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Chat log from R23 of 2016: Fremantle vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Fremantle vs Western Bulldogs, R23 of 2016

ballbag: where’s the sentimental super pav icon for the pav lovas?
JockMcPie: Need Bont, JJ and Dahl to have their worst games of the season
AngryRyno: purple names, purple capes, we love ya pav
RooBoyStu: If you don’t have a Pav for dessert tonight, you’re unaustralian. Thanks for the memories Pav!
AngryRyno: so much for shoulder issues, go Neale smash that record
DrSeuss: Holy Crap slow down Neale
Hadouken: get knicked neale. sheesh
RooBoyStu: put Picken on Neale dogs ffs
mattmac24: Neale already a third of the way to breaking the record.. he’s gonna smash it!
JButcher: Sunday has once again been doomsday for me…please stop Neale
mattmac24: RooBoy, he doesn’t tag anymore.
AngryRyno: purple cape is out!
RooBoyStu: rubbish he did a few weeks back in 2nd half to shut down a player
Roksta: No he doesn’t rooboy
AngryRyno: holy Neale
mattmac24: He was a tagging role against north to get everyone off Bont. that’s really the only reason he tags anymore.
JButcher: Fuck off Neale, Fuck off, Fuck off please
blashtroko: He did actually go to sidebottom 2 weeks ago
nbartos: Take a bow
J_Pinkman: ridiculous Neale. put someone on him please. Grand Final at stake here
AngryRyno: screw the haters Neale, bring home the SC crown
RooBoyStu: thank you blashtroko the bulldog supporters don’t know their own players lol
mattmac24: Becuase of opp having N.Reiwoldt, I need Neale to smash out a huge score just to make sure..
PieBoy: Onya nealey
Roksta: He went to Sidebottom but didn’t hard tag… For half a game
mattmac24: If you actually watch the bulldogs games, you’ll realise that Picken plays off half back more than anything.
BestCoast: Bulldogs be back in Perth in two weeks time wish it was your boys RooBoy
Roksta: Didn’t need to tag against north cause they are done for the next 8 years
J_Pinkman: opponent forgo danger vc and went Neale captain.strange move but paying off to my chagrin
AngryRyno: Dockers giving the Dogs a shake, making them nice and angry to stay in WA for the week
JockMcPie: good Neale, need 200 for a miracle win
RooBoyStu: you gotta feel for dog supporters another game another injury this time Tom Boyd
RooBoyStu: every dog supporter except Roksta that is
mattmac24: How bad is it Rooboy?
AngryRyno: an the self proclaimed king
Stuart88: Didn’t look goodMattmac
Roksta: Unlike the Roos the Bulldogs still won games with injuries
RooBoyStu: not sure mate as got 2tvs going hawks game on sound and yours on mute, didn’t look good
Pokerface: oh is package injured roksta?
mattmac24: Fair enough RooBoy. I’d be watching it but They aren’t televising it on Ch7
RooBoyStu: lol package, a pizza menu pamphlet more like it
LuvIt74: bloody lucky the skin flute was in to ruck now that boyd is out.
Roksta: Slightly pokerface but form more the issue
mattmac24: This is why Dogs haven’t been playing Minson.
LuvIt74: To the pup’s credit considering ALL the injuries to quality players they have done amazing.
McSpud: Blakely carving up
Roksta: Yeah he’s too slow mattmac
LuvIt74: If they didn’t have all these injuries to top players they would have clearly finished on top
Stuart88: Boyd is back on the bench now might come back on
mattmac24: I feel sorry for the team selectors for the dogs next year..
LuvIt74: The dogs would be stupid to put boyd back on for nothing to play for either way we finish 7th or 6th
LuvIt74: thats bloody in sane to put boyd back doggies
LuvIt74: bloody hell hope the pies beat the hawks
mattmac24: You and I both LuvIt
mattmac24: Really hope Neale polls well in the Brownlow.
LuvIt74: not well enough to win it, its all Dangers
LuvIt74: if hawks win and boyd is feeling a sniff of discomfort they should get him off.
mattmac24: Yeah no chance he’ll win it. Other players do too well against the Dockers. Just hope for a top 5 at least.
LuvIt74: Hawks should win now dogs should take every player off the ground…lol
mattmac24: Get Tom off now. Hawks have it won easily.
mattmac24: Also a nice big jump in SC from Dahl. Think I’ve won my grand final now!
LuvIt74: they should just take it easy and not even bother trying now.
