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Chat log from R13 of 2017: North Melbourne vs St Kilda

Chat log for North Melbourne vs St Kilda, R13 of 2017

frenzy: evening peoples
TheBoy89: Higgins to go 120+ and Roberton to go low 70’s
leorosman_: big game for you here Mountford!
Donz: sure hope so Boy… got higgins in couple weeks back and chose hibberd over roberton last week
J_Herer: Massive game for the Saints, lets go Saints
J_Herer: lol Tim Watson is so bad
King_Robbo: Common Roberton, go big son 120+
JockMcPie: Big night for a rejuvinated Nick Riewoldt please
Lestat: Jack Steven due for a huge game.
PLACEBOPIE: want saints to lose out of spite for steel
th3rio: waite to go 150+ again? lol
Breezey: Got a feeling that J.Waite may have a very big night
MONEY TALK: need steven and higgens to go huge
th3rio: gee its good
man0005: gee its good
Brenno_173: need Higgins and Roberton to get under 80
Breezey: BT loves the early crow
J.Worrall: so good
th3rio: come on roberton get in there brother
StuL: Got the chiseller, the squeeze and measurer all together tonight Bring back Lou Richards.
GOD: Riewoldt time to retire!
TheBoy89: I need roberton to do shit
Breezey: And the little Poker over the top@Stul
th3rio: roberton the mannnn
Torz: Slight change. Mountford playing inside midfield, not outside.
Raspel31: Well, that worked TheBoy.
TheBoy89: Just as I said that he kicks a goal
Screech23: Roberton stop now
Breezey: Acres had lots of room inside 50. Acres in fact
MONEY TALK: theboy can u say that about steven and higgens so they do good
Torz: I see what you did there Breezey. 😉
Screech23: Yea boybsay steves is ni hood need him y o h o huge
TheBoy89: I swear Higgins plays shit at night time
Schillaci: Go Robbo! Big 100+ tonight my son.
Apachecats: Seeing as I managed to kill off S sewood last night i am advising in advance that i am buying J lloyd and L ryan this we
Raspel31: Go Sainters-got no one in this game-well, who is there-so can just enjoy. Go Sainters.
Apachecats: * Selwood * week
TheBoy89: I’m gonna get roberton and Greene this week
JButcher: Apache I have also traded in Scooter and Lloyd this week, sorry all
Umpirespet: Mountford looking ok so far
Breezey: Looking looks me a towel up unless the Roos can lift
Apachecats: you’re safe with those ones @theboy
Breezey: Love auto correct. Looking like a towel up. Unless the Roos can lift from here
MONEY TALK: gilbert this year has been real good
Donz: got sainters 1-39 so lift north! Higgins in particular. kick me a couple sausage rolls
JButcher: Kicking myself for not bringing in Billings after he bottomed out
Texwalker: Hmm… bet north by 1-39…. ooops
Apachecats: Went for Nth in the tipping (sobs out loud)after Cats last night.
Raspel31: But Butcher-Billings average not great and-playing a poor Norf.
TheBoy89: Higgins can go big but he needs to be in the right position
Lestat: Billings averaging 88 and 4 of last 5 100+ scores
Texwalker: Billings will be a star if he wants it enough
DrSeuss: Mountford and Roberton – good. Newnes – Lift
TheBoy89: Where is Higgins
Lestat: At Etihad.
King_Robbo: Roberton – good start son! Pity there was a tackle missed
9inch: Good Mountford doing something to hold a spot perhaps. Need him for downgrades next week.
J_Herer: @Apachecats horrible year for tipping, went Saints tonight as the were bad last game
Beast_Mode: good recovery Goldy, keep it up
Donz: Still in it Tex
Apachecats: Goalon the buzzer helps ,if Nth can get the first one this 1/4 its game back on.
Texwalker: Did anyone see a month or so that stupid show on channel 9 with wilson lyon and that other guy.. aaying reiwoldt should
King_Robbo: Has anyone else noticed that they missed a tackle for Roberton?
Texwalker: Retire no matter what.. saints need one more year out of him
Breezey: Nice start by Mountford. Anyone got him
Lestat: Kobe Stevens done.
