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Chat log from R20 of 2016: Carlton vs St Kilda

Chat log for Carlton vs St Kilda, R20 of 2016

JockMcPie: Need Cripps to have a shocker
feralmong: i’m behind in sc final. taking risk and putting docherty capt.
frenzy: need a miracle myself
feralmong: opp and I both had danger capt. so matching not an option
feralmong: locked in now. hope I didn’t f up.
feralmong: go large docher. good start.
TowelBoy25: if Simpson destroys Montagna’s score, gonna have to change C to Selwood for POD to stay in it
TowelBoy25: Hope Walker has a great last game
feralmong: danger got 99 against bombers last time. ooohh.
cusch1: good luck feral but i think that youre in a world of trouble hahaha
feralmong: yeah cusch1 its already lost. so can only try to win from here.
JockMcPie: SC not working?
feralmong: i also need zerret and collins to beat yeo and priddis. pushing it.
cusch1: it is finals so a miracle isnt impossible
frenzy: I can only hope Dangers a late out
cusch1: st kildas social media team is goals af. They seem to nail it week in week out
JockMcPie: feel like danger won’t be as dominant as Selwood etc. will take points off him
JRedden: got docherty in this week, hoping for a 120
feralmong: go dochers go you good thing.
feralmong: next year docherty is my first picked defender.
9inch: Joey better do something big this week.
Dunlop: Couple of corrections – Kerridge: wing. Montagna: back, hasn’t playd outside mid 4 2 yrs. Wright’s bin 4wrd all season
TowelBoy25: SC down?
blashtroko: Montagna is actually playing wing at the moment
SteamHam1: Let’s go, Jack Steven!
heppelitis: looks that way towel boy
feralmong: gotta be towel. 6SC for armitage goal. no chance.
JockMcPie: SC so unreliable ….
feralmong: back now.
TowelBoy25: Please stay down Sinpson. I mean, score well but don’t go bezerk!
blashtroko: yeah imagine playing a fantasy game where the scoring is subjective
Hadouken: need joey/steven to outscore docherty/roo by 30 lol.
feralmong: is walker checking on his pension fund?
SteamHam1: Silvagni is getting a fair bit of it.
King_Robbo: Fanfooty is struggling…
Twatter: Is there another site to go to if fanfooty isn’t producing live scores?
tbrowne: lift m0nty
CBeezDeez: Geez! Tuff audience. ..
m0nty: not my glitch this time
Raspel31: On your side Hadouken
King_Robbo: Dt stats twatter
JockMcPie: quarter time: docherty 24, simpson 30, montagna 30, cripps 26
TowelBoy25: Has the 2nd quarter started, lol
TowelBoy25: Now it refreshes
colin wood: Afternoon lads, need a huge one from Doch
Raspel31: Jackie Steven-maaate?
Torz: C’mon Roo, get involved.
CBeezDeez: Roo BIG vs Kerridge zip please
JButcher: I need Steven, Cripps and Simpson to go huuuuggeee
colin wood: Doch wins a one on one battle and then registers a goal assist for only 4pts? Come on CD!!!
shaker: I need a beer
LuvIt74: i need a scotch, steven do something ffs
poido123: steven and roo :/ not this shite again
boo!: r u pedalling minty
JockMcPie: just put the C on Priddis over Danger, stuffed either way so…
LuvIt74: Jock change it if u want danger
poido123: afl needs to ban tags. such a negative aspect of the game
CBeezDeez: Ive still got tge Danger/Gawn dilemma! Think Gee/Danger go huge % chasing
shaker: Got Steven poido?
PieBoy: Onya brucey
LuvIt74: @CBeez what u got the VC on Gawn? If so your a bloody idiot not taking his score & hope if backfires if u take danger
blashtroko: I’d like to hear what you think the solution is poido
deanie: Doch + Neale + 28 Vs Simpson + Montagna looking bloody close
LuvIt74: Thats the stupidest thing i have heard
CBeezDeez: I’ll put the KoD on Danger & say he’ll go 200
TowelBoy25: Take Gawn VC, you’ll ruin it for everyone who has the C on Danger since their VC failed
LuvIt74: @cbeez make him your C
Gott2Win: Come on Kerridge, pump out a 80 for me
Torz: Riewoldt starting to clunk a few around the ground.
gdshifty: nroo finally getting into it
LuvIt74: Agree Towel
PieBoy: Onya newnesy
Twatter: Not taking 168 VC???? CBeez you are a genuine f-wit
LuvIt74: I took Hanners 137 doesn’t pay to be greedyy
CBeezDeez: Bwa ha ha haaaaa….
