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Chat log from R11 of 2017: North Melbourne vs Richmond

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Richmond, R11 of 2017

boo!: cmon short brown wood
frenzy: Go Roos
LuvIt74: Did I hear right, is Bolton a late out?
Beast_Mode: no he’s pplaying but isn’t a sustainable option, will be dropped in 2-3 games
circle52: keeping him as he will be my swing man DPP to Fwds
LuvIt74: @Beast thats fine mate i just need his DPP and need the Cash but glad he’s playing
CamT: Why isn’t Bolton a sustainable option ? He could kick a bag tonight.
LuvIt74: @CamT – Beast is right u cannot bring him in expecting him to be in the side for long.
bongidongi: Need SHiggins to beast today – been very very average last few weeks..
Beast_Mode: what makes you think he could kick a bag? how many has he kicked this season?
LuvIt74: I need the cash and Balic was doing nothing so had to swap them as i want to bring in Docherty & Roberton next week
Beast_Mode: They already have 4 small forward, i doubt 5 smalls will work for very long.
Lestat: Maybe a spud bag.
boo!: bolton to kick a bag……of turds
CBeezDeez: Gotta get a kick first! Does Shai!
colin wood: chances of a shai bolton ton tonight? need one!
LuvIt74: Don’t bag the good ol Hessian
circle52: Similar Luvit Done for cash along with other trades, $500k for upgrades next week Doc and maybe Rocky
CamT: I only got Bolton to be able to switch Myers for Ablett next week. Any points above 50 will be a bonus.
LuvIt74: @colin zero to sweet fruit cake all im predicting mate
LuvIt74: @circle don’t bring in Rocky mate bring in Jelwood or some other gun mid, coz his injury prone scares the crap outa me
CBeezDeez: Yeah his shoulder worries me 2 @LuvIt
LuvIt74: If I had of traded Berrett out for Bolton I would have been able to bring in Docherty, Roberton & Adams
circle52: Have Jelwood
circle52: Tempted by Ablett though
poolboybob: Cunnington is as good a contested player as anyone in the league? Haha get real.
LuvIt74: just know barrett will gain another $70k
StuL: So Higgins goal is given to someone else!?
AngryRyno: CD have JMac and Higgo confused it seems
Kekkington: Wait I though Higgins scored the second goal?
Kekkington: Thought*
King_Robbo: what the?!?! where was there a free kick on dusty?
kano: Higgins not even credited with goal. Lol
AngryRyno: yep, Higgins goal is on Macmillan (50m penalty recip) for now
bongidongi: Higgins goal, not macmillan -yeah?
StuL: Higgins goal has been given to Macmillan
pcaman2003: C’mon Nank! Need much better from u this week.
Lestat: @ Robbo In the middle before the 50 to Higgins.
th3rio: wonder if theyve got the disposals confused too…
King_Robbo: I think CD are drunk. Higgins goal to macmillan and martin free for and they said it was against lol
th3rio: wooo fixed
LuvIt74: My last midfielder will be either Jelwood or Zerrit
StuL: I bet nank spuds it. Need you nank.
Lestat: The free against Martin was for high contact on Higgins
DrSeuss: Nank playing like crapp because he knows everyone is tradding him out this week.
AngryRyno: amateur hour at the moment
LuvIt74: This will be the only week Bolton will increase in price coz as this rate he’ll be dropped next week
AngryRyno: who would trade nank? lmao
King_Robbo: It wasn’t Martin, it was Cotchin who had the free against
Lestat: Guarantee Bolton won’t be dropped next week.
Lestat: @Robbo. Nope Martin came in and pushed Higgins in the head.
AngryRyno: bolton a good chance to get dropped next week, 4 small fwds is not viable
boo!: im sure ive seen trent dumont dj at a club
Lestat: Rich have the bye next week, so he won’t get dropped.
King_Robbo: Ok my bad, thought it was Cotch
AngryRyno: nice one smart arse
DrSeuss: In SC maybe not – but in AF – Nank will be traded.
italeader: Nany get 100+ and there’s BJ in it for you!
LuvIt74: Cant comment on AF as I’ve never played it, SC is enough for me. Got to much other crap to keep up with
cusch1: Need Nank to beat KTurner and EVW. Fingers crossed
LuvIt74: Speaking of Ship Creek.
pcaman2003: 3 more qtrs like the first thanks Nank
DirtyDawn: Evening all
LuvIt74: Evening Dawn, how you doing? 😉
King_Robbo: well there you go, it was Cotchin free against
circle52: Evening Dirty
DirtyDawn: LuvIt, I had 100 on Bont winning Charlie into Eagles premiers at $91. Ive lost $100 hahaha
DirtyDawn: To answer your question, not great brah…..
DirtyDawn: ahahaha
LuvIt74: @Dawn yeah not looking promising
mookie: Nank is in my fwd line, he’s still a 90+ player. Trade him.
