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Chat log from PF of 2016: Geelong vs Sydney

Chat log for Geelong vs Sydney, PF of 2016

jocka: I want cays vs dogs gf, but I can’t see cats going in hard enough tonight.
whafc: good luck to both teams….dont really care who wins as long as its a good game
Umpirespet: Cmon swans don’t want figjam clangerfield to win
CBeezDeez: Mmph! I had hoped this game offered something of a spectacle. How wrong is that looking!
cusch1: Cowan is tripe
OnTheRocks: This makes me feel better about our loss last week
Umpirespet: Great goal heeney
Umpirespet: And we played them in Sydney what’s Geelongs excuse
cusch1: clarko cursing ISmiith for missing that shot just then
mattmac24: 1 game in a month is Geelong’s excuse.
Umpirespet: Lol really mattmac pi$$weak excuse
mattmac24: Don’t care if it’s a bad excuse, it’s the reason why they’re so slow
Umpirespet: They could have lost to Hawks if they were worried about another week off
shaker: Cats just not hard enough
OnTheRocks: Cats did what we wanted them to do by starting the Hawks on their downward spiral out of the finals in straight sets
ryanbob: We aren’t playing good but the umpires have been horrible. So many non calls that proved costly
CBeezDeez: Witches hats m0nty! !!
Grumpman: agree Ryanbob
mattmac24: I agree with Ryan. The umps are ridiculous
Umpirespet: Bull rap ryanbob poor call
colin wood: Take Paddy and Joel out and this is a bottom 6 side
cusch1: aliir is something isnt he? first sudanese born to hit 100 games for sure
ryanbob: Umpirespet have you been watching? They have thrown it over the line, done high tackles and nothing come from it
shaker: Please ryanbob that is rubbish the Cats have not come to play
Grumpman: finals umpiring i say:-)
Umpirespet: Sydney just harder like against us last week
mattmac24: Cats haven’t come to play but the umps are pretty much ignoring the cats
ryanbob: Shaker I already said we aren’t playing good. I’m just saying the umpires have let some things go incorrectly
Yelse: Aliir gonnneee looks like ACL
shaker: That does not add up to 7 goals to zip ryan
cusch1: just as i was talking aliir up too
Grumpman: how much the cats to come up and win by 8 points thats a bet:-)
JockMcPie: can’t blame the umps this game, they are doing alright for a change
berniebern: Tombstone Aliyyyyya
CBeezDeez: 7 bad umpireveecisions Shaker? LoL
Umpirespet: Grump,an Selwood hasn’t started ducking yet so a few Geelong goals to come
OnTheRocks: Swans v Dogs/GWS will be scintillating viewing
mattmac24: Cats are one of the slowest starting teams in the comp. Best finishing team though
cusch1: Teddy Richards might get a farewell game after all
ryanbob: Shaker are you stupid? Im not saying getting a couple more frees gives us 7 goals. They made poor non calls is all
mattmac24: Umpspet. Really with the ducking?
JockMcPie: Swans and Dogs, Dogs never would have had so many supporters
cusch1: shut up ryan that happens in every game. move on buddy and hope that the cats pull something out
Grumpman: bet is on $20 on the cats buy 8 points 35/1
ryanbob: Case in point. Buddy throws it, Sellwood gets tackled high and nothing.
shaker: Yeah shut ryan cats are playing like spuds
cusch1: This reminds me of Hawks Weagles in the grand final last year. Losing team to scared to put their head over the ball
ryanbob: We are shit anyway so probably wouldn’t change anything besides a bit less frustration lol
Umpirespet: Geez grumpman sort of hope you get it
BestCoast: Need to give Swans some more salary cap concessions
ryanbob: Damn Shaker you burnt me with that one
Umpirespet: Ryanbob swans did this to us last week I feel the pain too but they are a good side
mattmac24: That’s deliberately putting the ball through for a point.
Grumpman: whats $20 bucks between friends:-)
OnTheRocks: I’m certainly cheering for Doggies if they get through, GWS is my second team so naturally will go for them
shaker: Expect Selwood to lift here
CBeezDeez: What’s the record margin in a prelim? Until tonite anywayz?
JockMcPie: One man team if I ever saw one. Too many passengers Geelong
Umpirespet: Heeney is a star in the making
cusch1: If Heeney got more midfield time he’d be better than bont
mattmac24: Heeny is already a star
cusch1: and once again Heeney does it all
frenzy: no menzel, no cats
cusch1: Someone tell bruce its menegola not meningola
BestCoast: Can you please show respect for the cats and leave the toilet seat down. Squat squat
mattmac24: Should’ve been a free against heeny.
Umpirespet: Don’t feel so bad to where the crows are at after this
CBeezDeez: Cats playin bruise free footy! This is pathetic! And i support Melbourne! Crikey!
cusch1: That goal was almost as good as his beard
OnTheRocks: Should have just burnt that $20 Grumpman
