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Chat log from R19 of 2016: Fremantle vs Sydney

Chat log for Fremantle vs Sydney, R19 of 2016

Pokerface: put in a shocker please parker
shaker: Helloooooooo
Rowan1984: so glad i jumped on the naismith train. good enough for f6
Torz: Who needs Stef Martin when you’ve got Naismith. 😉
TheBigCats: Need Hanners and Parker to out score McVeigh by 130 odd.
cusch1: Is…Is Zac Dawson playing up forward?
ShavedApe: He seems to be playing SHF, I should’ve made him my captain 😉
ShavedApe: I don’t need to tell you what the S stands for
Torz: This is going to get messy.
cusch1: Star?
JButcher: I need Aliir and Kennedy to beat Naismith and Parker, not looking too likely
ShavedApe: Resumption of normality Dawson following Franklin
Pokerface: good man naismith.
Torz: Can’t wait until Tom Mitchell gets traded and becomes a good fantasy player again.
CBeezDeez: Ow! 1 real team playing.
Mex13: Opponent has Franklin…
CBeezDeez: Need Kennedy to go huge!
LuvIt74: bloody spewing I didn’t trade Cox out for Naismith, I was gonna do it several times but with only 3 trades opted not to
AngryRyno: wtf is Dawson doing, he’s everywhere but still shower
cusch1: He is forward again lol
JRedden: thats it hanners, make up for your crappy last month
cusch1: Why does my opponent not have Franklin
ShavedApe: Dawson seems to be tagging Aliir???
stoo: Gawd, took Greene over Franklin
chris7399: super pav icon for the big mans 350th!
Pull: collins the supercoach gift that just keeps giving
BestCoast: buddy Hanna and Parker keep it up lads
ballbag: yep superpav icon is a must! he is a ledgend
cusch1: who tf is mark readings? lol
BestCoast: SuperPav
grossn: I got Zerrett and Collins + 17 vs Buddy and Bsmith. Gonna be close!
zadolinnyj: Need Parker to go big
Mex13: Who will win Hanner, Neale, Collins, Zerret Laird Vs 190 franklin Sloane B smith
BestCoast: @zadolinnyj that would be nice
Gott2Win: Hanners chooses this week to go big! As long as Kennedy matches Neale I should be good
cusch1: sorry grossn but i dont like your odds
Mex13: Has Collins been on this quarter?
AngryRyno: Hanners in beast mode, loving it
AngryRyno: Collins rucking…
colin wood: Collins having a stint in the ruck
whafc: maybe Richmond should draft Papley, he will fit right in
Choppy: Any chance CD could award Naismith a point this qtr…..
cusch1: Will BSmith and RLaird score 210 between them? need the 210 to win to make the 8 after losing three games by 20 or less
whafc: no chance @cusch1 180 tops
sfenda1: hanners is back finally
cusch1: been a frustrating year for me as ive lost three games by less than 20 points
cusch1: one of which i lost by 4 after greene marked and goaled after the siren of the sunday twilight game
RooBoyStu: grabs a tissue for cusch1
Sloaneyyyy: I could really do with Zerrett being a late out today…
zadolinnyj: Think u may get the 210 cusch1
JButcher: I could really do with Sloane being a late out today…..
FlowerTime: chat can we have a minute silence in living memory of cusch1’s 2016 season.
Jukes82: i won by 1 point last week lol
FlowerTime: thank you.
Breezey: Good game last night JButcher against the Lions
AngryRyno: bloody dockers missed Collins out on his own
cusch1: haahahahah needed that after a depressing end to the season
Sloaneyyyy: nah, I need my boy Sloaney to go HUGE today
RooBoyStu: @Flowertime just needed m0nty to play the bugle lol
Mex13: @AngryRyno Ikr what trash need this points my game is gonna be tight
cusch1: M0nty can i have a tombstone symbol?
colin wood: Collins last DT earned a meagre 2sc pts.. Guess CD already traded him out?
Gott2Win: Yep, cos thats how it works Colon
JRedden: go 150 here hanners
Jukes82: you’re a muppet if Collins is in your 22.
Mex13: Covering Boyd @jukes82
JRedden: i covered with josh smith.. he got 120 so ill take that
Gott2Win: Quite happy with JPK quarter so far! Cape it up!
Gott2Win: Naismith could be a handy loop come finals with this sorta form
Pull: kennedy getting absolutely robbed in SC
colin wood: Lol Jukes, where you ranked brother?
Breezey: Worst review ever
Torz: Titch slotting them from 50? No way.
Twatter: Have you ever heard of the term, backup for another player? @Jukes82
Pokerface: that’s a term?
matiimatii: guess who’s back
colin wood: Obviously no Twatter. Clowns are regularly found on here.
matiimatii: agreed colin wood
Gott2Win: You mean like the ones that think CD rig the scores Colin?
