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Chat log from R22 of 2016: West Coast vs Hawthorn

Chat log for West Coast vs Hawthorn, R22 of 2016

desmondo: Langford out…replaced by Sicily
BestCoast: Good evening all, hope the weekend is kind to all teams
BestCoast: Game of the birds can the coast get home
desmondo: will be a good game…hawks narrowly i reckon
kosduras: evening lads should be a cracking game
Amare: Eagles by 4
BestCoast: desmondo I have that feeling too need to jump them and get game on our terms, should be a cracker
JockMcPie: bloody hope West Coast win so Hawks drop out of the 4 when Collingwood beat them next week….. 😉
ShavedApe: Scared of getting a football lesson from the Hawks tonight
Amare: hear hear JockMcPie!
m0nty: come on you Hawks!
hinsch: Can the Nic Nat Eagles get over the line this week
Carnster: looking for a hawks win tonight
hinsch: how many free kicks for Shuey this week 10 +
LuvIt74: Hawks on the back foot early
LuvIt74: Carn the Hawks
LuvIt74: $10 to $1 for kennedy easy money
DrSeuss: Eagles Vs Hawks – who gets the free kicks this week?
Hoot: kick a bag u freak!
StuL: Go eagles. Flower those flowering hawks.
thommoae: Hawks suspiciously off their game here? Birchall just stands & watches Yeo mark. Que?
StuL: Don’t go my SC opponents
DrSeuss: Of course this is the week none of my opponents have Mitchell
boo!: lycett on fire. lol
Umpirespet: Is it wet or just dewy?
bexta: lycett up on LW already
SaintsMan: great stuff mitchell u fuking idiot
bexta: hawkes settle in
brentz: stay down gibbo
haddles99: why is sam mitchell on 6 when he hasnt touched, it or laid a tackle???
Thedude24: Lol why does everyone go wild whenever hawks get a free. Theyre a great side. Lets face it
bexta: rioli worst Qtr of the year spud up son
m0nty: Mitchell has a few hard ball gets
RooBoyStu: @haddles99 he tapped Gunston & Bruest on the bum after their goals
Umpirespet: Could someone design the hawks a decent jumper?
Umpirespet: Left or right one M0nty?
bexta: need to change colour first brown and gold wtf
boo!: my wife wants gibbo, unsure if she means in her DT
bexta: ive had gibbo she could do better lol
RooBoyStu: WC are such a better team with Nic Nat in it
bexta: yup when fit
Umpirespet: Kennedy gunna kick 10 tonight
Vich: Lewy needs to concentrate on his footy rather than doin that rubbish
FlagDog: Someone punck Kennedy i the face and be done with it..
bexta: mitchell 0 GWM
eagles86: is it just me or is hawthorn looks like they dont wanna play today
bexta: hope so only player tonight in DT
RooBoyStu: lift Gibbo, shower sc score
eagles86: they seem like they just wanna go home and dont care bout this game there lacking energy and excitment
AngryRyno: all hail Ducks
bexta: hope it follows into finals
bexta: -3 mitchell legend
RooBoyStu: this will get ugly tonight could be 40+ WC win
brentz: good to see gibbo stayed down
JockMcPie: yum
Umpirespet: Hope so for crows sake
McSpud: gibbo is a spud
JockMcPie: “I don’t care about contested ball” getting smashed Hawks LOL
PieBoy: Onya gibbo
circle52: So keep Mitchell down and you beat Hawks – blue print for finals.
Umpirespet: Here comes the umps
DrSeuss: Gibson and Mitchell – great start…..
haddles99: Mitchell 2 possies and a FA against- 12 points… seems legit
bexta: crows will be happy with the hawks worst back line in 5 years
thommoae: AQny one see any Pak*stani bookies around Glenferrie this week? This look dodgy to anyone else?
Thedude24: These eagles fans are so annoying lmao
AngryRyno: these Hawks frees are so annoying lmao
bexta: when your winning you can act like a tosser and get away with it
Umpirespet: Thommo dont think hawks wanna go to sydney first week of finals so not suspicious
bexta: crows thump port should end up minor prems
bexta: adelaide oval tomorrow night ill be acting like a tosser
Grazz: Evening all
RooBoyStu: WC did start favourites in this game
nbartos: Prid clangers yet high SC??
ballbag: does gibbo ever play well against top sides?
bexta: when you dont give 100
bexta: when you dont give 110% you might get a bad injury hawks need to give it all watch out you hawk back men
Rowan1984: um yes ballbag. Gibbo go 191 last time against WC
ballbag: @nevbarts priddis won’t ton. perm boy will go missing again
ballbag: WC hardly a top team in Vic.
