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Chat log from R17 of 2017: Melbourne vs Adelaide

Chat log for Melbourne vs Adelaide, R17 of 2017

JockMcPie: Active chat
Beast_Mode: lol
LMartos: yeah good stuff Maxy
GOD: Hello
Pinkman: Here’s one. get a friggin move on Gawn. should have kept Witts lol
PowerBug: What comp Pinkman? If SC that was not a smart move, Witts is so good!
GOD: Just upgrade to Kruz, problem solved!
poolboybob: FFS Sloane learn how to handle a tag
BestCoast: Teams have worked out Sloane if he cant work this out he ain’t Premo not by a long shot
Pinkman: yeah SC. witts consistant,thought Gawny capaple of those big ones
9inch: Sloane is pathetic
PowerBug: He might still get there. If I had Witts (never owned him) I’d have held throughout though
GOD: E. Betts struggling
poolboybob: Not sure if I should trade out Heppell or Sloane for Jelwood
JockMcPie: Gawn not really Gawn without the beard 🙁
Pinkman: Witts been great. cheaper option @start of the year so always looked at upgrading him eventually. shoulda stuck fat thou
BestCoast: @poolboybob teams are just going to work Sloane over from here on out
Zeratul: Merrett, Danger, Titch, annnd sloane. ffs
Raspel31: Merrett, Danger, Titch, Gablett and…Sloane-roan.
Raspel31: At pointy end of the season the cream is finally rising.
sfmmp23: Good start Laird, Hibbo and Greenwood
BestCoast: @Raspel same as Sloane not showing me any love after GAJ Zerret Danger and Titch
PowerBug: I turned Newman to Titch this week moving Sloane to M9. Happy days 😛
Raspel31: Guess we can’t complain Best- but I’m complaining.
poolboybob: Tagging Sloane out of the game seems to be the only thing that Melbourne has done effectively tonight
BestCoast: Sloane is getting taken to with no Vas
BestCoast: @Powerbug you got 500k on the bench in a year with limited cash flow you are ripping son
BestCoast: @Raspel i am just dirty because of the cranking start i had
Raspel31: Same Best-same.
poolboybob: Dirty Bernie
casey22: Vince needs to grow a brain, gone for 3 weeks
Zeratul: Goodbye vince you little sniping turd
Gott2Win: Rucks are valued highly in this game sc wise!
PowerBug: It is also Round 17 so the cash generation is finished BC 🙂
BestCoast: Never can work putting a half desent player to tag taking two players out of the game and still get flogggged
LMartos: do something Gawn you pringle
9inch: Nice to have Gawn and Sloane in this game. Wtf
BestCoast: Fully understand PowerBug you must have a kick ass team mate
Raspel31: After 8 rounds of watching you tagged out fear it is adieu and farewell Mr Sloane.
Pinkman: rucks are so crap this year. apart from the Kruezer 🙂
poolboybob: Sloane just doesn’t run hard enough to break tags
PowerBug: It’s alright. Not the best of the best but injuries been kind so have been able to upgrade nicely
BestCoast: @PowerBug if i fell into a 44 gallon drum of nipples i would come out sucking my thumb this year bad injuries
LMartos: Gawn just needs to clunk a few contested marks to get some confidence
PowerBug: been that way for many haha, tough year that’s for sure
9inch: May as well sell Sloane and play Greenwood until ripe
9inch: And should of bought Ryan instead of Gawn, would be rolling in $$$
9inch: *Darcy
pcaman2003: Gawn on fire. Scored another 3 pts.
thommoae: Thank you, David Brent …
Raspel31: Good call 9inch-moving Greenwood to centre and resting Sloane.
luke394: happy I got rocky this week instead of Sloane Brisbane play 5 of their last 7 games at home
original: God why did I bring in gawn
coldog: Good to see McGoverns badly bruised ribs aren’t affecting him to much
pcaman2003: C’mon Ollie. Big 2nd half needed from u
SilverLion: Jesus, what is Gawn doing out there…
poolboybob: Not sure why everybody is so surprised about Gawn. Would have lost all his pre-season fitness after tearing hammy.
SilverLion: poolboybob, 14 in a half from last year’s AA ruckman deserves to be questioned.
Thedude24: Gawn is shit
runt: Gawn likes to be the sole ruck
Apachecats: Like with no opponent @runt?
Gott2Win: Greenwood limited game time again. He will be a beast when he builds his tank!
fonzie: ice for t mac
original: Gawn 1 effective disposal
BestCoast: Sloane squat showering
LMartos: Gawn triggering me lol, would sadly take 60 if he could get there, considering my other players are going well
Lestat: Sloane is useless when tagged and Vince did it last time.
JButcher: One of the worst commentary teams ever assembled for this game
Pinkman: i’m a useless fuck for bringing in Gawn. yeah i’m triggered too
Lestat: Add BT and it would be JB
