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Chat log from EF of 2016: Adelaide vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Adelaide vs North Melbourne, EF of 2016

w4lk3r: Get the job done Crows …….
frenzy: time to shine Maj
Umpirespet: Cmon crows send the baby boomers back home losers
CBeezDeez: What price Spud reported tonight?LoL
Shaundog: Eat a dik Thomas
kangawalla: Muppet Booma
Woosha 73: i agree muppet Boomer. But seeing as thougj theres no one here, why bother?
CBeezDeez: Yeap. All quiet here…
mattmac24: Adelaide will just run away with it from now
kangawalla: Yeah Woosh. Ain’t nobody here but us chickens!!!
Woosha 73: haha. i only logged on to see the Muppet
Roksta: Tombstone boomer Petrie dalsanto and firrito
kangawalla: Given that footy is supposed to be a socialist competition, it was good to see some teams other than the norm get up.
Woosha 73: i went to do the dishes and have a power and i was still the last one to chat
kangawalla: Too bad one of them isn’t MY team. 🙁
CBeezDeez: Musta been some power Woosh
Woosha 73: if the Crows lose, it has been a bad weekend for the birds
Roksta: Can’t see that happening woosha
kangawalla: Is Thomas just about gone as an AFL playet
Shaundog: And again eat a dik Thomas!
mattmac24: Thomas is the softest player in the comp.
CBeezDeez: Nah! Ducked again!
BestCoast: Flog Thomas crawl away ya flower spud
CBeezDeez: He should play EPL!
kangawalla: Eddie, you legend
vamos77: you can’t boo Thomas it’s racist
kangawalla: Crows fans chucking their toys out of the cot over free kick count
Umpirespet: Haven
Umpirespet: Haven’t said a thing Kanga*
mattmac24: Matt Crouch is gonna be a brilliant player to watch over the next few years
kangawalla: Crows fans at the ground. Not you UPet 😉
mattmac24: Also don’t think adelaide fans could care less about the free count.. they’re gonna win it regardless
Umpirespet: Think all fans just want the game umped fairly but seems a falacy in these days
CBeezDeez: Can swing the momentum of a game tho unfortunately
Umpirespet: yup like the missed mark by heeney today CB
CBeezDeez: So true Upet. Giants went 3 goals up quicktime & neva looked back
mattmac24: Think GWS would’ve won tO’Day regardless, they were the better team
Umpirespet: Agree mattmac but they gained confidence after going 3 up
Woosha 73: its scary how good the Giants are looking. might win more in a row than the Hawks
CBeezDeez: Specially if they’re given prelim @ Spotless! AFL afta record LOW crowd R they!
Umpirespet: they do look good Woosha but they rely alot on SJ and Greene for goals so what happens to SJ will be massive for them
mattmac24: Yeah but we really can’t tell what would’ve happened now that it’s over
Umpirespet: Only fit 24k into spotless so yeah CBD
mattmac24: Simmons and spotless for prelims.. neither can hold more than 30k
Zeratul: I dont care what the free kick count is, but oath, so many inconsistencies
CBeezDeez: Didn’t they move Cats & Swans “home” fames coz of ground sizes?
CBeezDeez: Games*
frenzy: time to abuse petrie in the ruck and stack the forward line with talls
mattmac24: Yep. Like how the Hawks and Cats played at the G last night because they want a huge crowd
Umpirespet: Swans was moved as it was a sydney derby
Umpirespet: Hawks are exempt from playing at simmonds to much advantage to geelong
CBeezDeez: Have they said Cats playing @ Simmonds? Bet it’s @ MCG!
Woosha 73: with the Giants tradebait, will be a powerhouse for a long time. does seem wasted on a small support base.
mattmac24: I believe they have confirmed it being at simmonds
CBeezDeez: But weren’t Swans “promised” all their home finals would be @ SCG a couple of weeks ago?
mattmac24: Umpirespet, cats and hawks haven’t played in geelong since around 2004 I think it was
frenzy: simmonds is a construction site, they already said they not playing there this year
CBeezDeez: My bad if that’s the case MM24
Umpirespet: I know mattmac was being sarcastic as if it is ok for interstate sides to go there why don’t vic teams like hawks,Ess
Roksta: Interstate teams get it easy
Roksta: Always get home state advantage
Umpirespet: roksta don’t troll
Umpirespet: What do you call 7 games at ethiad to start the year then Roksta?
