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Chat log from SF of 2016: Hawthorn vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Western Bulldogs, SF of 2016

JockMcPie: good to see Isaac Smith still smiling, hope the Dogs can wipe it off
kangawalla: There can’t be a neutral supporter that wants the Hawks to win.
Umpirespet: See hawks and afl bought in hawks most valuable player umpire nicholls
circle52: Yep and already a HTB missed from Hawks.
kangawalla: 40/60 decisions already going the Hawks way
Zeratul: Disgusting nichols is reffing a final!
circle52: Hate that free kick against a player going for the ball
circle52: Correct call as per rules but do not agree with it
Umpirespet: How was Burgoyne not HTB?
kangawalla: I thought it hit the post. Maybe I was hoping!
Amare: Hawks winning the free kick count by more than double…. that’s rare..
JockMcPie: goddammit
circle52: Fingernails strike again
frenzy: Boyd the billion $ ruckmen
LuvIt74: The Boyd/Roughy ruck combo has shut down ALL the top ruckmen in the comp, so its working.
JockMcPie: The Package!! He’s back!
frenzy: hang in there doggies
JockMcPie: And the Bont! Against Hodge! Carn the dogs
Torz: Carn you doggies!
Amare: come on doggies
TheMessiah: Lol so many sour people on here. Maybe stop whining and focus on your own crappy teams. ffs
JockMcPie: brad Hill making sure he gets some extra cash from Freo
kangawalla: He’s NOT The Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!
JockMcPie: @kangawalla absolute classic
circle52: yet another free to Hawks resulting in goal –
ballbag: @messiah stop ya whinging. carn doggies!
circle52: No way was it a free against Roughead in Ruck – That is allowed
frenzy: JJ needs a kick or three
TheMessiah: Me stop whining… Lol this chat is full of people like you whining because you are jumping on the anti hawks bandwagon.
kangawalla: The Messiah has gone missing. Maybe he’s in the ditch with the hermit eating juniper berries
TheMessiah: Missing…. Like the demons for the last 20 years?
ballbag: @messiah you want some tissues?
Umpirespet: Juniper Berries don’t you mean Dingle berrys lol
kangawalla: Course we’re on the anti-Hawks bandwagon. We believe in a socialist comp.
kangawalla: Get real Messiah! We’ve been missing for the last 50 years!
JockMcPie: Dogs cant take a trick, Hawthorn not playing amazingly but getting it done….lift Dogs!
ballbag: stringer needs to go registered post. he goes missing too much
circle52: Looks like Cloke has already tutored bullies on goal kicking
kangawalla: @ballbag. Stringer is in the dead letter office
JockMcPie: Pretty dog by Bruest, cost him a week
Umpirespet: Haha umps says that bump after mark was ok
DZL7: should get a week for that he jumped up and bumped
circle52: It was Hawks after hall so what do you expect
JockMcPie: Bulldogs Smith did it better than Hawthorn Smith!
circle52: Any other team would be 50 metres as well
kangawalla: Hey! What’s happened to J Lewis’ bald patch? Has he undergone a GUR?
Umpirespet: wasn’t 50 as bruest played dead
JockMcPie: How good has Dunkley been tonight, gonna be an absolute gun
whafc: pfff the package…what a joke
JockMcPie: Great finish there by the dogs, carry the momentum. would have liked that goal though
LuvIt74: The dogs should be at least 3 goals up if they kicked straight
Umpirespet: Dogs were $6 b4 and didn’t take it..Think I should have
McRooster: The romance that Bruce has with Cyril overshadows Rioli’s Ballantyne esque behaviour, clearly Cyril is a protagonist
McRooster: Stringers new nickname should be ‘Australia Post’ aka The Package that doesn’t deliver on time
frenzy: call the bomb squad, there’s a suspect package
JockMcPie: didnt know they were allowed to call frees against rioli…
JockMcPie: 1-all on the score review
McRooster: With a mouth that size, how does Isaac Smith choke do often?
McRooster: Bulldogs in front!
JockMcPie: Great vision by Clay Smith, lets hope he stays injury free for a while
kangawalla: Bulldogs banner was good. Hawks have 75000 members but tonight The Bulldogs have millions of supporters
haddles99: Cmon Doggies Kick these Hawks out in straight sets
JockMcPie: have a sook Hawthorn, plenty of 40-60 free kicks gone the other way
kangawalla: Hawks complaining about dodgy frees. It’s hard to complain when your mouth is stuffed with lobster!!
ReggieOz: Good Night Irene!
Woosha 73: Jeager will probably change his mind now!
LuvIt74: If Dogs continue this pressure they will kill them but if they get cocky & try protect the lead itll bite em on the arse
McRooster: Muppet Hodge
wadaramus: Wow, those Doggies are impressive.
JockMcPie: yes Dogges. yes.
JRedden: dunkley is 1 to watch for next year, seriously impressed after tonights game
RooBoyStu: James Frawley thought he would be a Brian Lake, leave a struggling club (Melb) and get a flag at Hawthorn lol
McRooster: What’s the headline m0nty? Hawks let the Dogs out? Clarko cops it Doggy style? Dynasty over?
kangawalla: He got one last year RooBoy
wadaramus: Clarko cops it Doggy style, love it McRooster!
Umpirespet: Rooboy did you lose your house on the roos last week lol
kangawalla: Simple headline McRooster. “Because they can!”
LuvIt74: What happened to Daniels
LuvIt74: shoulder
RooBoyStu: Hawks remember 2016 by 1 name Isacc Smith lol. Na i bet smart mate, remember Taddei Tondo tomorrow 😉
RooBoyStu: Sydney will win easy tomorrow, easy 30+
RooBoyStu: We beat Syd last year at SCG to send them out straight sets, wont happen again this year.
kangawalla: Suddenly the Hawksnare back in the Dogs rear view mirror
Umpirespet: lol ok Rooboy is this the same man that came on here last week and said put ya tax return on norf?
McRooster: @RooBoy – The only player worth holding onto at Arden Street is Nostalgia, Reflecting on the past
kangawalla: Well done Doggies. Well done@TheMessiah. You might as well have finished where the Dee’s did!
frenzy: too old, too slow, rebuild time
Amare: Clarkson trying to blame the umps

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