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Chat log from R21 of 2016: Richmond vs Geelong

Chat log for Richmond vs Geelong, R21 of 2016

jocka: what
Dangermaus: what’s happening with the scores
m0nty: sorry about that, fixed now
Lawls: need dangerfield to absolutely spud it up today
Carnster: same lawls
Lawls: i’ve got him but my opponent has him as C
Carnster: my opponent has him in draft
Pokerface: tag danger out of it please
Dangermaus: this would be brilliant if the Tigers could pull off a win
SteamHam1: Let’s go Dusty!
hinsch: Menegola is a good find for the Cats, looks the goods
Carnster: if dusty beats danger I will be happy
9inch: Need one fiddy Jelly.
JRedden: started menegola over gaff, looks good
Pokerface: go away rance
LordTaylor: took Gawns 151 as the VC, opponent kept Danger as C, spud it up DANGER!
Carnster: Need a lift from Duncan next quarter
JockMcPie: Had Gawn as VC but couldnt loophole 🙁 pls Danger do something
haddles99: Come on Danger. Need a big game pls!!!
LuvIt74: Danger has played at the MCG 3 times this year, R1 162 against Hawks, Round 4 – 99 against Ess & Round 9 – 86 Pies
LuvIt74: It seems Danger doesn’t score huge at the MCG
DirtyDawn: Afternoon all
mattmac24: My opponent
LuvIt74: I’m afraid those who have Danger I don’t see him scoring big
mattmac24: My main opponent didn’t take Gawn as VC and stayed with danger..
LordTaylor: I did that last week with Danger! Kept him as C, had the VC on Sloane
LordTaylor: That mistake cost me the 1st final!
LuvIt74: same here, I went to Trade Mathieson to Menegola & Libba to Dahalaus last week but when pendles got injured i didn’t tra
LuvIt74: It cost me lasts weeks win so i should be chilling this week and im gonna lose this week it looks like
colin wood: Oh paddy.. Of all the times I need ya… Don’t have one of those days please..
JRedden: menegola 50% game time… get him on the field ffs
Carnster: Need Duncan to lift big time
Umpirespet: Cmon tigers
thommoae: To think that there may be people out there thinking, “Gee I’m glad I don’t have Danger.” Who’da thought?
Gott2Win: 128 up with Rance and Bartel, Opp has Danger, Blicavs and Sloane! Gonna be close
JockMcPie: I’ve officially given up on SC for the year
SteamHam1: Geelong are overrated.
LuvIt74: Motlop lift ya flog
Breezey: Geelong look like Richmond and vice versa
Gott2Win: Come on Rance, punch out a 125 for me!
M0rgs: lucky I put dusty as captain this week
mattmac24: Geelong’so defence is the reason they’re losing this.
LuvIt74: i need rance to push out a 180+ and motlop 200+ lol
haddles99: cmon danger try and push for 50 at HT
LuvIt74: Still bloody early
Umpirespet: Good luck luvit lol
BestCoast: Premiership wide open this year, Adelaide for me
hinsch: Lions Cats game next week will be a blockbuster
m0nty: what is it with Geelong playing cod ordinary teams
LuvIt74: i need a miracle mate luck wont help
mattmac24: That was Jelwood’s free kick too
WEARECATS9: we are crap
CBeezDeez: Yeap! Lookin like another of “those” cat losses atm…
WEARECATS9: brisbane will beat us hinsch
LuvIt74: m0nty cod?
WEARECATS9: adelaide vs sydney gf
Umpirespet: People forget Geelong play Essendon and lions x2 this year have an easy draw
LuvIt74: cats under pressure for sure but they often start like crap and storm home.
LuvIt74: @WERECATS9 Hawks will make the GF for sure, I put my house on it.
LuvIt74: Hawks vs Adelaide GF this year.
Umpirespet: Where do u live luvit might take up that bet lol
WEARECATS9: yeah it be out of hawks,adelaide and sydney, i do hope adelaide wins it
LuvIt74: don’t be surprised if cats kick 2 goals b4 half time
BestCoast: Wonder why Flogmond can’t play like this every week
LuvIt74: in victoria, for anyone to think Hawks wont make finals right now, they are delusional
Umpirespet: They will make finals for sure granny not so sure yet
LuvIt74: U would think WCE would finish 7th playing Hawks & Crows
WEARECATS9: the final 8 is set
LuvIt74: Sorry GF I meant.
LuvIt74: Umpirespet your delusional then m8.