Rowan1984: they made the grand final last year. They are a top team regardless of where they play ballbag
shaker: 110% mmmmm
RooBoyStu: icicle Gibbo ffs
bexta: low scoring the only savoir for the hawks
DirtyDawn: Evening all
ballbag: see if you can score under 60sc gibbo. cheers
nbartos: BB right on WC won’t get home final so not Finals relevant
jaypeee: priddis as VC and Gibbo kiling me
JRedden: get some marks and tackles gaff ffs
Rowan1984: WC beat gws away which is the hardest thing to do
nbartos: So did Freo Rowan
bexta: what will hawks be like next year mitchell- hodge
RooBoyStu: Gibbo averages 94 in sc, if he was in any other team he’d have an icicle
nbartos: Finals anyway
ballbag: yeah gas ain’t in Vic. the MCG is in Victoria in case yo don’t know 😉
JockMcPie: i hate how hawthorn insist on playing for frees, FFS
bexta: what will hawks be like next year mitchell- hodge – burgoyne- birchall slowing hill gone gibson frawley slower
ballbag: *gws
vamos77: Priddis clangers harsh, he gets contested ball that most won’t get near and is forced to dispose of in a hurry
StuL: bexta: miss the 8 hopefully.
RooBoyStu: Bruce live streaming this match from Rio to watch Cyril
ryanbob: How’s that not a free kick against Frawley
blashtroko: Icicles are based off DT/disposals rooboy stu
Thedude24: If you get it and give it away, you might as well not get it…
ryanbob: Free kick against Frawley every day of the week. No eyes on the ball. Poor umpiring this game
Gotigres: I thought Weitering was my weak link. But no, its Gibson.
bexta: i agree will find it very tought next year stul
ballbag: yeah. gibbo couldn’t play 4 weeks of good footy if he tried
benzammit: Smash em flat trackers, before the umpires get involved again
Umpirespet: hawks will recruit umpire no.28 in the draft tho should help them
benzammit: They don’t need to recruit any they have them right were they need em.
vamos77: You must be in a spud comp if your still going with Weitering in your side
thommoae: Breust pulls out of aHurn kick smother … bruise free footy anyone?
RooBoyStu: Gibbo needs a magnifying glass then, the Auskick Little League will do more at half time
RooBoyStu: 19 a good DT score at half time? pmsl
Gotigres: Next week: Gibson out; Johannisen, Rance or Houli in. Pathetic Gibson.
RooBoyStu: this is beautiful to watch
Umpirespet: Clarko abouty to smash up the coaches box
eagles86: eagles eagles eagles eagles eagles eagles eagles eagles eagles
AngryRyno: call the carpenter
ballbag: see that leather thing vegans hate priddis? go and get it!
blashtroko: ballbag everything you say is so cringworthy
Vich: yeah ur right ballbag…pridda wont ton up..Only averages 103 v hawks and eagles killing them…pffft
FordyHawks: #freekickwestcoast
Thedude24: Hawks will make a comeback. They always do. Whether they win or not will be the question.
benzammit: Bye bye home final.
myteamsuks: Who Hawks play round 23?
arbel: @fordy 10 frees q piece. yeah so one sided
Umpirespet: collywobbles
RooBoyStu: Kennedy clearly the x factor to half time
RooBoyStu: Hawks play the skunks rd23
Jnr005: unless eagles finish 7th or 8th they wont.
ballbag: @blash schweeet bro. cheers ( you like that one?)
3rdstriker: I’d probably say star rooboy, if he continues and kicks 8 i’d be surprised if someone else was better
benzammit: There percentage is the issue
SteamHam1: I have JJK & Burgoyne, so I’m pretty happy thus far.
ballbag: I think hodgey may go ape droppings and help turn this around
Jnr005: i think Hawks will not make GF
benzammit: I hope they don’t lucky to have an established list in the era of 2 afl start up really don’t deserve 4 cups
benzammit: Well not lucky well planned,but lucky the talent was taken away from 12 other clubs
mattmac24: main opponent (being my mum) has Priddis, Gibbo and Mitchell and they’re all a bit below average right now
FordyHawks: Yeah, that must be it benza…
LuvIt74: @fordy what are you going on about regarding #freekickwestcoast, it seems Hawks can only win with assistance from umps.
