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Chat log from R17 of 2017: Western Sydney vs Sydney

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Sydney, R17 of 2017

SilverLion: Need a big one here from Shaw
m0nty: Interested to see who lines up at CHF for GWS with no Jezza.
fonzie: big out for the giants
Screech23: My mids so far…ebert, ablett, danger, trelor & tich…lovevthe score so far
pcaman2003: Kelly opening bounce clearance?
SC_brAh: Shaw / Lloyd lift
korza: Heath gonna stink it up
Breezey: Free kick against after being tripped. Ump please
m0nty: The answer is Greene. Big role for him.
frenzy: Shaw should be cactus with Haynes in the team
SC_brAh: What’s with his game time :O
LMartos: Shaw’s had 2 spoils and has been off for most of the game give it a spell
pcaman2003: Get in the game Duddy!
BOMBRBLITZ: and I just traded Newman to Shaw!
anthsill03: y do u always bag buddy… let it go
daniel87: is haneberry of the grog again form been bad of late
fonzie: need a big game from newman and franklin
JRedden: jpk do something ffs
LMartos: Toby Greene I actually froth you omg
Breezey: Toby dusting off his cape.
korza: Love him or hate him, he can play
Sixty656: Could have brought Toby in this week, chose Spuddy to save some money…. :/
luke394: Hannebery is such a fun retard
LMartos: swear Shaw got a kick off half back before
Lestat: That’s not on luke.
poolboybob: Hey JPK match has started already.
korza: Never agains 4me Goldy, Pendles, Riewoldt, you can throw in Shaw
Pinkman: same @656 i was 5 grand short of Toby. went Buddy 🙁
SC_brAh: JPK / Shaw wakie wakie
pcaman2003: Kelly only 67% on ground. Damn!
GOD: J. Kelly injured ?
LMartos: Papley is a flog
CamT: Is Shaw getting points for quality sledges.
Crowls: korza you can add JPK to that list.
heppelitis: oh hell…cameron late out…loopholed stewart with greenwood…now get a zero
valkorum: cape for greene
stew42: Lol, Papley is a gun
frenzy: argh Newman
heppelitis: was 1320 after 9…not that anyone cares lol
Beast_Mode: lol at the muppets that have brough shaw in the last few weeks lmao
JRedden: jpk is a flog
korza: Agree JPK is now Parker and Papley
SC_brAh: shaw you muppet out next week
poolboybob: Icicles for Shaw and JPK
PowerBug: bit harsh
PowerBug: See, he’s around!
poolboybob: De Boer doesn’t know where he is
stew42: Far out, you guys are all muppets. Saying that Treloar is never again, saying JPK is a flog, it’s laughable
GOD: Treloar is the turnover king! GOD does not have
poolboybob: Treloar isn’t even the turnover king on his own team (Adams)
wadaramus: Great start Greene, keep it up man!
BestCoast: @stew42 the flogs bagging GAJ and Pendles earlier kidding themselves
BestCoast: GOD let go of it please always talking 100% shower
DrSeuss: Come on Newman and Ward – pick it up fellas
boo!: Gimp On Drugs
LMartos: are CD taking the piss, why had Shaw’s kick from a few minutes ago not been counted
BestCoast: Great start to the day now turning to flower shower
pcaman2003: Kelly,Buddy and Newman killing me.
Lestat: 59% TOG for Newman? C’mon Longmire, get him on.
StuL: Ice to see you Shaw.
DirtyDawn: Evening all
wadaramus: Horse is a hack, that’s why Titch bailed out.
StuL: Come on Swans
Lestat: Agreed Wada. He has his favourites that’s for sure.
BestCoast: @wada “A horse is a horse, of course, of course, and no one can talk to a horse, of course.” That is, of course
Raspel31: And evening back to you Dirty.
StuL: Another draw will do.
BestCoast: Evening DirtyDawn
wadaramus: It just makes no sense, Newman is a player, uses ut well, but it seems that Horse doesn’t like this trait in his players
pcaman2003: Someone asked before why I bag Buddy. Well, look at his score for a hint.
9inch: Typical Parker decided to play since my Op has him
PowerBug: @wadaramus not over McVeigh and Rampe. Those two taking his TOG and his ball it seems
wadaramus: Please finish BestCoast.
boo!: when was last time spuddy kicked a goal…
Snarfy: JPK’s icon says he’s leading the engine room….I think we need a new mechanic!
Snarfy: Buddy’s conversion has been very ordinary the last several weeks boo!
wadaramus: There’s plenty of TOG to share around Powerbug 🙂
stew42: Here comes Newman…
PowerBug: There is, but the numbers say Newman is one of the bottom 4 🙁
fonzie: ffs franklin
boo!: @snarfy, yeah reckon he and manners been on the sauce
duckky: Where’s williams?
boo!: oh yeah spuddy
BestCoast: @wada unless the horse is the famous flog Mr Longmire
Raspel31: Very confusing doing SC and Draft-want half my players to shine and the others to fail. Emotionally draining.
wadaramus: That’s the shit BestCoast 🙂
pcaman2003: Buddy heard the rumblings on here,pulled out the finger.
runt: Swans are bound for glory
