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Chat log from R19 of 2016: Adelaide vs Essendon

Chat log for Adelaide vs Essendon, R19 of 2016

RooBoyStu: Can’t believe McGovern didn’t get dropped after last weeks performance
zadolinnyj: Go crows
Gott2Win: Good call RooBoy…goes bang with the first!
RooBoyStu: still lucky he’s playing this week, if Tex wasn’t injured, he would’ve got the chop.
CBeezDeez: Go LOW zerrett!
zadolinnyj: He has had great season. U would not drop him for one performance
AngryRyno: another Mare incoming for Zaha
RooBoyStu: when a player has a shower game we should say he had a Zaha lol
Gott2Win: He may get rested for the trip to Perth to freshen him up. Won’t miss our finals campaign though
PieBoy: Onya tippy
Gott2Win: Really need Laird to ton up.
cusch1: i cant watch this. its just too much. going to be a big win for adelaide
Pokerface: perhaps today is the day hams gets given his $ sign
CBeezDeez: Cmon Jenkins! Earm sum of Ur newfound wealth!
RooBoyStu: @Pokerface how much is Hams worth per kilo?
Pokerface: depends if he is champagne hams today
gunners23: dont do it to me smith, pls
CBeezDeez: Hams is smoked isn’t he?
RooBoyStu: if he does a hammy it’s hams off the bone
blashtroko: Never thought I’d see the day a crouch got tagged… If I’m Worsfold theyre the ones I want with the ball…
Pokerface: not smoked at all, he is cooking
Gott2Win: Zaha just had an effective disposal!!!
Pokerface: stay right there brodie. not that i was concerned it would be more, but nice to see anyway
RooBoyStu: Francis $
JRedden: laird you gun, go 120 here
oc16: how is crouch being tagged instead of sloane?
zadolinnyj: Crouch has led clearances. That’s why
Gott2Win: Talia has to get a All Aus gig this year
MATIIMATII: gday lads
SaintsMan: you’re an embarrassment zaha
Gott2Win: Zaha will get 80
Gott2Win: Good to see B Crouch’s contract talks aren’t effecting his game
PieBoy: onya lairdy
Brad_J: gg
LeBron J: Dwayne russell is a horrendous commentator
RooBoyStu: so who’s on mad monday tomorrow after missing finals in sc?
Gott2Win: O’Brien is almost guranteed a debut in the next 2 weeks
ballbag: zaha hack ass is a weak flog
ben4444: Need 80SC from Tippa to make top-4
LeBron J: I am tipun its not gonna happen
Gott2Win: I should of loopholed in Menegola instead of gamble on Zaha
Willymack1: Zaha not even copping a tag and is still crap
Gott2Win: Thats the only reason I thought he’d bounce back for an 80, we don’t tag. But nope, just can’t play anymore it seems
BestCoast: tipa will scratch to get 50
Mex13: Need Sloane to stay under 130
tbrowne: Got sam michael covering Stef hahahaha
Trigger212: Gott2Win – coulda, shoulda!!!
BestCoast: Zaharakis = Quality F L O G
Gott2Win: Will be on the pine for the finals, hopefully he pulls out a big one and makes it worht holding him as a loop wild card!
Mex13: Sloane slow down
Gott2Win: Should of rested Jacobs this week. Done for the day now
eagles86: awkward moment when ur player has higher score then ur opponants capt
eagles86: lol my opponant choose zaharakis as capt becuase i had danger he didnt want same capt
Gott2Win: So Zaha was his next best option??!
eagles86: nah no way he had tom lynch and robbie grey but chose zaharakis
eagles86: he also had dustin martin
Gott2Win: Surely had one of the pies or swans blokes!
matiimatii: m0nty for brownlow
eagles86: nah he no pies but he did have franklin and k jack
Mex13: I’ve got 15 points, Laird and Merrett vs Sloane and B.Smith. Who will win??
ballbag: @eagles lol sounds like a phantom team
ben4444: Need a 63 from Tippa to get top-4. Come on Tippa!!!
HappyDEZ: Need 64 2nd half points to tie my eliminator & go through to the last 16.
HappyDEZ: Was looking good the Hannebery goes bang & Brodie goes spud.
Barniclez: had sloane as captain and ended up putting it on rocky 🙁
ballbag: what happened to Jacobs?
sfenda1: what has happened to zaha?
HappyDEZ: 64 from BSmith that is.
eagles86: i have 2 players from every team apart from saints got no players from saints
matiimatii: i got no saints, north or port players
Gott2Win: That makes 34 players??
ballbag: @gott yeah but eagles is a mathematician who knows sc formulae. you must be wrong
matiimatii: all a bunch of heros on this website