RooBoyStu: Gibbo blames the full moon for his below par half
oc16: pretty sure the hawks didnt need the umps help last week, but whatever floats ur boat
JockMcPie: LOL hodge have a sook when a free’s paid against u u flog
Jnr005: i agree Luvit lol
Umpirespet: they did when they played saints, crows and WB oc16
blashtroko: I love how everyone hates the best team.. happens in every single sports league
benzammit: Mc Evoy, Burgoyne,Gunston,Gibson, Frawley all established players before they joined the club can’t grow talent .lol
BestCoast: Very rich hawks blowing up about umps
RooBoyStu: i think you’ll find most on here have hated the hawks even b4 the 3 flags
LuvIt74: @oc16 im talking in general this season, the hawks had been very bloody lucky this season with the umps.
benzammit: Throw Lake in there as well
LuvIt74: That being said im hoping the hawks win
benzammit: Hale as well
zadolinnyj: Agreed LuvIt74
Raspel31: Well,on the face of this, it’s Sydney and Adelaide surely?
benzammit: It’s an afl directive watch the 3rd they will be able to carry tacklers and hold the man.Oftern not the frees paid ….
FordyHawks: Cripps gifted a shot at goal there, lucky he’s crap
Jnr005: thats what i think aswell Rasp
benzammit: But those that they do not pay.
RooBoyStu: Sydney will lose tomorrow, we love playing at Hobart
hinsch: how good are these nic nat eagles this has to cement a home final for NNE
blashtroko: eammit the conspiracy theorist
benzammit: Home ground bias is normal guess you Hawks forgot about used to all the bias
Raspel31: RooBoy- that’s just a joke.
RooBoyStu: w long b4 the Gibbo negative icon?
RooBoyStu: *how
Umpirespet: Geelong have to make it Gil gave them the softest draw in history?
mattmac24: I’ve hated the hawks ever since I started following football..
RooBoyStu: @Raspel31: serious
arbel: wow fordy just like all hawks expect all the frees
thommoae: Man, who designs the Hawks’ jerseys? Is there such a thing as Indigenous Paramecium?
RooBoyStu: clap clap clap Gibbo icicle finally
mattmac24: Umpirespet, you realise geelong finished 10th last season.. That’s why they got a bit better of a draw
JRedden: if you still have gibson thats your fault
Umpirespet: mac iane had a harder draw than geelong
ballbag: how can gibbo be so pathetic? they’re playing for home adv
Umpirespet: Brisbane*
mattmac24: Priddis and Mitchell to both end up under 100 and gibbo under 40 definitely makes up for the loss of Bartel
Umpirespet: Thanks JRedden I have him
LuvIt74: If the Dogs win Against Essendon & Pies & WCE lose against Adelaide next week in Adelaide, then dogs play WCE at home.
mattmac24: Think that’s just because Brisbane suck
thommoae: Gibson drops a chest mark and has a hit and giggle with Lecras. Committed?
Umpirespet: cant argue there mattmac
Gotigres: As my weak link Gibson i need u to match yeo
SteamHam1: LeCras is a little hungus.
3rdstriker: Also cant argue that we suck but we still got a very tough draw for a team that finished 17th
3rdstriker: ceglar has a knee issue, looks bad
RooBoyStu: Ceglar gone
mattmac24: Also along with Collingwood, Geelong have played 10 current top 8 teams, the most out of any team so far
Gotigres: thommoae; is that the 2nd chest mark Gibson has dropped this 1/4?
thommoae: Yep, tough draw 3rdstriker … Lions had to play everyone else
haddles99: Great sportsmanship by Wellingham just then. Great too see!
LuvIt74: It’s not impossible for hawks to drop out top 4, however its highly unlikely, umps will make sure they smash the pies.
AngryRyno: ceglar not too bad
RooBoyStu: Skunks are crap anyone can smash them
thommoae: Maybe tigres; wouldn’t see that from Gibson in September.
McSpud: collingwood had to leave victoria on 2 occassions too
mattmac24: I do hate when people use the ‘easy/hard’ draw excuse. Every team has to play every other team
Umpirespet: Hawks couldn’t lose to magpies could they?
mattmac24: the people that make the draw don’t know how certain teams will perform for a season
Umpirespet: Mattmac some have to travel every 2 weeks and some get 7 home games in a row at ethiad tho
AngryRyno: no one saw Freo coming
JButcher: And teams have to play 5 teams twice, these teams can be better or worse
LuvIt74: @Umpirespet not likely the hawks are the “Umpirespet”
arbel: wow umps no holding after getting run down.
mattmac24: Umpirespet, because AFL originated in Victoria, the rest of Australia wanted to join us so they did
thommoae: Sicily has Hill running unopposed and he squares it to a contest …
FordyHawks: Luvit – umps will make Hawks apply forward pressure, kicks goals, outsmart the opposition?