JButcher: Yeah can’t forget Bristle @Lestat
StuL: Sloane dead.
Lestat: Oh no. Not good sloane. Doc forced Sloane back down.
JockMcPie: Sloane, absolute hard nut
LMartos: why do players insist not to be stretchered off, it’s best for their safety
Beast_Mode: RIP Sloane, thoughts with the family at this time
fonzie: is tom mcdonald injured ??
pcaman2003: Oliver you’re disappointing.Work harder and smarter.
LMartos: Rory doesn’t know what’s going on, being told to go off but not responding
PowerBug: Was the collision bad?
StuL: Greenwood one point for Sloane bum pat.
PowerBug: I think going off will be good for him. Vince can’t tag him in the rooms
JockMcPie: Maxy! Couple of goals wouldn’t hurt son
PowerBug: (In all seriousness I think he should sit out the game, he looks out of it)
StuL: Big Max, like the hamburger.
Gott2Win: Vince has been spotted in the Crows change rooms holding onto Sloane…still no free kick though
luke394: he was out if it badly slung into the turf
LMartos: head smashed the ground, Kent’s tackle was fair, just had no protection when he hit the ground
LMartos: Gawndawg snag, what a beast
pcaman2003: Hibberd you star,keep going.
Lestat: Sloane off means more TOG for Greenwood hopefully.
Lestat: @luke394 was not slung at all.
JockMcPie: Surely Pedersen can’t hold his spot now…stealing Gawn’s points and ruck time
JockMcPie: What. A. Barrel.
original: Gawn goal surely worth 40sc
Ben_Gogos: That was incredible!
PowerBug: But Melbourne were winning under Pedersen, not as good since Gawn return
kangawalla: Magnificent barrel goal by the racehorse!!!
Zeratul: Crows fan. I aint even mad, what a kick! I dont know why plays dont practice/go for it more often
PowerBug: (Watch them come back and win now I said that)
kangawalla: JKH playing out of his skin. Got him in for 195k this week. 🙂
Pokerface: i never thought i’d see the day that JKH had a cape on
LMartos: why did the clock say 5:30 after Hunt kicked the goal?
Raspel31: Well, finally an excuse to trade Sloane. Hope he’s okay.
sfmmp23: Get to 80 Greenwood
9inch: Sloane scoring better from the bench
luke394: is Greenwood going to come back on ever?
fonzie: mcdonald ur killing me tonight
Lestat: Lever done Ben. Red cross for him.
BestCoast: Tons all round today great day for the Premos
wadaramus: Suck it luke, you lacking in the mids mate?
GOD: so what!
JockMcPie: let’s all join together and push Gawn to 75, he can do it!!
Lestat: Tissue for Luke394 Ben?
JockMcPie: Gawn for a goal or 3?? I’ll take it!
wadaramus: Xlnt call Lestat!
Raspel31: Well, that flu worked for you T. Lynch.
GOD: Anyone who has Gawn has no idea and should just delete their SC team
original: @Jock I’m with you bud..can get 80 from here
wadaramus: Fair dinkum GOD, just come up with some new material.
casey22: JKH should have been in dees teams weeks & weeks ago
BestCoast: @GOD time for bed ya flog
Raspel31: Anyone who cannot believe GOD has not been banned is a sensible chap.
GOD: Yes @BestCoast GOD is looking at you!
BestCoast: @GOD time to stop licking windows
Beast_Mode: greenwood gametime is a disgrace.
carlton_99: @GOD unless you’re ranked 1 in supercoach there must be something wrong with your own team. So maybe focus on that.
JockMcPie: Cmon Gawn push forward!!
akbal: Hibberd, Laird, Walker, and Gawn… Almost nailed it!
sfmmp23: Good job Hibbo and Laird.
kangawalla: Just delete GOD. The fanfooty flog who always talks in the third person
pcaman2003: Ton up Oliver
luke394: @Beastmode im copping it in the other chat asking about Greenwood. @Bestcoast & @Wadaramus giving it to me
luke394: @Bestcoast **
luke394: Stupid is as stupid does I suppose
BestCoast: @Luke394 might have something to do with telling people to suck it
Raspel31: All friends lads-except for GOD.
poolboybob: Imagine how well Hibberd would score if he ever laid a tackle
Lestat: Don’t forget he used that “R” word earlier too BestCoast.
wadaramus: Spot on BestCoast, taking pleasure in others misfortunes is not an endearing trait.
luke394: yeah I got rid of Newman so I enjoy seeing him get a 60. if you can’t take a little banter then I’m sorry
JockMcPie: Well there, Gawn did something…
BestCoast: @wada GOD said that is bad
BestCoast: @Luke394 water off a ducks back mate all good
wadaramus: GOD is good BestCoast 🙂
LMartos: had the top 3 scorers but Gawn as well :/
wadaramus: @luke, you can enjoy seeing him get a 60, just refrain from telling everyone to suck it, it’s provocative.
frenzy: still reckon sideways Darcy to Gawn on the cards

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