TheBoy89: Forgot there was Thursday night footy and couldn’t reverse my trades so I will with Callum brown
boo!: lift longer”
CBeezDeez: I’ve been stuck with him since Rnd1 @Breezey
circle52: Brought him in AF Breezy to get 18 on field
boo!: lift longer brown wood
Breezey: Terrible decision. Quack quack
Texwalker: Take yeos 117 or risk beams??
Raspel31: A hint TheBoy-there are newspapers, radio and telly. Find these helpful.
DrSeuss: That was a terrible call ump
King_Robbo: Haha on way was there a free kick there!
Breezey: Your Patience will be rewarded CBeez
CBeezDeez: Hope so m8. Had other issues early then he was named em regularly so thought hold…
All Reds: n’t
Texwalker: Not in it now @donz.. bloody hopeless north
TheBoy89: Robbed again
Texwalker: Poor bloke.. 2 years ago he wouldve had 2 goals lol
Lestat: How can it be robbed @TheBoy? Both were touched.
casty46: “gee you can be annoying sometimes” love it bruce
Breezey: Billings clearly kicking the ball too low through the goals. Higher son
CBeezDeez: Keeping it out of the breeze? @Breezey LoL
Donz: aint over tilll its over Tex
JButcher: Mountford looks like a very good replacement for D.Lloyd next week
Raspel31: Hmm- think I still have Billings in my long forgotten draft comp.
Texwalker: Go away st kilda…..
Lestat: Rooey in trouble for striking Thompson?
th3rio: Floyd Riewoldtweather ?
Donz: but jeebus wouldnt mind North lifting a tad
Torz: Jed Anderson has been a real bust for North.
Texwalker: Umpring a bit biased towards st kilda atm i reckon
TheBoy89: Higgins u turn over twat
th3rio: roberton must’ve went for a beer..
Raspel31: Apart from a die hard Norfer-who really has one Norf player and why would you?
Umpirespet: Glad crows didn’t chase him in the end Torz
Texwalker: I got no norf players
Pokerface: @raspel with no Sandi, plenty of reason to grab goldy
circle52: Mountford disappeared this quarter
TheBoy89: Should I get grundy or Goldstein
Apachecats: I’ve got 2 of them going mouldy on the bench @Raspel -Preuss and hibberd.
TheBoy89: Steven is so shit
LuvIt74: The Gold Member iis back
circle52: @rasapel only have Goldstein in SC so happy so far
Raspel31: Apache-had them both early too.
JockMcPie: Riewoldt got any more 3s in him?
DrSeuss: Roberton and Newnes lift – Mountford – keep it up
Lestat: @pokerface I would take Nankervis, Kreuzer or Jacobs over Goldy.
Apachecats: and Preuss has a higher average than half of them that ARE getting a game.
LuvIt74: great week for those smart ones that chose Sandiballs to goldy
Ash777: billy longer is not a ruck
TheBoy89: Wow when I say Steven is shit he lifts
Pokerface: @Lestat goldy suited byes better. Nank lives in the forward line.
Preston007: Put Koby in 2 weeks ago… bugger me
Apachecats: Looks like a goal free 1/4 for NTH
Beast_Mode: goldy is avg 108 in the last 5 games, good option
shrtlg: steven smashing that tag by going forward
boo!: wish anderson would lift so both browns at the bottom….
Raspel31: With age comes wisdom. Norf are shite.
Schillaci: Roberton having another good game. Higgins need to use it better. 104 combined at half time. Happy with that.
PLACEBOPIE: good to see mountford on target for a 64.we dont want others to take advantage of this early pic 😛
9inch: Thought Nick was better than his SC suggests.
luke394: Billings been good but 10 touches and 2 goals for 91 naaaa
Donz: please north… find the two big sticks and kick the oval thing through them
Pokerface: and 7 tackles luke
TheBoy89: My trades probs for next week macreadie out L Ryan in and balic out yeo in
anthsill03: @luke 7 tackles for billings
TheBoy89: Or Greene not quite sure
CBeezDeez: Norf not doing their AFLW bid any favors with this game and crowd…
luke394: I am aware of the 7 tackles
luke394: How many people have u seen have 20 touches 4 goals and 14 tackles for 180?
