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Chat log from W3 of 2017: Fremantle vs Collingwood

Chat log for Fremantle vs Collingwood, W3 of 2017

Crowls: alot of SC interest in Woods today
shaker: Sandi Neale and Grundy my interest in this one
frenzy: yep, 1/2 these teams on the watchlist
Carnster: Phillips and hoskin elliot on my watchlist
OnTheRocks: Phillips is a trap!
Carnster: you reckon rocks
frenzy: alot would have Sharon on their squad
shaker: Grundy impressive 1st quarter
Yelse: grundy phillips adams trealor pendles sandi fyfe neal so many in here to look at
jfitty: Really like Howe this year
shaker: 2 million for 4 years for Mayne what were the Pies thinking
demonhell: I see young Zac Dawson has improved his scoring ability
StuL: I could see mayne being delisted rather than a contract, let alone 4 years. He got lucky.
Kenny27: the 4 years was a joke we shouldve just given Wells a 7 year contract instead of getting Mayne
StuL: Umps love Cox or what?
colin wood: Dunn Supergoal specialist
Yelse: grunt or sandi??
Kenny27: Walters carves us up everytime
Jackwatt$: @yelse. If DT Grundy, if SC Sandi
Yelse: thanks @jackwatt
gdshifty: good game this
colin wood: Whose out for the Dockers? Looks pretty full side.
shaker: Think both nearly full strength

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