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Chat log from GF of 2017: Gold Coast vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Western Bulldogs, GF of 2017

JockMcPie: Nice Gary!
kosduras: cant see ainsworth being worth his pricetag to be fair
kosduras: struggling for good rookies this year!
Vinstar: With Gary playing mainly forward this year will anyone take a gamble with him?
kosduras: vinstar with the lack of qual fwd rookies, maybe some will ??
Vinstar: Lots of will needed for this seasons rookies
JockMcPie: Bulldogs with the premiership hangover? or just dont care?
Vinstar: Hall does this every pre-season..
frenzy: late start to pre season Jock
JockMcPie: Yeah, no Gary Ablett this year…
JockMcPie: Ainsworth might be the most overpriced rookie this year…
Vinstar: Lynch will win the Coleman this year, take it to the bank
Kekkington: If Ablett was a forward then he would be the most picked player
cusch1: The only thing that afl fantasy does better than sc is mid season positional changes
oc16: aaron hall is becoming very tempting
Kekkington: Did you not learn from last year?
Vinstar: Oc16 he does this every pre season
cusch1: So is crystal meth bit that doesn’t mean you should do it
PieBoy: onya hally
frenzy: looks like Eade sticking to his word with Brodie
oc16: lol cusch1
bones351: Dahl and Macrae both a bit handball happy
bones351: Has Rocket said if Brodie is in line for Rd1 yet?
StuL: Too many guys like Zorko, Zerret, Hall, Barlow we need in the fwds. Way to screw us SC Gods!
BaxterR: frenzy, what did eade say?
Vinstar: Couldn’t agree more stuL
frenzy: will get a game around mid season most likely
cusch1: But this year we have Dahl mcrae deledio* caddy Andy wallis to take their spots
thornz23: do we reckon swallow is a must have at this stage? Iv got Jaegar over him atm
Vinstar: Thornz23 neither
thornz23: ill be taking one
Vinstar: Thornz23 invest your money elsewhere, GnR to start the season
shaker: Suns having a little choke
LuvIt74: @Vinstar are u starting Sandilands?
BaxterR: i’ll have omeara and swallow. there is no midfield rookies, so loading uo on rooks in def
LuvIt74: @Vinstar this is the only year due to very few rookies to go in with two mid priced players. I have Sandilands & Swallo
LuvIt74: oh and roughead
JockMcPie: I was gonna limit myself to 3 midpricers…have 4
LuvIt74: BaxterR are we playing the same game m8, the vast majority in in the guts
BaxterR: i have 4 mid prices, 5 if you count beams. Luvit there are stuffall mid rooks, mostly def rooks
Vinstar: ATM I have 4 midprices jlloyd, dbeams, sandi, nank
BaxterR: i’m playing SC
Vinstar: Only one on field mid rook, dbeams and the rest premos
LuvIt74: Baxter Defence and Mid is where all the rookies are at. Barret, Pepper, Wigg,
LuvIt74: Yeah ya gotta count bEams, I have 4 as i forgot Hibbered
BaxterR: sand & nank Vinstar? bold move. I commend you
LuvIt74: I also really like Watson i think he’ll go huge this year, he has something to prove otherwise he would have retired
StuL: Barret has to be upgraded. Wig could be a slow burner. Neither are that solid. SPP should be OK
LuvIt74: Those going in with Swallow, Omeara, Beams, Sandilands r asking 4 trouble to many injury prone mids
LuvIt74: players like roughead, Hibbered, Watson & so on don’t have that risk of being injury prone
BaxterR: i honestly think wigg wont play, and if brodie isn’t playing round 1, we’ll all be strugging

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