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Chat log from W3 of 2017: Port Adelaide vs Richmond

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Richmond, W3 of 2017

BaxterR: Wingard, SPP, Butler and caddy to watch here
BaxterR: and eddy
shaker: Jeez the coach is not blooding any new young blokes …. he knows his butt is on the line this year
BaxterR: amen shaker. not much fun for us though
shaker: Doubt I’ll be picking players from either team TBH
JButcher: This is horrendous, even for preseason
wadaramus: Was initially keen on Ryder at F3 but this is quickly diminishing.
shaker: Haha Ryder 1 T 14 H/O no other possies
StuL: Forward rookies are looking sick.
Yelse: @stul what u smoking there
StuL: Sick as in bad.
JockMcPie: have no players from either team on field in Supercoach, wont change
frenzy: Arthur Bonner failed this week
benzammit: Nankervis and Sandi AND or Witts, Pruess n Cameron, Lueuy.
shaker: Wingard is always getting injured
benzammit: Plenty of value about in the ruck line.
benzammit: LuvIt there for you pal.
frenzy: Nank Sandi and Leue most likely to play
benzammit: Pruess will also early days.
benzammit: The man is a human wreaking ball must play!
frenzy: Dunno, Dunb Alps Roos did the same thing to Currie
benzammit: True!
benzammit: Difference now though Goldy ain’t as fit n in form, still great but needs help early at least
daniel87: Problem with preaseason is some players don’t take it seriously so don’t try and others do like robbie gray today a laz
daniel87: 8 touches
frenzy: Yep, hoping he plays, but?
benzammit: Those on the brink of 22 do, depending on security you can give merit in performance.
frenzy: Hoping at the expense of Maj
JButcher: Even if its preseason we shouldn’t get blown away like we did in the 2nd qtr
wadaramus: Nankervis looking like a better option than Ryder.

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