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Chat log from R13 of 2017: Richmond vs Sydney

Chat log for Richmond vs Sydney, R13 of 2017

Killabeez: So much for the Dusty rumours..
man0005: So much for the Dusty rumours..
SilverLion: Would love a ton from new recruit Isaac
boo!: would love a ton from bolton and butler, maybe between them they will..
man0005: connor is menadue for a ton i reckon
th3rio: dusty was always gonna play
Lestat: Anyone think Swans can win?
Killabeez: Knowing Richmond yes
JockMcPie: Swans by 1 point
th3rio: Definitely Lestat
GOD: Do something Chopsticks
chinkas: gentlemen
Donz: keen for Jakey Lloyd to have a big game so he isnt as easy to get for all those waiting for him to drop
Donz: Dusty and Nank to go bananas as well
circle52: lloyd has a very high B/e so should drop a bit tpday as well.
mickelo: Dusty 3 points just for showing up
Crowls: @donz 95 from Jake LLoyd is a win for us waiters. Tasty 405k next week make money trading newman
Lestat: C’mon Horse get Newman on FFS
Raspel31: Don’t know why just waiters-why not kitchen staff as well Crowls.
boo!: bolTON up
Saltycox: nice pun @raspel31
Crowls: raspel31 waiters get the TIPS
Yelse: martin please lifttttt
CamT: I got Lloyd in even though he’ll drop in price.
Raspel31: Ha ha Crowls
Donz: one can hope he has one out of the bag and manages to get close to his break even
Donz: @ Crowls hope your not waiting on docherty as well…
Donz: geezz bringing in Shai Bolton this week would have been the better move… I brought in Scooter Selwood to get 18
Donz: That worked really well :/ Anyone who watched last night know how serious the Scooter injury was
th3rio: Lloyd
man0005: Donz with the quadraple post. Rare sighting
Donz: That worked really well :/ Anyone who watched lst night know how serious the Scooter injury was? Will he play next week?
th3rio: Lloyd was a massive league POD i had from round 1..that concussion has raped me
circle52: Was hammy Donz but not iced which may be a good sihn and Chris Scott maybe 1/2 weeks.
Thedude24: Apparently the injury is only minor
Crowls: Donz, waiting until rd1 2018 for docherty….
th3rio: @Donz apparently not that severe, no ice was applied so apparently if anything itll only be a week or nothing
th3rio: was just tightness
Lestat: I doubt either Selwood plays next week.
boo!: cmon bolTON cape up
Crowls: brought in both selwoods after steele was dropped as I had harbrow and evw as well. that hurt
m0nty: JPK spending a fair bit of time forward so far
circle52: Look at Newman go once Horse brought him on.
Raspel31: Scott says no more than 2-so 1 may be hopeful.
JockMcPie: Sydney DE% hurting
Donz: Cheers Rio!
CamT: If Bolton spent more time on the field his SC score would be pretty good.
circle52: $ already for Bolton m0nty.
Donz: had Lloyd over Shaw from day one too… was going very nicely until that early concussion… havinjg the bye the
Donz: following week did help though
Donz: Nank not the man we used to see earlier in the year it seems… damn shame
Crowls: newman is impressive player.
Crowls: nank will be GAWN soon if he doesnt lift his game
Yelse: really poor SC syd come lift your game
TheBoy89: I only need 3 more premiums in my team grundy, Greene and yeo
circle52: All my players aprt from Neman need to lift JPK, Rance, Buddy and Nank looking at your
circle52: Bolton the other doing OK.
Yelse: is martin playing mid at all
th3rio: dustyyyyyyyyyy
JackRipper: Lmao Crowls… I see what u did there.. Yup agree Newman hits targets and can spear 50m passes aswell.
