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Chat log from EF of 2016: West Coast vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for West Coast vs Western Bulldogs, EF of 2016

boo!: booooooooooooo wet toast
Pettiger: Evening all.
BestCoast: All the best to the Bulldog boys, may the best team rain supreme
man0005: All the best to the Bulldog boys, may the best team rain supreme
AngryRyno: m0nty you legend, was worried we wouldn’t have a page for the finals games a few hours ago
BestCoast: Cheers m0nty
m0nty: hope none of you catch my MANFLU
Umpirespet: Toughen up m0nty
LuvIt74: Evening all.
LuvIt74: Swallow’s a bottle of garlic, to avoid m0nty’s manflu.
Umpirespet: Hey luvit
m0nty: Bevo looks devo already.
BestCoast: Sounds like you need a couple of rum toddies m0nty
JockMcPie: Bout time footy was back
mattmac24: Already got it Monty
AngryRyno: no SC scores tonight m0nt?
BestCoast: Doggies look up to it
mattmac24: Supercoach isn’t on for finals this year. No point
AngryRyno: SC scores still relevant for season 2017
m0nty: traditionally there are no live SC scores for finals
boo!: stuff playing sc next year, herald sun not even do a final
BestCoast: Capitalising
AngryRyno: cheers m0nty
mattmac24: Sc scores for finals don’t count towards anything next year
AngryRyno: form…
Bazza2014: dogs on
m0nty: I looked on the new Herald-Sun site, they don’t have live SC scores either
frenzy: doggies are sniffin Lol
Shaundog: Go doggies!
kosduras: doggies just want the pill more are the moment
mattmac24: Go dogs!
Bazza2014: eat poo frenchie
Bazza2014: lycett injured
frenzy: Lol the Bont
cusch1: i think I missed fanfooty more than I missed the footy itself
m0nty: Gaff getting pantsed!
boo!: anyone doing fantasy paralympics
cusch1: i think thats the third time suckling has turned it over from a shit torp
blashtroko: 10 disposals into the 1st quarter, hardly pantsed
BestCoast: Le cRas the flog spud
LuvIt74: Whats wrong with Woods? Sorry does anyone know?
scaryness: Mitch Brown donuts
blashtroko: What Cusch? One hit picken, another was a backwards kick in def 50 and he’s only had 3 and that last one then
LuvIt74: Dogs should be 32 points in front if they kicked properly
Bazza2014: only 1 possie from gaff was any use, shudve been pinged for deliberate once and the rest was shite
circle52: Ankle Luvit
ballbag: @bestcoast yep. reminds me of zempliss
LuvIt74: Thanks circle52. Picken takes a killer grab.
LuvIt74: Shit i hope he’s ok
The39Steps: Longest quarter time ever?
Bazza2014: dogs look really better with libba #petroltikketstho?
The39Steps: Brown’s new nickname after Monty’s comment – Krispy.
circle52: Both Lycett and Wood back on
circle52: DOB strikes afgain with a kick off the ground
frenzy: its almost last man to touch it stuff
poido123: cmon eagles. this is rubbish
Bazza2014: will doggies have the legs?
poido123: i knew eagles would let me down in the multi. no guts whatsoever
mattmac24: Daniel is something special. Such a smart footballer
boo!: lol wet toast
Bazza2014: another useless gaff possie
Bazza2014: jong done shoulder
BestCoast: boo! Who
BestCoast: @mattmac24 Daniel will be a great player for years to come love the way he plays
Bazza2014: west choke eagles
Bazza2014: broke collarbone i reckon
BestCoast: Band wagon Bazza supporting hawks since 14
mattmac24: @Bestcoast he can only get better! He just always knows what’s around him
poido123: If youre having a bet, id be getting on the eagles from here on out. bulldogs players getting injured everywhere
Bazza2014: lol choke on the big stage, and in your own backyard sheesh, #ouch
Bazza2014: #lmao #darling
Bazza2014: i do agree tho, i dont think dogs will have the legs, and 5 gls isnt much in finals
BestCoast: @mattmac24 we will swap Wellingham for him
mattmac24: Bazza, just wait till tomorrow 😉
mattmac24: @Westcoast no thank you!