Jukes82: I have Collins in my 30 as back up but I did say “best 22”.
AngryRyno: T Mitch again!
Mex13: He isn’t in my best 22 he is covering Boyd
Pokerface: clowns that complain about sc scores?
Mex13: Collins pleases get to 75
Twatter: @Pokerface, yes it is actually.
Twatter: @Jukes82, you said “your 22” implying peoples 22 for this week. In this case I have boyd out so collins is my cover.
myteamsuks: haks are going to enjoy both Mitchell’s next year
RooBoyStu: no best was mentioned Jukes82, you said “you’re a muppet if Collins is in your 22.”
colin wood: Come on Buddy get going son!
Jogr: @jukes82 some people have him covering mathew boyd
Pokerface: i genuinely haven’t heard that term.
colin wood: Lol Jukes you got served!
Jukes82: did I? well my mistake rooboy
Choppy: kermit for Jukes monty
Jogr: naismith getting points for breathing
Pokerface: lol choppy
Twatter: As it’s a concept (Plan) Pokerface, it is therefore a term in this situation.
Pokerface: jogr every hit out is to advantage – he’s only against clarke
Breezey: Is this a Comedy or a Drama on Fan Footy. Can’t tell
TheBigCats: Would love to see Kennedy rack up 50 touches.
Gott2Win: Wish this was the last quarter already!
matiimatii: its a R rated show on fanfooty lads
Jogr: ye but i he gets points when he is no where near the ball
myteamsuks: 4 players looking at 40possies . Has that ever happened in one game?
hinsch: Franklin and Mitchell could take a break about now would help my SC
ben4444: Anyone know if M Boyd is going to miss games?
AngryRyno: m Boyd 60/40 to play this week
colin wood: Not sure Ben
Willymack1: apparently just soreness
colin wood: Come on Buddy get involved…
Gott2Win: How good is JPK post byes…every year finishes so strong
matiimatii: Does anyone know TheBigD?
Breezey: @Matilmatil. After yesterday he’d be the biggest flog I’ve ever encountered on Fan Footy
matiimatii: oh don’t say that breezey, we all have to get along on fanfooty despite the amount of clowns around!
Pull: kennedy
RooBoyStu: ying yang Buddy, been quiet since qtr time
RooBoyStu: Zac Dawson reported
Gott2Win: This is some game from JPK
Jukes82: glad i don’t have the big bud.
44snub: Buddy will be a fat fat unit when he stops footy.
Pokerface: who should i get to replace dawson?
colin wood: Collins and Buddy 10 more SC each please 🙂
tbrowne: how’s hanners on more than jpk?
RooBoyStu: Zaha straight swap for Dawson
shaker: The nastiest spud ever to play?
BestCoast: What a iss poor effort from the Dorkers for Pavs milestone absolute joke
44snub: Efficiency tbrowne
Breezey: What were you meaning when you asked about him Matilmatil
BestCoast: Jack Anthony was another spud of the highest order
Gott2Win: More centre clearances too. And more score involvements and inside 50’s
NewFreoFan: Boys putting in a solid effort for Pav’s 350th…
matiimatii: i was watching the comments last night breezey and was a laugh
Willymack1: The most pathetic effort from a team in a milestone game i’ve seen
Breezey: Yeah it was certainly interesting to say the least
tbrowne: 44sub mate 3% difference and jpk has kicked 2 more goals
RooBoyStu: As Sam Newman says milestone games don’t make you play harder or better, if they do give up.
blashtroko: Its not like they arent trying, they just suck
Pokerface: hanners got many more touches before the game became a blow out
swannies05: can someone let me know what happened to lloyd
Pokerface: JPK started slow
Gott2Win: KO’d by Dawson bump
tbrowne: Fair call poker
44snub: Proof is in the pudding
44snub: Read the SC score rules if your confused
swannies05: cheers mate
44snub: Less possessions and less score and still on top. Effective plays
RooBoyStu: 2 big milstone games this week Harvey and Pav, both wear number 29
ballbag: jpk only 20 sc in front of parker and behind Hanna’s and Mindy is ridiculous
matiimatii: give it up pav
tbrowne: effectiveness has nothing to do with the difference in their scores lmao. Poker made a good point that JPK got junktime
44snub: Says the flog confused by the SC score
Pokerface: good stuff naismith.. keeping my finals hopes alive.
Gott2Win: Haha asks about the score then automatically knows the ins and outs of it!!
matiimatii: fuck up flogs
Gott2Win: 200 scaling up for grabs. 150 for Hanners and 140 for JPK is my tip
Pokerface: matiimatii = thebigD?

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