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Chat log from W3 of 2017: Carlton vs St Kilda

Chat log for Carlton vs St Kilda, W3 of 2017

m0nty: Liam Jones LOL
snake_p: still a spud monty
StuL: Jump on Jones. Breakout year coming!
snake_p: breakout to average 30 Stu
shaker: 2nd year blues for Weitering ?
carlton_99: 3goals from freekicks.
Smurf_x: Billings getting MID time?
carlton_99: these umpires have no clue
carlton_99: they miss the high tackle and kicking in danger on palmer and then they get this dumb free
ballbag: Hey, Cripps is playing??? I thought he was out til round 4
StuL: Breakout to play 2 games for the season and at the Northern Blues next year.
shaker: Think we can forget about Pickett playing R1
StuL: No rookie small fwds generally , double no to Carlton small fwds
frenzy: too many Jacks
StuL: Was a super popular name in the early/mid 90s.
shaker: Maybe the Blues need some more Jack
frenzy: number 1 draft picks should be capped
StuL: Top breakout contenders. Steele and Kelly!?
StuL: Blues looking awesome. Safely bottom 3.
sfenda1: probably spooners
carlton_99: 6 of carltons best 8 r not playing, this game means nothing
frenzy: Nroo Armo Montags Hickey any more
carlton_99: im tlking about carlton not stkilda
frenzy: sorry lol armo’s out there
carlton_99: and the 6 best players in carlton are more important to our tean
carlton_99: kreuzer, casboult, gbbs, ,murph, simmo and docherty
shaker: Saints have 7 quality players out as well disgraceful performance by the Blues
mason2016: weller, roey, tagna, robberten, hicky are all out so no excuses carlton fans 🙂
Fizzy343: lol carlton 99 a bit delusional
carlton_99: Our 6 quality players are more important to our team as we dont have as much depth
mason2016: then don’t complain?
carlton_99: u guys seem to ahve no clue we are the thrid youngest list in the afl and out 6 most experienced players have been omitt
carlton_99: im not complaining look back at my msg i said this game doesnt mean much
JButcher: Just shows how far carlton are off the pace in comparison to a potential top 8 side
mason2016: stkilda have quite a young side out there!!?? do they not?
carlton_99: @JButcher why dont we wait for all teams to play a full list then we can see how far we are off
carlton_99: i have said nothing about them im talking about carkton losing their 6 most experienced players.
Tommo2909: Steele looks good
carlton_99: we didnt win a game in the preseason comp last season and we started off 6-6
mason2016: what’d you finish again?
carlton_99: 14th I believe whats your point?
carlton_99: we have had to rebuid from the malthouse era i have no impression that we will finish top 8 but to say that we are so
carlton_99: crap because of this game is a bit delusional
frenzy: Lol, Carkton
carlton_99: lol u have no argument so ur laughing at a typo.
m0nty: It’s not much fun being a Blues supporter. Respect, c99.
frenzy: AFL should take over Carkton, like they have with Brissy and GC.
shaker: At least the Blues won the Clangers 99 haha
frenzy: no team should have 5 numb. 1 draft picks and be this shower
carlton_99: Nah see i have faith that we will rebuild the team under Bolts, and sorry shaker i dont think id be talking if i were u
carlton_99: mate only one of our number 1 picks are playing
shaker: You need a thicker skin than that 99 when your team is shower
carlton_99: that doesnt mean much coming from a richmond supporter
carlton_99: we will see u in rd 1 i guess
frenzy: but you still finish 14th with them playing
carlton_99: u should win by 100 pts then if we r that shower
carlton_99: cause it was our first yr under bolts and a entirely new game plan

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