poolboybob: Yeo has gone backward this year
Bazza2014: what when the cats beat us? i have no misconceptions about the game, we are underdogs, really undermanned
Umpirespet: Is that going to be your excuse Bazza lol
Bazza2014: yep
mattmac24: You’ve won three premiership in a row? How are you the underdogs?
frenzy: coming off a 3 pete, you are always the favourite
Bazza2014: dumb question past means nothing
Umpirespet: No excuses in finals Bazza u win or you dont
Bazza2014: or u choke
mattmac24: Past means everything, it’s meant to mean you’re the one to beat in the comp
Umpirespet: This bye round was always gunna stuff up some teams not a choke
spudaroos: Boyd is an enormous human being, looking good today.
poido123: Wet coats look like they are waking up a bit. they are starting to at least match the intensity with bulldogs
whafc: Striger most overated spud in the league
whafc: *Stringer
painkilla: crows happy with the bye, north wouldve rested 22 if no bye
Gloryboy: Libba what a coward. Runs up behind lecras and whacks him then runs away
LuvIt74: @Bazza the Hawks undermanned WTF? If Hawks were undermanned that would equate to the doggies having no side. Absurd
BestCoast: Libba just like his grub dad tony loved the nut grab
Umpirespet: If dogs lose Mitch McGovern guru a be in trouble for giving Jeremy inside info
whafc: Libba whacked Shuey then Lecras ran up to him @Gloryboy
Umpirespet: Gunna *
cusch1: If cripps or merrett were as hyped up as bont they would have made AA.
LuvIt74: lol
spudaroos: If Cripps and Merrett didn’t play on teams that did poor this year they would have gotten AA selection tbh
LuvIt74: The Bont will win a Charlie in the next 2 or 3 years
Umpirespet: Hope this is Peter bell last commentary is horrible
Umpirespet: Na fox footy have bought danger Charlie for next 5years
Gott2Win: Lin Jong crying at the thought of his next game being in magpie colours
mattmac24: Bont, cripps and Merrett are all young stars. Bont lifted his team towards wins several games this year
BestCoast: Domain stadium not so flat tonight
frenzy: go dags
spudaroos: Bont is the best player out of all them right now, the most damaging. Not so much today tho.
frenzy: I’ll take zerrett thanks
poido123: that is BS. why wasnt boyd called for ball there
jocka: That should get the crowd going!
BestCoast: Cripps for me
jocka: poid: he slipped the tackle
mattmac24: We need to wait and see how Zerrett will go with the full essendon team
Umpirespet: No jocka he tried to fend off was ball
cusch1: merrett basically won the gcs and carlton games off his own boot? havent watched many of cripss’ game just goingoffstats
mattmac24: Bont, cripps then Merrett for me.
whafc: cmon Bont
jocka: umpspet: he wasn’t tackled properly, the tackle didn’t stick
Umpirespet: Think Cripps as good as Bont but Cripps has Gibbs to overshadow him
poido123: yeah it stuck Jocka. the tackle was completed before he rolled out of that. No doubt
mattmac24: Merrett needs to replicate this seasons effort, next year with a proper team
BestCoast: The Eagle pole smokers
poolboybob: So who will dogs play next week?
frenzy: sons of the west
jocka: When he hit the ground, poid, there was no one touching him
mattmac24: Dogs will play loser of cats and hawks
Umpirespet: Zack will have Heppell back don’t think he will be as damaging but Zac was a forward pocket to start not a mid
poolboybob: So much for Eagles getting the Home ground rub of the green every week.
poolboybob: At least Eagles know they’re a ways off. Time to clean out some dead wood.
mattmac24: Eagles definitely missing nic nat, could be very different if he was playing
poido123: Jock you’re wrong. he was held for long enough. Boyd had way too long with the ball
BestCoast: @mattmac Eagles missing a heart dogs to hungry
Umpirespet: Just hope we don’t have a bye r23 next year didn’t like it
BestCoast: poido123 and jocka going on about a decision that happened last week
spudaroos: I’d be seriously happy to have a player like TBoyd in my team.
