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Chat log from EF of 2016: Sydney vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Sydney vs Western Sydney, EF of 2016

shaker: You think the Swans would get up today ?
heppelitis: Im thinking if the giants can use thre larger ground and get their running game going on the outside they will be hard
heppelitis: to beat
BestCoast: Go Giants
BestCoast: Giants just need to settle down and not rush coughing up the ball to much
mattmac24: Giants are confident
mattmac24: Aren’t*
BestCoast: Gee Basil Zempilas is a punish
poolboybob: gee Basil is such a knob
BestCoast: Come on Giants
mattmac24: Geelong will play either the loser of this game or the winner of Adelaide and North right?
BestCoast: Mattmac24 Norfs or Crows
mattmac24: Players going down like flies..
poolboybob: Stevie J in peak troll mode today
Umpirespet: Stevie J just made it easier for norf or crows should get a week
Roksta: The rising star curse strikes again
whafc: gotta love Stevie J, taking on everyone
Grazz: Bit of feeling out there
mattmac24: Gonna be a good game
circle52: Another tough game after last night as well
The39Steps: There is a god! Footy live on tv in my hotel room in Tokyo. And Ebisu brewery 50 metres away!
circle52: 9 minutes and still no score in 2nd quarter
ballbag: @bestcoast so true. when I hear the word zempliss I think flog
mattmac24: I really want GWS to win but for geelong’s sake we need Sydney to win
rooboypete: What did Stevie J do?
mattmac24: Almost took out J Kennedy with his shoulder
CBeezDeez: If S.J is like this 2day wot would he be like in his last game in a G.F?
kangawalla: @39steps. Life is good. Lucky B!!
BestCoast: Giants by 15 and Razor Ray to rip hammy of the bone
The39Steps: Will never here me complain @kangawalla.
circle52: @CbeezDeez will not play in finals as he will be on a holiday reckon he is looking at 2 – 3 games
CBeezDeez: If G.W.S win where is their prelim played?
kangawalla: @39. The best I can do is get a Tooborac pale ale on tap at my local, whilst watching Norf v Ravens. Still a top night t
CBeezDeez: Yeah circle pretty crude wasnt it
CBeezDeez: Mummy looking @ time for possible sling on Tippett?
kangawalla: @CBD. Mummy shouldn’t get time for that imo.
CBeezDeez: Yeah U’d expect a bit of leniency thru finals also kanga
mattmac24: Wasn’t a sling from mummy, he’ll be right
circle52: Gee it is hard out there
CBeezDeez: P poor umpiring there on heeney now goal the other way!
circle52: Shoiuld have been a free or mark to Heeny but goal up the other end.
mattmac24: This is just good hard footy
CBeezDeez: AFL instructed umpires to look after GWS!
Umpirespet: Can GWS win a prelim without SJ if they win today?
circle52: 3 bad umpiring decisions 3 goals to GWS
circle52: Up till now the bad decisions have not been costly either way.
CBeezDeez: Maybe Cameron is McLaughlans love child? He’s benefited most from those decions
mattmac24: They might benefit without stevie to be honest..
Umpirespet: Na mattmac will stuff up there fwd structure they alrerady have Patton who they carry each week
Torz: Patton has kicked 11 in the last two weeks. Hardly being carried.
mattmac24: Fair point, don’t think stevie will get anything for that anyway, Kennedy ended up being fine
StuL: This isn’t the team that beat the tigers by 20 goals. Even if it was only the tigers.
gers: on gws over 78.5pts and buddy over 88.5dt. ooked certain all day…
StuL: No suspensions. A GWS flag will be an AFL dream.
mattmac24: Never seen GWS play this well, they’re brilliant
frenzy: that’d be all over red rover
StuL: Bad news for hawks fans this result!
Umpirespet: Torz patton has only kicked 34 goals this year take your 11 in last 2 weeks wouldn’t call that a great contribution
mattmac24: It’ll be Geelong v Sydney and GWS v Hawks I reckon
StuL: We can beat the swans but didn’t think so b4 this. They’ve saved their worst fir the finals.
mattmac24: As long as they don’t flood like last time against the cats, cats can beat them
StuL: Dogs will make the prelim but lose and you’ll be unlucky again.
mattmac24: I’m a cats/dogs supporter. I hope the dogs beat Hawthorn next week so we get to see a dog’s v GWS game
shaker: Get used to this for the next few years
mattmac24: Agreed Shaker
shaker: Other teams will be only making up the numbers
jocka: Great to see Sydney and Hawks beaten this weekend.
mattmac24: Dogs, GWS and Melbourne are teams to fear over the next few years imo
jocka: AND a dog win
jocka: Melbourne mattmac24? LOL
Umpirespet: Dogs are another ST Kilda
frenzy: now that the Dees have gone past the Tigers
The39Steps: This will be the last time we have a bye before finals!
mattmac24: Yes, Melbourne. Maybe not next year but they’re on the way up
jocka: is GWS song worse than Freo’s?
StuL: Time for vic clubs to poach giants.
Umpirespet: The way this w/e has worked out we should lose tonight lol
mattmac24: Think the only team the bye worked against was West Coast as it let dogs rest up some players
StuL: Nothing’s worse than freos song.
frenzy: spoless and kardinia prelims

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