldone Crows, they deserve it. Cats played a disaster of a game.



  1. Tigerman

    January 27, 2019 at 8:29 am

    Have a drink and chill guys, we all know tigers will always be the champ!

  2. Tigerman

    January 27, 2019 at 8:51 am

    Do all yourselves a favour, stock up ur pantry because it’s gonna be a looooooong season for u guys

  3. Tigerman

    January 27, 2019 at 8:54 am

    Go Tigers!!! Bring home the bacon!!!!

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