CamT: I bought Lloyd in so I wouldn’t have to take Bolton’s score :O
m0nty: this is like when Lewis Jetta kicked his first goal, the floodgates opened that day
TheBoy89: Bolton what a gun deserves the cape
LMartos: great didn’t trade in Bolton when I considered it
TheBoy89: I’ve never missed out on a rookie boat besides parsons lol
Crowls: bolton made his avg, now he needs a ton
Umpirespet: Is the fat lady singing yet…Swans look slow
Lestat: @TheBoy not worth a cape, but a good qtr anyway.
th3rio: Hahaha sucked in hewett
bongidongi: need buddy and jpk to lift substantially…
Crowls: anyboody else look at putting bolton on bench to take parsons 51. just had quick check, yep on the ground for me!
DrSeuss: Newman, Heeney and Lloyd lift. It’s only Richmond…
TheBoy89: Fun fact: whenever I bring in a premium that week they never ton up soo sorry heeney owners
circle52: I did initially Crowls but then moved Bolton to mids so will get both scores but with 20 playing 2 will be deleted
circle52: Rance will probably be 1 the way he is going.
Lestat: Muppet for Rampe? 2 poor frees against within a min.
Crowls: bolton may be doing well, but jpk, nank, newman below par so far
Apachecats: Be able to get J lloyd under $400k at this rate.
circle52: I have all them + Rance
Crowls: @circle was just thinking glad I dont have rance and waited for lloyd!!
luke394: Hannebery you sht dog
Apachecats: Own up anyone with Rance AND Hannebury.
Lestat: Bye bye Duddy Buddy.
circle52: @apachecats was hoping straight swap Newmann for Lloyd may cost me now.
Thedude24: Yo guys I’m not watching the game. How bad was the buddy report?
DrSeuss: Come on Lloyd – hasn’t been great since his concussion
Raspel31: Nank might ton up by round 16 at this rate.
carlton_99: This has to be one of the worst supercoach games all yr.
circle52: @lestat How bad not watching the game in Qld as we get the next one.
CamT: good call not putting the Report icon on Mitchell on Thursday night, m0nty
carlton_99: In terms of popular supercoach players.
JRedden: drseuss you know nothing, hes had 1 game since his concussion and it was a 120
Yelse: wats wrong with JPK?
casey22: These pop up ads will cause me to leave this site, m0nty
MONEY TALK: best thing for me rn would be bolton continues outscoring hanners and heeney combined
Thedude24: Not watching the game. Is buddy expected to get weeks?
pcaman2003: Bolton gets bonus pts per possie. Must’ve paid extra dues.
chris7399: get adblocker on chrome. never seen a popup. these blokes need to get paid too its an excellent free website
GOD: Really CD Chopsticks is going at only 44%
Lestat: Duddy should get 2 weeks. Same old brain fade from him.
Apachecats: Wish 774 commentators would realise there are 2 Lloyds out there.
MONEY TALK: lol yea got the add blocker too
casey22: Not saying dont run ads, just get rid of the pop up
man0005: No-one has Sam Lloyd so its pretty obvious
Lestat: @Apache and they are both at same end as well.
MONEY TALK: wait whta i look away for a second and newman is on fire, got him bolton and buddy vs nank hanners and heeney ty sc gods
pcaman2003: @Lestat. For what? Didn’t make head contact on replay.
StuL: It’s all set up for the tigers to do what they do best, cough up a lead.
Apachecats: Radio guys reckon Buddy will get a fine.
Raspel31: Agree pcaman-think the Bud’s safe
Lestat: jog on pcaman. Clearly high contact from Duddy.
CamT: How many weeks/what sort of fine should Shuey get ? anyone
9inch: Just tuned in and wow wee Bolton filling in nicely.
Apachecats: Mind you ,I’d suspend him for the Essendon game
MONEY TALK: in b4 someone claims they have the C on bolton
pcaman2003: @Lestat. Go to specsavers. Replay shows bump around the shoulder or lower.No suspension!
PLACEBOPIE: I saw replay no head contact in slow mo.Not sure on the jumper punches though and i hate buddy
Apachecats: Probably through a dart at their team @moneyt
Apachecats: *threw
9inch: Missed head contact by a mile.
CBeezDeez: CD saying Bolton single handedly winning game for Tiges? Not grunbling much tho as I have him too!
SilverLion: All of my opponents have Bolton…my god…
desmondo: Reckon Shuey should cop a week…went past the ball AND contacted the head
CamT: I think so desmondo. He nearly tripped over the ball trying to get to Selwood.