Umpirespet: If WC beat Hawks will make it very interesting
BestCoast: Kangaroos are a shoe in for the flag
WEARECATS9: @luvit74 you got it right with 2, but behind and not goals
Gott2Win: I wish I knew you Luvit…could make some good coin off you haha! Nothing is a suer thing this finals series
DirtyDawn: it burns my ring that we let Menegola leave WA after he was delisted by Freo.
LuvIt74: lol werecats – I still think you’ll win m8 although hope im wrong.
BestCoast: Luvit74 you still got your house in Melton ??
mattmac24: Being a cats supporter at this game is not nice at all..
King_Robbo: How is Bartel only on 24sc. Joke
Umpirespet: Mattmac shows u r a dogs sup?
LuvIt74: in Melton? your 20 kilometers off but close BestCoast Taylors Lakes m8
LuvIt74: Dirty it burns your ring?
mattmac24: I’ve gone for the cats all my life but I love the dogs just as much.. I’m a 50/50 supporter
LuvIt74: u really are dirty or naughty…lol
BestCoast: Raining cats and dogs mattmac24
LuvIt74: mattmac cats have had their share of flags, how dare u mate…lol
LuvIt74: bloody hell motlop u are crap, kick 5 goals in the 2nd half ffs
BestCoast: Joffa is suing the tooth fairy said he never got paid for her last 12 visits
LordTaylor: Im 620 up, opponent has Rance, Selwood, Neale, B Smith to play… Surely I win.
mattmac24: Dogs have been taking over for me over the past 2-3 years.. just have a soft spot for them
LuvIt74: LoardTalor yup
man0005: Im 620 down with Rance, Selwood, Neale, B Smith to play… Surely I win.
Umpirespet: Best coast tooth fairies won’t go to Broadmeadows to risky
DirtyDawn: hahahaha indeed it does LuvIt, or is that last nights vindaloo??
Smurf_x: @man005 if one of them is captain potentially otherwise no
frenzy: tooth fairy only speaks english, umpiespet
JockMcPie: Danger for 120 with the matchwinning goal? hope so
LuvIt74: Mottyloppy kick straight
mattmac24: I go for the dogs now..
LuvIt74: Sings to Dawn “And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire, the ring of fire”.
Dangermaus: Geelong helping out GWS here
DirtyDawn: Never again Blicavs
LuvIt74: Cats have beaten more top 8 players then any team in top 8, however they have lost to more teams on the bottom side also
DrSeuss: Lets go Menegola..keep up with Danger
LuvIt74: Rnce is killing them
LuvIt74: Rance
colin wood: That’s a boy Danger! Get going son!
CBeezDeez: Ooooo… Is that Dangers brownlow gone?
LuvIt74: was that motlop that coughed up the ball, he should get dropped
WEARECATS9: martin will be charging home in brownlow
pcaman2003: Blicavs and Bartel =On the nose!
mattmac24: Pcaman.. I have them both
LuvIt74: cats are playing shocking footy, turn overs something chronic
Carnster: Come on Bartel
pcaman2003: mattmac24…so do i unfortunately
CBeezDeez: Non existent fwd line!
LuvIt74: Rance has shut down the cats.
myteamsuks: I have worse. Duncan and Bartel
frenzy: cats missing Menzel too much
Carnster: same @myteamsucks
Gott2Win: Come on Jimmy! Only thing keeping me in this is Blicavs for the opp
oc16: is martin bog? didnt see the first half
Apachecats: How am i going? Had 30 out of 30 players get a game this week so couldn’t loophole Gawn for danger as captain.
CBeezDeez: Cat’s just don’t want top4 enuff these last few weeks.
myteamsuks: The only thing saving me is opp has danger cpt
myteamsuks: Motlop spudding it up
LuvIt74: Motlop is a dead set flog
circle52: Come on Jimmy Lift – you are costing me big time.
lukefield9: I honestly think Motlop would benefit so much from a week or 2 in the 2’s. It’ll give him a reality check
BestCoast: LuvIt74 Motlop is the biggest dishing up so quality footy
LuvIt74: what bestcoast?
colin wood: Bloody hell danger this is ridiculous
LuvIt74: Motlop needs tto be dropped
Umpirespet: Danger misses the crows
Apachecats: Danger lucky to make 70 SC at this rate
9inch: Cmon Jelly 100sc at 3qtr
ryanbob: I really want motlop to be sold or something. What kind of player stops to kick when they should be running inside 50..
DrSeuss: Why is Scott keeping Menegola on the bench – the guy is great at winning the ball
BoredSaint: Danger doesnt look fit.. not even trying to defend a player..
mattmac24: Only thing making up for having Bartel and blicavs is my opponent having danger as Captain
LuvIt74: @lukefield he sure needs it m8, he has been shocking quite a few times in the last month or so.
