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Chat log from PF of 2016: Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs, PF of 2016

CBeezDeez: C’mon doggies! Woop these AFL Giants!
colmullet: come on giants!
snake_p: like to see Dogs win, think GWS will ruin the party though
CBeezDeez: Woof! Woof!
CBeezDeez: Who let the Dogs out!
Pettiger: What a game!
Umpirespet: Umps reaming the Giants so far
CBeezDeez: Think they’ve missed some both ways. But hasn’t impacted scoreboard as yet.
CBeezDeez: Ouch. No one likes to see that.
mattmac24: That wasn’t nice to watch
M0rgs: Why did Ward get stretchered off?
CBeezDeez: Hope there’s no fractures just in case for next week…
colmullet: knee to the jaw in a marking contest, didn’t know where he was
mattmac24: Wasn’t stretchered off but a knee to the jaw and definitely some kind of concussion
BestCoast: Carn Dogs get the job done
CBeezDeez: He knew where he wanted to go walking off tho col. Strait back into the middle!
colmullet: yeah haha he’s a beast
mattmac24: Trainers had to pull him away from the field!
M0rgs: Cheers
mattmac24: Smith to be the difference in this game
M0rgs: If doggies get up is Ross Lyon right about AFL’s choice to have an all teams bye before finals
mattmac24: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the bye before the finals. It definitely game dogs a chance to even out
colmullet: some sorta half from Smith
mattmac24: Smith and Menzel have done incredibly well to do so well under their circumstances
CBeezDeez: Great footy!
circle52: Great footy – Both teams hard at it.
circle52: Whoever wins will have to tighten up errors though if they are to beat swans
mattmac24: I think GWS know how to beat the Swans and dogs have an idea. Will be a good game next weekend either way
circle52: @matt just concerned that neither team were making these errors so maybe nerves playing a part.
CBeezDeez: Next 5 minutes could say a lot…
mattmac24: Nerves are definitely playing a part but once those nerves are gone, these teams are incredible
Umpirespet: Cmon Giants
CBeezDeez: Phew! And double phew!
mattmac24: Wow.. just wow. Dear cats. This is how you play a preliminary final!
CBeezDeez: True that mm24!
BestCoast: Finals footy at its best, Carn doggies
CBeezDeez: Ifbthe giants win Gillon will change the venue to spotless! Just to make sure!
mattmac24: Time for the Bont to have his huge quarter!
Umpirespet: If Giants win watch 10 vic presidents cry for the next 6 months
mattmac24: Really don’t care what happens from here on. I applaud the dogs for what they’ve done this year
CBeezDeez: If the giants win! I’m goin skiing next weekend!!!
mattmac24: Me too cbeezdeez. I won’t bother watching an all Sydney grand final
Warney: ski season is over
BestCoast: Patton soiled himself
Umpirespet: Plenty of snow and ice in Geelong apparently
BestCoast: Win lose or draw Dogs have been kick ass this year with injuries
CBeezDeez: Oh crap! I’ll crush some ice and sprinkle it in the backyard then warney.
mattmac24: I want to see a grand final between these two in the
mattmac24: Near future
frenzy: c’mon dogs
CBeezDeez: Geez! There’s not much petrol left in yhe dogs tank. Dahl and Bonts buggered…
CBeezDeez: Aaaaaaagggghhhhh! This is great!!!!!!
BestCoast: Come on doggies flog the giant hand outs
mattmac24: Every player out there is buggered right now!
colmullet: this is some game
mattmac24: Best game of the year?
BestCoast: @mattmac23 agreed
CBeezDeez: Only if the doggies win mm24!!!
OnTheRocks: Draw then OT??
mattmac24: Can’t handle how intense this game has been
BestCoast: You f. Ckin beauty
frenzy: welldone doggies
colmullet: well done doggies, that was intense
BestCoast: @colmullet giants got big future
CBeezDeez: Bob Murphy! You legend!
frenzy: poor bob murphy

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