3rdstriker: 23 scoring shots to 9, this should be a massacre
SteamHam1: Umpirespet:Etihad is several teams home ground, champ
mattmac24: so now AFL is mostlt Victorian teams, that’s how it’s always been
LuvIt74: Dogs 6 day back up last week, this week 8 weeks, next week 5 days, its beyond absurd IMO
Raspel31: Does anyone believe for one minute these two teams are contenders?
3rdstriker: nicnat in trouble now too
Umpirespet: wrong mattmac vfl was bankrupt so they invited west coast to save vfl please do some research m8
zadolinnyj: Massive if nicnat does knee
thommoae: Anyone see the Eagles’ Flag hopes walking off right there?
RooBoyStu: if Nic Nat done knee WC can’t win flag
LuvIt74: not happy NIcNat is injured but now the Crows will smash them next week if he isn’t playing
AngryRyno: Nic Nat similar injury to Ceglar by the looks
3rdstriker: raspel, hawthorn are like the terminator, id like to see them melted in molten iron before I believe they’re dead
Umpirespet: Hope so luvit still not 100% about us travelling
LuvIt74: @Raspel you would be stupid & dumb, actually both not to believe Hawks are contenders
mattmac24: VFL was the most popular and dominant in terms of attendance, interest, and money before becoming the AFL
LuvIt74: @Ump you play them at home next week mate, what are u talking about traveling?
Umpirespet: I rate swans as favourites
geoffmack: Gibson, what the fuck? Get busy or my prelim chances take a dent.
mattmac24: I have done research into the VFL-AFL history.
Umpirespet: In finals eg if we had to go to sydney luvit and we lost to you, geelong and hawks in melb this year
Raspel31: Fortunately I’m both stupid and dumb Luvit-and very impressed you’re up to 6 letter words.
Thedude24: Hawks to fall out of the top 4? What are these commentators on about? They have collingwood next week
ShavedApe: Nic Nat Knee
ShavedApe: Been doing Tests on the bench
LuvIt74: @Umpirespet I stated next week mate, I never mentioned anything about finals mate.
Jnr005: anything can happen last round dude
Umpirespet: Iknow was just saying I want to win next week so we don’t travel luvit
RooBoyStu: @Thedude24 the skunks will play like nothing to lose as it’s their last game, hence it will be hard
LuvIt74: I’m just talking about Crows playing West Coast in Adelaide next week.
Raspel31: Those of usstill in the mix-sadly I’m down to 21-cap picks and vc’s?
LuvIt74: @Umpire You will win now especially without NicNat if he doesn’t play.
m0nty: everything coming up Adelaide
mattmac24: I agree RooBoy. If the pies have a chance of dropping the hawks out of the 4, they’ll try their best to do so.
Umpirespet: yup think so to ..Shame tho like going to footy to watch nic nat
LuvIt74: Concur m0nty, they are getting it given to them on a silver platter.
mattmac24: West coast still can’t play away from home so they’ll get slaughtered next week
RooBoyStu: I always prefer to play a team in the finals last round as a team outside the 8 has their last game prior to mad monday
3rdstriker: for once I agree with BT, pathetic by Hawthorn
LuvIt74: @mattmac They beat GWS last week
Umpirespet: After what happened here last year I hope we win it
mattmac24: I honestl think it’ll be two interstate teams in the GF. Adelaide and Sydney imo.
LuvIt74: With NicNat WCE are a much better side, without NicNat they are shocking away
fuck: on the left from 50!
AngryRyno: Crows and Swans is my preferred granny
mattmac24: @LuvIt by 1 point, they got it handed to them
Grazz: Major clanger there letting Kennedy get a hold of it
RooBoyStu: First time for a while i agree with the star
AngryRyno: why is there an account called frack when we have our filters
Raspel31: Just think it’s time Aussie Rules was in the Olympics -got to win a medal somehow.
thommoae: Hawks have thrown this. Who’s looking for better Flag odds, I’d like to know.
LuvIt74: @mattmac the point is they won it away and with NicNat WCE are a very good side.
Umpirespet: haha raspel think it should be too
RooBoyStu: how did that account get through?
RooBoyStu: rename it flower lol
mattmac24: @LuvIt that is true. A good ruckman can make a team much better
AngryRyno: must have used an international keyboard on iPhone to create that username
Tim Tam: lol @ AngryRyno, because Monty’s filter is as useless as his team tonight?
Pokerface: hi flower
RooBoyStu: mare gibbo
thommoae: Gibson chest mark. Butchers it under zero pressure. Hmmm.
