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Chat log from R20 of 2016: Adelaide vs Brisbane

Chat log for Adelaide vs Brisbane, R20 of 2016

AngryRyno: 5 minutes before bounce and Cheney already playing loose!
AngryRyno: 2 disposals and crows have their first goal
AngryRyno: damn it Rich need you to have a quiet one
zadolinnyj: That would have been good if he goaled
TowelBoy25: Still have Rich (don’t laugh to hard), so wouldn’t mind a 100, but knowing him he’ll barely make 60 after a good start
Mex13: Please slow down sloane
hinsch: mex 13 totally agree slow down Sloane
Jukes82: rich has back 2 back tons, why would be only make 60 you flog?
september: Keep It Going Slonee
facebook23: no tag on rocky?
AngryRyno: why so mad Jukes?
TowelBoy25: Ease up Jukes, plenty of games where he starts good but falls off a cliff. Good to see he’s scoring tons again though
myteamsuks: Jukes I have rich still and I wouldn’t be surprised if he slowed, because that’s what he does. He’s known for it
facebook23: no tag on rocky? im in perth. cant see game… legally
myteamsuks: And you know what. Last week he should have got 140 but he slowed
TowelBoy25: They’ve put Douglas onto Rich now
zadolinnyj: Doesn’t look like it facebook23
Gott2Win: Crows don’t tag ever facebook
TowelBoy25: Rich very similar to Zaharakis when getting tagged as well
facebook23: thanks mate. keep up the good work. praise
sfmmp23: Come on Zorko, Big ton today
facebook23: just wanna thank those adelaide bois for letting me know bout rocky. m0nty, can you sling em a couple of bucks from me?
zadolinnyj: No chance on a normal day let alone on a Hawks loss @facebook23
zadolinnyj: Think Atkins could do with a week off. Been average last 3
tamoz: Yes B.Crouch!! Thats what I’m talking about
AngryRyno: Gardiner deep into the penguin
Ben_Gogos: Very impressive penguin from Darcy
Carnster: Rich has been shutdown
myteamsuks: Yeah Daniel rich stopped now.
TowelBoy25: C’mon Rich slowing down as per usual, lift!
facebook23: nah nah, throw up the deets mate and ill tizzy ya some dizzy
TowelBoy25: Don’t think Rich has had a stat this quarter, and being scaled up by 8 this quarter. Hmm
zadolinnyj: Hope rocky enjoying his new home ground in years to come
poido123: how many frees has the ref given crows in their 50? get off their
BigD secnd: gday lads
Carnster: ffs rich lift
zadolinnyj: I swear rich sees a butterfly and chases it half most games
myteamsuks: Mathieson quack quack
LuvIt74: Wasn’t rich on 50 at quarter time ffs
myteamsuks: I think rich was on 42
TowelBoy25: Why couldn’t Crouch do this at the start of the year!?
myteamsuks: Lewis Taylor has to be the worst rising star ever?
Carnster: why is sloane never on the field
zadolinnyj: Lynch could be one of the most underrated players in the league
PieBoy: Onya lairdy
zadolinnyj: Lewis Taylor wants 500k a year. No chance
myteamsuks: @towel good chance because he only played 4 of first 12 games
BigD secnd: corruption mate
myteamsuks: And no one else is gonna pay that much for him
colmullet: any team had 3 penguins at half time before? lol
ryanbob: brisbane are so so bad, on par with essendon
haddles99: Laird 22 posies and 51 points seems very low, considering he has a very good DE %
JockMcPie: wow…
myteamsuks: I’m guessing laird has probably 2 CP
Roksta: Has anyone seen rooboy?
circle52: At least Brisbane are consistent with 2nd quarter blow outs.
BoredSaint: @myteamsuks, he has 3 CP LOL
hinsch: Good straight kicking from Brisbane 5.0 coach has to be happy with that at least
haddles99: Effective kicks are four points in SC, no matter if they are contested
poido123: pretty bad when your team is given a 80 start and cant cover it ha ha
myteamsuks: Wondering if Jukes is going to apologise after the Rich comments
zadolinnyj: Jukes was talking about Sloane wasn’t he?
myteamsuks: @haddles99 yeah you get 4 for kick, but also 4.5 pts for ground ball gather.
myteamsuks: Nah early he had a dig at someone for saying rich will slow after 1/4 time
TowelBoy25: All my players have hit the wall here, lol
zadolinnyj: Fair enough. He will ski downhill in the last
poido123: zorko has fell off a bit last few weeks
feralmong: ffs sloane lift.
FlagDog: Stay down Sloane, Keep Going Rockyyyy
TowelBoy25: Laird getting robbed like a mofo in SC
myteamsuks: Leppitsch should be gone this week. They are pathetic
3rdstriker: that should have been 50m against mayes there for tackling cey after the mark
DrSeuss: So can we fire Leppa after this match?
