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Chat log from GF of 2016: Sydney vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Sydney vs Western Bulldogs, GF of 2016

frenzy: are you sure it starts at 3.20 m0nty
m0nty: just fixed it
frenzy: lol
CBeezDeez: Like a million others… Heart Doggies. Head Swans…
circle52: Agree CBeezDeez
CBeezDeez: Norm Smith? I went Parker into Swans by +25
BestCoast: Go Doggies !!!
travo: gotta love the national anthem, gives you something to synch the radio up to… goodbye ch7 commentary
mattmac24: Good start in winning the toss. C’mon doggies!!
mattmac24: Swans are looking sloppy
BestCoast: Lot of nervous hand so far
CBeezDeez: Just ao long as its not the only thing they
circle52: Franklin in the rooms with doc
BestCoast: What’s wrong with Buddy circle52 not near TV or radio at the moment
circle52: Ankle trouble me thinks went to take boot off but went down the race with Doc.
mattmac24: Bestcoast, a right foot problem but he’s back on now
BestCoast: Heading Home now had to pick kids up from beach cheers mattmac24
BestCoast: Big risk but I have $50 on Buddy For Norm
CBeezDeez: Well I’m liking the game so far. Good solid footy.
PieBoy: Onya doggies
CBeezDeez: Doggies gotta be good show now having stopped swans 7 goal openings…
frenzy: imagine how good the dogs will be when Cloke arrives
m0nty: sounds like Buddy got a jab at QT
CBeezDeez: Swab him m0nty!
CBeezDeez: Ya gotta drug test any1 called Lance don’t U!
frenzy: buds got an exemption
BestCoast: Come on Doggies regroup boys
BestCoast: Wonder if King_Floggo is at the game
mattmac24: The dogs need to change something at the centre bounces
CBeezDeez: Soft turnovers. Ya gotta hate them doncha?
mattmac24: JJ bombing it in just isn’t working. Smith and stringer need to step up
CBeezDeez: Good1 Boydy against the flow.
circle52: gee dogs backman need to find players turnovers will kill them.
circle52: Great Grandfinal though – Enjoying it.
CBeezDeez: Mitchell… Possible Norm Smith 1week traded the next…?
mattmac24: JPK for norm smith no matter who wins
circle52: Hope so had him at 15/1 and put ten on
circle52: JOK that is
CBeezDeez: Heaven help the nerves if it continues like this!
heppelitis: anyone know how many touches mitchell and kennedy had that quarter?
m0nty: Mitchell 14, Kennedy 12
mattmac24: Mitchell had 13/14 touches that quarter I’m pretty sure
GJayBee: How come only fantasy coaches see Titch and the God incarnate?
GJayBee: I wish pies offerend him 800000
heppelitis: thanks chief…epic by both
frenzy: looks like the stint in the magoos done the package a world of good
heppelitis: shoulders stuffed frenzy
frenzy: okay, that wouldn’t help
Wends: Gah!!! So nerve racking… thought we gone in the 1st…
heppelitis: if hunter and daniel can lift theres still hope for the doggies.. i feel its key to their chances
mattmac24: Bont needs to get into the game, start winning the midfield ball and the dogs can take over
circle52: Put Bont on the wing as Rampe is killing him.
circle52: Stringer I meant not Bont.
mattmac24: Stringer on the wing, definitely, needs to have an influence outside of the forward
CBeezDeez: Played a bit further 7p the tround end of 2qtr circ52. Gotta couple o touches… so yeah. Good call.
BestCoast: Dogs are simmering
BestCoast: Stringer is having a day out
CBeezDeez: Wish they’d start boilin then BC!
heppelitis: bench him…8 touches..3 out on the full
colmullet: these swans forwards ever going to hit the scoreboard?
Wends: Heeney with an ankle virus according to Roy and HG.
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Clay Smith to draw a crucial free on Hannebery for a goal.
circle52: Bonts lifting this quarter
mattmac24: Tom Boyd is improving very quickly
Wends: My queendom for even a half Allir
CBeezDeez: Agree mm24. Work in progress. Looking better each final..
BestCoast: Come on Doggies come on
heppelitis: million dollar quarter by tom boyd
mattmac24: He just needed time to mature. He’s only young, give him time and he’ll be worth the price tag
circle52: Great swansong by Matty Boyd if he is to retire.
heppelitis: dogs dared to be different by signing him and are on the brink!
mattmac24: Isn’t Matty Boyd playing on?
mattmac24: Hanners down
circle52: Hanners looks done
circle52: JJ efficiency letting him down.
mattmac24: Hanners back on
heppelitis: the package!!!!!!!!!!! i would be a shit coach
CBeezDeez: Stringer only needs one touch! But hope he hasa couple more!
heppelitis: toss of a coin to get the winner here
mattmac24: This is exactly how the last two games between these two teams has gone..
BestCoast: Come on you doggies
CBeezDeez: Ooooohhhhh this is so good!
heppelitis: yes yes yes yes
BestCoast: Drive em Bullies come on uck
BestCoast: Roughead and Boyd have blitz today
BestCoast: And that’s all she wrote
heppelitis: tom boyd amazing
mattmac24: Give Boyd a pay rise
CBeezDeez: Worth every dollar Boyd!
BestCoast: McGlynn no Medallion
BestCoast: Tom Boyd norm smith
circle52: Game over now
BestCoast: Congratulation Bulldog boys great side well done
CBeezDeez: Geez? Picken Norm Smith? Nevq thought of that one…
CBeezDeez: Thanks for the year monty and team. Fantastic web site.
BestCoast: Catch you legends next year have a great summer folk
heppelitis: cheers all…brilliant end to the year
mattmac24: The dogs are simply amazing. See you all next season!
frenzy: sons of the west
circle52: thanks for the year m0nty
theuncle: Thanks MONTY for all the scores and stats your a gun love t
BestCoast: m0nty should be awarded the Norm Smith thanks for the wonderful site legend
circle52: 19 years since a team from outside the Top 4 wonn the GF
m0nty: Thanks everyone! Only 140 days until the 2017 preseason! 😀
heppelitis: thank fuk the saga is over

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