JockMcPie: Hope Danger gets 50
TowelBoy25: Danger/Selwood didn’t exactly light it up agains Essendon last time.
Twatter: Regardless of whether you are trolling, you’re making yourself look like a massive spud CBeez
boo!: 50 possies
CBeezDeez: CD projections I’m +34atm & opp can do the same loophole
King_Robbo: Danger will go massive today. 170+
poido123: You guys are mad for going Danger captain. I have him captain so expect a low score
heppelitis: dumped armitage because he was too inconsitant….got ross as its what i could afford…win lol
TowelBoy25: If H2H reasons to win a final, then perhaps C Danger for the certain win. But Gawn 168 has (no, needs) to be taken
9inch: My opp didn’t loophole gawns 168. Im baffled.
Twatter: The only logical reason for not loopholing 168 would be not having a sub to use
CBeezDeez: 3:19pm It gets done!!! LoL. Geez… got some of U’z fired up
jackbastas: Gibbs and Simpson to have a bad second half and roo and kerridge big half
Raspel31: Almost everyone has Danger Cap but do wish I’d gawn Gawn.
jackbastas: my opponent had Gawn as captain and change it last minute to Pendlebury and he only got 164 as C ,Gawn got more by itsel
CBeezDeez: Anyways… back 2 this game.. sc still down i take it?
Tades: can carlton win this?
Tades: carlton to beat the line?
9inch: My 2 are on 52 sc a piece. Happy with that.
cusch1: get a move on mwright ffs
Raspel31: If Steven Doesn’t pick up-I’m gawn.
casty46: carlton are crap
deanie: Need docherty to atleast match simpson
CBeezDeez: Roo 2go big? Or do they nurse him thru the game?
colin wood: What’s up with the site today Monty? Very slow?
clee!: levi casboult is like nate walton
Hadouken: pretty sure its everything, AFL site stuck on 2:04 also
casty46: kade simpsom
poido123: Curnow get off stevens ass you shit cunt
casty46: where is rooboy? still crying after last night?
m0nty: yeah it’s out of my control I’m afraid
clee!: gresh is the next boomer
Twatter: Whats the issue monty? is sc down?
shaker: I think rooboy is washing the tears out of his pillow case
casty46: thats a point if ive ever seen one
TowelBoy25: Looking forward to the 3 quarter time scores at 9:49pm tonight 😛
haddles99: How the hell is that not over the line.
m0nty: sometimes the feed gets choppy, not my system so I don’t know why
clee!: go the mt lawley roos vs vic park today
casty46: is that in perth clee?
Twatter: Okay cheers monty
clee!: Yeah mate
m0nty: who would you give the star to now? SC scores are very even at the top.
Hadouken: come on joey, 2 points this qtr. sheesh
TowelBoy25: C’mon Montagna, keep up with Simpson’s score please!
casty46: hopefully the mt lawley roos are better than the north melbourne pussies
Lawls: probably membrey at this stage monty
cusch1: andrew walker for providing jake carlisle with his only career highlight?
clee!: sadly were bout 4-10 mate, so i doubt that
9inch: Geez pies everywhere
frenzy: Lol membrey
LuvIt74: North to play Hawks, Swans & GWS & Saints to play Swans, Richmond & Lions can u imagine if North dropped to 9th
Twatter: Tuohy best on regardless of the result at the moment
Lawls: i thought saints blew their chance when the lost last week
LuvIt74: If Saints percentage was higher they would have had a real chance
Lawls: buts its definitely back on now
CBeezDeez: Sorry clee… Used 2 play cricket 4 vic park many years ago… So I gotta go 4 them sorry
shaker: Gresham star m0nty , I might need him on the field next week for Pendles
Jackwatt$: M0nty, good question. I’d give the star to Maxy Gawn. I realise he isn’t playing this game but I’d still reward him for
LuvIt74: Its extremely unlikely that North would drop out the 8 but it’ll be funny if it happened.