Pokerface: how many people have you seen have 20 touches 4 goals and 14 tackles full stop? they are insane stats
Pokerface: sloane leads tackles for the year. he averages 8 per game
PLACEBOPIE: 4 marks 12 contested possies and 2 clangers 😛
boo!: @pokerface, parson will beat those stats
Pokerface: buddy leads goals for the year. he averages 3 per game
Pokerface: true boo!
Pokerface: *0 clangers
Raspel31: But you can never cap Sloane-160 one week and 65 the next. Why we all love the Danger-mind you-I have Sloane.
PLACEBOPIE: 2 clearances 😀
Pokerface: @raspel not now other teams have wised up on tagging him
Raspel31: Damn-your right Poker-shared a secret.
boo!: went roberton over doherty as was $2k short….
Texwalker: @donz i hope norf fond the big sticks a bit kore as well lo
9inch: Where can you find the more detailed stats?
TheBoy89: Guys Greene or yeo for next week
Texwalker: I dont watch many port games, do they tag much??
Raspel31: Yeo.
PLACEBOPIE: i have yeo so go greene 😛
boo!: Yeo
Nuffman: How can you play a half of football and have zero stats?
chinkas: north be better off with 21 on the park than having Anderson on
Donz: yet be on 7 sc Nuffman?
Breezey: Anderson has the same amount of possessions as the bloke he was a late inclusion for
Donz: now 8sc
Pokerface: he has a couple of 1%ers
Nuffman: @Donz maybe pressure acts or 1%… but still… I’d atleast have a FA on my stats sheet by now haha
9inch: Shyt kick Nick
Texwalker: Just kick the ball norf.. its not flowerin hard
Lestat: OMG Jed got a kick. Must be a misprint.
Pokerface: there you go boo!
Breezey: He’s past Brown now
mickelo: @Chinkas if they got 21 on the park I hope nobody notices
Pokerface: don’t be so unselfish goldy
Nuffman: 2 kicks… maybe he just needed to be mentioned in this chat??
CBeezDeez: Who wanted the Brown s bottom? U got Ur wish!
Donz: cheers, at work not watching the game
Donz: not hard to put something on the stat sheet.. definitely if you had not had a kick by half time its pretty much expected
th3rio: theres been some killa tackles 2nite lads
Donz: you throw a clothes line or someting
Raspel31: We do love our bench warmers to do well in byes-good work Sinclair.
Nuffman: @Donz a stat is a stat haha… as an aside.. so glad Bombers got rid of Carlisle, to think i actually rated him somewhat
boo!: go goldsein
StuL: Mountford ran out of puff quick, since QT.
Pokerface: relief for the saints that carlisle got himself right for the game..
Raspel31: Norf are away-yep, they scored a goal but not exactly away. Love the commentary.
man0005: Kinda like Geelong last night, hey Stul?
Breezey: Kick it Higgins ya pleb
wadaramus: WOW, Missy on a rampage down the wing!
Donz: not missing him a bit… sainters can have Cocaine Carlisle
MQuimby: These umps are actually fried
Donz: he aint a team man
Lestat: @Raspel did you expect good commentary from this bunch?
Raspel31: Um, er, no Lestat.
CBeezDeez: Gawd! Norf would hav2 have the worst game style going wouldn’t they
Breezey: By says 30 points is absolutely nothing. Considering they’ve scored 31 in nearly 3 qtrs
Texwalker: If ur last names scott u cant coach a winning tea, this week…. thats for sure..
Raspel31: Quicker than me Breezey-30 points absolutely nothing. Mental giants commentating.
9inch: How is Gilbert so good now afyer all these years… great game.
Donz: pull your fingers out north.. gosh
Raspel31: Oh Sinclair-my bench warmer-love you.
banta: wtf is that hack jack steven doing. barely been near it. effn lift!!
Texwalker: @donz we will both get done in this game.. at leat u picked the right team
Raspel31: 36 points is nothing
Donz: doesnt matter Tex hahaha we’ll both be losing our hard earned I think
9inch: This year 36 points in by no means a winning score.
Donz: not watching the game. I am at work, is north just playing putrid or are the saints putting in a solid defensive effort?
Texwalker: I hoping north do a final quarter like the first quarter they did to crows a while ago
HawkTalker: urgh WHY wont they play Preuss?