Roksta: Not trolling vic teams have to play at the g even if they earn home final
Roksta: Neat Adelaide in Adelaide and Sydney in Sydney
Umpirespet: When have geelong, Ess or collingwood last played in tassie m8?
mattmac24: I hate when cats have a ‘Home‘ game at the G. Don’t care who the opponent is
Roksta: Beat*
Umpirespet: Some vic teams have it worse than others I agree
Roksta: What’s tassie got to do with anything
Umpirespet: Interstate teams go there to play Norf and hawks
CBeezDeez: Hawks & Kangas Roksta!
Roksta: We talking about earning home finals I thought
Umpirespet: All teams in finals should play at their home grounds
Roksta: Vics teams still go to tassie
Umpirespet: As i said some vic teams have it worse than others
mattmac24: Geelong have too big of an advantage at simmonds though.. they don’t want that with the beloved hawks
CBeezDeez: Not the bigger crowd pullers Roksta. Coll, Ess etc but i dont know how much tgat is AFL &/or Hawks…
Umpirespet: M0nty will say back to the game plz soon lol
Torz: I’m sure they’d be happy to have it at Simonds matt, if they could fit the same number of people in the ground as the G
mattmac24: I know that Torz but crowd size shouldn’t matter teams deserve to have home games at their actual home ground
CBeezDeez: Will Waite ge pensioned off too?
kano: arent they obliged to pay at least one game at the G ?
kano: or is that an old rule ?
vamos77: The crows havent played in Tassie since 2014
Roksta: Carlton Collingwood and Richmond have the most members and they play in tassie
Woosha 73: its the ridiculously long term contract signed with the MCG thats the problem
Roksta: Torz GWS get to play at spotless holds about 25K
CBeezDeez: Is Waite gettin pensioned off also? Would realyy like to see Daw tet a good run of games to see what he could be…
Roksta: Richmond and Carlton played in tassie… Have large membership numbers
w4lk3r: Bury the Vic filth
ballbag: Norf best game plan in global sport! tell 20% of your team they nomlonger needed before finals
CBeezDeez: Crows have got the shovel but can’t quite bury kangas yet.
mattmac24: Crows are tearing them to pieces now
BestCoast: Norfs are buried now, see you back in September in 2025 Roos
Roksta: Got me stuffed why betts hardly ever gets manned up
Woosha 73: you were saying beezdeez?
CBeezDeez: Last quarter could see a scary blowout
Umpirespet: Miils out tippett looked hurt swans beaten up today wonder if we have a sniff next week
whafc: Betts=Gun
Roksta: I hope rooboy is ok…
CBeezDeez: Always my trouble Woosha. Opening my mouth too early! LoL
ballbag: where’s rooboystupid who was so arrogant after beating nine crap teams at the start of year.
BestCoast: Umpirespet you will have more than a sniff, I recon you will roll em
Umpirespet: ballbag he is at the game m8
Roksta: Betts is great but when paid attention goes missing
CBeezDeez: Crows a BIG show next week @ home! Prob favourites?
BestCoast: RooBoy would have his tail between his legs
Umpirespet: Minding Petrie’s mobility scooter
Roksta: He only pops up when his team is winning ball bag
Umpirespet: No CBD in sydney next week
CBeezDeez: Oh crap! That blows then! Still give yas a good chande tho.
m0nty: Crows beats Swans away recently didn’t they?
Roksta: Rooboy biggest mouth on the forum followed by king robbo
StuL: Debruyne! 1-0 City.
Umpirespet: last year thumped but was after Phils death
kano: even if they get past sydney, geelong would flog adelaide
BestCoast: Betts having a birthday
StuL: This game is the one non event of the round.
Umpirespet: Agree Rocksta
kangawalla: I’m flicking between the soccer & footy too @StuL. Go sky blues!
Umpirespet: Not so sure Kano if at Mcg we play ok there this year
mattmac24: Adelaide have a good chance of beating swans
BestCoast: Kano Crows Swans Hawks Cats could all flog each other on any given day
kano: you play ok at adelaide oval too 🙂
CBeezDeez: All 4 football codes covered on free to air tonite heh.
StuL: Go dees!
