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Chat log from EF of 2016: Geelong vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Geelong vs Hawthorn, EF of 2016

desmondo: gonna be a great game, under a kick in it. Cats.
nick2397: Two #9s for Hawks tonight, Burgoyne and Stevic
StuL: Playing the Flanders’s. Not OK to lose
frenzy: loser plays the dogs yeah?
mattmac24: That’s correct frenzy
frenzy: you’d be hoping they kick the shower outta each other
mattmac24: I hope hawthorn get flogged.. I’m a cats/dogs fan
BestCoast: Go cats. I want Dogs to flog hawks next week
LuvIt74: Hope cats win coz id prefer to play the hawks
DZL7: guess the deliberate rule is gone now
mattmac24: Two deliberates that the Hawks got away with
Vandemon: C’mon cats…sick of the hawks
StuL: Hawks allowed to cheat again. 08 wasn’t enough?
StuL: Would be over already if not for hawks and umps cheating
mattmac24: @LuvIt I don’t wanna see my two teams going at it.. dogs would probably win of they played like last night
BestCoast: @mattmac24 great win by your boys last night had us on the back peddle from the start
LuvIt74: @mattmac24 No disrespect m8 but i only give a crap about what best suits the dogs.
StuL: It’s a hawks home game.
Vandemon: Need Danger to floor Hodge
mattmac24: @LuvIt I know, by what I said, I mean I’d rather it be hawks and dogs next week
DZL7: StuL actually its geelongs Home game lol
StuL: Stop cheating AFL. Should be in Geelong
Umpirespet: Cmon Hawks stop figjam clangerfield
frenzy: bet caddy’s donut turns up straight away
BC__: What happenes to caddy? He onfield?
DZL7: hodge is a grub
DZL7: ngl would love to see the hawks get knocked out in straight sets
StuL: Shut up Bruce.
CBeezDeez: Bloody umps R pulling free kicks outa the aaaaa armpits!
DZL7: bloody hell cats i dont want these mugs winning / getting on top
Jukes82: Loving the fact everyone has written the hawks off, muppets
DZL7: #FreeKickHawthorn smh
Jukes82: lol hawks have been reamed by the umps. what u watching
StuL: Talk about hawthorn commentators stfu
DZL7: guess u dont have a sense of humor lol
Vandemon: c’mon geebung..bend the hawks over…shitty supporters the lot of em
mattmac24: Geelong always have one bad quarter and three good quarters.. let’s hope that’s the case tonight..
StuL: I had a dream about a Hawks/Dogs GF. Might be so.
ballbag: anyone know if brucie has punched one out the front yet?
StuL: Lingy asked for comment, praises hawks. FFS. You played in 08 man! You don’t need to be that anti one sided.
Buzz67: Hodge massive so far. Just a nasty piece of work. Love it
ballbag: @m0nty where’s my astronaut icon? I only been banned once this year
BestCoast: Give Ballbag the Basil Zempilas cup lol
Umpirespet: Give Ballbag the sack and crack cup
ballbag: @whos Ballbag? its ballbag fellas and I guess I’d accept a cup
ballbag: but only from the ladies 😉
Chelskiman: Clear behind.
Chelskiman: Kick away, Hawks!
McRooster: Never buy real estate from a Hawthorn agent, apparently they only need 10mtrs when 15 is required
DZL7: comon cats i cba with up themselves hawk supporters
mattmac24: Stupid that, that Deliberate was called and the two against hawks earlier weren’t.
McRooster: The only thing that sucks more than biased Hawthorn umpiring is the ads that pop up at the bottom of the chat feed
ballbag: @mcrooter I had to close that draught ad 6 times in a row. and that grey box shits me
Vandemon: c’mon geebung, you are representing all teams bar hawthorn
mattmac24: Getting intense!!
McRooster: @ballbag nothing worse than a grey box. Cats back in front! Wow:)
Vandemon: Hawks starting to bend over
LuvIt74: Gr8 game
DZL7: the umpires have put on the hawks Guernsey on now! time for them to win hawks the game!
StuL: You cheat no 21. What a joke. This is professional?
circle52: So they pay another Cats DOB for a goal was there but what about the three hawks one earlier which were alops there
Vandemon: someone hit hodge on behalf of all AFL supporters
Chelskiman: The amount of whining in here is hilarious.
whafc: cracking game
circle52: agree whafc – just hope game not decided by umps in 4th qtr.
Vandemon: I woner if Carlton will ever play finals again :p
DZL7: hope the umps put the whistle away 🙁 unlikely tho
blashtroko: Would you look at that: Hawthorn have fewer free kicks. You guys seem to forget all the frees hawthorns opposition get!
Vandemon: has anyone seen my dog?
DZL7: surprise they didnt call that deliberate lol
McRooster: People get blinded by the numbers attached to free kicks,the one that doesn’t get paid influences the game more
mattmac24: Chelskiman, not sure what else you expect in a chat for a hawks game
BestCoast: Vandemon your dog was in Perth last night ripping us a new one
StuL: Why r we wearing white shorts at ‘home’. It’s all cheating for hawks.
Vandemon: lol westcoke…funny
Roksta: Hawks getting looked after like all season
StuL: Prediction. Free kick hawthorn!
CBeezDeez: The only thing i want from umpiring is consistency.
DZL7: wow so thats how u spell silk? wow wouldnt of known that one facepalm
BestCoast: Prediction dawks free kick goal after the siren get up by 3 points
blashtroko: anyone else think Burgoyne is the most dependable player since Voss?
ballbag: @bestcoast even basil thought eagles played like a bunch of zemplasses last night
Vandemon: no offence Bestcoke but eagles seem pointless
ballbag: cmon hawks!!
Roksta: Rioli diving like Thomas
mattmac24: Burgoyne is incredibly inconsistent
Vandemon: put ur balls away ballbag; wrong team
BestCoast: @ballbag we weren’t that good
blashtroko: Inconsistent as a ball winner but dependable in big moments
BestCoast: No offence taken Vandemon we are mud
BestCoast: Come on cats send Flogthorn to the dogs
wadaramus: For 150 years you can kick down the line for touch, not anymore.
LuvIt74: whats the umpiring like
wadaramus: It’s always crap LuvIt.
McRooster: Motlop is Mr Sheen, he applies himself but lacks a real polish
blashtroko: Ram for hodge
CBeezDeez: Still #freekickhawthorn luvit. LoL
McRooster: Surely a mark to Hodge??!
Roksta: Flower hodge he’s shite
Chelskiman: Woweee!
CBeezDeez: Ur freakin kiddin me aren’t U!
LuvIt74: fucking joke thank god he missed.
mattmac24: He missed it!!!
McRooster: Cocky bugger rushed the kick, bad luck Hawks!
LuvIt74: I though how friggen lucky can a team get
Vandemon: what a loser
september: To easy feed the scraps to the Bulldogs next week!
LuvIt74: thank god he missed it
StuL: Yessssssassss!
mattmac24: Hawks are gonna be stuffed for the dogs next week
StuL: Thank you for not costing us the game Motlop you spud
StuL: Go for the throat dogs.
Grazz: Cracking game that
LuvIt74: Did umps favour hawks

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