Lestat: @pcaman hit shoulder then head, so clear high hit.
SilverLion: Will definitely be looking to bring in Lloyd very soon.
Fatbar5tad: Any chance of getting a kick Heeney?
Apachecats: Sinclair 43% game time for 45 SC ,not bad.
Roksta: No chance buddy goes for that
CamT: Bolton is losing points for every possession this quarter.
SilverLion: Gee Heeney and Bolton have had good quarters…
StuL: Heeney, Hanners, jpk, all shocking. Lucky I only have one.
SilverLion: That a boy Isaac
NoneyaB: I have J Lloyd and Prestia ( swapped him for z Fisher this week)
Yelse: FML heeney JKP franklin nankervis
wadaramus: Lift your game Nank, get some possessions!
The Hawker: bolton please keep going!
TheBoy89: Lol I’m glad I traded out nank this week for stef
J_Herer: Great work from Newman
Umpirespet: Bang bang Houli son
luke394: Lloyd is a gun hell be a steal at 400k next week
StuL: Can Bolton score this half?
Yelse: why do ppl trade out players that are playing in the byes!
Raspel31: Got me Yelse-madness.
Donz: Geez Nank get to 80 please
Apachecats: Bolton -9SC for the 1/4 ,thats minus 9
J_Herer: yeah Lloyd is the steal of the season for the backline
TheBoy89: Houli last 2 weeks has been insane 127 and 137 and it’s looking like a 140+
StuL: Not again tigers. Surely?
Lestat: They will run out of trades by round 17
Ladbrokes_: Newman gonna crack his BE again
CBeezDeez: C’mon Tiges! Bout time you learnt how to win from the front!
Crowls: yeh keep newman and upgrade evw to lloyd need to find cash
JButcher: I don’t think I’m ever gonna trade Newman out, perfect D6
pcaman2003: Tigers starting to do the Colliwobble shuffle.
dipstick: its Islam month of ramadan for houli. must be all those allah akbars
NoneyaB: I have 18 trades nm*+
NoneyaB: I had 17 trades left and z fisher is a dud so i got rid of him..
NoneyaB: 16 trades in rdt 18 in sc
dipstick: i traded pendles for martin this week then will get pendles next week. 3K short i was.
TyCarlisle: Not funny @dipstick
MONEY TALK: tf i miss y did bolton lose 10 points
chris7399: not sure why there was so much talk about trading newman. averages 90. more problems elsewhere
TheBoy89: Dipstick you probs have 50 trades
CamT: Did Bolton strangle a seagull or something. He’ll be down to 60 by the end of the match.
dipstick: @theboy? nah 14
Raspel31: That many trades leftNoney, you must have a pretty ordinary team.
MONEY TALK: yea nah newman to lloyd wont be happening for me props shaw to lloyd
circle52: Just Looking at Boltons TOG 66% has he been off a dair bit this quarter
NoneyaB: im in the late 1000s who cares
JockMcPie: Spuddy’s back
frenzy: buddy Lol
banta: why don
TyCarlisle: whats your team name @noneyaB
banta: why don’t teams tag cotch harder? he sucks at dealing with it!!
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Alex Rance to suck Buddy in to giving away a free with a push to the shoulder blade.
TheBoy89: Wtf happend to buddy is he gonna get a week or two?
J_Herer: Jesus Buddy is going backwards
Umpirespet: Lol rance
dipstick: so bolton was on 80 sc an hour ago. so much for a spuds ton
pcaman2003: Franklin lost the plot totally. What a spud!
MONEY TALK: need buddy to lift ffs bolton and newman cant carry me this far
Apachecats: His team is called 50 trades of Grey
CBeezDeez: Bolton MINUS 12 for 2 possies for the qtr?
JockMcPie: Franklin’s score won’t even count for me at this stage wtf
Crowls: maybe swans win.
pcaman2003: Buddy at work earning his millions
CamT: @CBeezDeez … and a contested mark.
sfmmp23: What a shit game for supercoach. Buddy, hanners, nank and Martin Wtf. Bolton shit 3Rd qtr. Newman my only good player
circle52: same Jock I have to drop 2 and Parsaons 51 was lowest before this game.