3rdstriker: myteamsuks, we think that every week but every week hes still here, he’s invincible
AngryRyno: share the love with Cameron Crows
circle52: Bit hard though – Remember more than half the team have less than 50 games experience as well
circle52: Also Brisbane have one of the longest injury lists as well
3rdstriker: laird might get 35 effective possessions and not ton up in sc
Gotigres: Gardiner finallin positive sc
Gotigres: finally
feralmong: so we have a new dawson spud i see.
myteamsuks: who is injured that actually matters from Brisbane? That’s the problem
myteamsuks: Dayne beams maybe, no one else that actually has done anything
hinsch: Leppa will not go the LIONs committee luv him to much, a bit like Buckley
sfmmp23: Crows might get to 170% this week could be 140pts+ then Freo nexxt week
TowelBoy25: Can’t believe I’m replying on a big quarter from Rich to save my finals chances in SC, lol
circle52: Justin Clarke has been missed more than Beams.
feralmong: big quarter sloane and rocky.
TowelBoy25: *relying, man autocorrect is bullcrap here
sfmmp23: lol remember when Rich was on 40 sc at QT.
TowelBoy25: Yeah, and I knew he’s fall off a cliff here. Sure he made 60 but just knew he wouldn’t go too big.
circle52: Christensen and Harwood are another two that would be in best 22. Paparone and McStay as well
circle52: In saying that do not agree with some of the selections the dropping of Cutler this week was diabolical
zadolinnyj: Lewis Taylor 500K lol
hinsch: Will A. Smith stay in the side if Martn is fit
AngryRyno: big last quarter please C. Cameron, Hanley
Willymack1: #lairdrobbed
zadolinnyj: Would not reach into the ashtray to trade for him
circle52: Hard to say Hinsch – Needs to improve his work around the ground still
3rdstriker: agree circle, not sure what theyre doing dropping cutler, one of our better players, should be picked every week
mattmac24: Not counting seedsman but 12 Brisbane players have scored less than Adelaides next lowest player.. That’s a poor effort
hinsch: circle 52 I think they should keep the young guys in nothing to loose now, maybe a draft pick at worst
myteamsuks: @circle I don’t want to be too harsh, but if you are relying on those players coming back then there is a huge problem
sfmmp23: Why has Laird only got 77? I dont have him but his stats read 120+. Not enough CP’s and too many handballs?
circle52: Agree Hinsch the average age of tonights team is just over 22
3rdstriker: myteamsuks, dont underestimate the effect a competent coach might have though
JRedden: robertson on track for the lowest score of all time for non-injured?
Rowan1984: coz CD doesnt have Laird in their team sfmmp23
feralmong: how long since a team scored 200pts
zadolinnyj: What coach is available?
circle52: What would Roos have done with this team 3rd striker
Mex13: Flower he’ll stop Sloane.. Adelaide should rest him for the rest of the game
zadolinnyj: Actually Roos will be available
Mex13: And laird get to the ton please
Rowan1984: yeh mex so frustrating to watch him continue to score when opponent has him
Gotigres: Robertson beating Walker, Dawson and Gardiner
3rdstriker: I would think if Roos took over 3 years ago we’d be winning around 8-10 games, our list 3 years ago was similar to dees
circle52: Worsfold may be available
boges11: Bomber Thompson said he wants to coach again
circle52: and Choco Williams has been given the a by Tigers
AngryRyno: Buckley & Hardwick also available
LuvIt74: bloody hell no wonder why Cats have gone top guns against Essendon there gonna try win by 150+
Mex13: Sloane wants those 3 votes
myteamsuks: Played Merrett forward, rich in the middle, played cutler
Gotigres: Brouch has simply scaled up since half time
TowelBoy25: Brisbane so out of touch. Still stuck in 2004
sfmmp23: Feral, the last team to do it wes the Cats vs Dees something like 233 to 50 odd.
myteamsuks: And coach got sacked that game @sfmmp23
Gotigres: What happened??? Gardiner just got heaps of points
circle52: These last few weeks have brought back memories of initial Bears seasons – And I was a Brisbane member then as well
TowelBoy25: Please junk it up Rich :/
3rdstriker: circle, feels like Fitzroy circa 1996 too
Gotigres: Kick a goal Zorko and Laird
feralmong: lions could use a decent defender like docherty
circle52: Docherty and Yeo would be good if they chose to stay and not go home.
frenzy: Lol brodie smith SC is quite funny indeed
gdshifty: half of Adelaides team has scored 100+
boges11: cmon Rocky 1 more tackle

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