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Chat log from R20 of 2016: Richmond vs Collingwood

Chat log for Richmond vs Collingwood, R20 of 2016

J.Worrall: Tiggs 4 eva
feralmong: Ch7 reckons astbury out lambert in
feralmong: Tweaked hammy in warmup
feralmong: False alarm I think I saw astbury walking to run out
feralmong: He’s testing it out and lambert is warming up.
TowelBoy25: Wouldn’t mind a draw tonight, we’re due for one!
chis00: astbury good to go
feralmong: Some good father son prospects coming up for tigers
snake_p: bandaid for astbury already
feralmong: Patrick Naish and Bailey Lambert
Heater: Pies by 19
J.Worrall: Rioli to kick a winner?
TowelBoy25: SC scores?
Bazza2014: didnt pendles get the first kick of the game?
iZander: yes Bazza, they took it off him though
Rowan1984: yes but it was smothered
LuvIt74: FF clearly has glitches, I couldn’t log in on Sunday it drove me crazy
LuvIt74: The big cox is back
TowelBoy25: Get into it Pendles, haven’t even seen you since the 1st bounce
cusch1: Thought that only happened to me luvit. Happened on Saturday though
SaintsMan: sc scores?
tamoz: Come on Pendles!!
ballbag: treloar absolutely useless when adams is in the team
LuvIt74: pendles is having his scrotum powdered.
colin wood: sorry guys put the VC on Pendles tonight.
LuvIt74: The huge cox looks sore
colin wood: What a dumb comment ballbag..
Fatbar5tad: Hmmmmmm…donuts
J.Worrall: Padals will provide, settle boys
casey22: cox looks very fragile, wont see the game out!
circle52: Not Robinson Crusoe Colin
LuvIt74: The coxagain.
feralmong: Still reckon pies gonna go good with this midfield of theirs in a year or two.
Rowan1984: so typical. As soon as sc finals starts, there is no sc live scoring
frenzy: Lol Padals
SaintsMan: haha true rowan
TowelBoy25: Lift Pendles, lol
cusch1: Cox was a bit limp but has hardened up two snag two goals early
Fatbar5tad: 5hite
zadolinnyj: Gents and the two ladies. Evening
frenzy: pedal harder m0nty
Carnster: mine says it is prematch but it had stats before
J.Worrall: He’s a big one, that Cox!
zadolinnyj: He stands quite erect @J.Worrall
Bazza2014: good to see Moore Cox
Bazza2014: cox gone
zadolinnyj: They dug up Moore from somewhere.
Bazza2014: geezus cloke gets robbed, was a mark
TowelBoy25: Cox in for Moore
zadolinnyj: Certainly a mark
RooBoyStu: Cox went Bang Bang prematurely and now out of juice
blashtroko: shut up stewart
SoS-Jnr: the banter is almost as bad as the 2 teams playing!
frenzy: cotchspud lays a tackle
RooBoyStu: Cox loves playing in the dead rubbers
Fatbar5tad: The impossible bender
Breezey: Good boy Clokey
9inch: Clokes impossible is a shank. Only way he kickes true
J.Worrall: He’ll be in and out all night, Cox!
44snub: That was a rippa Clokey! You ugly b@stard
sfmmp23: Go Rance, Dusty and VC pendles.
ballbag: is Cloke wearing a device? I can’t see him.
9inch: Hope pies flog tigers.
zadolinnyj: Bravo @ballbag. Clocking device. Very good
ballbag: definition of pain. bandaid on cox. ouchh!
frenzy: Jroo mare icicle or penguin
nbartos: Ya in the shit when ya FullBack is the major ball winner
zadolinnyj: *cloking
casey22: Vickery sure looks the goods over Jack
Raspel31: Almost like watching the Olympics-athletes that can’t get a better job.
frenzy: If Vicky plays too well, Tigers will keep him
blashtroko: wayne carey is an idiot
blashtroko: just incredibly dumb
heppelitis: pendles tog very low…pity
TowelBoy25: Keep Pendles on ball, Bucks!
Fatbar5tad: Umpiring shocking.
DirtyDawn: Evening all
heppelitis: theres dependlebury….and theres dirty dawn lol
Raspel31: Evening Dirty-game on.
OnTheRocks: Big one please vc Pendles. Need at least 90 from Cox otherwise mummy comes in
myteamsuks: @blashtroko not sure how he gets a gig, dull as well
SaintsMan: umps have been a disgrace to the tiges
Fatbar5tad: Free to Crocker but not to Hunt????
