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Chat log from R21 of 2016: Fremantle vs Adelaide

Chat log for Fremantle vs Adelaide, R21 of 2016

Umpirespet: Carn the crows top 2 can be ours
JButcher: Cmon Freo give me some joy this weekend
Dangermaus: P-plate for O’brien
Dangermaus: we already go that joy J.Butcher seeing your mob lose to the Dees.. lol
LordTaylor: Took a risk and bought Lyons in this week, go big good sir.
JButcher: exactly Geelongmaus, that is why I’m hoping for a freo win and Neale to have a big one
Dangermaus: nice one Sloaney
LuvIt74: bloody hell neale stop
JockMcPie: Why did I not captain Neale…
Gott2Win: 3 x Rory have started well!
Umpirespet: Sloppy game Gott2win
TheHawk: Keep going Sloane!
AngryRyno: Neale, Sloane stopped
colin wood: Lachie Neale… lol surely someone is taking the piss today…
AngryRyno: horrid game for fantasy, only one ‘on fire’
Carnster: lift sloane ffs
FlagDog: Get farked SLoane you absolute DOG
vartic: sloane, neale pls, you’re killing me
jfitty: Give Smith the butcher’s knife already
Yeomans: Good call ryno….. except for the 9 others on fire LEL
Gott2Win: B Crouch a lock to start in my side next year I reckon
Carnster: down by 26 i have laird sloane and lyons, opp has 2 crouches and walters
AngryRyno: believe it or not, at the time there was one bloke on fire, things can change lmao
Thedude24: Neale needs to score less than 108 for me to win sc semi. What are my chances like?
M0rgs: You’re screwed TheDude24
Thedude24: Lol thanks
Lawls: you got a good chance, neale isn’t scoring well
9inch: Captained Sloane 🙁
JButcher: You’ll be looking good until junktime in the fourth, then he’ll get 15-20 points just to screw you over unfortunately
blashtroko: Jenkins’ average goal distance would be about 12 metres
hinsch: PAV looking like a SC must have
colin wood: Come on Lachie book me a Prelim!
mattmac24: Sloane please… all the excitement from the cats game is gone from seeing your score 🙁
Thedude24: Lol I really hope not butch
9inch: Can’t even spot Sloane on field. Gone home
FlagDog: Sloane you good for nothing Mutt
DirtyDawn: Lachie Neal must be digging for worms in the engine room
PieBoy: Cmon sloaney have a crack
PieBoy: Onya lairdy
LuvIt74: sloane has really sloane down
GJayBee: Please God (I only pray when gf may be pregnant, car has trouble or SC finals)
mattmac24: Sloane needs to make at least 85 for me to win my main league
9inch: Down sloanedrome
Gott2Win: Jenkins works hard for those goals Blash. Dont see that on tele though
GJayBee: I might mow Laird’s lawn this week
GJayBee: DirtyDawn you are a legend.
Jaypa: I need 104 from Laird
GJayBee: Need Laird to beat Sloan by seven points. Thinking of going gag.
AngryRyno: Sloane please push out an 80 :'(
Thedude24: Steady neale. Just do not hit 108 please
DirtyDawn: haha why is that GJayBee?
GJayBee: It’s intense to imagine how much it would suck playing for Ro$$ Lying
GJayBee: DD, just your comments and general vibe. All good.
mattmac24: Nevermind.. only need 2 from Sloane to win my main league
ben4444: What’s everyone expecting their total SC will be this week?
GJayBee: ben444, just enough, just enough!
DirtyDawn: Cheers cobba!! No point being a PC thug IMO
PieBoy: Onya nealey
mattmac24: 2109 with sloane, Neale and Laird left.. 2350 max.. that’s being generous
ben4444: I need 176 between neale and laird to crack 2500!
LordTaylor: Jenkins is an absolute gun
hinsch: 2450+ if your not gett 2500 this end of the season your not in it
carlton_99: If Neale and Laird ton I will get 2450
TyCarlisle: 2287 with Neale, Laird and Sloane. Should get 2600
ben4444: @Tycalisle who was captain?
TyCarlisle: I had Gawn captain @Ben4444
Carnster: need sloane laird and lyons to make up 13 on the 2 crouches and walters. thoughts??
hinsch: looking at next week SC vice captain and captain is going to be a guess maybe VC on Hanna’s and C on Gawn
Gott2Win: Sloane needs 124 for me to lose. I should hang on from here!
Maltburger: Im +46 with Sloane Vs Lyons I should just scrape by even with C on Danger.
swannies05: eed Sloane and laird to score less then 200 combined
Maltburger: Really infuriating having VC on Gawn but had no loop because I E’d Petra in the mids where my non player was :@
lukefield9: when did was sandy confirmed out?
DirtyDawn: Boo Yarran, give it to Pav for his 700th!!
swannies05: agreed dawn poor form by yarran
TyCarlisle: I need Neale, Sloane and Laird to get 100 each for me to score 2600 this week.
GJayBee: Not only will I mow Laird’s lawn, I’m thinking it wouldn’t take long to do his gutters and clean the windows
Lawls: i scrape through yet again in SC finals
DirtyDawn: I need Ballantyne to kick 8 goals in this last quarter so that Ross offers him a new contract. We dont want him!!!
9inch: Still 500 sc points up for grabs sloane
GJayBee: hahahah fair call Dawn
Jaypa: Come on Laird push to that 104
Maltburger: Sloane should be ripe next week for the C
Dunlop: Bin or yin yang to Lynch – 71pts since 1/2 time
Jaypa: Great tagging job done by Sheridan here in all honesty, shut Sloane right out despite the score
hinsch: Whoever is tagging Sloane well done
Gotigres: Junk it up Sloane
swannies05: sherridan your tagging effort has won this final for me
rooboypete: Up by 9 measly points!! Neale + Laird v Sloane + Lynch. Too close…
rooboypete: Couldn’t agree more @swannies05
Jukes82: give neale the gun!
Carnster: rooboypete i am similar
PieBoy: Onya nealey
LuvIt74: massive percentage
rooboypete: not good for the nerves @carnster!!
Jukesy: Spud for Neale imho, 8 kicks 22 handballs!
Carnster: @rooboypete if i lose this close game in the same weekend as giants westcoast…
rooboypete: Yep, I agree Carnster. I was out @ Spotless and was gutted…
AngryRyno: B Crouch deserves highest sc IMO, did the heavy lifting early
Carnster: @rooboy i think i have won my game which is a relief
PieBoy: Onya lairdy
swannies05: Worst score in a long time against good team still win
hinsch: Crows not the lastest 100+ point win smarten up
Jaypa: Please scale Laird +4 PLEASE
rooboypete: Got there by 15 (before scaling) @Carnster. A relief.
Jukes82: jukesy ya mums a spud!
Thedude24: I lose if neale scales up 9. Is it possible??

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