Raspel31: We’d surely beat the Bulgarians Umpire-maybe?
jimmy5: Chip = potato another Subi bath
Umpirespet: Probably not the Irish tho Raspel
Hoot: When did Cyril get subbed on?
geoffmack: Cmon Priddis 120 please
RooBoyStu: One negative on Lewis is his brain fades
ShavedApe: Lycett to get weeks for hurting Lewis’ fist with his face
Umpirespet: Thought WC could win but am suprised at the ease of it
Raspel31: Indeed Umpire. Off to the EPL-been a fun year so seeyou allnext year. And good luck all.
Jnr005: i know umpire.. i picked wc by 7 pts
3rdstriker: lycett knee
arbel: throw??? umps trying to keep halls in it
3rdstriker: umpires have left their run late but here they come
arbel: now 50. where are you now fordy with your crap umps
44snub: Hawthorn’s payment for the umps just cleared
haddles99: How was that deliberate???
LuvIt74: this was the biggest home & away game for the Hawks.
Jnr005: wowie delibrate???
AngryRyno: Lycett bandaid not cross, knee on knee collision should be okay
haddles99: and how was that holding the ball, just pathetic
Umpirespet: M0nty now that crouch, prestia and hurley are gone who do you think the hawks will target at the end of year?
arbel: crap deliberate then holding. most one sided umpiring ever
zadolinnyj: Friday night umpiring disgrace again
LuvIt74: Almost certain now that Hawks will play either Sydney or Crows at their home ground.
AngryRyno: Lycett now back on the ground too
Hoot: Agree Arbel
Gott2Win: Should be a tombstone for NicNat!
Jnr005: with two crap teams lol…. jk
meziare: Umps doing there best
44snub: Eat a doodle Hawks
Raspel31: Great Britain 22 Golds-Oz 7.Yeeees! I’ll be banned. Night all.
RooBoyStu: agree every chance Nic Nat could be 12 months
Bazza2014: try and win at the MCG westcoke weagles
Jnr005: hawks out in straight sets in finals
Umpirespet: Bloody Poms Raspel
Bazza2014: your a drugged pom raspel!
RooBoyStu: Hodge whinges when he does high, when it’s on him he cries
bexta: injuries will take adelaide to minor premiers and the last five games of the year at adelaide
Jnr005: go back home then raspel
oc16: Jnr005, pretty sure people were saying that last year, and look what happened…
Bazza2014: the mighty have to fall sooner or later,i love my team, and love the ride they have given me since 78
44snub: We can’t win anywhere but home Bazzles, is Rioli pouting?
Bazza2014: adel vs syd GF, will be a waste of time watching it
blashtroko: If west coast win a final in melbourne I’ll chop my wang off
tommy10: How is hodge getting points in sc after one clanged ootf and 1 fk against bs champion data
bexta: crows sydney GF
frenzy: wet toast seagulls
LuvIt74: @Bazza your hawks will have to play Crows or Swans away in first week of finals most likely m8
zadolinnyj: Don’t get ahead of yourself bexta. Crows vs power always tough
Bazza2014: weagles making up the numbers, and poorly at it. #nicnatgone 🙁
Umpirespet: Saw hill talking to his new team mates
Bazza2014: @blashtroko, same
BestCoast: @frenzy rooflogs
Bazza2014: yeah were struggling Luvit #makingthenumbers
bexta: bazza we have had to watch you mob but when your not their ? go hide
Jnr005: that was last year oc16… im talking about this year… i picked u to win last year.
Bazza2014: are you an echo bexta
Jnr005: ump hill will go to the dockers
AngryRyno: poor Bazza, brave to appear on here after a shitful performance, and he can’t even face up to it!
LuvIt74: Hawks % down to 119.7% bloody hell
Umpirespet: agree zad and power cant get any worse
bexta: port reference to olympics but realise they work for years for 2 night work power will get flogged
Bazza2014: what drugs are you smoking Bexta, im trying to work out context of the crapola coming from your vag
Jnr005: @Zad crows 10 goal better side than port
Lawls: Maggies gonna fuck up Hawks next week
Bazza2014: @ryno im redundant, diagnosed today as 10% of heart disease and the hawks are making the numbers, its all shits and rain
bexta: better of using my comments to fire them up kacks
tommy10: And still getting sc points in a losing side after the siren bs
Bazza2014: just to make me feel better , im watching american sniper, someones always worse off than me
frenzy: lol bestoast
SteamHam1: @Lawls Yeah, nah mate.

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