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Chat log from R21 of 2016: Essendon vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Essendon vs Gold Coast, R21 of 2016

BestCoast: Good afternoon all
snake_p: afternoon Bestcoast you’d be feeling pretty good today after yesterday’s result
heppelitis: Afternoon BC and all
BestCoast: Feeling very happy indeed snake, mild hangover but a good win by the boys very very lucky indeed.
snake_p: good for the Hawks too
BestCoast: We are a good side but not up there with the top 4 sides
Gott2Win: Would love the McTip to stay real low today!
BestCoast: Battle of the birds next week snake
snake_p: yep should be a good game
M0rgs: Lynch to kick first goal of game
Gott2Win: Zaha first goal
snake_p: orazio first goal
M0rgs: close
wadaramus: Someone kick the fist goal…please!
snake_p: finally
SteamHam1: Stay down Zerrett!
swannies05: got 540 this week against rance, Sloane, Bartel, selwood and Neale. I’m in a bit of trouble
Gott2Win: 15 minutes in and only had the 5 stoppages!
casty46: i hate you kolojizznee
Gott2Win: I think your well and truly beaten there swannies! I have a tight game, both looking at around the 2600 mark
casey22: How dumb is this? Tag Zaha out of the game
Thedude24: Zaha robbed?
Gott2Win: I need McTip to only get <70
Gott2Win: less tahn 70
swannies05: yeah Gott2Win I think I’m done the guys ranked top 50 so never like my chances
Thedude24: Nvm.. sc mustve been slower
LordTaylor: Good afternoon all!
segoli12: Segolis mmmm
mattmac24: Zerrett to stay below 100 please
mattmac24: Danger, blicavs, Bartel and sloane + 87 points against Danger(C) and Zerrett
morgs640: if u don’t hane Merrett u deserve to lose
Nuffman: Sometimes you forget how good a player Zaharakis is when not having a tag of any sort
thommoae: Afternoon all. Just in. Is that Grant … with a ‘flame’?
thommoae: That’s Jarrad Grant … not Bold Personality?
mattmac24: Morgs640 I never had the chance to get him in as my forward was full premo by the byes
JRedden: no such thing as full premo without merret
mattmac24: Considering my least needed player in my forward was Buddy, I wasn’t wasting a trade to get Merrett in
Carnster: Need Touk Miller to keep powering
ballbag: ever heard of draft? zerret can only be in one team!
Pokerface: when woosha has said he will be resting players, including zerrett, im happy to not pick him up for finals
koolkatt: hey plebs im here
ballbag: is Hartley breathing thru his ears
heppelitis: haha ballbag
Pokerface: you stealing jokes from SEN now ballbag?
heppelitis: who was funny
koolkatt: said the guy with the name heppelitis
lukefield9: Am I just about the only one here who has Touk? (SC draft)
Carnster: @lukefield9 I have him in draft also
Pokerface: someone in my normal sc league has him. he finished bottom 4 though.
ballbag: show me someone who nose how to breath out of it if they don’t have one anymore
ballbag: basically if Hartley was a plane he couldn’t fly
Pokerface: ok i see why you use the SEN joke now
ballbag: what sent joke you talking about?
Pokerface: lol
blashtroko: 80 metre penalty? dumbass umpires
urmumsaid: i have touk miller as captain
Jaypa: Looking on track for 5 weeks 2500+
LordTaylor: Cmon Hall restore my faith in you, and tonne up!
BestCoast: Carn Bombers
koolkatt: on track for 3 weeks 2700+
BOMBRBLITZ: lets go Dons!
swannies05: ccmon zerret!!
BeastMode: keep pushing ZAha!
BestCoast: Red rover
BeastMode: QLD footy is a joke
Jukes82: zaha blue moon
Dangermaus: Suns should get kicked out of the comp for losing this game
BOMBRBLITZ: Give Zaharakis the STAR
BestCoast: Suns will join Lions in 5 years
SilverLion: Essendon expert tankers. Didn’t tag Rich whe nthe played us. And now that we’re 2 wins clear of them they decide to beat
Thedude24: Well played zaha. Thank you for stepping up when I needed you most
SilverLion: GC and make their supporters “proud”. What a joke.
Vich: i think gaj, swallow, prestia, malceski, o meara, mckenzie and rischa might make a BIT of a difference
BOMBRBLITZ: great effort for 2 AFL wins from essentially a VFL side
SilverLion: ***when they
brentz: Pipe down @SilverLion
Vich: plus another highish draft pick among other picks they’ll have before next season…
hinsch: At this rate if there was another 20 rounds Brisbane could be playing Essendon in a grand fnal
Pokerface: or how about just tank for 10 years and ask the afl for a priority pick lion.
frenzy: another club needs a new coach
Pokerface: basketcase club complaining they dont get enough help
SilverLion: Pokerface, rank for 10 years? Turn it up. WE have 2 players that played in our 09 finals series. We’re babie
SilverLion: ***tank
SilverLion: ***babies

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