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Chat log from R11 of 2017: Western Sydney vs Essendon

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Essendon, R11 of 2017

rickyb80: it loads ok when u hit “pre match chat” but matchcentre and the menu up top not working
rickyb80: it loads ok when u hit “pre match chat” but matchcentre and the menu up top not working
Pokerface: the games no longer load on an iphone 4
dipstick: @m0nty told you it wasn’t working anymore. my kit is ahead of its time so found out early
LMartos: 50m penalties are too expensive in SC
Wends: Afternoon dipstick. What’s this abt FF not working on iphone/ipad anymore?
korza: Myers gonna punish alot of teams
korza: How on earth is Bchambers on 10 s/c pts
Wends: 1/2 my league opponents have him korza, he was flavour of the week when on the bubble.
pcaman2003: Have Kelly,Shaw and Taranto this game.Happy so far
luke394: Myers is a mega spud
poolboybob: Feel free to touch the ball Lloyd
circle52: Myers can join Otten as the 2 scores to discard with 20 playing. Hope he gets his B/e though
korza: *wends didn’t work for me either iphone
frenzy: 15mtrs,Lol
mardyb: fat ezard with the goal
StuL: Come on Myers. Potato.
lzaffina: anytime now heppell you can touch that oval thing
Apachecats: I would dream of having 20 playing @circle .Got 14 including Myers.
Wends: What will we do abt our SC/RDT addictions Korza, can we no longer leave the house?!
StuL: Have to be back this week Shaw when my opponent has you.
StuL: Come on bombers
DrSeuss: Haha of course McGrath plays well after I trade him out
BOMBRBLITZ: Bombers on fire!
m0nty: hands in the back by Daniher there missed
CBeezDeez: With 20 this week means U’ll struggle next 2 weeks wouldn’t it @circle?
korza: Wends you junkie
Apachecats: McGrath was great last week as well @DrS
StuL: Thanks for the 80 -90 grand Myers, see us. Barely worth it.
coldog: Why would you trade McGrath after scoring a tonne last week?
Thedude24: Thanks Myers and Lloyd
Tommo2909: Have Mummy and Myers in this game. Bad start. Brought Mummy in this week as well
Yelse: myers gonna cost me today.. didn’t want to take otters score
Thedude24: Myers, Lloyd and Greene. Bloody brilliant
9inch: Nice Zerrett and Shaw. And for my opponent nice Greene. 🙂
circle52: @CbeezDeez I have 19 on field for the next 2 weeks before trades,
Apachecats: Almost got rid of Myers for Swellwood but didn’t pull the trigger ,darn it.
pcaman2003: So happy with that qtr. Opponent falling further behind.
DrSeuss: He was ok in AF (not playing SC) but traded him to Scooter Selwood
Ladbrokes_: Brought in Perryman this week, good shower so far. Myers and Greene need to lift, but for the most part we’re alright
CBeezDeez: Sounds like good planning @circ.
korza: Whole snapper for dinner, i’m starving
Thedude24: Have a nice iftar everyone
Ladbrokes_: Gee whiz williams looks alright for after the byes
Apachecats: I’ll come in @dude ,iftar?
th3rio: traded out taranto for scott selwood…i’d be mad if scooter didn’t crack the ton
Yelse: why no-one ever tag zerret
JRedden: where the hell is lloyd?
th3rio: he was benched for 6 mins, just came back on now JRedden
Nuffman: gee, umps working hard to make sure gws win it
The39Steps: @korza – you catch it?
poolboybob: Myers has been a total dud
Apachecats: Heater must be exhausted from first quarter.
CBeezDeez: Stay away @Ladbrokes pls. I’ve had him all season & dont need any KoD LoL
MontyJnr: Myers looking like a potential M8 keeper or even a solid M9 backup at least
poolboybob: M8 keeper with an average of 52. Righto mate
pcaman2003: How good is Kelly? Absolute class!
LMartos: Greene has set up 2 goals in the past week with ridiculous handballs
Wends: @Yelse wld prefer they keep it that way thx
LMartos: @poolbooybob you’ve been baited clearly
shaker: Ha ha Myers 7 possies for 6 SC what a spud
th3rio: ffs….who is bombers forward coach…
Roksta: Traded Myers for scooter
LuvIt74: Heppell, McGrath, Myers doing squat at least Heater has pulled his head out his orifice.
LMartos: Shaw’s last two kick ins have been class
th3rio: good myers
mickelo: Myers you champion
korza: Myers scores, i’m about to choke on fish bones
King_Robbo: Shaw just isn’t the player he used to be. Is slow and the GWS game plan doesn’t suit him anymore
LMartos: Shaw has managed to pull off 3 clangers from 1 disposal, good onya mate
th3rio: has Shaw lost points since 1/4 time?
cold pies: Heater such a stanky carntt this year..
Yelse: how is myers 7 possies 1 goal and 77 DE on 16
King_Robbo: fucking flog heather
HappyDEZ: Bit of a worry that a field ump pays that deliberate.
pcaman2003: Kelly you stud muffin. Rack em up bud!
Ladbrokes_: Yes Tobess
CBeezDeez: How can Shaw be 92DE with 3 clangers?
LMartos: 2 kick ins @CBeezDeez that don’t count as disposals
pcaman2003: @CBeezDeez. Only CD knows the answer to that.
TyCarlisle: Clangers are also Frees against.
poolboybob: Good luck in the NEAFL next week Lloyd
JRedden: lloyd you spud