LuvIt74: shit only a goal in it Pies still alive
mattmac24: Why did I play Petracca over Dunkley.. :/
LuvIt74: pies goal in front with 3 mins to go
Roksta: Pies up cmon dogs
LuvIt74: bloody hell
Pokerface: theres a page for that game luvit…
LuvIt74: scores level
LuvIt74: yeah i know m8 its the last game of the season m8 ease up
mattmac24: If it affects the dogs then leave it be Pokerface
LuvIt74: gr8 game it was too.
mattmac24: Treloar 146 sc from 3 quarters.. that’s a fair effort!
Pokerface: some get it on delay, thats all
AngryRyno: ban luvit for spoilers please, it’s in the rules
mattmac24: Not sure how it’s spoiling anything. It really doesn’t matter.
RooBoyStu: Luvit was on the hawks page too, he should know people can click if they want to see score
Pokerface: mattmac people like to watch the game without knowing the final result first..
Jaypa: Well it kind of is spoiling, there’s a reason he probably isn’t looking at that other game
Pokerface: its why the no spoilers rule is in place. some areas are on delay. and some matches
LuvIt74: no ones in here apart from mattmac and i. Ease up Angry its the last game of the H&A season bloody hell.
Pokerface: just because people aren’t talking doesn’t mean they arent in here following scores
LuvIt74: talk about a snitch. what a joke. Granted i understand if there were other games in round 23
LuvIt74: Poker grow up ya girl, what a snitch.
RooBoyStu: exactly poker I’m often not logged in and not chatting
myteamsuks: Out of my 3 finals probably going to win 2. Pretty good since I haven’t had a trade since round 17
LuvIt74: Have u ever seen me spoil games on here ever b4, bloody hell relax
LuvIt74: @myteamsucks your doing better then me.
ballbag: you’re a flog luvit plain and simple. you ruined the result dip shower!
mattmac24: The game isn’t on a delay anywhere?
myteamsuks: Luvit I think they should rest boys and drop him and not ply him ever again. Thoughts?
LuvIt74: @Rooboy if your not loged in and not chatting then how can i spoil anything for u. I cannot believe this.
Pokerface: all i said was there is a page. the hint was to be quiet about it. thats not snitching. a close game on and u spoiled
mattmac24: If people didn’t want the game to be spoilt then they wouldn’t be here anyway. The scores for the other games are always
myteamsuks: *boyd
mattmac24: on the page and on the fanfooty-live panel
Pokerface: mattmac people watch on time delay. all sorts of things. my ipad was about 2 minutes behind.
lukefield9: To win my league (no finals) I need my m8 to win, is down by 40 but has bont (C) +Neale. The other person has JJ. win?
RooBoyStu: @mattmac24 it is in SA they are 30 mins behind
LuvIt74: u said m0nty ban luvit
RooBoyStu: when you’re not logged in you can still see chat lol
Pokerface: the rule is there for a reason. no further games is completely irrelevant
Pokerface: that wasn’t me read again fool
BestCoast: Basil Zemilas award to Luvit
RooBoyStu: Overall, please keep your chat relevant to the game going on at the time
AngryRyno: time to move on, Q3 is underway I’m sure m0nty will find an appropriate punishment for spoiling a hawks game
mattmac24: I repeat. If someone didn’t want games spoiled then they wouldn’t be on a page with live scores.
ballbag: @bestcoast agree 100% razor ray can present it
myteamsuks: Minty too busy on other game, apparently was a close one
Pokerface: yes, and thats why people say no spoilers to other games mattmac!
Pokerface: why do you think m0nty has that rule??
BestCoast: @ballbag I am hearing you late mail Lindsay FLOG Thomas is still in contention
mattmac24: Just saying you don’t need to be reading chat for other games to get spoiled.. So why does it matter?
frenzy: mInty’s queing up to get a grand final seat
Rebuild: Neale you superstar!
RooBoyStu: The rule is most important for last games as finals spots change. More important than Round 6
ballbag: for sure. I just assumed Lindsay Thomas was razors date for the night.
Pokerface: and for close games. who wants to watch the end knowing who wins
RooBoyStu: @mattmac24 luvit was giving score updates on the haw v coll game on this game
ballbag: @mattmac coz the game wasn’t applied until luvit said it Einstein!! kapish? understand? pretty simple genius!
ballbag: *spoilt
Seiya: here’s an idea lads, you all drop it and we concentrate on this game
frenzy: willy minson’s last ever game it seems
DirtyDawn: Once again, thanks for the entertainment this season Monty. Good job mate
LuvIt74: omg i go and get a bite to eat & you are still going on about it.
CBeezDeez: Dogs put the cues in the rack?
ballbag: Dawson raking in the sc points considering no touches yet
DrSeuss: Come on Doggies – Dont let Freo get one over you. Lets go Dahl, JJ & Boyd
mattmac24: Ballbag, has 3 tackles.
