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Chat log from R23 of 2016: Hawthorn vs Collingwood

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Collingwood, R23 of 2016

King_Robbo: Need pendles to beat mitchell by 20+ cant believe my opponent doesnt have him… :/
AngryRyno: Carn Pies
mace485: “free kick hawthorn”
mace485: onya fitz!
King_Robbo: free kick hawthorn
ballbag: stop taking the piss treloar!!
RooBoyStu: Come on Hawks would rather play Adel in Adel that WC in WA
willywalks: get the feeling i’m going to need 250 from lewis/grundy combined
nicw98: ffs Treloar, need him to keep up with Pendles
brentz: sidebottom’s sc is a bit stiff
mattmac24: need a huge game from Phillips..
JButcher: Hey M0nty, I think you are missing Pittonet’s score
ballbag: seriously fuck you treloar
J_Pinkman: treloar ru havin me on? there goes my grand finals
AngryRyno: cape Sidebumm
colin wood: Lol at that Cyril free. Disgusting
mattmac24: Chance of phillips going back to back sc tons?
Sloaneyyyy: go Pies, keep us in 4th spot =)
LuvIt74: carn the pies
frenzy: Lol didn’t think Treloar was even playing
LuvIt74: Its not often i go for the pies but id prefer the doggies play home
LuvIt74: @frenzy he isn’t really…lol
september: WavE GoodbyE HawkS
Hadouken: im with you sloaneyyyy
NichoB: rioli on 23 off 2 touches and a couple of tackles??
Sloaneyyyy: stay low Steele, I want you cheap for next year
Pokerface: by a couple of tackles you actually mean 3? and how many pressure acts has he done nicho?
BestCoast: Travis Choke
LuvIt74: fuck cloke is a dead set dud.
LuvIt74: huge mark by puopolo and gr8 oal
LuvIt74: goal
JockMcPie: liking Crocker’s work today, best game for us so far
casty46: the fitz
9inch: Whats Pendles up to? Need 150 from him
AngryRyno: costly error Tommy Phil
Barniclez: 8 leg multi on the line hawks dont let me down
JockMcPie: cmon boys, dont let these flogs get a sniff…
pcaman2003: Sidebottom gone on vacation?
DrSeuss: What is Treloar doing? Just logged in!
Elephant: @Seuss I think Treloar was on 0 at QT, so a 39 point quarter!
pcaman2003: Gibson should retire.Ordinary again.
ballbag: @seusse treloar was on ZERO at qtr time
FrothyOne: he’s everywhare right now Grrr
blashtroko: treloar has just logged in too
Barniclez: hahaha
9inch: Remember Gibson used to be SC relevant.
pcaman2003: Clarko….tag Treloar now!!
mattmac24: JJ + 186 vs Phillips, Neale, Dahl and Bont.. might be able to pull through.
DrSeuss: Glad I just logged in then!
Sloaneyyyy: Cloke’s farewell game?
vamos77: no chance mattmac
King_Robbo: pendles 65 – horse shit
mattmac24: Vamos. I have the 4 left playing. If JJ gets 100, pretty sure all 4 of my player only need around 70 each
vamos77: well then, I take it back. Most would put themselves first
mattmac24: Yeah that was my bad..
9inch: Yes looked like you had only JJ.
BoredSaint: Had to play phillips because of Sloane’s suspension. Keep going mate!! 😀
pies13: my matchup pendles v lewis im 2pt down and hunter v dolhouse dt worth a 1k 23wk of stress 6quarters 2go!
mattmac24: So everyone else see that Neale only needs 21 touches to break the record for most disposals in a H&A season?
BestCoast: The sweet smell of a GF win, go pies
JockMcPie: I fucking hate Cyril Rioli
BestCoast: Looks like a big game in Perth in two weeks Bulldog boys
DrSeuss: Keep Going Howe and Treloar – big 2nd half like last week
FrothyOne: Hawks starting to rack up the uncontested footie stats
FrothyOne: and collingwood lifted, they are not going away in this one
JockMcPie: Bye Marley Williams, enjoy your last game at Collingwood you spud
Heater: Turnovers!!!!! Flowering hell
9inch: Lift Gibson. Killing me
FrothyOne: this footy is red hot, high pressure stuff
Heater: I cant’ watch!!!
JockMcPie: Fuck off Hawthorn
Pokerface: enjoy that goal jockmccry?
Sloaneyyyy: cmon Pies
9inch: Pies need a captains goal.
DrSeuss: Come on Howe don’t slow down now
Pokerface: lewis you champ
LuvIt74: Gunston having a mare