th3rio: lloyd gets benched for 40% of every quarter….playing like a dud today but kind of hard to score when benched for ages
mickelo: Don’t have to touch the ball to make a clanger
GOD: GOD has the C on J. Kelly tonight!
Wends: Almost feel like hanging onto Taranto post byes, to swing as E betw fwd & mid benches…
Lestat: You realize GWS only have 25 or 26 to pick from. This is why Lloyd, Himmelberg etc are playing.
kangawalla: @Wends. Thought same but it’s a pretty expensive EM. If a cheap rookie like Greenwood
kangawalla: Comes along you can bank Taranto’s $$$$
Raspel31: Yep-Greenwood the goods. More time on the ground and a winner.
JockMcPie: Myers’ workrate is pathetic
Wends: True @Kanga, he’ll hopefully be as reliable as Taranto. It’s just so hard to let go…
Wends: Sigh… makes sense Raspel. One more round to say g’bye.
cold pies: So much resentment towards shaw.. lift you mutt
th3rio: lloyd still on interchange…
kangawalla: @wends. Tough love required. Use him & abuse him as a means to an end.
Raspel31: I got em both Wends-yep, prob one more week sigh.
thommoae: Taranto will be rested sometime other than the bye, but he looks durable.
TheLegend6: Watson to Kelly is the best trade I’ve ever done
jfitty: May as well give Kelly the gun now
Wends: Great week to have Zerrett, unfortunately opponent has Kelly.
AngryRyno: may as well give kelly the star now
Wends: May as well give Kelly 10m now.
LuvIt74: Has Shaw been shot
CamT: Shaw gets a SC hundred every fifth week. He’s due for one today.
JButcher: Lift McGrath
cold pies: The days of a cheeky vc on shaw are gone. Remember those glorious 140+ he would pump out every 5th week!!
shaker: ohhh josh i’m firmin up
DrSeuss: At least Josh Kelly is making up for Myers being on field
poolboybob: OMG a Lloyd sighting
CBeezDeez: If U were a Kanga supporter @shaker U’d be Rock hard harry!
JRedden: finally lloyd doing something
Lestat: Oh Daniher is still out there.
mickelo: Lloyd fighting back against Myers for my 18th spot
Hadouken: theres those that dont have kelly, and those that do 🙂 🙂 🙂
lzaffina: flower me i only just noticed kellys score, flower
CBeezDeez: Y am I stuck with Danger? Wen I could hava a premo like Kelly?
DrSeuss: Only 5 off the double superman for JK
cusch1: Im not usually one to blame the umps but we are getting robbed. so many softies for the love child of Gill and Demitrio
9inch: Shaw better get SC ton.
King_Robbo: could kelly double tonne up?
JButcher: 31 disposals at 90%, Kelly is a deadset gun!
CBeezDeez: Chance 2go top of ladder & premier faves @cusch. U think afl house would miss this chance m8?
JockMcPie: Otten and Myers not scoring for me by the looks of it
StuL: Go backwards heater please
yablettt: Carn the bombers!
King_Robbo: heather for the burger. pathetic effort
CamT: Have you got Sandilands, Jock McPie ?
pcaman2003: @JButcher. Feeling smug for having him from the beginning.
cusch1: Dons with momentum. Cue 5 softies to the Giants
JockMcPie: @CamT yeah at the moment I do
CBeezDeez: Shaw has that clanger & goes UP 1%DE!
JButcher: @pcaman2003 nah mate I don’t have him but boy i wish I took him over Fyfe
cold pies: What zerret.. spectacular
CamT: So do I. Griffin got pulled from his WAFL game so I’m a bit worried.
pcaman2003: @JButcher. Meant I was feeling!
StuL: You can’t do anything as a defender without it being a free any more.
JButcher: Haha @pcaman you must have a pretty large grin at the moment then
spudaroos: Tippa pulling out 2 mares in a row.
pcaman2003: You betcha!
poolboybob: Heppell decided to skip this quarter
casey22: Tippa on a roll
spudaroos: Lmao Right on cue he slots 2 goals.
boo!: cmon myers or stewart winning goal
thommoae: Myers and Stewart may need two winning goals … each.
mickelo: Don’t stop now Shaw
CamT: He’s done it !!
pcaman2003: Go Shawy ,junk it up.
mardyb: gee the umpiring has been so GWS biased
CamT: * well almost
cusch1: Goddard clotheslined no free kick, Greene falls over and guess what rightio
vartic: We are, without any doubt, the worst kicking team in the competition. Could not hit a target if our lives depended on it
LuvIt74: on the AFL site its states “Final teams Kanga’s vs Richmond” but when you click it its only showin this game
thommoae: Giants, on the other hand, have the most depth. Last 3 Ws. QED
lzaffina: yeh take the 4th qtr off heppell u blitzed the first 3
frenzy: Belly bluemoon
The39Steps: Brave effort by the Bombers.
PLACEBOPIE: after gws game it should go over to other game
DrSeuss: Congrats to Josh Kelly and David Myers for scoring over 200 for me this week.
pcaman2003: Kelly,Shaw,Taranto.Thank you!
cusch1: Why couldnt we play like this last week. At least then we would have got 4 points for the effort
Lestat: Only just Dr
thommoae: Corr runs down Colyer at full tilt – icing on the cake
Jackina: Very poor effort from the captain Heppell in that last quarter, only got 1 kick
intergaze: Kelly, Williams, Merrett! :))

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