LuvIt74: Would a massage help
DirtyDawn: A massage?? FFS dude thats a bit disturbing
9inch: Ha have a cry Jack ya flog
King_Robbo: Cmon Dusty, want a massive 150. On track
casey22: Jack, the ultimate idiot
PLACEBOPIE: go big dusty
Lestat: I see they did give the free against Cotchin. Replays looked like it was Dusty.
shaker: Haha an awkward silence from Luvit
mookie: 5 goals to 4 halfway through the 2nd is not a shootout mOnty
mickelo: Just close your eyes and go with it Dirty
pcaman2003: Waite having a blinder.Lol!
m0nty: only because they can’t shoot stright mookie 😉
cold pies: Who else thinks bolton is a ball hungry pig.. has a lot of heart..
9inch: Richo backtracking on his ump comments. Must of been told lol
DirtyDawn: If there was doubt, and quoting Rainier Wolfcastle “I sleep on top of a pile of money surrounded by many beautiful women
PLACEBOPIE: dusty ton by h/t
Fatbar5tad: @Luvit yeah not looking promising
mookie: It’s a crap shoot
cold pies: Haha you all know lovIt is avtuallly a female.. quite stunning actually. Dirty lost that tug.
King_Robbo: Dusty could be on 90 if he was semi efficient with the ball in hand
pcaman2003: Tag Martin FFS Scott you dud
LuvIt74: lmao here
DirtyDawn: I didnt know that cold pies. If that is correct, I tip my hat to you LuvIt. Well played
italeader: where’s Nany…
italeader: where’s Nany!
man0005: where’s Nany!
pcaman2003: Nanks has gone on holiday again.
Lestat: I am guessing Etihad.
cold pies: Hehe yeh mate.. sent a crumpet pic last week if i swapped my captain choice.. btw.. looks nice and buttery
LuvIt74: retracts her massage offer. 🙂
runt: Where the hell is Nankervis?
Stu7: yone shed any light on what is happening with Higgins?
man0005: 100% LuvIt, coldpies and DirtyDawn are all males
italeader: Nany getting owned by Goldie, he’s had 2 hitouts for the quarter..
DirtyDawn: You gotta understand my position LuvIt. You could have been a 130kg ranga bloke from South Freo…
LuvIt74: His lost giving a massage to nan’s crevice
Stu7: Damn the ol higgin nan rub!!!
circle52: Rance going backwards this quarter
cold pies: @dirty.. im flowerin mate.. was trying to niggle luvit.. now hes playing possum hahahaha.. maybe really is female. Appol
mookie: still could be
LuvIt74: Dawn 240kg but not a ranga just suffer from Alopecia
Stu7: Can anyone tell me how Castanga gets a game?????
LuvIt74: Goldy starting to look good, might swap sandi to Goldi in round 16-17
AngryRyno: has a nice name @Stu7
DirtyDawn: ….quickly searches google for alopecia..
italeader: the “Where’s Nany!” chant worked!
casey22: DD, he could also be a 12 year old, ffs
pcaman2003: @DirtyDawn This is footy chat,not Tinder.
PLACEBOPIE: more like grinder
DirtyDawn: If youre from WA and you know mad dog, and youve seen his facebook page, this is what I was imagining hahaha
LuvIt74: @casey22 Wish i was 31 years younger
AngryRyno: alrighty then mr 2003
DirtyDawn: Agreed pcaman, Im sick of getting hit on
m0nty: back on the game please
CBeezDeez: Maybe need to change ur name to DirtyDon then maybe?
AngryRyno: good to have mobile version back m0nts, mainly because it is offering the PNG at half time
DirtyDawn: Yep agreed Monty. Purple name game?
runt: Bombers vP{-A is a good one with the Bombers IR quite low at 5/10
9inch: Must of been close to cape for goldy that qtr
Lestat: Tarrant has lost the plot. 2 x 50m penalties
shaker: Tarrant again ha ha
PLACEBOPIE: first one was thompson
GJayBee: Dawn you are ace.
Lestat: Wasn’t it Tarrant who abused the ump?
CBeezDeez: Geez gimme sum o wot tiges had @ 1/2 time please!
chinkas: traffic cones surely
DirtyDawn: Bot sure why GJay, but thanks anyway.
Eaglesuk: Umps wants Richmond to win this one… Absolutely disgraceful officiating… Grimes has been cuddling Waite all game
PLACEBOPIE: yes second one was taz
man0005: Dawn you are amazing.
ado88: Why would a girl call herself DRITY 100% male
PLACEBOPIE: dusty blitz
King_Robbo: Oh Dusty just special
pcaman2003: Norf have no clue in containing Martin.LOL!
runt: Martin obviously fired up by the Caro snub. She knows what she is doing.
Stu7: How does Castanga get a game?
Lestat: Should have stuck with Dusty as C. Loopholed Danger.
heppelitis: accidently put capt on dusty. please smash dangers score
9inch: Lmfao if Richmond lose from here.