OnTheRocks: or spent it on beer
cusch1: Essendon played better than this against sydney
LuvIt74: this is the worst i have seen the cats play in ages.
mattmac24: Looks like Jimmy will be shaving it tomorrow!
heppelitis: jimmy will use his beard for mad monday…willie nelson or caddy from happy gilmore perhaps?
mattmac24: That’s true.. Jimmy to shave the beard on Tuesday..
Umpirespet: Jimmy to be delisted on Tuesday
Umpirespet: Free to Sydney in geelongs goal square but no
cusch1: they couldnt do it. Could they?
mattmac24: Cusch. Isn’t gonna happen, sadly
Umpirespet: The umps are trying tho cusch1
CBeezDeez: Think Cats hav bigger issues than delisting Jimmy
cusch1: I doubt it too but crazier things have happened this season
berniebern: Why are there so many empty Geelong cheers squad seats tonight?
Umpirespet: The crowd is disappointing Bernie I agree
spudaroos: Over reliance on the Jelwood and Danger showing. No one else has done a thing.
LuvIt74: The gynocologist was a huge lady and started to sing loud after the Pap Smear.
mattmac24: I’m at cats supporter.. but games likes this are the reason why I have the dogs emblem on this page
LuvIt74: lets hope GWS have a shocker after the bye
mattmac24: Harry full forward All Australian next year
LuvIt74: I got to free corprate box tickets from William Hill and gave them to my best mate as he is a cats supporter.
LuvIt74: He is drowning his sorrows drinking free beer
LuvIt74: to = two
mattmac24: No high to Guthrie but a high to paps?
heppelitis: someone should put a ping pong ball into the mouth of that luna park clowns mouth…scott
Pokerface: nice one luvit. how did you win those?
LuvIt74: @Poker, they are the main corporate bookies i use.
Umpirespet: Hep press conference after the game will be good
Pokerface: @luvit yeah but what did you do to win them?
Umpirespet: Luvit how much u put on Geelong?
heppelitis: yeah umpirespet…but they still could win
cusch1: Cats are coming. stay tuned
cusch1: cats are dead. Tune out
Umpirespet: Not now boys
CBeezDeez: And they’ve just gone…
mattmac24: Bye bye geelong
m0nty: lol cusch
Umpirespet: M0nty this should bring a little smile to your face
Umpirespet: Good to see Scott Selwood stills duck
ryanbob: Hawkins is such a spud
StuL: most of the ppl crowing were out long ago. Too much dead wood tho. inc the coach.
mattmac24: Umpspet, I don’t know anything older than the whole ducking thing. Move on buddy
Umpirespet: Geelong are an embarrassment this is played in Melb to
ryanbob: Buddy smacks motlop in the face and no free kick? Okay then.. also blitz has been so poor this year
cusch1: guys this will most likely be my last game for the year so all the best for the next 6 months #GoDons
Umpirespet: Take care cusch1
heppelitis: cheers cusch…and thank god gcs never took hooker and pick 19 for caddy
StuL: Only 4 geelong players more than 10 kicks.
CBeezDeez: Floploppy a straight swap for Delidio maybe?
mattmac24: Take care cusch, see you next year
StuL: mcarthy, spud, motlop, spud, hawkins, spud, bews, spud, kolo, spud, hend, spud, smith, spud, stan, spud
Umpirespet: Stul serious question what do u think Motlop is worth now as a trade after tonight?
McRooster: If GAJ was still at Geelong he’d be wearing Dangerfield’s medal this season, Paddy was chasing individual glory. #ead35
cusch1: we offered hooker and pick 19 for caddy? thank god dodoro has lifted his game
StuL: I don’t care, cut him for nothing but i’m not objective right now.
heppelitis: yup…and they knocked it back lol
CBeezDeez: Potato farming taken over from the Ford factory as the main industry in Geelong now StuL?
Umpirespet: Ok Geelong people I have talked to say he is a first rounder doubt now for me
cusch1: motlop? Dont you mean motflop?
StuL: CBeezDeez pay that one.
mattmac24: Motlop not worth anything. He personally loses games for geelong
StuL: No way. everyone reckons everyone is a first rounder. I don’t know, I’d keep him cos I’m loyal but sack the coach.
StuL: They all have no mongrel. I know I played at nowhere near afl level but I had mongrel. i was a bastard.
CBeezDeez: Both Scott boys seem to struggle too have a plan b?
StuL: Play him in the VFL till he gets some mongrel.
cusch1: Hibberd>Motlop and Hibberd is at best pick 20-24, so Motlop would be pick 30 ish
StuL: I’d sack both Scotts
Umpirespet: Stul I played when it was mans football that’s how old I am lol
CBeezDeez: True dat StuL
StuL: Prob as old as me. I played when the crowd got involved in the brawl.
heppelitis: boris shattered
CBeezDeez: Smoke and a beer at half time for me when I played! LoL
StuL: I played for the jumper and I don’t see that in a lot of these Cats.
StuL: Our flag teams did.
cusch1: Boris carrying on like its his last game

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