King_Robbo: Oh Roberton, you star
Lestat: Can’t see Nth kicking 7 goals when they only have 4
blashtroko: Gonna be sad to see Riewoldt go when he does. Been a champion ever since I started watching AFL
Texwalker: Norf have hit more st kilda players then st kilda have lol
boo!: ben brown havng a mare
JockMcPie: Nroo kick straight…
Donz: you never know Lestat
Lestat: @ Donz both North terrible and Saints working harder.
Donz: effme Higgins please snag a couple through the big ones buddy.. for me bet and for me SC
Breezey: Ben Brown SC. on fire
Raspel31: Yes, you know Lestat.
man0005: Can we get a hack symbol for every North player Monty?
Breezey: 42 pts is nothing. Go on Brian say it
Raspel31: Wow Breezey-just saw that.
9inch: With you thete Jock. Nick missed 2 easy shots, could be on 90 going into the last
Texwalker: Never agin will i have the slightest bit of interest in norf..
LuvIt74: The Golden delicious looks brilliant
Donz: big last qtr north come on!
GOD: GOD has the C on B. Brown tonight!
LuvIt74: Did Higgins get the axe from the dogs or did he leave
Breezey: GOD should not lie. Who can we trust then
Lestat: I believe he left
Ash777: he left
Raspel31: God does not exist. Or, in a perfect world he’d crawl away.
m0nty: nominations for star please
Pokerface: why does GOD speak in the third person.
Pokerface: he does raspel, he is in this game chat.
Lestat: Roberton easily.
Raspel31: Sadly Poker.
Pokerface: bit early m0nty. 36 points is nothing…
Pokerface: agree. Roberton
Umpirespet: B Brown never seen a player in the last qtr on a negative score
Lodgy: @m0nty you will just star whoever you want, like last night… booooo
Texwalker: God should be the richest person in the world, after all the bible is the greatest selling book of fiction of all time☺
Raspel31: Agreed Monty-give Ben Brown a few more minutes.
King_Robbo: Is it just me but doesn’t Roberton always look tired? Always standing away from the ball with hands on hips
Pokerface: Never picked GOD as a carlton supporter. Thought he would have pulled a few strings since 95
Breezey: Robertson has been tired with hands on his hips 18 times so far. 94% DE
GOD: GOD will make Carlton great again!
9inch: Nick needsca goal to get the SC back on track
Pokerface: give brown the mare or something
Raspel31: 42 points is nothing.
Breezey: My wife just asked me why the commentators keep talking about sex shops. I say what. aiming for goals they talk about it
Lestat: LMAO Breezey
Breezey: I say Set shots darl
Umpirespet: Stop feeding her alcohol breezy
Raspel31: You’ve got a wife Breezey? I thought you were 11. I’m 12.
Breezey: I wish I was
man0005: I am Breezey’s wife. Can confirm.
Raspel31: Brown had a quiet night by his standards-wonderful commentary.
Umpirespet: Sideshow Bob is on 1 now
Breezey: Not quite 11 and you should be woman0005
Lestat: Brown now in positive.
DrSeuss: Come on Newnes and Mounty.
Breezey: I’m positive Brown will test positive after this lacklustre performance
Umpirespet: Have they said yet how long Scooter is out for?
Breezey: Gift for Sideshow
wadaramus: 4 in four?
J_Herer: Roberton is not a star, he has played +1 for the whole year…
Raspel31: Star for Brown
spudaroos: Ziebell is so bad, gets 15 kicks a game and clangers atleast half of them.
Breezey: While we are handing out stars willy nilly. Cape for Anderson then
StuL: Scooter could play next week supposedly.
wadaramus: Agree J_Herer.
Lestat: Billings should have had 6 goals.
Lestat: Where was the push in the back there?
Beast_Mode: tarrant the bin
9inch: Took the risk with Roo but for no goals Im pretty happy with that.
CamT: Hopefully Mitch Hibberd will get a game next week.
wadaramus: If there’s no real star just don’t give one out?
Raspel31: Agreed Wad-no real stars tonight.
Donz: where is Tex??? North came good for me!!
Breezey: Seb Ross certainly STAR potential tonight
Ash777: #lolnorf
Lestat: Ross is a gun.
wadaramus: I agree Lestat.
benzammit: Last kick of the day pfft wanted 21+

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