TowelBoy25: I got NM winning against either GWS or Swans. But I hope they beat Hawks so they drop to 5th due to low %
Jackwatt$: For his Herculion performance yesterday. If not, Armitage
poido123: that vision of riewoldt off the ball is amazing. one of the best gut running forwards ever
cusch1: Werent you guys laughing at me 2 weeks ago for relying on gresham? #savageaf
JockMcPie: can we give m0nty the muppet? LUL
Lawls: The SC scores aren’t updating are they?
casty46: i hate my dt
TowelBoy25: Would be awesome to see Saints make the 8 after flogging Lions to get the %
Raspel31: Sainters going great guns-but Joey and Steven-aaargh.
shaker: Not me cusch the kids a gun
Chucky2010: SC scores frozen? Been on the same scores for some time now???
cusch1: He is an absolute gem shaker
Twatter: Monty has already explained that it’s out of his control @Chucky2010
Chucky2010: Ok Twatter.. only signed in mate.
TowelBoy25: Slow down Simpson!
Twatter: Wasn’t having a go Chucky, just letting you know..
gdshifty: Nroos last 2 quarters have been great
poido123: never doubt riewoldt. what a comeback
kano22: Well done Steven you garbage cunt
Torz: Good week to have gone Kerridge to Roo.
CBeezDeez: I like that sc update! Keep goin Roo!!
m0nty: SC scores still a little screwy, seem to be incomplete
colin wood: Was just thinking that Monty, only updated bits and pieces
morgs640: Keep Chopping Simpson need you badly today
Dangermaus: Cripps: what a star!
CBeezDeez: The CD boys ona go slow maybe m0nts?
TowelBoy25: Somebody have live SC scores? Absolutely no one is posting live scores anywhere, lol
TowelBoy25: Seems like an issue with Herald Sun
TowelBoy25: Anyways, hope to see scores up to date in an hours time
LuvIt74: Steven is killing me wtf
Dangermaus: Come on Joey, get moving please
colin wood: Like that last Docherty update!
JButcher: If Gilbert outscores Steven I’m rage trading him
poido123: Steven…how does he get 150 with ease then produce crap like this?
deanie: Lets go Docherty. need a big 4th qtr!
mattmac24: are these sc scores correct?
sfmmp23: hopefully simmos sc turns out to be like his dt, get to 130 simmo.
Dunlop: shoulder dislocation 4 Dunstan
PieBoy: Onya simmo
rrrbird1: Perhaps CD watching the olympics?
Hadouken: come on jack ya spud, shake the tag
Raspel31: Don’t even think Steven on the pitch?
Hadouken: ahh, that makes sense then
Chucky2010: How far behind are the SC scores now Monty?
Breezey: Come on a bit more junk Bryce
Breezey: And Tim says “Thanks for the Membreys”
Raspel31: Don’t know who’s watching but Curnow all over Steven off the ball.
LuvIt74: carn saints start kicking a shit load of goals percentage
jimmy294: Hope Simpsons hits 40 possessions deserves it for all the hard work he puts in every week
Dangermaus: Simspon is a pure seagull… 6 contested possessions, and only 2 tackles, seems a bit soft
Torz: He’s the +1 Dangerous. Why would he get CP? Plays his role well.
Bazza2014: i doubt simpson would get up off the couch if he was on fire.
haddles99: Simpson is one of the most courageous players in the AFL. How do u all himsoft
awesomeguy: surely these arent the actual sc scores??
frenzy: SC 700 points short still??
JockMcPie: brace for scaling…SC is playing up
TowelBoy25: Didn’t need Simpson to go bezerk. And Walla, he goes bezerk 🙁
Gott2Win: 900 points for scaling if these are the actual scores!
aussie59: montagna 90 sc for 31 possies is bullshit!!!
LuvIt74: are sc scores way off?
mattmac24: still almost 700 points left, these aren’t the final scores
Gott2Win: Ah well SC is playing up, best just wipe this weeks game and start finals next week!!
Twatter: Herald Sun has been down, so these clearly aren’t the final scores, give the boys some time twats
colin wood: docherty 46DT in the last for 11 SC?? Lol
Twatter: 33sc for docherty in the last quarter @colin
mattmac24: updated now
Pokerface: 33 is generous. last q was complete junk time colin.
ben4444: what does scaling attempt to acheive – 3200 total?
colin wood: Scores obviously weren’t updatd at the time boys settle…
m0nty: still waiting on the last scaling for 3300
ben4444: thanks
mutu87: What happens in the case of a drawn final…
Gott2Win: Top team goes through
m0nty: still waiting…
m0nty: ah there’s movement
oodmutler: How on earth does Rooey only score 92 SC? I’m done with SC. Absolute rort of a scoring system.
Trigger212: Look out Gott2Win
Twatter: Still no scaling for this game??
Gott2Win: Won’t play me until the GF…if you get that far Trigger
m0nty: Final scaling is in.

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