Ladbrokes_: Have a feeling Buddy will turn it up. Final quarter gonna be insane
TheBoy89: Martin did fuck all as well
man0005: Buddy still doing better than Vickery and Omeara combined….bargain pcaman
SilverLion: Quiet game from Hanners and JPK
CBeezDeez: This qtr will tell us a bit about Tiges for me
9inch: Kennedy having a shocker.
pcaman2003: @man0004 Except they didn’t cost millions upon millions of dollars.
TheBoy89: Tigers have this in the bag
JockMcPie: Sydney by a point 🙂
the worm: @cbeez the last 25 years havent told you enough?
mookie: Sydney were ferocious that qtr
dipstick: plenty of time for tiges to lose this in the last 15 seconds.
JRedden: come on dusty ton up
Fatbar5tad: Nank ya big Galuf!
Apachecats: yes dipstick this will be swans by 3pts
LMartos: Toby pls man how can you miss two sitters
TheBoy89: Heeney yes boy lift
lzaffina: how many pts nancy boy get for that dive?
mookie: you won’t win kicking like that
Donz: Nank is Gawn in a few weeks
dipstick: tigers couldnt win a prize in a 1 ticket raffle… fucken useless!!!
wadaramus: Carn Houli, make it a big hunjy man.
CBeezDeez: I’m a bit slow @worm! I still need convincing LoL
MONEY TALK: they say if u say spuddy he lifts, cmon spuddy
Donz: Newman a possible keeper? Those behind the 8 ball might trade him to Lloyd but I reckon he might be a keeper if he can
Donz: stay in the side
banta: put someone on cotchin you dud retard longmire. you deserve to lose
Apachecats: Spuddy or Duddy?
MONEY TALK: lol bolton died i think
TheBoy89: It’s spuddy wanklin
wadaramus: If that aint HTB, well give it up umpire.
pcaman2003: @theboy89 .LOL! Good call!
TheBoy89: Started from the Bolton now we here…
banta: f you cotchin you little pig
StuL: Bolton will be on 0 soon.
anthsill03: You muppet grigg
Donz: haha dont mind that Boy. Wish I bought him in instead of Scooter this week
Donz: he has been losing points since H/T though…
frenzy: power off rance
blashtroko: Zak jones is an awful decision maker and kick
circle52: Yep has now lost 14 points since HT and hasn’t touched it,
m0nty: Rance heading for the star at this rate
Ladbrokes_: Rance being gifted points, 16 touches and 3 marks. That’s all he’s done
luke394: Rance been unbelievable this quarter
JButcher: Cmon Lloyd keep working
CBeezDeez: You keep treating me like this jpk how can I stay faithful!
Lestat: This is Syd v Rance and Rance is winning.
JockMcPie: Competition between JPK and Franklin as to whose score won’t count…
TheBoy89: Lloyd, Heeney and Newman good stuff but buddy and dusty need to lift
circle52: Gee CD love Rance in SC has scored 76 points since HT,
luke394: thats because Bolton was being upscaled so much cos os his first 1/4 now he’s back to normal
LMartos: Shai Bolton has possibly had the worst SC half of all time
JockMcPie: Franklin never again. Ever.
StuL: Hardwick has seen this film before
mookie: Rance has been awesome
Apachecats: Like the Tigers of old …
Crowls: jpk spudded up
desmondo: LMAO Tigers are choking
TyCarlisle: Rance BOG easily
circle52: Surely JPK will get to Parsons 51
pcaman2003: Rance makes Buddy look like crap.
Apachecats: Rance only has to look at it and he gets big points.
TyCarlisle: Rance deserves every point he is getting. He is the reason why Swans aren’t 5 goals in front.