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Ben Crocker, the ump falls for it.
44snub: How was that head shot on Rance!! Umps fueling a brawl??
RooBoyStu: that’s a Barry Crocker ump!
feralmong: Drummond so much courage. Taken 3 cheap shots already.
boo!: hampson 15 HO for 4sc. grundy 6 HO 60sc. lol
TowelBoy25: On my phone, can someone tell me Pendles TOG? Feels like he is barely out there, lol
Gott2Win: Depending how Goldy goes with Daw in the team this week, could be worth trading him out for Grundy!
heppelitis: 69 Towel boy
heppelitis: lowest in team
ballbag: nice 6 pnt qtr pendles
TowelBoy25: Doesn’t look injured, and barely sighted at centre bounces
Fatbar5tad: Another free to a son
casey22: Cox, free kick specialist
Fatbar5tad: Oops Mason
Gott2Win: Should of had the balls to VC Rance
TowelBoy25: 16 minutes on field for Pendles in that quarter…
Raspel31: Carn Spurs-whoops!
cadelcamac: Rance playing an absolute blinder. Everything he does turns out good
OnTheRocks: Thunder all the wa…..wrong sport 😛
sfmmp23: Hampson has 4 SC points because he has 0 disposals, 3 clangers, 3 FA and probs bugger all HOTA
Burkey1: Cox’s 3rd dodgy free… can’t win the ball himself.
nbartos: cadel he has twice bombed it out and it got turned over for a goal but no points deducted
eagles86: hasben rieds knjurie affected him onfield
eagles86: and how badis it
cusch1: Which of Ben Reids injuries? Gets at least three new injuries a game
shaker: Ha ha eagles had a few tonight
eagles86: sry for the spelling has ben reid injurie effected him anyway
Raspel31: Apart from Shiel, and covered, phew-how’d you all go lads entering the pointy end?
sfmmp23: Reidy was off for abit come on with about three or so minutes to go, seems ok
eagles86: if i win this week ill make the top 8
Costanza: pretzels
sfmmp23: Anyone thinking of going Grundy next year. Gawn in for sure for me, maybe Nic Nat, should be fairly cheap due to injury.
TowelBoy25: Hope Pendles is on field and in the guts more this quarter!
DirtyDawn: Is the AFL doing the rising star / brownlow / other formalities during the bye week before finals?
feralmong: Stupid ways to umpire part2
cusch1: lol probably find a way to bash Essendon and/or Richmond dirtydawn
heppelitis: tigers scoring well in dt as a team
RooBoyStu: What a BIG Spud Hampson is lol 4 fa
m0nty: what a terrible start again by Richmond
mattmac24: Brownlow is always the Monday before the grand final
DirtyDawn: Prob already been asked, but can FF host a brownlow night online?
banners87: In his defense, that 50 against Hampson was one of the softest I’ve ever seen
nbartos: not wrong banners
Raspel31: The space allowed by these two teams-terrible
RooBoyStu: if FF did a Brownlow night it would be awesome
ballbag: ohh. 40 mins of play and pendles has 6sc. great
DirtyDawn: Agreed RooBoy
mattmac24: wouldn’t mind it being hosted on here
nbartos: Rance beaten again
RooBoyStu: I could see m0nty in a black bow tie lol
TowelBoy25: Oh well, Pendles VC was a bust, hope Danger delivers as C!
m0nty: C. Judd… three votes
cusch1: The banter would be top notch as always
DirtyDawn: Is Brownlow night live within the realms of reality Monty?
RooBoyStu: lol m0nty
cusch1: Only for m0nty to interrupt with back in the count please
Raspel31: Cloke is just nooooot gud.
colmullet: traded markov in AF this week…ahhhh
ballbag: by the time Monty put the votes in you’d be a round behind. no point
m0nty: the votes usually happen too fast, the pedalling would be off the charts
DirtyDawn: hahaha cusch
RooBoyStu: if FF did a Brownlow night, you’d have to block the Dawson comments
cusch1: I’d be happy with that though if we were a bit behind. In it for the fun I guess
AngryRyno: hit up 8 other folks and do one game each per week @M0nty
heppelitis: good training for m0nty for his tour de france tilt next year
Pokerface: anyone get houli back in?
