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Chat log from SF of 2016: Sydney vs Adelaide

Chat log for Sydney vs Adelaide, SF of 2016

shaker: Although the Crows won easily against Norf I think the Swans and there mids on there Home ground will be to good
shaker: Swans by a fair bit
kangawalla: Time for some new blood at the pointy end of the season. Go Crows!
jocka: Joke free kick
BestCoast: Swans looking very hungry
mattmac24: What a goal from tex!
kangawalla: Well done captain Parker!
BestCoast: Shoot out at the OK corral
circle52: Getting tough now.
circle52: Gee Rohan has hard luck with injuries
whafc: absolute carnage out there
poido123: sydney have lost their premiership chances just from injury.
RooBoyStu: Keep going swans clap clap clap
oh_lol: Any news on Rohan injury?
poido123: Well he clutched for the knee straight away. The one he did previously so…doesn’t look good
boges11: Bandaid for McVeigh m0nty. He’s back out there
shaker: Both teams don’t look like premiership material to me
poido123: Was always going to be an in close war. This game isnt pretty
poido123: tired of these crappy ref decisions
poido123: ppppaaaapppleeyyyy!
kangawalla: The smear!!!
kangawalla: Gun for Kennedy? Especially after the big bump last week.
poido123: Swans are going to need to bring same intensity again next week against the cats if they get through. can they do it?
kangawalla: Thanks Monty. That was pretty instant! 🙂
kangawalla: Atlas M Crouch? Mare J Jenkins?
RooBoyStu: where are the crow muppets? I said last night Sydney 30+
kangawalla: RooBoy. Did your horse tip win today?
The39Steps: Friend who is a surveyor says if the SCG 50m line is right Walkers goal was 76-79m! Says 50m is likely to be 39-42m.
kangawalla: @39. So don’t buy real estate off the blokes in Sydney huh?
The39Steps: I already have. lol. And bought about 1.7 metre strip of council land that I dont really “own” but most look after!
kangawalla: Is Scotty Thompson retiring or playing on?
colmullet: M.Crouch the butcher? 12 clangers!
kangawalla: @39. They said it was 3.2mt? lol
The39Steps: lol.
The39Steps: Eddie doesnt’ like big games.
kangawalla: Good allocation of icons there Monty. 🙂
m0nty: I try my best. 🙂
frenzy: cats verse dogs granny

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