Lodgy: Stats update. Nathan Buckley, 2 water bottles down
Gott2Win: Come on pies! Do it for the crows!!
FrothyOne: because they cant do it for theirselves
FrothyOne: like Gott2Win in a prelim
JRedden: from a donut to top scoring collingwood player.. what a jet
Lodgy: hey frothyone dont get too spruiky yet… we can still choke like the cows here…
Trigger212: BAM Gott2Win – get back in ya box
BestCoast: Good game
mattmac24: Has something happened to Phillips? Hasn’t scored for a bit
BestCoast: Go pies smash the dorks
9inch: Cmon scotty
FrothyOne: Great set of hands from Sicily
Gott2Win: Cos getting to the gf has really helped you Frothy?
RooBoyStu: Crows have no one to blame but themselves, if they win home final and double chance. Go Hawks
FrothyOne: Haha… its put $100 more in my wallet than yours G2W 🙂
Gott2Win: So u would rather roos have to play crows at home in elimination rooboy?
m0nty: go Hawks!
casty46: cmon the pies
RooBoyStu: yep Jacobs back to tag Sloane and Wright back and Thompson back. Less flight to SA than WA
Lodgy: go m0nty!
9inch: Do something Pendles. Crunch time
clee!: Great win by North last night Roo Boy
Gott2Win: That’s fine if you want to claim a draw as a win frothy! $100 for the humiliation of losing a gf by about 400 points
Fletch91: Treloar disposals 0-14-9-11 thus far. Amazing
BestCoast: Wish you were coming West RooBoy we would of bounced you back over the Nullabour
Rebuild: Draw?
mattmac24: RooBoy, you got beaten by GWS at home. You aren’t beating Adelaide at Adelaide.
RooBoyStu: @clee we win and don’t go anywhere on the ladder, what’s the point winning?
RooBoyStu: we’re full strength for the first time since Rd 5 next week, even Waite is in, Jacobs Wright Waite in
ballbag: how many games have Norf won in the las 14 weeks? lol
9inch: The point is form rooboy and momentum
casty46: going to get spanked by whoever you play rooboy
RooBoyStu: @ballbag we didn’t lose to Essendon lol
PieBoy: Onya blairy
LuvIt74: Sorry Roo but the Roo’s & Richmond were the biggest disappointments this season
clee!: North wont play finals for 5-7 years after this mark my word
mattmac24: A team should strive for a win no matter what the result brings. Shows the other teams that they’re ready to fight.
m0nty: wow, worst ump decision of the year
casty46: agreed @clee
J.Worrall: Fuck me, carna Pies! (I feel dirty now)
McSpud: go you pies
ballbag: couldn’t answer the question? you’re a pack of hacks
Lodgy: gahhhhhhhhhhh
Stuart88: Wow pies in front
casty46: this is a ripper game
FrothyOne: ….. (insert slap to forhead here)
mattmac24: Also North at full strength almost lost to Essendon during their 9 win streak.
FordyHawks: Terrible considering what at stake…
RooBoyStu: @clee will remember your stupid comment
ballbag: hahahaha hawks finally get one bad call and they whinge??? hilarious!
J.Worrall: omg excitement plus!
m0nty: that is a fair goal!
clee!: Time for hodgey to stand up and bend the pies over
Brian: Oh boy wowee, Fitzpatrick from 60!
RooBoyStu: wern’t full strength v bombers matt
9inch: Go pies
casty46: cmon the pies
FordyHawks: What a game to end the h & a season!!
sammyo7: come on pies
RooBoyStu: Bring on the Crows!
mattmac24: Who didn’t you have that game RooBoy?
AngryRyno: Treloar freaking GOAT
Costanza: North will beat the Cows
Lodgy: woooooo
Jaypa: In all seriousness, who cares about North anyway? Their 7 supporters??
JockMcPie: Fuck off Hawthorn u gay shits, hope you go out in straight sets
FordyHawks: Poor Geelong has to play Hawks 🙂
Jaypa: North are a nothing team filled with nobodies, and that goes even more so for next year
Lodgy: gallant in defeat as jockmcpie
mattmac24: Fordy, we’ll probably beat you.. we have before, plenty of times.
Cheazles: Poor Hawks have to play Geelong 🙂
Pokerface: have a sook jockmccry
King_Robbo: we were so close to a home final… ah well at least we know hawks will flop this year. could barely beat collingwood lo

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