RooBoyStu: I reckon just have a live chat section brownlow night, think we all have a tv lol
mattmac24: Markov sitting on my bench 🙁
m0nty: I will look at having a special event page for chatters though
ballbag: the only thing monts could do is list his stars for each game and see how many 3’s he gets right
AngryRyno: inb4 Grundy kicks the winner 😀
RooBoyStu: @ballbag your best comment ever
AngryRyno: a Star on FF is worth 5 to the footballer of the year award (on FF)
feralmong: I got Markov on the bench. Can loophole with mcgov. But mcgov is emergency crow.
cusch1: I vote m0nty for bog tonight
Gott2Win: Haha ‘under perceived pressure (but not actually pressure)’ is a classic Monty!
circle52: @mattmac24 So have I but if he cracks 90 may loophole him as he is emergency.
Raspel31: Seconded cusch 1
circle52: I have Sinclaire available.
DirtyDawn: Great idea ballbag, a FF retrospective during the brownlow count
AngryRyno: ‘Never Stop Pedalling’ FF slogan
casey22: Grigg good for 150 tonight?
JRedden: treloar is a jet
TowelBoy25: Unreal just how much Pendles has crashed since quarter time
colin wood: Towel boy he’s carrying an injury mate
frenzy: Cyril would win the brownlow
3rdstriker: pendlebury looks really sore, not getting to contests
Gott2Win: Get ready for the ‘How come Griggs SC is so low’ comments for later
cusch1: Yeah so can I frenzy
RooBoyStu: @frenzy m0nty is not Bruce 😉
HawkTalker: collingwood in big trouble. No sign of a pulse
Vich: what injury? Why would pies risk him if they cant make finals??
RooBoyStu: Rance has stopped, lift!
mattmac24: circle52. he’s not even my emergency
TowelBoy25: Why play him if he’s carrying any sort of injury?
DirtyDawn: I sense heartbreak for these tigers tonight
TowelBoy25: Just looks like a case of running around like a headless chook, lol
sfmmp23: Come on Rancey, 3 points since half time
Vich: yep doesnt make sense…Bucks is a lemon…No band aid ay Monty?
9inch: Of course Dirty D. Tigers will lose the plot an Jack will cry.
Raspel31: Dusty killing Pendles-won my bet-almost?
3rdstriker: pendles looks like he needs the cactus icon
Gott2Win: Grundy, Pendles and Rance all stopped this quarter!
Vich: indeed…Hardly ‘leading the midfield’ 😉
Bazza2014: lovin pendles score, backed him not to get 107+ @ $2.25 great bet
Jukes82: is pendles tagged?
sfmmp23: Terrible pies forward line, crocker, cloke, blair and white.
Pokerface: nice work bazza.. not that im happy about it though.
LuvIt74: pendles having a stinker
sfmmp23: Come on Pies, need a huge qtr from pendles, treloar, sidey and adams to get over the line. FWD line doing nothing.
ballbag: awesome 13 pts in 2 qtrs pendles ya flog!!
LuvIt74: the big cox was on 30SC at quarter time
Bazza2014: have martin as well @1.75 for over 107 but not chirpin yet there
Raspel31: Let us all lower our heads and say goodnight and goodbye Pendles.
ballbag: does bucks realise he’s dumb as dog d
ballbag: does bucks even realise he’s dumb as dog shit?
Bazza2014: p off pendles
Jukes82: massive 1/4 pls pendles
DirtyDawn: pendles 86dt and pies by 8 at full time
cusch1: Let us praise the lord for Pendles return from the grave
colin wood: How is Ballbag still aloud to stay up this late? Surely 11 year olds should be in bed by now?
Raspel31: Ballbag’s mum left the raspberry cordial out.
blashtroko: ballbag would you like another shot at that
JRedden: josh smith is rookie of the year for me, so consistent
ballbag: @colin save those comments for YouTube
BOMBRBLITZ: Pendles is alive!
cusch1: And in four minutes Pendlebury basically doubles his score. Incredible
sfmmp23: Pendles huge 3 minutes.
cusch1: I’m surprised ball bag hasn’t told us that he has bonked all our mothers yet. Don’t you twelvies say that?
Bazza2014: ahhh nice
3rdstriker: pendles limping off
RooBoyStu: Pendles ankle
3rdstriker: down the race
feralmong: Pendles cooked I reckon
colin wood: It’s called Redtube Ballbag.. Get it right
TowelBoy25: Great…just great!
THESKUNK: haha “bonked” have not heard that saying for years cusch
cusch1: Interesting to see Rioli getting midfield time
Lachie.BT: no luck, no frees. got all the free kicks in the world in the first quarter havent had one since ffs
sfmmp23: Rancey whats happened buddy?
heppelitis: 19 frees in the first lachie?…thats huge
cusch1: I must admit seeing a Lloyd and Rioli in the same forward line again makes me happy
Raspel31: Didn’t want youon the pitch Vastuin-but Shiel gone. Good work lad.
cadelcamac: Rance 100% time on ground. Hero.