CBeezDeez: Bolton playin 2 hold his spot 4 anuva game now also…
runt: Castagna gets a game by being considered part of the future of the Richmond football club
DirtyDawn: Housekeeping duties for ado88. Ive been male ever since I joined FF approx 10 years ago x
pcaman2003: @9Inch. Sadist much?
circle52: muppet for Waite
ado88: Sorry Dawn thought people were flirting
casey22: I know it pays the bills but these pop up ads are incredibly annoying
runt: On this day 50 years ago Fitzroy beat Footscray by 24 points!! Go Lions
cobrakai00: Norf midfield is a legit joke
Lestat: That’s evil 9inch
italeader: where’s Nany!
PLACEBOPIE: martin assist 🙂
yablettt: Can’t wait to see dusty in the red and black next season
italeader: where’s Nany…
King_Robbo: Give Martin the star. Has been by far and away the best player
J_Herer: get Adblock Plus
heppelitis: yablettt….or kelly
yablettt: I’m fine with either one just get us a good ruckman to go along with dusty
Lestat: you’re dreaming if you think Ess will get Dusty or Kelly.
BestCoast: @King_Robbo totally agree Star for the Dustman loving it
PLACEBOPIE: while daniher goes the other way 😀
wadaramus: Come on Norf.
TheSC: Brought Higgins in for Butler this week thinking he wouldnt get named… Now Butler is outscoring him. LIFT HIGGINS!
J_Herer: Ablett is going to the cats
mace485: I hope Scott gives them a massive spray at 3/4 time. This has been potato from north
AngryRyno: come on Nank push for 90
pcaman2003: Nank only 30pts since qtr time. LIFT!
CBeezDeez: Talk of Devon Smith going to Cats @Herer
J_Herer: yeah he is also
J_Herer: Ablett going home to play out on lower money
Lestat: Gibbs going to Crows
runt: The further the Tigers get ahead the more nervous Tigers supporters become
MarksMen: guys why score between Goldy and Nank so different..stats look the same ?
pcaman2003: @Mace485. Scott should spray himself for not hard tagging Martin.
preki1: cuntington is the most overrated player in the league
ado88: Ablett, Selwood and Danger is scary
casey22: Certainly is Dusty versus the rest
PLACEBOPIE: dustin 😀
J_Herer: @ado88 cant wait to see it
King_Robbo: agree pcaman – scott is a spud coach but i don’t mind as a dusty owner
PLACEBOPIE: doublr ton is not out of the question 🙂
Lestat: Martin not BOG tonight according to Caro.
spudaroos: That feeling when you bring in Dusty after his rnd 7 score 🙂
pcaman2003: @King. It’s really so obvious,except to Scott
gunners23: caro thinks prestia is BOG because Martin has “high standards”
runt: Not a chance in hell Martin would go to North
King_Robbo: Haha yep, sorry Martin won’t get votes from Caro #peanut
BestCoast: Caro should get of the Skin flute toerag
King_Robbo: thinking that Bolton will hold his spot, has been ok – menaspud will get dropped first
runt: Caro isnt even her real bloody name that’s how much integrity she has
heppelitis: menadue killed us last week lol
runt: Jules
StuL: How can Higgins get so little of it playing on the ball?
Lestat: it is her middle name though runt
mookie: Everyone thought Goldy would smash Nank and that hasn’t been the case
mickelo: Into the 90s Nank
mookie: muppet goldy
AngryRyno: muppet for goldy
Lestat: Goldy has beaten Nank, but only just.
runt: Peter Lyon, William McAvaney, Michael Watson etc. middle names are for frauds
pcaman2003: Stop standing there Nank and compete FFS.
LuvIt74: nank stank
runt: Tigers can still find a way to lose this
cobrakai00: Higgins is a woman
luke394: Richmond were never going to be any good with spud Vickery in their team
Lestat: Norf flowered
mookie: flower off runt
runt: flower off mookie
pcaman2003: @cobrakai00.And you didn’t know this before?
spudaroos: Ziebell is such an average player. So overrated.
ado88: Such a nice chat flowers everywhere
mookie: Last time i looked Brisbane were on the bottom of the ladder with 1 win
Lestat: How can Lennon not get a game but Castagna and Lloyd do?
runt: Go the man, expect dried flowers
9inch: Norf so many wasted opportunities.
runt: Brisbane has 1 win. And what a win it was.
runt: mookie, enjoy your brain cell why it lasts.
ado88: Bolton dropped after the bye
mookie: burn
CamT: no-one will be dropped after a win like this.
runt: Martin must be getting tired of carrying this team
9inch: We all know Richmond will still finish 9th
pcaman2003: Scott better go back to coaching school. Useless!
fonzie: comn dusty get 170
mickelo: Put the cue away Dusty, I won’t be able to afford you after the bye.
AngryRyno: richmond aren’t finishing 9th lol

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