Lestat: Give Rance the star now. BOG by a mile
pcaman2003: Tigers for 9th this year?
thommoae: Rance BOG this quarter …
Ladbrokes_: Newman with more disposals, equal marks, 6 more tackles, equal contested. How could he have less than Rance?
thommoae: mare Rampe
Lestat: 56 DE v’s 83 for a start Ladbrokes
Pokerface: heard of pressure acts ladbrokes?
anthsill03: CD give more for influence on the game (correct me if im wrong)
TyCarlisle: Learn how Supercoach scores work. Points given based off impact and state of game. Rance’s marks/touches more crucial.
luke394: ur an idiot @Ladbrokes_ if you think Newman has had the influence on the game that Rance has
LMartos: Heeney don’t choke the ton now
TheBoy89: Heeney kick the goal to put the swannies in front
TyCarlisle: finally @luke394. Someone who understands how it works
Nuffman: How has Kennedy lost points for that goal?
CBeezDeez: Maybe Tiges will get some Karma back?
banta: this umpire is an effing disgrace
Fatbar5tad: Deliberate. Shit rule.
Lestat: No way that is deliberate.
TheBoy89: Dusty kick a fkin goal
desmondo: ridiculous decision by the ump
MONEY TALK: ppl duddy kick goals geez
TyCarlisle: Tigers setting up for Lloyd to kick a goal after the siren
Ladbrokes_: ‘Impact’ is subjective. How does that explain how Shiel isn’t averging 110+, he’s been giants’ best player by far
pcaman2003: @lestat. Finally agree with!
Raspel31: Wow-disappeared for 30-the famous disappearing tigers trick.
TyCarlisle: All stats have a base value which gets scaled based off impact and state of the game. That’s how it works
Pokerface: josh kelly says hi ladbrokes
banta: shoot this umpire. where was his prior? and was trying. idiot
Fizzy343: shiel better then kelly lol
LMartos: Heeney why man, that was a chance for 120
TheBoy89: Heeney please beat yeo’ score
luke394: id say Josh Kelly has been twice as good as Shiel @Ladbrokes_
JockMcPie: Buddy beat Parsons, good job
Ladbrokes_: If you watched the games Shiel does the heavy lifting believe me. Kelly is hyped because he’s young and a ball magnet
frenzy: newman game saver
luke394: Martins score is ridiculous he’s done stuff all
Fatbar5tad: Caddy expecting Rioli to win in the air
JockMcPie: JPK cape for last quarter, what a gun
StuL: I called it half time
whafc: ha ha richmond ya flogs
Apachecats: Tiger fans looking for their razor blades.
PLACEBOPIE: Bolton lol:D
th3rio: haha wow dustys score goes bang
Donz: someone one here called the swans by a point earlier… damn near spot on its looking like
carlton_99: Did Kennedy just have a 63 point qtr
CBeezDeez: Jeezus Tiges! Never ever again!!!
anthsill03: Shiel is highly under rated. Has kelly been tagged? Cause normally shiel cops the tag
Rush: Why is Rance’s DT score so different from his SC score?
banta: ead cotch and your cheap kicks at half back
Fizzy343: i watch and kelly is by far the best player
NoneyaB: u are useless tigers..
MONEY TALK: after going back up bolton went back down wow
Pokerface: Richmondy?
Lestat: Hahahaha Richmond.
Donz: newman looking like a keeper
TheBoy89: Cape j kennedy
the worm: gee theres a surprise, tigers fold in the last qtr
Pokerface: because they use different scoring systems rush?
9inch: Well that ended well, Heeny JPK Martin and Richmond lost lol
LMartos: wan’t Lloyd 110 a minute ago lol
lzaffina: that will learn ya for taking a dive rance u flower head
frenzy: Ninthmond here we come
jfitty: Bolton with the biggest yin yang game I’ve ever seen
TyCarlisle: Rance best on ground
Lestat: DT works on disposals and SC doesn’t
StuL: What a rabble.
TyCarlisle: DT works on stats – SC works on how good a player actually was in the game.
StuL: Swans can’t die of course.
Rush: Yeah but everyone’s roughly similar, Rance’s is nearly double on sc
Gebs: boy oh boy wowee
MONEY TALK: did josh p kick a winning goal or something his score went bananas
TheBoy89: Lloyd star monty
MONEY TALK: monty can’t make up his mind for josh

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