Jaypa: Pendles 4 touches, a goal and a goal assist = 40 points? Please…. I’m calling bullshower
cusch1: Albeit with a different colour sash
Lachie.BT: Very Funny @heppel :0 😉
THESKUNK: get back on pendles
Pokerface: i didnt realise people had picked vlastin after his rookie year
Pokerface: cusch you only had dean. he wasn’t a real rioli.
3rdstriker: pendles done
RooBoyStu: Pendles done
heppelitis: haha lachie…i know it sometimes feels that way
Gott2Win: Pendles now officially done for the night
THESKUNK: shit pendles gone
colin wood: Pendles icing up done for the night
banners87: Pendlebury done for the night
ballbag: Marc on, mark ov, is he on or off
Jaypa: CD will still push Pendlebury to 100, flogs
Torz: Nice work Treloar.
HawkTalker: Come on, Adams. Dont make me regret putting you on the field
Raspel31: Well Poker, I’d rather have a Vlastuin on the bench than a Pendles in the dumps
Jackwatt$: Pendles possibly done for season….What’s on be achieved of playing him?
spudaroos: Lloyd is exceptionally strong in tackles.
Jackwatt$: Cmon Sidey I don’t wanna bomb out of Perfect 9 first game you hombre
Pokerface: i wasn’t trying to disparge the pick Raspel. I honestly haven’t heard of anyone who has picked him before.
cusch1: I had him in before the season but chose kk instead for my final starting team tbh
3rdstriker: pies dont have their first round pick so at least they wont be tanking
Raspel31: No-late pick to cover. Sorry pokerface. All good.
Jackwatt$: Hey Rancey, Captain Snoze just called, he wants his sleeping cap back!!!
nbartos: Rancey
RooBoyStu: The Skunks as useful as eating Tomato Soup with a Fork
blashtroko: That is the most ridiculous thing ive ever read jackwatt$
sfmmp23: Worst possible time to get an injury, especially pendles going down, so unlucky.
LuvIt74: Does pendles injury look to be a week or two?
Pokerface: lol blash
Rowan1984: done for the season is pendles
heppelitis: the only league i give a shit about…my opp does not have pendles….bullshit
TowelBoy25: I’ve enjoyed Rupert Wills game tonight
3rdstriker: a week or two would be season luvit, id be surprised if he played again, not that serious but that time of year
sfmmp23: They will probably keep pendles off for the rest of the year, no point in risking him.
RooBoyStu: Dusty 3 more votes
Gott2Win: You can’t be serious…star for Cotchin??!
Raspel31: Cash to spare-buying Pendles now just so I can have the pleasure of benching him.
mattmac24: take dusty vc or stick with Danger?
m0nty: Cotchin beat Pendles in their matchup, that defined the game
sfmmp23: Good job Dusty and Rance.
AngryRyno: Cotchin star seems fair to me
J_Pinkman: have i been blocked…. what did I say
Raspel31: Apologies-no pleasure taken in any injuries
LuvIt74: ok so I need to reassess my bloody trades wanted to go Mathieson to Menongola & Libba to Sloan now can only afford a 412
Gott2Win: Can’t be greedy, take the VC if he gets scaled to 130. Dusty, Rance, Grigg all worthy of the star.
myteamsuks: Not hard to beat a guy that’s not fully fit going into game
LuvIt74: only 3 trades left so this is driving me nuts
sfmmp23: Shocking game from the Pies, that FWD line needs to be fixed for next year, woeful… Tiges good though
Jaypa: Cotchin couldn’t hit the side of a barn, he’s scared to kick fwd, all he does is handpass or panic kick
Pokerface: i would like to have 3 trades left
LuvIt74: Had Rance, Dusty & Pendles playing
Jukes82: pendles gone next week?
casey22: do i take dustys 120sc?
LuvIt74: anyone for $412k i can bring in?
sfmmp23: Rances defensive acts were superb, saved so many goals. 3 votes for him or Dusty.
sfmmp23: LuvIt, could go Motlop or Clay Smith, cant think of anyone else really.
Jaypa: Rance should have the star, the fact that he doesn’t is an injustice
cusch1: Or mat wright or Hanley or Dalhouse luvit
myteamsuks: Dahlhaus next week may drop below $412

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