mattmac24: @bestcoast you’re getting a bit of fight in you now though
poolboybob: Just because Tom Boyd is dumb and makes decisions slowly doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get called HTB
BestCoast: @mattmac horse has bolted, dogs should of at least supplied Vaseline
poido123: you can feel WC coming.
mattmac24: I reckon dogs will just hold on but weagles will definitely get close
poolboybob: Hey remember last year when Elliott Yeo was good?
poido123: WC are the biggest chokers. my god are they bad with composure
JRedden: dahlhaus is an absolute jet
poolboybob: Eagles will get close – if you consider 25 points close.
BestCoast: Yeo Yeo Yeo spud of spuds flog of flogs
mattmac24: He used to be supercoach relevant.. I remember that
Umpirespet: Is stringer fit? Can’t chase
happytimes: How soft is yeo
poolboybob: Dahlhaus star
RooBoyStu: Best Coast you’re team is shower lol
happytimes: Does he know it’s a elimination FINAL
BestCoast: Isn’t stringer a thing that just hangs out
RooBoyStu: *your
cusch1: the only thing that stringer has ever chased is his own tail. no defense whatsoever
poolboybob: Cripps/Sheed magnifying glass. Yeo down arrow.
poido123: Why oh why did i back WC in the multi. I have never liked them. Terrible
frenzy: like a teabag
spudaroos: Stringer is garbage, he deserves all the shit that Boyd usually gets.
RooBoyStu: No Nic Nat = no eagles in finals
Disco DB: Cya downhill skiers.
poolboybob: Time to leave Bont, Dahlhaus and Libba on the bench, rest for next week.
BestCoast: Hey poido123 glad we could help with your multi
LuvIt74: Dogs killing the Wiggles. I thought we would get beaten but WCE look like crap.
Disco DB: 3 games maketh not a season, Johnny come lately’s.
RooBoyStu: North will win mark my words, on our way to Adelaide. Even Hawks will win, they are not favs, will be upsets this week
BestCoast: RooBoy he in glass houses shouldn’t throw boulders
Umpirespet: Lol Rooboy u have no hope mark my words
poolboybob: Yeo is a spud, lol
mattmac24: The cats vs hawks game will be very 50/50. The north very adelaide game however is all adelaides.
Umpirespet: Petrie plays we win
BestCoast: Disco DB the great skin flute player
LuvIt74: Stringer & Boyd aged 21 lets see what they are like in 2 or 3 years
poido123: Lol Best coast 😛
mattmac24: Boyd needs confidence and stringer needs to get less cocky
Disco DB: Focus on the game WorstCoast.
spudaroos: Boyd will be a star, not so sure with Stringer.
LuvIt74: Can the Eagles kick 6 goals in last quarter and leave doggies goalless or pointless.
poolboybob: North’s best win away from Etihad was over the Dees, hahaha. They’re not going to beat Adelaide.
Umpirespet: So you vices know we are having lots of rain and lightning here in Adelaide atm will be wet 2moro night
poido123: Boyd won’t be a star. Just another talent who can’t show consistency.
LuvIt74: Yep Stringer gets himself undone coz he wants to do it all himself.
Umpirespet: Vics*
BestCoast: More chance of seeing a unicorn than Roos winning just ain’t going to happen
poido123: Get on north +33 if its raining
Umpirespet: Will the wet favour Geelong or hawk?
RooBoyStu: empty your piggy banks or whack your tax return on us at $5.25 we’ll win, any way speak to you all next week. Go Roos!
poido123: Hawks Umpirespet. Load up on the Hawks, you wont be disappointed. Geelong too top heavy and rely on a couple of players
Disco DB: Eagles had some momentum, but didn’t cash in. Dogs will have to fold mentally to drop this.