LuvIt74: Is boyd still on?
mattmac24: Top score for the dogs is sitting on my bench. 🙁
CBeezDeez: Thought ballbag had more tackles than that just now😕
LuvIt74: why the hell are they trying, lucky bont didn’t crack his scull
Jaypa: 2239 with Dunkley, JJ and Bont
AngryRyno: stop whinging about Dawson, going at 100% efficiency #gun
mattmac24: Dawson for Brownlow even with suspension. He’s just that good.
Jaypa: What’s Bont done?
mattmac24: Neale, Boyd, Bont and Dahl left and on 2100. 30 point last quarter from each of the dogs and I’ll be happy.
Roksta: Luvit they have 2 weeks to recover… And you get hurt more not going in
Tommo2909: 2244 with Neale, JJ and Dahl to come. Easy GF win. Hopefully go up in the rankings from 2000
NewFreoFan: One quarter of the great man left 🙁
LuvIt74: @Jaypa knocked heads and a bit of claret poured out his head/cheek
Jaypa: Ahhhh he’s tough that kid, he’ll be right
LuvIt74: @Rocksta if u get injured m8 in most cases 2 weeks isn’t enough. They have played enough this week to start resting pla
LuvIt74: 13 tackles to dunkley what a gr8 young kid
LuvIt74: Neale the record holder for possessions in a H&A season.
Smurf_x: Zac Dawson is an underrated player…..
Bulky: It would be incredibly fitting if Zac D gives away 3 more free kicks to finish on 0 in his last game.
CamT: Very underrated, Smurf. Not many players go at 15sc points per possession.
Smurf_x: Why stop at 0? Negative would be better i reckon
Bulky: If anyone can Zac D can.
Smurf_x: @CamT it’s obvious Ross is tanking. Why else would you be playing such a dud?
mattmac24: LuvIt. and 14 over the record to.
King_Robbo: Lol freo. Been a joke all year but only find a yard when Pavlich retires
DrSeuss: Come on JJ i need another 20!!
RooBoyStu: Come on MBoyd need 114 for a GF win in sc
Roksta: Glad Neale slowed down
Roksta: Thanks for your service minson enjoy retirement
LuvIt74: In first round of finals there will only be the one final held in Victoria this season.
LuvIt74: You’ll get it for sure Roo
King_Robbo: How the duck is that deliberate lmao
LuvIt74: scaling will see Boyd hit 120
DrSeuss: Get near it JJ
Gloryboy: Sucked in doggies. Back to Perth u go w1 of finals. Ur welcome
ballbag: finally cracked 2600 fantasy AF
RooBoyStu: Bulldogs may as well stay in WA for 2 weeks but will be out week 1.
BestCoast: Great career Big Pav, Pitty you didn’t play for us
AngryRyno: purple capes for the dockers!
King_Robbo: Haha royboystu at least we deserve to be in the finals
Yeomans: youd know a lot about losing week 1 rooboy
Choppy: Hows 2nd down to 5th taste Gloryboy?
Roksta: Haha rooboy dogs will play finals next year ya wan ker
frenzy: no stringer, no dogs
PieBoy: Onya boydy
frenzy: dogs are flogs
LuvIt74: @gloryboy crows couldn’t win without 1 player in Sloane, imagine if u had the injuries dogs had this season.
RooBoyStu: we’ll smash the crows as Thompson, Jacobs , Wright & Waite all back, Jacobs will tag Sloane
Roksta: Imagine being top of the ladder at the half way mark and only scrape into finals
ballbag: no boomer or old fuckers no Norf
Gloryboy: Better than not playing finals at all Choppy
NewFreoFan: Thanks Pav, great career comes to an end
LuvIt74: @Roo i wish i knew u personally because id bet u any amount on that
frenzy: welldone super Pav
Roksta: Still no hope
RooBoyStu: @luvit i will win plenty off the tab mate
LuvIt74: Gloryboy if Crows endured the injuries the dogs did, they wouldn’t make top 8 after all they struggled without Sloane
King_Robbo: lol roos are a joke. no chance of getting within 8 goals of adelaide!
LuvIt74: lmao the tab? OMG u should look into betfair who bets on the TAB these days with all the corprate bookies now & gr8 odd
Choppy: But blowing a chance at top 2 must really hurt Gloryboy…….
RooBoyStu: i got banned from bet365 lol
LuvIt74: Gr8 game Pav, awesome career.
ballbag: TAB is the only one that Deals in cash as far as I know 😉
LuvIt74: @Choppy you look like a imbecile giving stick to someone, who’s team made top 8 when your own team was deplorable.
RooBoyStu: yep ballbag and neva refuse payout
ballbag: anyone who makes $$ gets banned. all pro punters are blacklisted from online

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