JockMcPie: Need your best here Danger
pcaman2003: Go mattmac….lol!!
LuvIt74: no idea what BestCoast was on about Regarding motlop dishing up quality footy, must be watching a different game lol
Apachecats: Any one want to back Geelong for the flag?
StuL: If no top 4 and no final win, time to go Scott. Dont mess around. Out coached the same as saints and blues.
Apachecats: What about you Dusty?
colin wood: Cats come back to win and Danger goes ballistic… I wish!
StuL: No but at least we beat teams in the 8
Apachecats: Not going to happen C’wood.
LuvIt74: I would still put money on cats to make the GF if I got good enough odds, they often play crap against crap sides.
pcaman2003: Apachecats…White flag only for Cats.
CBeezDeez: Well there’s a start! 6 more times they might get close.
LuvIt74: Rance should be getting 3 votes this game
LuvIt74: Rance again
JockMcPie: No Danger, must kick them!!
Carnster: ffs bartel could cost me the game
pcaman2003: Retire Bartel…..just retire
StuL: 3 rance 2 dusty 1 jelwood
AngryRyno: you’ll probably think it’s a joke but I’d give Hampson a vote or two
Gott2Win: Bartel…what the hell! If I somehow get past this week, you are gone! Last 2 weeks terrible
CBeezDeez: Keystone Cats R so funny!
pcaman2003: It’s that bloody beard. It’s changed him
LuvIt74: thats a bs free vickery
myteamsuks: 6.18 cats had 7 more shots
Roksta: Cmon catters
LuvIt74: fuck the cats rocksta better for dogs if tthey lose
9inch: Jelwood should be 120 by now. Move it
AngryRyno: Rance score skyrocketing
LuvIt74: Rance what a gun
myteamsuks: Martin gone missing
LuvIt74: here come the cats
WEARECATS9: cats cant win this
WEARECATS9: watch motlop stuff this up
AngryRyno: Bartel having a good patch late, if Cats get up should scale well
CBeezDeez: Dont deserve to!
m0nty: Motlop needs butcher icon
LuvIt74: carn motlop u useless cactus
StuL: Motlop will miss
JockMcPie: danger for winning goal now ok?
LuvIt74: motlop kick the winning goal u useless cactus.
WEARECATS9: tigers wil still win
sfmmp23: Rancey you star, Thank god Gawny put up 150 or i’d have Danger as C
BestCoast: Tigers look gone
LuvIt74: that was a BS free kick
Roksta: Nah screw the Tigers. Martin is a flog
pcaman2003: Umpire….if you don’t mind!
lukefield9: and @roksta why is he a flog?
9inch: Haha thats Tigers in a nut shell
King_Robbo: Freekickcats
myteamsuks: This is a choke of massive proportions
poolboybob: Chokemond
SteamHam1: Umps helping Geelong over the line.
LuvIt74: motlop bout time
JockMcPie: thank. you. danger!
LuvIt74: Motlops score will go huge after the game
Apachecats: Good on you Geelong ,knew you could do it.
Roksta: He’s a woman basher like field
FlagDog: Cheers for Ruining my year Jimmy ya potato.
poolboybob: Give Dimma a contract extension to 2025
CBeezDeez: Geez! & 2 think I woz bout 2 watch Olympic reruns!
jackbastas: Danger just went up 20 points ? is that wrong ?
LuvIt74: i thought motlop kicked 2 goals
WEARECATS9: cant believe we won this
Mex13: Selwood just stopped this quarter
JockMcPie: final goal danger! cmon son
BestCoast: Flogmond choke again
King_Robbo: Tigers are pathetic
DZL7: and i thought my team was shit geez! richmond take it to the next level lol
frenzy: out on the full
sfmmp23: Sam Lloyd where are you? Its your time
LuvIt74: Wearecats9 ya havent won it yet
9inch: Selwood done sfa this qtr. Needed at least 120 give him the magnifying glass
Roksta: Haha tiggies
LuvIt74: DZL7 I’m afraid that North are worse then fecal matter.
StuL: No one does heart break like Richmond. We didn’t deserve it tho
sfmmp23: Richmond choked like the Campbell sisters.
ryanbob: what a quarter. Made that game way too hard for ourselves
mattmac24: I’m a geelong supporter again.. that was stressful!!
LuvIt74: Didn’t motlop kick a goal in the forward pocket off the ground?
sfmmp23: So many close games this weekend
Ribsy: Richmond, you are pathetic!!
sfmmp23: Luvit that was Hawkins
frenzy: how does dimma survive?

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