LuvIt74: @poido I beg to differ, Boyd will be a gun in a few years, ya gotta remember he spent most of this year in the ruck.
mattmac24: Cats usually love the wet weather but I don’t think it’ll favour them tomorrow night
mattmac24: Don’t want it to be between my two favourite teams on the cats and dogs next week though
frenzy: wet toast seagulls
BestCoast: The Eagles bus coming through full to the brim of passengers
BestCoast: Floggaroos
poido123: Nah. Just doesn’t have the workrate or the mindset. He drops so many sitters. I rate young Patton and Heeney
Umpirespet: Geelong are very tall mattmac
mattmac24: Roos going for Mayne to full up their nursing home?
LuvIt74: Look at the stats of the best rucks in the comp while playing doggies, the dogs shut them down every one of them.
frenzy: nah, they wouldn’t dare after giving boomer the kyber
mattmac24: @umpirespet Their forward always is but Mccarthy and Menzel will make a difference
Umpirespet: Are norf bringing their mobility scooters over to Adelaide?
LuvIt74: Cats play very well in the wet, bartel will score 200 SC tomorrow if it was still going.
frenzy: you guys need sum new jokes, lol
poido123: Luvit, not happening. Geelong will choke tomorrow night. Book it
LuvIt74: lol Umpirespect
mattmac24: Nonetheless, it’ll be a good game tomorrow night. Went to round one of 2016 and it was a great game between the two team
LuvIt74: I’ll be having something on the cats over 18 and over 24
mattmac24: Also geelong had the best record against top 8 teams this season. Perfect stat for finals footy
kangawalla: Prided is-Captain fumbles tonight
poido123: How on earth did Priddis win a brownlow. absolute joke
StuL: Woof woof! Good riddance e girls.
kangawalla: *Priddis
poido123: @Luvit, I take donations.
poolboybob: Priddis won a Brownlow 2 years ago. He’s 31 now. Not as good as he was.
LuvIt74: @poido I take commission. lol
poido123: Poolboy, he is a handballing hack
mattmac24: Priddis was also pretty much a sole midfielder 2 years ago. Since then Shuey and gaff have stepped up
Umpirespet: Didn’t know he was 31 poolboy
poolboybob: Yeo potato
mattmac24: Poido, we will see you tomorrow night!
LuvIt74: Priddis almost ready for retirement, his form has dropped like a rock this season.
Disco DB: @poolboybob gee, Pridd was still pretty good this year.
poolboybob: Priddis was pretty good, but he’s slowing down. It happens.
BestCoast: Congratulations doggies was to hungry tonight. Flower insipid Eagles are just @&$)”:
poido123: He’s pretty good for a flopping mop head hack yes
BestCoast: Pass on my regards to King_Floggo
StuL: Bont is quiet and will still probably ton up. Future Brownlow
kangawalla: Bottomsmelli junking it up!
poido123: Mattmac, depends if monty bans me for breathing
mattmac24: Anyone know what day the dogs and cats/hawks will play next weekend?
poolboybob: You should be banned for being a dumb wanker.
Disco DB: Calm down Zemplis, the result hardly a surprise based on performance across the season.
mattmac24: Poido, I’d like to see you win a Brownlow
Umpirespet: Mattmac draw done sat night m8 after crows norf
Costanza: Cuz’s tour bus waiting in the car park
LuvIt74: Eagles got shot with #10 shot from the doggies pressure.
poido123: They need an injection of something Costanza 😛
mattmac24: Fair enough umpirespet. Going out Friday night so let’s hopeople it’s on Saturday!
BestCoast: Cuzz favourite coke and ice and I’m not talking drinks
Disco DB: The winner of Crows/North game will be on Saturday.
Umpirespet: Will be a prime time in vic for sure
mattmac24: Most likely crows v GWS
mattmac24: Which would be a good game too
poido123: GWS are not beating Swans LOL
King_Robbo: Go dogs!!!
Umpirespet: Think we will play GWS swans will lose flag favs if they lose
mattmac24: Exactly Poido. Loser of those two play adelaide/north winner
poido123: ah got ya
Umpirespet: Dahl a lock for fantasy next year
frenzy: sons of the west
frenzy: pull the plug m0nty
whafc: onya doggies
LuvIt74: Woof, Woof, Woof – Carn doggies

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