RooBoyStu: blue moon Cooney
eagles86: u guys take when i say 2 from eavery team exact i means nearly basically 2 players from every team incl my bench
Gott2Win: Need to keep going and smash up the % now
Gott2Win: Why not say that then Eagles?
BestCoast: Matiimatii none bigger than you
Gott2Win: I have 1 from every team, except cats, who I ave 3, and non from a couple, a couple from crows….
zadolinnyj: % now crows. Every goal counts
eagles86: got dangerfield and selwood from geelong dahlhouse and b williams from doggies dockerty and kerridge from carlton
Gott2Win: I doubt anyone really wants a list of every player you have man
eagles86: kennedy and pridis from eagles todd goldstien and majack daw from north
ballbag: I have 2 from each team, none from 4 teams and 3 from 5 teams
RooBoyStu: how long is Jacobs out for, is it serious, got the tv on mute as visitors over?
Gott2Win: And it continues…
The39Steps: bad planning @rooboy, having guests over during the footy season.
colin wood: Lift Zerrett please need a 115 from ya!
colin wood: what we look like scoring this week lads?
RooBoyStu: lol 39steps these are unexpected guests, i hate it when people don’t tell you they’re coming over.
TheBigCats: Could be pushing 2500 if Zerrett lifts
The39Steps: @rooboy – absolutely could not agree more!
Mex13: 2268 with Laird and Merrett
colin wood: Good scores lads
The39Steps: That’s why I moved into a security unit. If anyone rings the bell you can look at the camera in the foyer and ignore.
SaintsMan: zaharakis is legit a gun
AngryRyno: a reasonable 2400 not bad with Libba at M8 + Boyd and Stef out
Mcswains: finished on 2420 and probably still lose lol
heppelitis: McGovern looks like Lloyd Christmas in Dumb and Dumber
Tommo2909: 2346 with Laird. Opponent got 2543
colin wood: go to bed McSwains
RooBoyStu: I know somebody in an apartment block like that
BestCoast: 24+ Depends on Sloane and Laird
LuvIt74: tommo does he have any other players or is 2543 his final score?
Mex13: Zerrett please get to 100
Mcswains: lmao…. shut your mouth colin wood
Tommo2909: No final score
colin wood: 2321 with Laird and Zerrett left.
colin wood: Lick my left nut McSwains
LuvIt74: I’m on 2365 excluding whatever Laird & Zerrett score
LuvIt74: so including Laird & Zerrett’s current scores I am on 2521
Mcswains: i would if you had one lol
Tommo2909: Looks like I have had a bad week. May be my highest score this week
Vinstar: Sloane as C bring it home for me son!
JButcher: I have Zerrett and B Smith vs Sloane Thompson and Hams with 28 point lead, I’m doomed aren’t I?
Shaundog: I need sloane to out score merret by 40. So please merret just fuck off right now!
colin wood: Nice work Luvit. Where are you ranked overall mate?
LuvIt74: I’m hoping Laird & Zerrett can score 75 more points in last quarter so i hit 2600 but i doubt it
Choppy: 2437 with last qtr’s from sloane, laird and zerrett to come
LuvIt74: Collin Wood Im doing crap m8, currently ranked 3500
AngryRyno: finish off Zerrett, DT cap
LuvIt74: lowest score was Libba’s 72 and Steven’s 77
LuvIt74: Great score Choppy
colin wood: That’s still pretty good mate.
SaintsMan: shut up luvit, bloody hell
PieBoy: onya lairdy
ballbag: who’s @luvit even talking to?
colin wood: Luvit, I was 280th odd overall a fortnight ago but have slipped in the past couple of weeks to around 400th
colin wood: @ballbag – to me
SaintsMan: so much bs on this site
Mex13: Zerret please ton up buddy
SaintsMan: people saying they’re on 2600 with 3 people to go
Carnster: I need laird, sloane and lyons, to make up 75 points in the last quarter. My opponent only has betts
Carnster: I think i am doomed
ballbag: I’m gonna lose by 5 pts. thanks Jacobs you Petrie dish
Maltburger: I should finish around 2450 this week. Naismith on the bench could have taken Dhal or Trackas spot.
AngryRyno: c’mon Zerra finish off a good week with 110
ballbag: zaha really has fallen badly and landed on his knees. lol. pathetic
Kekkington: Going to score 2400+ with a donut as well. Good week.
colin wood: Who said that Saintsman?
RooBoyStu: bin zaha
AngryRyno: double bin for Daniturd
tbrowne: just hit 2500 with Stef out i have the fantastic Sam Michael as back up
AngryRyno: cheers Rory x2

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