BestCoast: @wada Horse showers me to tears
runt: Buddy is Bartlettesque with his handballing tonight
pcaman2003: Where are u Kelly? Need you to score mate.
frenzy: you done enough ya reckon Greene
Snarfy: How bout that boo. Buddy must have heard us talkin’ bout him.
wadaramus: Not yet frenzy, get a rocket up him!
boo!: lol snarfy bagging him works. lift buddy u fucking cunt of a tall wanker piece of shit
Raspel31: Well said pcaman-we needed that.
BestCoast: @frenzy i need him to break the chain fully and go nuts
pcaman2003: Go for it Boo. Be nasty,man.
BestCoast: Swans will shake up any team currently in the 8 they are the business
frenzy: yep, I concur, carried him for weeks @ bestcoast
boo!: might get into shaw as well as buddy
Gott2Win: Swans will finish in 4th spot I’m tipping.
Raspel31: No Swans fan-but to lose your first 6-and come back like this. Good work lads.
SilverLion: Clock for Newman?
Lestat: I think Port might get 4th with their home games and soft draw
sfmmp23: Come on Hanners, I don’t want another 75
luke394: Hannebery sucks killed me all year picking him over Titch
wadaramus: FFS Horse, Newman wants to play footy!
boo!: lift your fucking game you slow cunt of a sloth hannerbery
wadaramus: HTB rule is infuriating..
luke394: go Hanners lift son
Raspel31: Dear Mr Newman, we kindly request you to remove yourself from your bottom and repay our trust. Thank you.
Gott2Win: Patton is having a huge second half to this season. Becoming a trade target
runt: Lift Kelly!
Raspel31: But he has a very small head and I find that worrisome Gott2win.
sfmmp23: Get to the ton Hanners, Buddy, Heeney, Lloyd
boo!: next on my list is jpg, lift you fucking twat cunt fuck
faisca7: I agree Raspel, can never trust a bloke with a small noggin
PowerBug: Don’t think he’s reading this chat @boo!
pcaman2003: Come on Buddy and Kelly.Get scoring AGAIN.
boo!: @powerbug, he might not be but Horse is..
Raspel31: Lol Faisca
poolboybob: These umpires need to go to specsavers
PowerBug: I doubt it 😛
boo!: @powerbug, your purple name doesn’t scare me
PowerBug: Was not even aware that it was purple for everyone else 😮
pcaman2003: FFS Franklin u spud!
Lestat: GWS are just bombing it forward. Helps if they actually look where they are kicking it.
frenzy: something Toby, anything FFS
anthsill03: So salty bloody hawks supporter
runt: Im amazed how Franklin just disappears from games
fonzie: get at least franklin
Lestat: Rohan pulled up quick there.
JButcher: Patton has been a super pick up in draft, wouldn’t suggest him in classic though
DrSeuss: Damn Ward – equal highest possessions on the ground and your score is horrible.
pcaman2003: Go Heeney. Got to 97 very suddenly.Make up for Buddy.
Lestat: @Dr only 8 kicks, 1 mark and 0 tackles.
anthsill03: Buddy is a superstar
LMartos: buddy get farkt
Gott2Win: 3rd draw for Giants coming up???
pcaman2003: Nah! I still Luv u Buddy.
LMartos: Corr is a choker under pressure
runt: Kelly likes negative comments so…what a crab
JockMcPie: Time to trade Newman? Please?
runt: Franklin has in game byes
pcaman2003: C’mon Heeney,no points this qtr yet. Ton up now!
Lestat: Lift please Lloyd and Newman.
fonzie: off night for newman
sfmmp23: Hanners, Bud, Lloyd and Heeny keep going boys
luke394: suck it anyone who’s still got Newman
pcaman2003: Kelly stopped? Hardly getting the ball last 1/4
LMartos: Sydney have copped the right end of the umpiring tonight
poolboybob: Get stuffed Buddy
OllieC: please get to 70 Newman
wadaramus: Best of luck to you too luke, hope you’ye got the perfect 22.
boo!: shaw gunna ton up, wow
Raspel31: Politely said wada
PowerBug: So many free kicks tonight
sfmmp23: Lloyd and Hanners get to the ton pls
BestCoast: @wada he is asking on the other game is Greenwood ever going to come back on
wadaramus: Stupid is as stupid does…
JButcher: Swans are the biggest top 4 threat atm
colmullet: cant believe Greene didnt tonne after his first quarter n a bit
kangawalla: Just saw Greenwood hugging Tex. Luke should be happy now
Apachecats: Toby Greene a sprinter not a stayer.
pcaman2003: Quiet last qtr Heeney. Only 7 points.
Roksta: Luke can just suck it. He liked it
BestCoast: @JButch you mob aren’t looking that shabby
Pinkman: cant believe Franklin higher over Greene after their starts
Beast_Mode: wheres the muppet that said buddy is a spud?
Pokerface: i can believe franklin is higher
JockMcPie: Shaw allergic to the ton
luke394: u have ti admit @Bestcoast he has spent a lot of time on the bench. and again well done Newman 🙂
luke394: looks like a lot of people still have Newman getting quite a response
JButcher: Maybe @BestCoast but the round 20 showdown will be the real test

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