Umpirespet: Bugger forgot EPL was on
Roksta: Think it will be a great game could go either way. Geelong v GWS grand final I reckon
kano: i agree lads that they are all good sides. But from the 2 crows geelong games i have seen this year, geelong own them
kano: the game plan sorts the crows out
StuL: North should sack Scott. Our Scott has even been shaky and he’s got us to a prelim.
BestCoast: Roksta all I want out of the season is for the doggies to slap Hawks like a red headed step child
Umpirespet: Agree Stul there are rumors Brisbane want him as coach
mattmac24: Geelong have won 6 of the last 7 against Adelaide. The won they lost was by 2 points
StuL: Go crows next week! Strike me down for saying that. Swans were abysmal today tho. Buninyong would have won.
mattmac24: I’d feel a lot safer with geelong playing adelaide over Sydney.
BestCoast: Little grub spud flower flog Thomas ya little germ
kangawalla: Not to mention Manangatang thirds @ StuL 😉
ballbag: give Thomas the zempliss award already!
Roksta: Hope so best coast but they will probably bounce back
Woosha 73: sad end to Petries career. Shouldve been dropped months ago.
kano: i have thought for the last couple of months that the crows can win the flag if someone else takes out geelong
kano: and that hasnt happened
BestCoast: @ballbag he has one the award five years running
StuL: Go Storm. I’ve given up on the wallabies.
ballbag: when 6 possie Daw is ya future ya know ya fucked
Umpirespet: Take out figjam danger and no geelong
kano: god north have a horrid record in finals in the last decade or so
BestCoast: Won’. Mm mm beer
CBeezDeez: Converted try & the Boks get up…
mattmac24: They just said that SCG, MCG and Spotless are the only grounds that a final can be played on for the rest of the year
StuL: Wallabies might win today but I’ve still given up
CBeezDeez: Me too StuL. Never recovered since Wilkinson drop goal…
StuL: That’s it.
kangawalla: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!
Roksta: Spotless is a joke
StuL: First test win this year. Doh
StuL: I knew I should have iheanacho! 2-0. City training run at Old Trafford.
CBeezDeez: It really is a ridiculous decision Roksta. Should be 1 main finals ground in each state i reckon.
Umpirespet: Woot Go City
kangawalla: @CBD. Spotless gives GWS the best chance, despite obvious logistics & crowd issues. Holds approx 24k
LuvIt74: The Roos are deplorable
CBeezDeez: It would only be 3 clubs disadvantaged by this… GCS. GWS & Cats really?
ballbag: any one who supports man city in AU’s hasn’t followed the EPL for more than 10 years. or are sellouts 😉
LuvIt74: Crows are just playing with the Roo’s its disgraceful.
StuL: I don’t care for either of these teams but I captained Ibra.
CBeezDeez: They got 24K Skilled also for the last couple of games too. So if its good enuff g
Umpirespet: Nope ballsack go for palace but hate Man U
kangawalla: Most of us hate Man U @ ballbag.
kangawalla: @StuL. Captains goal by Ibra!
StuL: It’s ok to support city. Got to start somewhere. Hate utd but biased by fantasy EPL.
mattmac24: Finals need to be fair. Dragging a team away from their home ground isn’t fair and shouldn’t be done for finals
Umpirespet: Afl loves money Mattmac
StuL: Crows should play all finals in Perth.
ballbag: man utd will win the title this year.lock it in
mattmac24: They do umpirespet, same goes for all sports really
w4lk3r: Bring on the Swanettes
CBeezDeez: AND their new boutique clubs!!!
Umpirespet: lol and cats in vietnam
kangawalla: Good call @ StuL
LuvIt74: @Ump who doesn’t love money mate? lol
mattmac24: Well catch you all in a fortnight, most likely away for the two games next weekend!
StuL: Some ppl here obviously old enough to remember stuff. Show it to em Sydney.
Jukes82: Bad luck rooboyflog!
Shaundog: Disappointing no kangas supporters here!
StuL: That’s ok. Cheap holiday.
LuvIt74: petrie should have been retired 2 years ago
Woosha 73: yeah, nice friendly chat for a change. later fellas
Roksta: Tear icon for boomer
CBeezDeez: Bluebirds were hot too w4lk3r!
StuL: Shame Scott Shame. Sack yourself
LuvIt74: Do Swans play crown in Sydney or Adelaide next week.
Roksta: Boomer flog making it about just him
m0nty: oh shush Roksta
CBeezDeez: Good night m0nty. LoL

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